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 Author: Residential Accommodation Manager                         Department: Student Services

1. License to Occupy                                     3.6 “The residents’ deposit” means a sum of            4.4 Rooms are same sex occupancy only. Failure
                                                         not less than £200, payable by the licensee on         to adhere to this rule will constitute a breach of
1.1 Each student accepting accommodation                 acceptance of an offer of a place in the Halls of      the Institute’s disciplinary procedure and may
within our Halls of Residence agrees to act in           Residence. The terms on which the deposit is held      result in a formal disciplinary and a fine at the
accordance with the Conditions of Residence in           are set out in paragraph 5.2.1.                        Institute’s discretion.
force and the Institute’s disciplinary procedures.       3.7 “The Institute” means Grimsby Institute and
The Conditions of Residence come into force              the staff acting on its behalf.                        4.5 The licensee is permitted to have overnight
from the moment the student signs the licence                                                                   guests in the room, for no more than two
agreement and at that point the student formally         3.8 “Halls management” means all the staff of          consecutive nights, up to five times per year,
becomes a “licensee”.                                    the Institute appointed to manage the Halls of         provided only that written permission is obtained
                                                         Residence.                                             in advance from the Residential Accommodation
2. Student Undertaking                                   Department: Student Services                           Manager. Failure to inform the Halls Management
                                                                                                                of a guest staying in the Halls will constitute a
2.1 Acceptance of an offer of a place in the Halls       3.9 “The licensee” means a student enrolled and        breach of the Institutes disciplinary procedure and
of Residence is also acceptance by the student           in attendance on a full-time/part-time programme       may result in a formal disciplinary and a fine at
of the Conditions of Residence currently in force        of study at the Institute who has been offered         the Institute’s discretion.
and of any disciplinary procedures relating to the       and who has accepted a place in the Halls of
Conditions of Residence.                                 Residence.                                             4.6 The Institute reserves the right: 4.6.1 For
                                                                                                                authorised personnel to enter the room at any
2.2 This licence regulates the relationship              3.10 “The license fee” means the fee for rooms         time as long as reasonable prior notice is given
between the Institute and students who reside in         for the residential year as determined by the          in writing to the student of such an inspection.
its Halls of Residence.                                  Institute prior to the residential year and notified   These visits could be to: inspect room conditions,
                                                         to the licensee.                                       to clean the Room on a regular basis (if
3. Definitions                                                                                                  applicable) and to carry out such repair works as
                                                         3.11 Any reference to the Institute’s consent          the Institute thinks necessary and to investigate
3.1 “Halls of Residence” means the residences            means consent in writing signed on its behalf by       claims of inappropriate use of facilities.
available for occupation by students of the              an authorised officer of the Institute.
Institute.                                                                                                      4.6.2 To prohibit visitors at any time. 4.7 No
                                                         4. Occupancy                                           refund of the licence fee will be made on
3.2 “Room” means a part of the Halls of                                                                         termination of the licence for any reason, at any
Residence which is occupied by an individual as          4.1 Subject to the licensee remaining a student        time in the residential year except as indicated in
a private study room or in certain circumstances         of the Institute, paying the licence fee, complying    paragraph.
(where prior permission has been granted) shared         with the terms of this licence and all other
between no more than two occupants.                      relevant Institute policies, the Institute gives the   4.7.1 Where a Licensee who wishes to vacate the
                                                         licensee the right to occupy a room, as a licensee,    room continues to be a student at the Institute
3.3 “The common areas” means all the parts of            for the residential year. This is as a private study   and finds a replacement licensee (who is not
the Halls of Residence which are not rooms and           room (or in certain cases a shared study room) for     already occupying an Institute residence place)
includes: kitchen areas, study rooms, laundry            the licensee(s) only and for no other purpose. This    suitable to the Institute, the Institute will as soon
rooms, shared bathrooms, TV rooms, lounges,              licence does not create a tenancy.                     as reasonably practicable repay to the existing
toilets and all other communal areas.                                                                           licensee the balance of the licence fee for which
                                                         Note: The licence is for the duration of the           the replacement licensee becomes liable.
