O'Connor - Putting an End to Multiple Sclerosis

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					        RESEARCH SUMMARY:

                         Putting an End to
                            Multiple Sclerosis
                                        Dr. Paul O’Connor’s research offers hope
PA U L                                    for new MS treatments.
O’C O N N O R                                      Dr. Paul O’Connor remembers a patient who came into the Multiple Sclerosis
                                                 (MS) Clinic at St. Michael’s Hospital after she had experienced a number of
M.D., M.Sc., F.R.C.P.C.                           devastating problems caused by her MS. She was partially blind and unable to
                                                   walk properly. Today, she can see and can walk normally again because of
Division of Neurology, St. Michael’s Hospital        advancements in research.

Director, MS Clinic, St. Michael’s Hospital                 “Her family and work life were falling apart because of her condition,”
                                                        says Dr. O’Connor. “Every day I see patients who face the same struggles
Professor, Division of Neurology,University              that this young woman did, but research makes new treatments possible
                                                           so that people with MS can resume a normal life.”
of Toronto
                                                                 Dr. Paul O’Connor is a highly-respected researcher who is well
National Scientific and Clinical Advisor,                    known in the MS community for his clinical work. He has been
                                                              treating people with MS for 25 years. Thanks to his leadership,
Multiple Sclerosis Society                                     St. Michael’s Hospital is a world leader in developing new drugs
                                                                for MS, including Tysabri, the first new MS treatment in 10 years.
Past-President, Canadian Network of MS Clinics
                                                                      “When I saw the devastation MS causes in people who have
                                                                 their whole lives ahead of them, I was moved to act—
                                                                  particularly because the mechanisms of the disease are a bit
                                                                  mysterious and intellectually challenging,” says Dr. O’Connor.
                                                                         Under Dr. O’Connor’s leadership, St. Michael’s has
                                                                   become a global leader in caring for MS patients. The
                                                                   Hospital has the largest MS clinic in North America and the
                                                                    largest clinical trial and research centre in the world.
                                                                    Dr. O’Connor works with investigators around the world to
                                                                     find new therapies and treatment options for MS patients.
                                                                          Dr. O’Connor is now leading a study that could mean
                                                                     an easy and affordable way to help MS patients manage the
                                                                     disease. He believes that Vitamin D may be able to slow
                                                                     down brain damage from MS over time and is looking to
                                                                     prove it in human clinical trials.
                                                                          “We have made significant progress in treating earlier
                                                                    forms of the disease, and we are now taking on the later and
                                                                    more difficult progressive cases of the illness,” says
                                                                   Dr. O’Connor. “We’re doing what we can to improve our
                                                                   patients’ quality of life, but our ultimate goal is to stop
                                                                   MS and reverse the devastating neurological damage that MS

                                                             RESEARCH PROGRAM – ST. MICHAEL’S HOSPITAL

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