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					Lawnmower Racing

Tired of the usual and boring task of mowing loans? We'll
there's an exciting alternative to that, and it's called
lawnmower racing.

Lawnmower racing is basically just racing around a track
using ride-on mowers. These mowers are the same as stock
mowers expect for the blades which are removed when racing
for safety purposes.

This type of racing has been around for quite some time
already. It was invented in West Sussex, England, UK in
1973 by a number of young men who complained of the high
costs involved in getting into motorsports.

So they formed the British Lawnmower Racing Association as
an answer to their problem. The association designed their
rules to be as cheap as possible, which is true to their
aim of having a cost-effective form of motorsport.

Then there's the North West Lawn Mower Racing Association
which was created soon after its proponent was formed.

This sports' popularity has since spread across the globe
beginning with the United States to which the
petrol-stabilizer maker Sta-bil brought in 1992.

It has become widely-accepted in the country and
organizations such as the US Lawnmower Racing Association
were formed there.

Aside from removing the blades, there are also some
modifications made to the lawnmower to improve its
performance. An example of which is changing the pulleys of
the lawnmower to make it go faster.

Also, mechanical transmission is preferred by lawnmower
racing enthusiasts over hydrostatic ones because the former
improves the mowers speed much better than the latter.