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									The Christian Community Takes to the Web
The internet is becoming a more common avenue to connect people across the globe who share
the same faith. The power of collective prayer can be realized now more than ever with the use
of online prayer groups. It is possible to request prayers from people around the world during
your times of need, as well as to answer other people’s prayer requests and be a part of a global
faith movement. After decades of churches falling behind the technological age, with most
churches lacking even a basic website, there is now an influx of followers looking to the web for
faith-based questions, like-minded communities, and information on local events. Promoting a
Christian lifestyle has never been easier with the development of an online Christian community
complete with free Christian music, videos, and chatting.

The internet is becoming increasingly dominant as the leading source of information for most of
the planet. If you’re looking to expand the fellowship of your local church, think like a business
owner and take to the web. Utilize the Christian online community and broadcast your church’s
local events to reach a wider range of like-minded people by. The internet can help you find
people right in your neighborhood who never knew you existed, or it can find fellow Christians
who are traveling or new to the area and looking for a place to worship. Take advantage of the
many free resources right at your fingertips and reach people who would love to join your church
community, and participate in church events and fundraisers – if they only knew you existed.

Single Christians can also take advantage of the online church community to meet, message, and
chat with other local Christian singles. While social networking sites have already proven
popular and a great way to network and share info with people around the world, until recently
there has been a lack of faith-driven social networking sites. In addition to all the traditional
offerings of a social networking site, such as sharing pictures, writing on friend’s walls,
personalizing your home page, and seeking out your favorite artists, authors, and musicians, on
Christian social networking sites you can also feel comfortable discussing a central aspect of
your life: your faith. Sharing a common view is essential to building a strong foundation for a
lasting relationship, so why not meet singles who share your religious outlook?

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