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How to Remove Scars the Natural Way


How to Remove Scars the Natural Way

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									                       How to Remove Scars the Natural Way
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Published: March 9, 2011, 5:01 am

Many people ask how to remove scars caused by acne, imagining that it's a long, involved and exhausting
practice. But, really, it just takes patience, and a little bit of knowledge.

 Acne on its own is hard enough to deal with. But the scars it leaves behind can be even worse. These scars are
caused when people pick and scratch and scrape off the acne lesions, or if the acne itself is so severe that the
inflammation extends deeply beneath the skin, so that even as the acne itself is dealt with, it leaves scars
behind. So, how to remove scars left behind by acne? It's not easy or instantaneous, but it can be done.

 The simplest, cheapest way is simply to wait for the scars to fade on their own. However, this can take weeks
or months during which your face is still marked. Some scars can even take a year or more before it fully fades
away. For most people, they simply don't have the patience or the desire to wait so long.

 Some people have gone to extreme measures to have their scars removed. While cosmetic surgeries can be
immediate, they can also be horribly expensive. Laser scar removal works, and it works well. But it can cost
you over $600 per visit! For most people, that's simply too much money to spend, even for perfect skin.

 Without surgery, and not wishing to simply wait for them to go away on their own, the question still remains:
How to remove scars? The first step is to look at natural acne scar remedies. Many of these have worked for
people, and are effective at getting results within a reasonable period of time.

 Sandalwood powder and rose water are one of the more popular treatments, mixed together into a paste. You
simply apply this paste onto your skin, rubbing it into the scars and leaving it to dry. Over time, this mixture
can soothe away irritation which leads to less painful, visible acne scars.

 If you can't find sandalwood powder, or would rather not spend the time mixing up the paste, there are many,
many varieties of natural, anti-acne scar treatments available in health stores. Many of them containing one of
the best ingredients, aloe vera. Aloe vera is often mixed with other ingredients, or you can purchase it as a gel,
or even a plant.

 No matter which option you take, aloe vera, applied to a scarred area, can help reduce the scarring left behind
by acne. It will depend on you and your application, and your reaction to the aloe vera, as not everyone heals
the same way or at the same rate, but the majority of people find that aloe gives them effective results in a
reasonable time.

 What every treatment is seeking to do is answer the question: How to remove scars,and how to repair the
damage left behind by the acne at the cellular level? It's only when the skin cells are repaired that scars will
slowly fade away and, eventually, vanish altogether. But none of this will happen overnight, not even with
cosmetic surgery and expensive laser treatments.

 Even the best of the natural remedies requires time to work, and your skin needs time to heal, time that can be
sped up a little with the help of a variety of natural medicines. Once you understand that there are no miracle

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cures, just useful, good, and helpful remedies, you'll be able to figure out how to remove scars left behind by
your acne, and get started

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