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					Accounting and Finance                                                                                 A
  Single Majors                                                               UCAS Code                        Typical A-Level Offer
  Accounting and Finance †                               BA/BSc Hons          N400 BA/AccFin                   AAB
  Accounting, Auditing and Finance ‡                     BSc Hons             NN43 BSc/AccE&Y                  AAA
  Business Studies (Accounting)                          BSc Hons             N401 BSc/BSA                     AAB
  Business Studies (Finance)                             BSc Hons             N301 BSc/BSF                     AAB
  Finance †                                              BSc Hons             N300 BSc/Fin                     AAB

  Combined Degrees
  Accounting and Economics †                             BA Hons              NL41 BA/AccEco                   AAB
  Accounting, Finance and Computer Science †             BA/BSc Hons          NG44 BSc/AccCS                   AB(Maths)B
  Accounting, Finance and Mathematics †                  BSc Hons             NG41 BSc/AccMat                  A(Maths)BB
  Finance and Economics                                  BSc Hons             NL31BSc/FinEco                   AAB
  Financial Mathematics                                  BSc Hons             GN13 BSc/FM                      A(Maths)BB

  See also: Business Studies, Economics, European Management, Management, Management and Entrepreneurship, Management
  and IT, Management and Organisation, Management Science and Marketing and Advertising.

  † Accredited by major British accountancy bodies       ‡ Sandwich degree in partnership with Ernst and Young UK
  £1000 scholarships available – see appendix

Accounting and Finance                             Careers
Accounting and Finance is taught within            Our degrees prepare you for a wide variety        TYPICAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
Lancaster University Management School             of careers in business. Many graduates enter      UCAS Tariff: 320-360 pts
(LUMS), one of the best Business Schools in        training contracts with professional
                                                                                                     IB Diploma: 30-32 pts overall with 16-18
Europe. LUMS offers a wide variety of              accounting firms while others take up posts
                                                                                                     from best 3 HL subjects
related degrees which may interest you, see:       in industry or financial institutions. They
                                                                                                     Scottish Highers: AABBB-AAAAA
Business Studies, Economics, European              subsequently follow a wide variety of career
                                                                                                     Irish Leaving Cert: Offers will be made
                                                   paths, including banking, general and
Management, Management, Management                                                                   on the basis of 5 or 6 HL subjects
                                                   financial management, and consulting. You
and Entrepreneurship, Management and IT,           also have access to our departmental careers      IELTS: 6.5 overall
Management and Organisation, Management            consultant, who can help you in every stage       BTEC: DDM-DDD grades overall
Science and Marketing and Advertising.             of your career choice and development. The        GCSE: Maths (B), and Eng Lang (B/C)
                                                   University and Management School also             except NN43 (both Maths and English at B)
Accounting                                         have a dedicated careers service to provide       Preference: Two or more A-levels
Accounting covers an increasingly diverse          practice interviews and selection workshops.      Other qualifications: Please see appendix
area. It involves providing financial expertise                                                      NOTE: Any offer for NN43 will only be
to business, including giving advice on            The BSc in Accounting, Auditing and               made after successful attendance at a
making decisions for future development            Finance includes a number of periods of           selection workshop, organised by Ernst
and corporate growth, planning and                 placement with Ernst & Young. The other           & Young, in collaboration with the
controlling activities, performance                degree schemes in Accounting and Finance          University.
measurement and meeting external                   do not include compulsory periods of work
reporting requirements.
                                                   placement. However, opportunities arise for       CONTACT DETAILS
                                                   you to take up a one-year work placement
                                                   between the second and final year of the
Accountants are professionals in great                                                               Web
                                                   degree scheme, and you are encouraged to
demand in the business world; the chief            take up such opportunities if you wish to do                undergraduate
executives of many large companies are             so. In previous years, our students have          Tel       +44 (0)1524 594062
qualified accountants. Our accounting              taken up placements at a number of                Enquiries Undergraduate Office
degrees provide you with a sound technical         organisations including BT, Johnson &                       Management School
ability and broad understanding of the role        Johnson and Ernst & Young.                                  Lancaster University
of accounting in the business world.                                                                           Lancaster LA1 4YX
                                                   BA/BSc Hons Accounting and Finance
Finance                                            This degree is intended for accounting            PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATION
Finance is the study of financial decision-        specialists; the core courses provide a
                                                   thorough grounding in financial and               NL41, N300, NG41 and N400 have been
making and the behaviour of financial                                                                accredited by all major British accountancy
markets. The globalisation of business has         managerial accounting, corporate finance,
                                                   accounting information systems,                   bodies. As such, it provides exemptions
led to greater integration of the world’s                                                            from many of these bodies’ core
major financial markets and with it the            quantitative methods and economics.
                                                                                                     examinations, and from certain bodies’
widespread trading of complex new kinds                                                              higher-level papers. The levels of
                                                   BSc Hons Business Studies (Accounting)
of financial instruments (options, futures,                                                          exemptions vary depending on the degree
                                                   This degree provides an opportunity for the
swaps). Businesses now have more means                                                               programme – please contact us for details.
                                                   study of accounting in the broader context
available for financing their activities and       of management studies. It enables you to
managing financial risks than ever before,         study a wider range of management
and financial research to improve our              subjects than is possible within the             theory and methods of finance, treasury
understanding of how markets work, how             constraints of the standard single honours       management, corporate finance,
financial products should be priced and how        Accounting and Finance degree.                   economics, accounting, computing,
risks can be managed, has been developing                                                           mathematics and statistics. Options are
at a rapid rate. There are rewarding career        BSc Hons Finance                                 available in various specialisms, such as
opportunities for individuals with the knowledge   This degree is designed to meet the growing      international finance, quantitative finance
and skills needed to understand these new          demand for finance professionals. The            and financial statement analysis.
developments and how to apply them.                course provides a thorough grounding in the

