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									              NEW NATIONAL DIRECTOR
                FOR UFCW CANADA!
JUNE.indd 1                       5/24/2006 10:47:15 AM
                                                                     Presidential Comment

         local 832 continues to fight for better wages and benefits for manitobans.

         U        sually every so often I get into a debate
                  with someone over the importance of
                  the labour movement in today’s society.
         It’s a topic that can be debated for hours and it
         mostly ends up with the other person declaring,
         “unions are not needed in today’s society as they
         were 50 years ago.” And there it is, the most over
         used excuse and probably the furthest from the
         truth a person could make in this debate.

             I say this because in the world we live in now,
         corporations are multi-national with more
         emphasis on the bottom line than ever before.
         Years ago if a company posted millions of dol-
         lars in profit shareholders would be happy, now
         it’s how many millions or billions. Companies
         slash thousands of jobs with the stroke of pen
         with no thought of the impact it will make in
         the lives of its former employees. I’m in favour
         of companies making money but not at the ex-
         pense of paying paltry amounts in wages to their       UFCW Local 832 President Robert Ziegler meets with the organizing department for a status meeting.
         employees. Some corporations out there know                        (From left to right) Kim Dufault, Jerry Kies, Robert Ziegler and J.P. Petit.
         how to treat their employees offering fair wages,
         employer paid benefits and offering better than
         average vacation and personal time, all of this       Our group of Special Project Union Representa-        proven that union members have higher wages,
         without a union. But these companies are few          tives, (SPURS) and interim Organizing Director        better benefits, and a grievance process that will
         and far between, and unfortunately most com-          Jerry Kies deserve recognition for the hard work      help protect them if they are unfairly punished.
         panies don’t concentrate enough on employee           and long hours they have put in this year. They       Many unions, including ours have always said
         relations or care about them to offer more than       have gone out at all hours of the day and night       that paying union dues was a form of “job in-
         the minimum required rates of pay.                    to meet new members and to discuss joining the        surance”. You hope you’ll never need to call the
                                                               UFCW. SPURS are members of Local 832 that             union in case you’re disciplined but if you are,
            Local 832 has been busy in 2006 making ap-         have become active in the union either through        you have someone who is in your corner to fight
         plications to the labour board for certification      participating in the Youth Program at the lo-         on your behalf.
         to represent workers at new companies. Orga-          cal, becoming a shop steward, or having been a
         nizing is just as important to existing members       member of a negotiating committee. Sometimes             So the next time someone asks you when you
         as it is to new members. The more an industry         members want to learn more but don’t know             think unions will become extinct? You can tell
         is represented by a union the better bargaining       how to go about it. If you are interested in learn-   them that as long as there are greedy companies
         power it will have to raise workers’ wages past a     ing more about becoming a SPUR talk to your           out there that continue to exploit their workers,
         “minimum level” and enhance benefits that it          union representative or call the union office.        then a union will never become extinct.
         wouldn’t have seen without the efforts of collec-
         tive bargaining.                                         Organizing new members is a tough task.
                                                               We’ve entered a generation of people who have
            In 2006 UFCW Local 832 has made four appli-        lost sight of what a union is all about. Unfor-
         cations to date for representing over 400 Manito-     tunately, supporters of the union haven’t taken
         bans. One of those four units we were successful      the time to explain to their kids or relatives the
         in organizing was Impact Security with over 70        benefits and services they have because of the
         members. I hope we will continue our success in       union. It’s important for us as union members             Robert D. Ziegler,
         the other three organizing drives which are now       to educate those around us of the importance              President,
         at the labour board awaiting hearings.                of having a union voice in your workplace. It’s           UFCW Local 832

                                                                              UNION JUNE 006

JUNE.indd 2                                                                                                                                                5/24/2006 10:47:16 AM

                                                                                                             JUNE 006

               dePartments                              FeatUres                                         oFFiCes

