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Published: March 9, 2011, 4:48 am

Here is something that may surprise you. There are many solutions that help you get ride of acne. Following
these simple tips will enable you to accomplish getting the clear, beautiful skin you desire.

 Cleanliness is very important. Especially if you are plagued with acne outbreaks. Keep your face as clean as
you possibly can. It is necessary to use a facial cleanser that is gentle to your skin, as you clean out your pores.
Regular washing, especially after you have had some vigorous exercise and have been sweating. Washing
removes all the buildup of irritating elements on your skin.

 An essential part of getting rid of acne is using products that are specifically made for clearing up the
different acne problems. There are body washes and facial cleansers that contain Benzoyl Peroxide or
Salicylic Acid, which have proved to be effective in treating the bacteria that cause acne.

 Consuming a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as a snack or in a salad supplies the minerals and vitamins
the body needs to keep it healthy and protect your skin from acne. Nuts like the Brazil nut or pumpkin seeds
are high in zinc and selenium, these minerals are known to promote acne formation.

 Water intake is very important and drink at least two liters per day. This should keep your skin well hydrated
while limiting the formation of dead cells. These dead cells are what clog your pores and cause the formation
of acne. The benefit of drinking plenty of water is the detoxification of your body.

 The consumption of prebiotic and probiotic supplements and foods are responsible for re-establishing good
bacteria in the digestive system. Acne is one of the results of poor digestion. Poor absorption of nutrients into
the body and constipation is also a result. Your body will again return it its proper functions. Expelling all
waste and toxins.

 Considering using natural products on your face? Check the labels carefully on all products you want to use.
Some of these products may contain chemicals and synthetics that could aggravate your acne problem and
make it more of a problem. Knowing this, you could replace them with a natural, more beneficial product.
Products containing natural ingredients such as non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic will help to improve your
acne condition.

 Stress! One of the major causes of acne. To effectively manage your stress you could use the techniques of
yoga, tai chi and/or meditation. Using these techniques releases cortisol. A hormone known to help reduce the
severity of acne.

 You should limit the intake of sugar, caffeine and carbs. These ingredients have been found to cause an
excess of sebum on the skin and caffeine is a stimulant and increases your stress levels. Red meat and dairy
products are difficult to digest, causing the body to produce acid and should be reduced. The formation of acid
inhibits proper waste elimination which results in skin problems (acne.)

This little know tip, but very important, change your bedding and clothing frequently. These items tend to

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accumulate dirt and increase your risk of developing acne.

 Each day enjoy the morning fresh air and sunshine. Vitamin D is essential to maintaining healthy skin and is
supplied by the sun. And the fresh air supplies the oxygen to the body facilitating the healing process.

 Using expensive products that seem to be ineffective? By following these simple tips and suggestions you
will be on your way to a clearer acne free skin. Simple changes are all that is needed to aid you in your fight
against acne. A permanent solution to your acne problems.

 Are you tired of all the attention those acne draw to your face? Do you feel that you spend too much time
trying to get rid of them just to have them return? Stop driving yourself crazy and check get rid of acne info.
You can also read removing blackheads tips information.

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