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St. Petersburg Chiropractor, Dr. Tom Ellis, Provides Natural Solutions For Back Pain


Ellis Family Chiropractic and Dr. Tom Ellis DC, St. Petersburg chiropractor, offers safe and effective solutions for pain in the spinal column.

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									St. Petersburg Chiropractor, Dr. Tom Ellis, Provides Natural Solutions
For Back Pain

St. Petersburg FL, 09-MARCH-2011 - Ellis Family Chiropractic and St.
Petersburg chiropractor, Dr. Tom Ellis, DC are pleased to announce the
availability of a range of natural remedies to alleviate pain in the
back. . Dr. Ellis offers a natural form of patient health care with a
focus on finding and alleviating the cause of physical problems, not just
the individual symptoms.

Holistic health care doesn't offer a checklist of symptom reduction; it
looks at the whole person, emphasizing full body wellness. The
therapeutic techniques are far reaching and varied.

Chiropractic measures are useful in managing pain from a variety of
causes. Once the acute level has been alleviated, the doctor will help
patients to develop a long-term plan to improve the entire quality of
life. Techniques might include posture training, nutritional counseling
and exercises that strengthen and add mobility to the area.

Learn more details about pain management as part of a system of wellness
by checking out the website pages at today. Members of the press and
others who need additional information about pain management or about the
details in this specific press release can contact Dr. Ellis at the
location identified below.

Contact Person: Dr. Tom Ellis, DC

Company Name: Ellis Family Chiropractic

Address: 214 Pasadena Avenue South, St. Petersburg, Florida 33707

Telephone Contact Number: (727) 341-1234



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