              YOUTH OF TODAY                  NEW NATIONAL DIRECTOR                                     WINNIPEG
                     Page 5               UFCW Canada has new national director.                 1412 Portage Avenue
                                                       Page 4                                   Winnipeg, MB. R3G OV5
         WORKERS COMPENSATION                                                                         786-5055
                     Page 8
                                            UFCW WOMEN IN ACTION                                   1-888-UFCW-832
              GRIEVANCE NEWS                Committee members join in workshop.
                     Page 9                                 Page 6                                      BRANDON
                                                                                                   Unit 1, 759 1st Street
              PACKINGHOUSE                    MFL H & S CONFERENCE                                Brandon, MB. R7A 2X5
                    Page 10
                                             local 832 northern members attend.                          727-7131
                                                           Page 6                                    1-800-552-1193
                    Page 11
                                                  RETIREES’ CORNER                                     THOMPSON
                                                                                                    90 Thompson Drive
                   SECURITY                      semi-annual luncheon held.
                    Page 12                               Page 7                                 Thompson, MB. R8N 1Y9
                  SAFEWAY                        ANOTHER TAX YEAR                                    1-800-290-2608
                    Page 13
                                              over 7,600 people utilize service.
                                                          Page 7
                                                                                                   TRAINING CENTRE
              TRAINING CENTRE                                                                     880 Portage Avenue
                    Page 14
                                                                                                 Winnipeg, MB. R3G 0P1

                   President         Union Representatives: ray Berthelette, Brenda Brown, sandy Forcier, Blair Hudson, darcel
               Robert D. Ziegler     lecocq, Cyrus lister, michelle masserey, marie meyers, al Patterson, Guy sylvestre, sonia taylor,
              Secretary-Treasurer    ron allard Legal Counsel: debra malmquist Education and Training: Heather Grant-Jury
                  Jeff Traeger       Workers Compensation: rob Hilliard Organizing: Jerry Kies
          E-mail:   Negotiators: susan Hart-Kulbaba, mary Johnson, Beatrice Bruske
          Website:   Communications: Blake Crothers, dalia Chapa Safety and Health: Harry mesman

                                                                     Canadian Mail Publications Sales Agreement #4007008

JUNE.indd 3                                                                                                                   5/24/2006 10:47:23 AM
         michael Fraser retires and UFCW local 175 President Wayne Hanley is elected.

         O         n April 28 the UFCW National Office an-
                   nounced that UFCW Canada National Di-
                   rector Michael Fraser had retired. UFCW
         Canada National Council elected Wayne Hanley
         to fill the vacant position.

            Hanley who served as president of Local 175
         since 1999 has continued the growth of Local
         175, which is now UFCW’s largest local with
         over 50,000 members in Ontario. “Michael Fra-
         ser has done an outstanding job leading UFCW
         Canada,” said Hanley in a news release issued
         by the National Office. “I am committed to ad-
         vancing the programs he has initiated. For more
         than 25 years, Michael has dedicated his life to
         improving the lives of working Canadians and
         I’m determined to continue that agenda.”

            Michael Fraser has a long history with the
         UFCW. In 1976 he started working at a Domin-           Pictured above UFCW Local 832 President Robert Ziegler with new UFCW Canada National Director
         ion food store in Waterloo, Ontario. In 1979 he                  Wayne Hanley at the recent Loblaw/ Westfair bargaining meeting in Vancouver.
         joined the National Office and was kept busy for
         many years working on organizing drives across
         Canada.                                              refused the right to join unions and enjoy the       In 1992 Hanley was elected secretary-treasurer
                                                              benefits of collective bargaining. Another im-    of UFCW Local 175 and elected president of the
            In 1985, Fraser was elected President of UFCW     portant issue Fraser focused on was educating     local in 1999.
         Local 409 in Thunder Bay, Ontario that eventu-       the youth of the union and get them active and
         ally was merged into UFCW Local 175. In 1992,        participating in the direction of the union.         “Michael Fraser was instrumental in revital-
         Fraser was elected President of UFCW Local 175                                                         izing the youth in our union and has put the
         and by 1999 was nominated by former UFCW               Wayne Hanley has a similar background in        union in a positive direction that will be remem-
         Canada National Director Tom Kukovica and            the labour movement. Hanley started out at a      bered for years to come,” stated UFCW Local 832
         was unanimously elected to the position.             Miracle Food Mart store in London, Ontario in     President Robert Ziegler. “I think Wayne will
                                                              1976 and became active in his local union. Over   do an excellent job as National Director. UFCW
            Some of the issues Fraser will be known for       the next eight years he became a shop steward     Canada will continue to have great leadership.
         is his determination in lobbying federal and         and a member of the local’s executive board and   He has my full support and Local 832 will be
         provincial governments for the protection of         then an organizer when he was hired on staff at   there when he calls.”
         agricultural workers in Canada that have been        UFCW Local 175 in 1984.

