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					Relationship Fun!

One of the best ways to be successful in any relationship is to have fun! Sometimes it
might feel a little bit awkward, but once you remember how good it feels to act like a kid,
sweet, silly and just plain carefree, you will find you prefer it to your adult life! Make
sure you revisit and care for your „inner child‟. This is the part of you that can unlock all
of your creativity, spontaneity, feeling of wonder and happiness. Take this part of you
and make it a part of your relationship. While there are always times when you have to
be an adult, there are also times when it is absolutely fine to be wonderfully carefree and

It‟s hard to find anyone who doesn‟t enjoy an Oreo cookie. Take an Oreo (or generic
version of one), scratch the top of the cookie until smooth and then scratch a heart and
your initials into the smooth surface. You can also make your own cookies and create
personal messages. Another version is to make your own cupcakes and frost them with
special messages in red icing. You can also give your spouse a true treat and track down
a box of his or her favorite Girl Scout cookie.

Candy bars are always a special treat and you can use them as creative ways to send your
spouse special messages. Hershey‟s Kisses are a favorite and many people already give
them with their own special messages. You can also use other suggestive candy names
like “Life Saver”, “Mounds”, “Fire Balls” and more. Instead of candy, you can fill the
candy jar with love messages. On the other hand, you can fill the mailbox with candy.

Once you‟ve satisfied your sweet tooth, take your spouse out to a large field, lie down
and watch the clouds form different shapes. Not only are you out doing something fun
together, but you are also far away from any distractions you might have at home. By the
way if you didn‟t turn off your cell phone, you didn‟t have a truly romantic experience.

Did you know that over seventy five percent of women like stuffed animals and even
more men enjoy electronic gadgets or power tools? These make perfectly fun gifts for
both of you to be able to give to each other. An even better way to go about being a „kid‟
with him or her is to find out what their favorite childhood item was and find it for them.
It might mean a call to his or her parents or a visit to Ebay, but find it and let him or her
know that every part of their life is important to you.

Comics are another wonderfully creative way to share your funny sense of humor and
playful side with your spouse. Start combing the newspaper for funny comic strips and
start to collect them. Tape them to the rearview mirror, the bathroom mirror, the
refrigerator and even the back of the toilet seat. After you replace each comic strip, you
can place the older ones in a scrapbook or photo album so that you enjoy them over and
over again.