3.4 “Damage” means any change in the state               residential year. Accordingly, the licensee
of the halls of residence, over and above normal         remains liable for the licence fee until the end       5. Charges
wear and tear, which calls for repairs or action         of the residential year even when the licence is
to be taken to restore the halls to their original       terminated prematurely, except for in exceptional      5.1 The licence fee is determined annually by the
state. (This action may include but is not limited       circumstances see paragraph 4.6 below.                 Institute and will be notified to the licensee no
to, replacement of fixtures and fittings, fire           The Institute will not give any student a licence      later than the commencement of the residential
equipment or extra cleaning)                             to occupy a room as a licensee if any part of the      year. The licence fee for the residential year shall
                                                         licence fee from the previous residential year is      be paid either in advance or in three installments
3.5 “The residential year” is the period during          still outstanding.                                     at the Institute’s discretion within the time
which Halls of Residence are available for                                                                      specified on the Institute’s invoice.
students’ occupation under this licence. A               4.2 This licence does not refer to a specific room.
standard residential year is 36 weeks (nine              The Institute reserves the right to transfer a         5.2 Acceptance of an offer of a place in Halls
months) commencing from the 14th September               licensee’s occupation to an alternative room.          of Residence must be accompanied by payment
(or nearest Monday) to the 31st May. Note: The                                                                  of the deposit of £200. If the licensee fails to
residential year will not necessarily start and finish   4.3 In exceptional circumstances a licensee may,       take up occupation of the room at the start of
on the same dates as the Academic Year.                  with the Institute’s consent, change rooms during      the residential year the Institute may keep the
                                                         the residential year. The Institute will consider      deposit to cover administrative costs in arranging
                                                         requests on their merits, and in the light of the      alternative occupation of the Room.
                                                         availability of alternative rooms and the practical
                                                         and financial implications for the Institute of
                                                         granting such consent.
5.2.1 The deposit shall be held by the Institute as    5.9 A charge of £10 is made for the replacement          7.4.2 Charge the licensee(s) £20 for each extra
stakeholder during the residential year as security    of each lost key(s). The licensee may also be            day in residence and £25 for each key to the
for performance of the licensee’s obligations and      required to pay the cost of replacing locks caused       room which is not returned to the Residential
against damage to the room and the common              by the loss of key(s) at the cost of £50.                Accommodation Manager.
areas. The licensee will not receive interest on       5.10 A charge of £10 is made for the
the resident(s) deposit(s). Subject to paragraphs      replacement of lost or damaged access swipe              8. Vacation Periods
7.4.1, 9.3 and 10.3 the resident(s) deposit(s)         cards.
will be repaid to the licensee(s) as soon as is                                                                 8.1 At the Institute’s discretion, the licensee may
reasonably practicable following the end of            6. Parking                                               be entitled to use the room during the Christmas
the residential year or earlier upon premature                                                                  and Easter vacations at the Institute’s discretion.
termination of this licence.                           6.1 The licensee is permitted to park in
                                                       designated parking spaces provided that written          8.2 If a licensee wishes to use a room during
5.3 If damage is caused to the common areas as         permission is obtained in advance from the               the summer vacation at the end of the
specified in section 3.3 and 3.4 respectively the      Residential Accommodation Manager. Failure               residential year, he or she must apply to the
licensee shall, together with all other occupants      to inform the Residential Accommodation                  Residential Accommodation Manager. A
of the building, account to the Institute for a        Manager will constitute a breach of the Institute’s      holiday request form is available from the
reasonable proportion of the cost of remedying,        disciplinary procedure and may result in a formal        Residential Accommodation Manager. A holiday
the damage as determined by the Institute.             disciplinary and a fine at the Institute’s discretion.   accommodation fee is payable in advance. The
A separate invoice will be raised in respect of                                                                 Institute may at its discretion allocate rooms,
communal damage charges.                               6.2 The Institute will not be liable for loss of or      subject to availability, on a first come first served
                                                       damage to vehicles and other personal property           basis. The standard weekly rate will still apply
Note: When living in the Halls of Residence,           left outside the Halls of Residence. It is strongly      for any room occupied over a vacation period,
the licensee forms part of a community of              recommended that licensee(s) obtain adequate             the licensee will comply with these conditions
students for the period of the licence. Like           insurance cover for their personal property or any       of residence in the same way as during the
any other community, it depends on each and            property they are responsible for.                       residential year and could be subject to the same
every member playing a part in ensuring its safe                                                                disciplinary proceedings should these conditions
andefficient running. Where safety and efficiency      6.3 Only park in designated parking bays                 or other policies / procedures be breached.