     BSc Hons Business Studies (Finance)                                    BSc Hons Accounting, Auditing and Finance NN43
     This degree provides an opportunity for the study of finance in the    This is a four-year sandwich degree, which includes paid
     broader context of management studies. It enables you to study a       placements with Ernst & Young UK. This is an exciting and
     wider range of management subjects than is possible within the         innovative approach to degree study and professional training with
     constraints of the standard single honours Finance degree.             one of the top professional services providers in the world. Features
                                                                            include: up to 18 months spent on salaried placement with Ernst &
     BA/BSc Hons Accounting and Finance N400                                Young in the UK; fast-track to chartered accountant status with the
     BSc Hons Business Studies (Accounting) N401                            Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS).
     BSc Hons Finance N300
     BSc Hons Business Studies (Finance) N301                                First year
     For each of the degree schemes listed above, there is a common
     first year programme of studies which ensures a good                   Accounting and Finance
     understanding of the key disciplines of Accounting, Finance and        Economics
     Economics.                                                             A module in quantitative methods

      First year                                                             Second year

     Accounting and Finance                                                 (includes term-long (Spring) paid placement with Ernst & Young UK)
     A third subject: (normally a mathematics-based subject where not       Business Law (intensive study during September); Accounting
     previously studied to A-level standard) see page 172                   Information Systems and Auditing; Management Accounting for
                                                                            Business Decisions; Principles of Finance; Introduction to Statistical
     The core accounting and finance course provides a basic                Methods for Business; Principles of Financial Accounting (intensive
     foundation in financial accounting, and finance, plus topics on ‘The   study during Summer Term)
     Business Environment’ which develops a broader awareness of
     marketing, management and strategy.                                     Third year

     Average weekly workload per subject: lectures 2-3hrs, seminars         (year-long paid placement with Ernst & Young UK)
     1hr (plus private study time)
     Assessment: coursework 50%, end of year exams 50%                      Professional modules in Assurance and Business Systems and
                                                                            Advanced Finance, plus a Dissertation module.
      Second and third years
                                                                             Fourth year
     You take eight courses per academic year, some of these are
     compulsory and others are optional. There is a wide range of           (includes term-long (Spring) paid placement with Ernst & Young UK)
     courses offered in the Accounting and Finance Department
     including Accounting Information Systems, Auditing, Corporate          Accounting for Complex Entities; Financial Accounting II (intensive
     Finance, Financial Statement Analysis, International Finance,          study during Summer Term); Advanced Management Accounting;
     Management Control Systems and Taxation. There are also options        Issues in Auditing, plus a Finance course and an optional module.
     to study courses in other departments such as Business Law,
     Computer Programming, Econometrics, French, Macroeconomics,
     Marketing, Mathematics, Microeconomics, Spanish, subject to
     having studied the necessary pre-requisites.

                                                                                           I studied Accounting, Finance and Economics. The
                                                                                          teaching quality was excellent and the faculty took a
                                                                                          lot of interest in the development of students:
                                                                            everyone’s door was open to us. The blend of theoretical and

                  I graduated in 2005 with a 2:1 in Accounting and
                  Finance and began training as an Auditor for              practical issues covered in the modules allowed me to develop a
                  PricewaterhouseCoopers in Hong Kong, specialising in      good skills set.”
     the industries of Technology, Info-Comm, and Entertainment and
     Media.”                                                                “As part of my degree, I had the opportunity to spend a term
                                                                            abroad. This was an extraordinary experience, allowing me to
     “Although I graduated in a specialised area, the structure of          experience (as an Indian) both UK and US educational systems. I
     Lancaster’s degree schemes has given me a wide range of                have now qualified as a Chartered Accountant and am working at
     opportunities. To excel in my field, it is no longer enough to be a    PricewaterhouseCoopers. In my three years at PwC, I have gained
     number cruncher working nine to five. Instead, my first year           exposure to the intricacies of various industries, interacted with
     working at PwC involved me in understanding the clients’               clients, and am now managing various assignments. I am finding
     businesses, their industries and their system processes. Lancaster     the skills I gained at Lancaster to be extremely useful.”
     also gave me a good foundation in effectively performing
     interviews and meetings with clients.”                                 “My time at Lancaster has helped me grow as an individual, and I
                                                                            would unreservedly recommend

     “I thoroughly enjoyed my time at                                       the experience.
     Lancaster, there is a lot to do
     beyond your studies.

         BA Hons in Accounting and Finance
                       Graduate Employer:
                                     Leo Tanner
                                                                                                     Veenit Surana
                                                                                   BA Accounting and Economics
                                                                               Exchange: Weatherhead School of
                                                                                   Management, Cleveland, Ohio
      PricewaterhouseCoopers (Hong Kong)                                    Employer: PricewaterhouseCoopers UK