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					                                   Help To Get Rid Of Acne
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Published: March 9, 2011, 4:50 am

For many people, acne is a fact of life. It is often tough to get rid of acne. Many times, people will get rid of
acne for a while, but then it flares up again later, even into one's adult life.

 If you want to get rid of acne, stop allowing anything with oil or grease to get onto your face. This can
include anything from cosmetics to mechanical oils or grease to cooking fats. Any of these substances can
clog your pores. This is why it is common to see a teen who works in fast food have difficulty in keeping his
or her acne problem cleared up as long as they work near the french fryer.

 Although it would seem logical to use a strong soap or cleanser to clean your face, these can often do more
harm than good. They rob the face of needed moisture. A gentle cleanser can clean your face and help to get
rid of excess oils and dirt which could cause plugging of the pores. This can make a new outbreak occur

 Stop any pinching, poking, popping or prodding of pimples. It will not get rid of acne and may make it worse.
Since fingers are often loaded with foreign oils and bacteria, they can often exaggerate the problem.
Additionally squeezing a zit can cause damage to the sebaceous glands and eventually lead to a pimple that is

 Your dermatologist can suggest an acne lotion that will help to get rid of acne. The lotion helps to break down
the oils on the skin and to kill bacteria. Bacteria can cause blemishes of the skin. The lotions also promote
shedding of dead skin cells.

 Your dermatologist can give you several prescriptions for your acne. The dermatologist may prescribe a
lotion that has the active ingredient retinoic acid or Retin-A. Another prescription medication is a lotion that
contains adapalene or Differin. These products are both available only by prescription and derivatives of
vitamin A. They work well when combined with mild antibiotic creams and can control most moderate as well
as some severe cases of acne.

 A second line of defense used for many years was to prescribe stronger antibiotics. These were often
effective, but with current attempts to limit use of antibiotics, currently many dermatologists are switching to
the use of Accutane. Although this drug is effective, it has many serious side effects for some persons.
Included in the side effects are lowered blood count, depression and rectal bleeding.

 The final alternative that is often effective in young women is the use of oral contraceptives. The
contraceptives work to manipulate the hormones and there are some side effects experienced with this
treatment. Be sure that you consider these side effects before making your choice.

 Surgery is useful for persons that have scaring from past acne breakouts. Surgery is normally considered on of
the last resorts for persons who have suffered from acne. It is often expensive and only relatively successful.

Are you tired of all the attention acne draw to your face? Do you think that you spend too much time trying to

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get rid of it just to have it return? Stop driving yourself crazy and learn how to get rid of acne now! You can
also learn how to get rid of pimples - the ins and outs.

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