are compromised, and costs are incurred by the         provided (no parking in the restricted/reserved
Institute as a result of damage(s) to the common       parking bays).                                           8.3 If a licensee would like to reserve a room
areas, it will be necessary to pass the cost of                                                                 for the following academic year, a reservation
repair or an exceptional cleaning procedure onto       7. Termination                                           fee of £100 is requested, it will be automatically
the licensee and to other student occupier(s) of                                                                deducted from your accommodation bill but is
the Halls of Residence collectively and in equal       7.1 This Licence may be terminated by the                non refundable in the event of cancellation for
amounts.                                               licensee at any time subject to paragraph 7.2.           any reason. A reservation form is available from
                                                                                                                the Residential Accommodation Manager. Please
This provision is also necessary to deter an           7.2 If a licensee withdraws from the Institute in        note there will only be a predetermined number
increase in accommodation fees to meet such            the course of a residential year, he or she must         of available rooms for returning students as the
costs. The communal damage charge will only be         provide the Residential Accommodation Manager            rest will be reserved for new students.
imposed, where, after reasonable investigation,        with written confirmation of a withdrawal before
the person(s) responsible for the damage(s) that       departure. No refund of the licence fee will be          8.4 At the end of the residential agreement
cannot be identified. If the person(s) responsible     made on termination of the licence.                      and before going away, the licensee must hand
can be identified they will be liable to meet                                                                   in the keys and swipe cards to the Residential
the costs of damages and may face disciplinary         7.3 This licence may be terminated by the                Accommodation Manager. In case the licensee
action. The student(s) may appeal to the Principal     Institute, in the event of: 7.3.1 Breach by the          fails to return the keys and swipe cards, the
against the imposition of the cost of the damage       licensee of these conditions of residence. 7.3.2         Institute will carry on charging the licensee as
in relation to this clause.                            Breach by the licensee of the regulations of any         defined in 7.4.2.
                                                       student disciplinary policies or procedures. 7.3.3
5.4 A call out charge fee may be charged (up           The Licensee having failed to pay, when due, all         8.5 A storage room at each Halls of Residence
to £200) at the Institute’s discretion when the        or any part of the licence fee or tuition or other       will be provided for a predetermined charge
fire brigade attends a false alarm at the halls of     fees including fines, due from the licensee to the       where you may have your personal belongings
residence. This fee is to be paid by the licensee(s)   Institute.                                               properly stored. These belongings must be
determined in accordance with paragraph 5.3.                                                                    packed and clearly labelled (e.g. in a suitcase/
                                                       Note: A licensee will not be permitted to remain         carton box). The Institute will not be liable for
5.5 An administrative fee of £40 will be charged       in a room at the beginning of a new term if any          any loss of or damage to personal property in the
to a licensee who requests to change Rooms             part(s) of the licence fee(s) or course fee(s) which     Halls of Residence.
during the Residential Year.                           are due for payment are still outstanding.
                                                                                                                9. Conduct
5.6 A proportionate reduction in the licence           7.3.4 The licensee no longer being an enrolled           The Licensee will not do anything which may
fee will be made for a licensee who accepts an         student at the Institute. 7.4 Upon termination,          prejudice good estate management and the
offer to occupy a Room after the beginning of          the licensee will vacate the room and remove all         smooth running and efficiency of the Institute
the Residential Year. The licensee will pay the        personal belongings; this must be done either (in        and will:
remainder of the current installment and other         cases of premature termination or eviction) within
subsequent installments of the licence fee as          an agreed timeframe to be decided between                9.1 Abide by the Institute’s Charter and
required by paragraph 5.1.                             the student and the Residential Accommodation            Regulations, the Terms and Conditions of
                                                       Manager or by 4:30pm on the last Friday of the           Residence, the Student Disciplinary Procedure(s)
5.7 No refund of the licence fee will be made on       summer academic term. Failure to remove all              and the Academic Disciplinary Procedure(s),
termination of the licence for any reason, at any      belongings will entitle the Institute to:                copies will be provided to you within your first
time in the residential year except as indicated at                                                             week of residence.