         new course, lots of prizes for everyone.

         T      his year’s golf tournament will be held August 26 at The Links at Quarry Oaks Golf
                Course. Registration is $150 per person, which includes a steak or chicken dinner,
                cart rental, special golf shirt, and the opportunity to win great prizes, including a
         hole-in-one for a 2006 Chevrolet Impala - valued at $26,000, a set of Calloway clubs worth
         $2,400, Grey Cup tickets, and lots more. All proceeds go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma
         Society. To register, you can download a registration form on the UFCW Local 832 website, or call Blake Crothers, 786-5055 or toll-free 1888-832-9832. This year,
         Local 832 has set $25,000 as the goal to reach.

         4                                                                    UNION JUNE 006

JUNE.indd 4                                                                                                                                          5/24/2006 10:47:24 AM
      YOUTH INTERNSHIP SESSION ONE                                                                               YOUTH OF TODAY
      amanda Johnson and Justin Gilchuk representing local 832 in national Youth internship Program (YiP).

      By Justin Gilchuk                                                                                        By Amanda Johnson

      S     unday, March 26 marked the day I left
            to participate in the first of four weeks
            to come, in the UFCW National Youth
      Internship Program (YIP). The Kempenfelt
      Conference Centre in Barrie, Ontario is where
                                                             The next couple of days were spent talking
                                                          about grievances, what a shop steward is, and
                                                          what impact the effects of globalization have
                                                          on our society. I do have to say though, that I
                                                          really had fun during the role-playing exercises
                                                                                                               B      eing chosen to attend this year’s UFCW
                                                                                                                      Youth Internship Program has been both
                                                                                                                      a privilege and an honour. In the first
                                                                                                               week of the internship I learned so much from
                                                                                                               my facilitators, not only the inner workings of
      we spent our week learning, interacting, and        we did in class. We acted out what it was like to    the union but also how large world altering
      meeting new friends.                                do negotiations of simple, yet complex issues in     issues affect all people on a local level.
                                                          a company’s collective bargaining agreement.
         I was chosen as one of two representatives                                                               During our first week, we spent time learning
      for UFCW Local 832 to participate in the 2006          Did you know that politics play a key role in     about organizations such as the WTO (World
      National Youth Internship Program. With our         unions? Without government, there wouldn’t           Trade Organization) and the World Bank as well
      arrival at Toronto Pearson Airport, Amanda          be unions at all. We finished off by discussing      as trade agreements like NAFTA. We also spoke
      and I met Brian and Brian, two people from          about how big corporations affect unionized          about how these global entities affect us on a
      the UFCW national office, as well as some of the    workplaces. Each night, we had the opportunity       local level in various areas from outsourcing to
      other participants of the program.                  to watch a movie, of which had ties to the topics    shipping of jobs overseas.
                                                          discussed in class that day.
         Our facilitators for the program are Chris                                                               We spent some time learning about Wal-Mart
      O’Halloran and Brandi Tracksell. We met with           I’m sure I can say speaking on behalf of all      and their “high cost of low prices”. We read
      them as well as the other participants on Sunday.   of us, that we had a great time the first week;      about how the multinational conglomerate
      It was a day to get to know everybody. After all,   meeting new friends, and interacting with each       has been able to devastate competition, as well
      we will be spending four weeks together.            other to find out about the different workplace      as suppliers, in its quest to become the largest
                                                          environments that exist. Our group became sort       retailer in the world.
         As the week progressed, we covered many          of like a family, where we were able to help each
      different topics/areas of study. We started off     other out if needed. In fact, it was encouraged         The knowledge that was gained at the
      by discussing a little bit of labour history and    we help one another out. We all came into this       internship was great. It gave us a chance to get
      how unions were formed. Some stuff was like a       program not knowing what to expect. I think          to know other fellow union members. We had
      refresher and some stuff was new to me. We also     after this week, we will have a clearer picture as   some good times and I can’t wait until the next
      went over topics such as ‘what is a union, and      youth of UFCW, how a union works and what it’s       segment of the internship so that we can all
      why am I in it?’                                    all about.                                           come together again in fellowship and to learn.

