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Relationship Favorites


									Relationship Favorites

When it comes to your relationship with your spouse and attempting to improve your
marriage, you will most likely begin learning more and more about each other. This is a
great way to get ideas for romantic planning as well as gifts for your spouse. Begin
having conversations about your likes and dislikes with each other. Not only will taking
about these things bring you closer together, but they can also help you express your love
in an effective manner and buy gifts that he or she is sure to enjoy. If you want to do this
in another, yet obvious way, you can make a specific checklist for both of you to
complete. It is likely to cause all kinds of laughter and jokes at each other’s expense, but
this way you will have a concrete list on hand.

When you consider the number of likes and dislikes a person can have for just about
everything in the world, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Start with simple things like his
or her favorite color, lucky number(s), favorite music, favorite flower, favorite child’s
book, favorite current author, favorite singer, favorite song, favorite poet and favorite
poem. You can then move on to their favorite food, favorite fruit, favorite vegetable,
favorite type of chocolate, favorite cookie, favorite ice cream flavor, favorite snack food,
favorite fast food and favorite restaurant.

Next, find out what your partner’s favorite movie is (you might want to make this a ‘top
five’ question- most people can’t choose just one movie.) Then move on to find out who
his or her favorite actress and actor are, their favorite romantic movie, comedy movie,
musical, action movie and erotic movie. If you and or your spouse enjoy theater, now is
the time to find out the specific of what they like about it. You can find out what their
favorite play is, what their favorite show tune is and even who their favorite Broadway
actor is.

Favorites can span all types of categories including sports and arts. Find out about their
favorite artist, favorite style of artwork, favorite sculpture and favorite painting. Ask
about his or her favorite sport to watch as well as their favorite sport to play. Take it
further and find out about his or her favorite Olympic sport, favorite teams and even their
favorite board game.

You can find out about more personal things like his or her favorite foreplay activity
(both giving and receiving), their favorite position for making love, their favorite love
making location, favorite sexy outfit (both his and hers), favorite place to be touched,
favorite place to be kissed, favorite time of day to make love and their favorite fantasy.
Find out their favorite place to shop for lingerie, their favorite color of lingerie and
favorite style of lingerie.

Make note of what most might consider to be small things like your spouse’s favorite
way to relax, his or her favorite television show, their favorite scent, favorite perfume or
cologne, favorite beverage, favorite joke, favorite holiday, favorite day of the week and
so much more. Take all of this information and treat it as the valuable resource that it is.
Use it, update it and tweak it as often as necessary.

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