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					Couple’s Romance Cure

Some couples are genuinely motivated when it comes to creativity and romance. Others
take a little prompting and pushing. For those who want to be hopeless romantics but
work better when they have a simple guide to work by, there are romance orders that can
only lead you to your own couple‟s romance cure. Follow these steps and you might just
find that you actually enjoy some of your own ideas that spontaneously pop into you

Look at your spouse. Really look at him or her. Make mental notes about all of the
things you find attractive and admire about your mate. If something crosses your mind
that could be considered negative, immediately erase it from your mind. It doesn‟t matter
when you teach yourself to focus on the good qualities. Start to compliment him or her
several times a day. Pace yourself and commit to giving him or her a compliment at
regular intervals like every four to six hours. If you have a watch with a timer on it you
can use that until you get in the habit of doing it on your own, which will happen

Just as you take the time to have at least three meals a day, make sure you tell your
spouse that you love them at least three times a day. Successfully romantic couples know
that the first thing they should say to each other in the morning before anything else is “I
love you” and they mean it. They look into their partner‟s eyes and make sure they say
that they love the other person with feeling. Begin your day by telling you partner you
love them and continue at your own discretion. Another great action to accompany your
expression of love or to be used all on its own is to give your spouse a hug. Hug tightly,
hug gently, hug for a long time, hug quickly, but be sure to hug often.

When you have a problem with your body, you often go to see a doctor to have it fixed or
cured. Treat romance in your relationship the same way a doctor would treat a patient,
except you are the doctor and your spouse is the patient. While you are always welcome
to play „doctor‟ in the bedroom, these are ideas that lead to creating romance both in and
out of the bedroom. Have you heard that the green M&M‟s can help arouse a person?
While there is no scientific research to support such a claim, it is a fun and interesting
idea! Take an empty aspirin bottle and fill it only with green M&M‟s. Label it
appropriately including your spouse‟s name, what the medication is, any side effects,
dosage, how many refills are available and the doctor‟s name that prescribed the
medication. Place it on his or her bedside table or along with the other medications or
daily vitamins they take.

Another version of this idea is to take a bottle of a great smelling lotion or oil and label it
is if it should be used like a prescription. You might want to select fragrances like vanilla
or musk that are said to have an aphrodisiac effect!

Whatever you choose to do, it will no doubt inspire more and more romantic ideas for
your marriage. Once you have taken these ideas and your own have begun to blossom,
cherish each one and make sure your spouse knows that every single idea is strictly for
him or her!

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