paragraphs 4.6.1and 7.2.                               7.4.1 Remove belongings from the room and
                                                       place them in storage. The Institute will give           9.2 Comply with all relevant legislation and codes
5.8 A call-out fee of £30 may be charged for out       the licensee seven days notice to retrieve the           of practice including health and safety, furniture
of hours call-outs. Working hours are: Mon-Fri         belongings and, if unclaimed after such a period,        and furnishings, fire safety legislation and:
9:00am-5.00pm.                                         the Institute reserves the right to dispose of them.
                                                       The disposal and/or storage costs incurred by the        9.2.1 Will not bring into or use within the Halls
                                                       Institute shall be reclaimed from the deposit and/       of Residence any unlawful drugs or other such
                                                       or charged directly to the student.                      substances including any controlled drugs listed
                                                                                                                in the Misuse of Drugs Act (1971) and updated in
                                                                                                                the Misuse of Drugs Act (2005).
9.2.2 Will not bring into the Halls of Residence       9.4.6 Not remove or replace any furniture in any      10.2 On arrival the licensee shall: 10.2.1 Check
anything which in the Institute’s opinion is or        of the rooms. 9.4.7 Not keep any live animals in      the Institute’s property against the inventory for
may become dangerous, offensive, combustible,          the rooms or elsewhere in the Halls of Residence.     the room. Any discrepancy should be recorded
corrosive, inflammable, radioactive,or explosive                                                             on the inventory form and handed in to the
to include without limiting the generality thereof     9.4.8 Not affix notices, pictures, or posters or      Residential Accommodation Manager not more
firearms, air rifles, pistols, cross-bows, or any      anything else to the walls and doors of the room      than two working days after moving in. A form
other weapons, camping gas cylinders,joss sticks,      with sello-tape, adhesives or drawing pins or in      for this purpose will be issued when the licensee
candles, oil burners, chip pans and laser pens.        any other way which may cause damage to the           collects the key to the Room
                                                       wallpaper plaster work, woodwork or furniture.
9.2.3 Will not interfere with any fire alarm, smoke                                                          10.2.2 Check the room and common areas
detector or fire exit in the Halls of Residence.       9.4.9 Not affix notices, posters or pictures in       for damage and cleanliness, any discrepancies
                                                       any part of the common areas of the Halls             or damages here should be reported to the
9.2.4 Will not interfere with any electrical           of Residence other than on the pin boards             Residential Accommodation Manager as soon as
installation in the Halls of Residence and shall not   provided. Notices, pictures or posters, posted        possible.
change any light bulb or lampshade and shall           within common areas shall be in accordance
not use any form of radiant fires and convectors       with the statutory restrictions on the display of     11. On Departure
or electrical adapters, other than those to adapt      advertisements, planning law restrictions and
international appliances to work safely from UK        shall not be offensive or obscene in the eyes of      11.1 The licensee shall check the Institute’s
supplies.                                              staff or residents.                                   property against the inventory for the room and
                                                                                                             shall check the room and the common areas for
9.2.5 All electrical appliances must be PAT            9.4.10 Not play any ball games on any                 damage and cleanliness. Any damage or other
(Portable Appliance Testing) tested on a yearly        landscaped areas adjoining the Halls of               issues should be reported to the Residential
basis while they are in use within the Halls of        Residence.                                            Accommodation Manager as soon as possible.
