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									The Quest for Hydrogen Fuel

Are you still one of those people who find hydrogen-powered cars
unbelievable? Well, you’d better think again. One of the best automakers
in the market today is on a quest to produce a vehicle that can run using
hydrogen fuel. BMW says that this year, 2008, they will introduce the
first hydrogen powered vehicle.

Germans are absolutely determined to manufacture a great number of
hydrogen powered vehicles. Have you seen a BMW lately? Well perhaps in
the coming months, you will see the magnificent creation of BMW.

General Motors declared way back in the year 2000 that they are going to
build hydrogen powered cars but most people believed that it would take
around 20 years before that goal can be achieved. Hydrogen technology
sounds too unbelievable for them. It was only in 2004 that BMW made the
same announcement and they promised the public that by 2008, hydrogen
powered BMW cars will roam the streets.

Recent photographs of BMW cars are gaining so much attention especially
in automotive blogs. BMW launched their 7 Series just recently and its
alternate fuel is hydrogen. Many people spotted the test run of the said
vehicle in Germany.

There are still several things to consider before the public accepts
hydrogen powered vehicles. You see, the internal combustion engines are
still the most popular and hydrogen fuel is just new in the market.

Among the factors to consider are the following:

1. Cost. Hydrogen fuel is quite costly. At present, fuel cells have
prohibitive prices but because of technological advancements, the cost is
slowly being lowered. Once the price of fuel cells drop to a certain
level that is quite affordable for the public, only then can it be a
viable substitute.

2. Production concerns. In order to develop the hydrogen cells, a great
amount of fossil fuel is needed. The hydrogen infrastructure is also very
expensive to implement. Billions of dollars is not even enough and
according to some experts, the infrastructure alone can cost 1 trillion

3. Storage concerns. This is another possible problem associated with the
production of hydrogen cells. The existing gas lines can’t be used to
transmit hydrogen fuel because it reacts negatively with steel.
Therefore, the government needs to create a distribution system that can
be used exclusively for hydrogen fuel.

Despite the three major concerns, automakers like BMW and the federal
government are still focusing in the use of hydrogen cells as an
alternative to combustion engines. If ever a hydrogen infrastructure is
made, the government and the people can benefit highly. One benefit is
that the US and other rich countries will no longer depend on foreign
oil. The best benefit that the entire mankind can benefit from is that
the emissions of greenhouse gases will considerably drop.

The two possible benefits are enough so that the government and
automakers continue with their goal in producing hydrogen powered
vehicles and a hydrogen infrastructure. If the government does extend the
much needed assistance, hydrogen technology will soon benefit everyone.

The quest for hydrogen fuel cannot be realized if only the automakers
like General Motors and BMW push for it. They need help from the
government and the support of the public. If man wants to save the
planet, hydrogen fuel is the best answer rather than depending solely on
combustion engines. Check out BMW hydrogen powered vehicles online now.

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