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									    Strange Logic - How Oil Can Help You Remove Blackheads
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Published: March 9, 2011, 5:00 am

If you were hunting for solutions on how to remove blackheads, you may be surprised to learn that oil can
actually help to remove blackheads and acne. That is strange logic when oily skin seems to be the problem.
Yet ,you can use oil to remove blackheads and gain smoother, healthier skin.

 When you have found yourself contemplating how to remove blackheads, you have undoubtedly heard of a
litany of solutions to the problem, from pore strips and suction removers. The fact is that you have to take
great care when using these products.

 As much as they are bound to work for your, both these methods can cause tearing of the skin. There are
many more natural and gentler way to explore when wondering how to remove blackheads or acne. Think for
a while which option you want to follow to get blackhead-free skin.

 If you decide to try using oil to solve the problem, you can use most any available oil that suits your skin
type. You have to watch out for things such as vegetable oil and coconut oil, because they may be a little
heavy for some skin types and grape seed oil can be a bit abrasive. Of the oils available, both walnut oil and
olive oil are recommended. Many people have used them both with great success and results. It is best,
however, to experiment with all these kinds of oils and figure out which one best suits your skin.

 To start you off, make sure that you remove any make up and cleanse the skin thoroughly. Next dab oil on a
clean skin and using a gentle circular motion massage use your fingers to massage the oil into your skin. This
is a good time to actually enjoy a moment of massaging your temples.

 While doing this, concentrate on any inflamed parts of your skin or where you notice a particular
concentration of blackheads. Pay special attention to areas that feel particularly inflamed or that have many
blackheads on them. You can do this for however long you have and you will subsequently discover that this
treatment has great therapeutic value and can help you unwind.

 Next moisten a towel with water that is as hot as possible. Wring it out and press it to your skin. The hot
towel will cause your pores to open and the oil will draw out the blackheads. Wipe the oil off your skin and
make sure to remove all traces of it as it can be bad is left on your skin. Ensure that you have cleaned your
face properly.

 Now take a good look at your skin in a mirror and you will find that blackheads appear to be less visible and
your skin looks much smoother and softer. It is an exceptional way to clean your face whether you suffer of
blackheads or acne or nothing at all.

 You will discover that when you start to learn how to remove blackheads, there are many promises of
solutions and quick fix methods. It is, however, important that you find one that works for you.

 Are you sick and tired of all the attention those blackheads draw to your face? Do you think that you spend
too much time and effort trying to get rid of them just to have them return? Don't drive yourself crazy and

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