                                 UFCW youth members from across Canada are taking part in the Youth Internship Program.

                                                                          UNION JUNE 006                                                                     

JUNE.indd 5                                                                                                                                           5/24/2006 10:47:24 AM

         O       n May 5 some members of our local
                 women’s advisory committee participat-
                 ed in a workshop on chairing meetings.
         After Heather Grant-Jury took the participants
         through the paces, Kim Knox-Powers, Brandon
         regional member, and Debra Johnson, from the
         Eastern region, practiced on the rest of the group.
         Armed with parliamentary procedure wheels and
         manuals as well as a “Point of Order” text, they
         are now off to practice in their regions. Debra
         will be chairing meetings in the Steinbach area
         while Kim will be chairing meetings in the West-
         man area. A Brandon meeting is already sched-                Kim Knox-Powers (left) and Debra Johnson at the training session on chairing meetings.
         uled. Watch the union bulletin board and future
         issues of UNION for other regional women’s
                                                                 ONE LAST NOTE...
            The first Brandon meeting is scheduled for           northern women should expect to see a survey arriving in the
         9:30 am, Saturday, June 3, at the Brandon union         mail from natasha anderson, northern coordinator for the UFCW
         office. All women able to attend are invited to do      local 832 Women’s advisory Committee. Women are encour-
         so. Coffee and snacks will be served. This initial      aged to complete the survey and return it as soon as possible.
         meeting is to discuss items of particular concern
                                                                 natasha will use the responses to determine the direction of the
         to women of the area, as well as get information
         from the rest of the province.                          committee in the north.


         T      he Manitoba Federation of Labour (MFL)
                held its 25th Annual Health and Safety
                Conference in Thompson on May 11 and
         12. The goal of this conference was to use the
         most up-to-date laws, regulations, tools and ex-
         periences to make our workplaces safer, healthi-
         er, and injury free—now and in the future.

            Six UFCW Local 832 Health and Safety Com-
         mittee members attended the conference. They
         were: Debbie Brandt (Burntwood Community
         Health Resource Centre), Bill Pertson (Dauphin
         Co-op), Wayne Mosionier (Thompson Safeway),               Bill Pertson (seated front right) attended the 2-day workshop on The ABCs of Health and Safety.
         Darrell Boudreau (Sobeys Grocer Warehouse in
         Thompson), Tammy Taylor (Thompson Safe-               appropriate to them. The workshops were: The         Federation of Labour and a former UFCW mem-
         way), and Natasha Anderson (Thompson Gen-             ABCs of Safety and Health, Effective Committees,     ber, addressed over 180 attendees at the com-
         eral Hospital).                                       Workers Compensation, Emerging Environmen-           mencement of the conference.
                                                               tal Issues Facing Workers, Health and Safety
            During the two-day conference, there were          Regulations, Ergonomics, and Stress.                    “Remembering lessons learned from the past
         seven workshops, with safety and health com-                                                               is the best way to not repeat mistakes,” stated
         mittee members choosing the one that was most           Darlene Dziewit, the president of the Manitoba     Dziewit.
         6                                                                    UNION JUNE 006