                                                       9.4.11 Keep the common areas clean and tidy at        11.2 The Institute will inspect the room and the
9.3 The Institute reserves the right to enter any      all times and, in particular, ensure that kitchen     common areas as soon as possible at the end of
private study room(s) after giving reasonable          equipment including cooking utensils, dishes,         the residential year or earlier upon premature
verbal/written notice (exceptions see 8.3.1 and        crockery,and cutlery is washed and put away           termination of this licence. The Institute will
8.3.2) to the resident(s) and any common areas as      promptly after use. Spillage in refrigerators and     refund the resident(s) deposit(s) to the licensee(s)
described in section 3.3 at any time. The Institute    cookers must be cleaned up immediately. All           if that is appropriate, taking into account the
reserves the right to confiscate any materials it      waste food and packaging must be disposed of          condition of the room, the common areas and
deems breach section 9.2.1and 9.2.2 and in cases       using the bins provided.                              the inventory. If in the Institute’s reasonable
where actions may constitute a criminal offence                                                              opinion the inventory does not match the state
to involve the Police.                                 9.4.12 Not use chip pans or any deep pan of fat,      and condition of the room or the common areas
                                                       anywhere in the Halls of Residence, including the     the Institute may recover from the licensee(s) the
9.3.1 The Institute may at its discretion request      kitchens.                                             amount necessary to make good any damages or
that the Police enter any room at any time and                                                               losses. Any dispute over such amounts claimed
confiscate any article(s) which are believed           9.4.13 Refrain from any behaviour which may           must be notified in writing to the Residential
to be possessed illegally. These article(s) will       be perceived as harassment or annoyance to            Accommodation Manager within 21 days of
be confiscated by the officer(s) in charge and         other residents on any basis and in particular on     receipt by the licensee.
could be used as evidence within internal              grounds of gender, nationality, race, religion,
disciplinary proceedings or separate criminal/civil    age or sexuality. Any form of violence is strictly    11.3 Failure to comply with the checking out
prosecutions. In such a case any costs incurred by     prohibited.                                           procedure may result in the forfeiture of the
the Institute will be charged to the resident(s) in                                                          resident(s) deposit(s). The Institute may also
question.                                              9.4.14 Not behave in such a manner as to bring        recover any further amount due in respect of
                                                       the Institute into disrepute.                         damages or losses to/of Institute property for
9.3.2 If the Residential Accommodation Manager                                                               which the licensee is responsible.
believes there to be any immediate risk, hazard        9.4.15 Smoke only in designated smoking
and/or danger, they reserve the right to access        shelters/areas; The Grimsby Institute is a no         12. Personal Property
any room at any time.                                  smoking site, there are designated smoking
                                                       shelters provided outside the halls. A £50 on- the-   12.1 Except in cases of the Institute’s negligence,
9.4 In the interests of the well-being of fellow       spot fine will be imposed on anybody smoking in       the Institute will not be liable for the loss of
residents, the licensee shall:                         non designated areas. Interference with smoke         or damage to personal property in the Halls of
                                                       detectors will incur a fine of £200 and a formal      Residence.
9.4.1 Not impede Institute staff in the                disciplinary.
performance of their duties and comply                                                                       Note: Licensee(s) are will be subject to a
with instruction issued by the Residential             10. Responsibilities of the Licensee                  compulsory charge of £6.00 per year (subject to
Accommodation Manager and any other staff or                                                                 fluctuation) for room contents insurance that will
persons acting on behalf of the Institute.             10.1 During                                           cover up to £4000 in losses.
                                                       his or her occupation under this licence, the
9.4.2 Behave in a considerate manner towards           licensee is responsible for:
staff and residents and ensure that there is no
audible noise outside the room at any time, and        10.1.1 The tidiness and cleanliness of the room
in particular, between 11:00pm and 8:00am.             and common areas as described in section 8.

9.4.3 Not throw any object however small,              10.1.2 Damage to Institute property, in the room,
including litter, out of any window or door.           and in the common areas jointly with other
                                                       residents sharing them as laid out in section 8.
9.4.4 Not display food outside windows.
                                                       10.1.3 Gaining permission for a guest to stay
9.4.5 Not cause damage/annoyance or nuisance           within the Halls as laid out in section 4.5.
to other residents or staff in the Halls of
Residence, or to occupants of neighbouring             10.1.4 The behaviour of visitors who are in the
properties.                                            Halls of Residence at his or her invitation, guests
                                                       within the Halls are bound by the same terms and
                                                       conditions as residents during their stay.

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