JUNE.indd 6                                                                                                                                               5/24/2006 10:47:24 AM
      BRANDON SHOP STEWARDS AND                                                                                     RETIREES’ CORNER

      O      n April 22 Brandon and Westman
             shop stewards, along with health
             and safety representatives, attended
                                                                                                                 T      he semi-annual retirees’ club lun-
                                                                                                                        cheon was held on May 16 at the ANF
                                                                                                                        Veterans in Canada Provincial Com-
                                                                                                                 mand on Portage Avenue 81 retirees attended
                                                                                                                 the luncheon.
      an appreciation night sponsored by Local
                                                                                                                    Donna Gayle, from Toronto, had an inter-
         Over 75 per cent of the shop stewards                                                                   esting presentation regarding long-term care.
      and health and safety representatives                                                                      Donna is with ACE-INA Insurance, which
      attended the event at the Sokol Hall in          Maple Leaf chief shop steward Dean Rodwell and            provides long-term care in North America.
      Brandon. Lots of door prizes were given out        Derek Wildeboer take part in the festivities.           Sophie, from Silver Treads Bus Tours For
      along with a miniature-putting contest.                                                                    Travel in Manitoba, spoke on the many in-
                                                                                                                 teresting places to see in our province. Cyrus
         Heather Grant-Jury, from the UFCW Training Centre, was on hand to present shop stewards their           Lister brought greetings on behalf of President
      certificates for completing training.                                                                      Ziegler and Secretary-Treasurer Traeger.

                                                                                                                    Many door prizes were won and the mem-
                                                                                                                 bers expressed their satisfaction in the amount
                                                                                                                 and quality of the food. Next Luncheon will be
                                                                                                                 in October, watch UNION magazine for more

                                                                                                                  ESSAY WINNERS TO
                                                                                                                   BE ANNOUNCED
              Pictured left to right Bryan Houck, UFCW Education Director Heather Grant-Jury,
                                  Laurie Ringland, Peggy Stock and Eileen Ball.                                       NEXT ISSUE

      almost 7,600 people utilize UFCW tax service.
                                                                                                                  T     hank you to all Local 832 members
                                                                                                                        who took the time to send in their
                                                                                                                        essay on why “your union doesn’t
                                                                                                                  suck”. The top winner will receive a $500

                                                                                                                  cash prize to help them with their post sec-
              FCW Local 832 members and their fami-           President Ziegler remarked, “It is a good ser-
                                                                                                                  ondary education. Second and third prize is
              lies kept George Combiadakis extremely       vice at a good price and it definitely shows in the
                                                                                                                  $250 and $100 respectively.
              busy again this year. From mid-February      number of members taking advantage of the ser-
      until the end of April approximately 7,600 people    vice at the our Winnipeg location as well as our
                                                                                                                     A panel of judges has been selected and
      utilized the income tax preparation service that     out-of-town locations.”
                                                                                                                  the winners will be announced next issue.
      Local 832 provides for the members. This was an
                                                                                                                  To win, the contestant had to write an es-
      increase of approximately 400 more people us-           The out-of-town locations also saw an increase
                                                                                                                  say in 500 words or less on why the union
      ing the tax service this year.                       in numbers this year, especially the Brandon of-
                                                                                                                  doesn’t suck. They must also be enrolled in
                                                           fice. Besides the Winnipeg location, the union
                                                                                                                  a post secondary education program for the
         It seems obvious that one of the main reasons     had tax offices in Brandon, Flin Flon, Neepawa,
                                                                                                                  fall 2006.
      for the popularity of the UFCW Local 832 tax         Russell, Steinbach and Thompson.
      preparation service is the cost. The price charged
                                                                                                                    “We feel the contest was a great success
      by the union to complete a tax return and file          George Combiadakis will be back next year for
                                                                                                                  and will probably run one similar to it
      it electronically is far less than any other tax     his 19th year assisting Local 832 members with
                                                                                                                  again next year,” said President Ziegler. “I
      preparation place. For example, members with         their tax returns.
                                                                                                                  personally thank each and every member
      seven informational slips (T4s, day care receipts,
                                                                                                                  who submitted an essay. Good luck to all of
      etc.) or less paid only $15.
                                                                                                                  them. ”

                                                                           UNION JUNE 006                                                                       7

JUNE.indd 7                                                                                                                                             5/24/2006 10:47:25 AM
         WCB forms to be available in spanish.

         M          any of UFCW Local 832 members are
                    new to Manitoba and to Canada. A
                    significant number of these members
         are Spanish-speaking and do not use English as
         their first language.
                                                             are a growing number of workers in Manitoba
                                                             who do not possess English as their first
                                                             language, and filling out accident reports can be
                                                             very intimidating for these workers.

                                                               WCB did raise some legitimate concerns.
            Because of the language barrier, some            Particularly in trying to address one problem
         members have had difficulty in filling out the      they do not want to create other problems. For
         workers compensation form for reporting on the      example they do not want to have a situation
         job accidents/injury. This has resulted in forms    where these forms are being returned to them
         being filled out incorrectly, late and even on      because the adjudicator does not speak Spanish.                  Rob Hilliard
                                                                                                                              WCB advocate
         occasion not filled out at all. This has caused     This would create a circumstance where forms
         members delays in receiving benefits and other      are being passed around creating new delays and
         problems that could have been avoided if they       inefficiencies.
         understood what they were supposed to do.                                                                  As unionized workplaces and the faces of our
                                                                The board is willing to give it a try. They are   membership changes, the union recognizes
            In order to address this situation and assist    currently developing a Spanish version of the        the need for adjustment. President Ziegler
         the members, Local 832 Workers Compensation         Worker’s Accident Report—form 3. Once it has         and Hilliard are pleased that WCB is showing
         Advocate Rob Hilliard began discussions with        been completed they will meet with the union         a willingness to address this need. As soon as
         the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba          to discuss details of implementation. After that     these forms are available, Local 832 will let the
         (WCB) in hope of developing some of the WCB         the new forms will be made available for our         membership know.
         forms in Spanish. It was recognized that there      Spanish-speaking members to use.

         Formas del Consejo para Compensación a trabajadores (WCB) estarán disponibles en español

         M        uchos de los miembros del UFCW Lo-
                  cal 832 son nuevos en Manitoba y en
                  Canadá. Un número substancial de es-
         tos miembros son hispanohablantes y no usan
         inglés como su primer idioma.
                                                                Para tratar esta situación y ayudar a los
                                                             miembros, el abogado de Local 832 para Com-
                                                             pensación a Trabajadores, Rob Hilliard, inició
                                                             discusiones con El Consejo para Compensación
                                                             a Trabajadores de Manitoba (WCB) con la espe-
                                                                                                                  así creando nuevos retrasos y una falta de efi-
                                                                                                                  ciencia. Sin embargo, el Consejo está dispuesto
                                                                                                                  a intentarlo. Actualmente están desarrollando
                                                                                                                  una versión en español del Worker’s Accident
                                                                                                                  Report—forma 3. Una vez que esté completa, el
                                                             ranza de desarrollar algunas de las formas del       Consejo se reunirá con el sindicato para hablar
            Debido a la barrera del idioma, algunos          WCB en español. Se reconoció que existe un           de los detalles para implementarla. Entonces,
         miembros tienen dificultad llenando las formas      número creciente de trabajadores en Manitoba         las nuevas formas estarán disponibles para el
         del consejo para compensación a trabajadores        de quienes el inglés no es el primer idioma y        uso de nuestros miembros hispanohablantes.
         para reportar accidentes/lesiones que han tenido    llenar reportes de accidentes puede ser muy in-
         en el trabajo. El resultado ha sido formas incor-   timidante para estos trabajadores.                      De medida que los trabajos sindicalizados
         rectamente llenadas, formas entregadas tarde, y                                                          y las caras de nuestra membresía cambien, el
         a veces formas que no se entregan para nada.           WCB mencionó unas inquietudes válidas. Al         sindicato está reconociendo la necesidad de ac-
         Esto ha causado retrasos en que los miembros        intentar solucionar un problema, ellos no quiere     tualizarse. El Presidente Ziegler y Rob Hilliard
         reciban sus beneficios y también otros prob-        crear otros. Por ejemplo, no quieren que le en-      sienten mucho gusto que el WCB se está most-
         lemas que se pudieran haber evitado si hubieran     víen las formas de regreso al trabajador porque      rando dispuesto a enfrentar esta necesidad. En
         entendido lo que tenían que hacer.                  el adjudicador no habla español. En ese caso las     cuanto estas formas estén disponibles, el Local
                                                             formas estarían dando vueltas no necesarias, y       832 avisará a la membresía.
         8                                                                   UNION JUNE 006

JUNE.indd 8                                                                                                                                            5/24/2006 10:47:27 AM
      DON’T IGNORE WARNING LETTERS                                                                                 GRIEVANCE NEWS
      Grievance results in maple leaf member being reinstated.

      I    n less than a year a Local 832 member
           working at Maple Leaf Fresh Foods in
           Brandon was given five warning letters for
      arriving late to the Ham Bone line. On each and
      every occasion the union sent her a letter advising
                                                             other warning letters were not challenged, the
                                                             union was not able to have the discipline reduced
                                                             prior to termination and a grievance was filed.

                                                               After several meetings between the union and
      her of her right to grieve these disciplines. The      the company, the union persuaded the employer
      member had declined to challenge any of the            to reinstate the grievor on a “last chance
      letters through the grievance procedure not            agreement”.
      realizing the significance of the warning letters.
                                                                Remember it is very important to speak to
         On January 13 she received a termination            your union rep on any discipline issues at the
      letter for arriving late on the line. This time, she   time they arise. Don’t ignore warning letters
                                                                                                                        Debra Malmquist
      contacted the union. Unfortunately because the         until it may become too late.                                   legal Counsel

          MEMBER GETS                                        UPHOLDS SENIORITY
            8 HOURS                                            ON OVERTIME
                                                                two Granny’s Poultry members
          OVERTIME PAY                                                 compensated.

              maple leaf Fresh Foods must
                 recognize seniority.
                                                             O      n January 28, 2005, two very senior employ-
                                                                    ees working at Granny’s Poultry on the
                                                                    day shift in the cut-up department were

      I    n January a senior maintenance person             overlooked for an overtime opportunity.
           working at Maple Leaf Fresh Foods in
           Brandon was bypassed for overtime on two            The union filed a policy grievance on their
      different occasions. Instead a junior person in        behalf. After several meetings with management,
      the same classification was given the overtime         the grievance was referred to arbitration. A hear-     A MOVING ON
      shifts.                                                ing date was scheduled for April 25. Prior to the
                                                             arbitration the parties agreed on a settlement that      MESSAGE:
         The union contract asserts if the employer          was satisfactory to the grievors, the union and the
      assigns overtime shifts inconsistent with the          company.                                               I wish to thank all of the staff and
      procedure outlined in the agreement and                                                                      members of UFCW Local 832 for giv-
      inadvertently misses an employee for an
      overtime shift more than one time in a row, then            CORRECTION                                       ing me an opportunity to provide
                                                                                                                   legal service to the local and its
      the employer agrees to pay said employee the
      amount of overtime they should have worked.
      In other words, there is one opportunity for the
      company to make a mistake, when assigning
      overtime but not two or three or four.
                                                              I   n the April 2006 issue of UNION, Griev-
                                                                  ance News section, we reported on a griev-
                                                                  ance settlement at King Transportation
                                                              regarding transportation drivers. Specifically
                                                              we stated, “…the total financial remedy
                                                                                                                   members during a period of transi-
                                                                                                                   tion for the local’s legal department.
                                                                                                                   While I was not among you long, I
                                                                                                                   got to know the issues and struggles
                                                              added up to roughly $6,150 being paid out to         and the successes that you should be
         When the member was missed twice in a row,           36 union members at King Transportation.”            proud of. I will be looking forward
      he contacted the union and a grievance was filed.                                                            to the magazine and reading all
      At mediation the company agreed to resolve the            We would like to clarify that both the union       about UFCW.
      grievance without prejudice and paid the grievor        and the company equally paid this settlement.
      a total of eight hours at his overtime rate.            We apologize for this oversight.                                       Marcelle Marion

                                                                             UNION JUNE 006                                                                

JUNE.indd 9                                                                                                                                        5/24/2006 10:47:30 AM

                                                                                       over 100 maple leaf Fresh Foods members in attendance.

         O       n April 29 UFCW Local 832, in
                 combination with the Manitoba
                 Federation of Labour (MFL), hosted
         seven 90-minute health and safety presentations
         to seven different groups of immigrant workers.
                                                               covered were healthy workplaces, healthy
                                                               workers, healthy communities, ergonomics,
                                                               repetitive strain injuries (RSI), shift work, and
                                                               reporting a workers compensation claim.
                                                                                                                     they were also able to translate the information
                                                                                                                     into Spanish for the Spanish-speaking members
                                                                                                                     in attendance. The Ukrainian group was
                                                                                                                     assisted through the help of interpreter Hilliard
         The seven groups consisted of six Spanish-               Two facilitators from the Occupational Health
         speaking groups and one Ukrainian-speaking            Centre (OHC), Jose Chinchilla and Amparo                 Both the union and the MFL are having a
         group. In total, approximately 100 UFCW               Hernandez de Chinchilla, travelled to Brandon         follow-up session in September. Watch for more
         members from Maple Leaf Fresh Foods in                for the day. Along with their health and safety       details in an upcoming magazine or speak to
         Brandon attended the presentations. Topics            expertise, Jose and Amparo pulled double duty, as     your union rep Ray Berthelette.

           HAVE YOU BEEN                                       UNDERSTANDING DISCIPLINE
           AT GRANNY’S                                        PROCEDURE AT DUNN-RITE
           YEARS OR MORE?                                      a shop steward must be present during discipline meetings.

           Union agreement allows for
           service premiums.                                   I    t has come to the union’s attention that
                                                                    management at Dunn-Rite is not properly
                                                                    following discipline procedures as outlined
                                                                                                                        Local 832 must be sent all copies of written
                                                                                                                     discipline notices given to members. Members
                                                                                                                     should also know that any written disciplines will

           S    ome members working at Granny’s
                Poultry may be entitled to receive an
                hourly premium for all hours worked
           based on their completed years of service.
                                                               in the union agreement.

                                                                 Any member who is about to be disciplined,
                                                               has the right to have a shop steward, or in the
                                                               absence of a shop steward a member of their
                                                                                                                     stay in their file for 24 months, after which time
                                                                                                                     the company must remove it from the member’s

                                                                                                                        A reminder, members have the right to view
              As per the collective agreement employees        choice, present during a discipline meeting.          their personnel file once a year under the super-
           with five years or more receive an extra 17                                                               vision of management. It’s recommended that
           cents per hour, while 10 years or more and 20         Although it doesn’t state in the agreement that     all members take this opportunity to make sure
           years or more of service warrants an increase       not following this procedure will result in a re-     that all the information in their file is correct.
           of 35 cents and 50 cents per hour respectively.     moval of the discipline, the union will file griev-   If you have any problems getting your file con-
           These premium rates will increase October 1.        ances if the company does not follow appropriate      tact your shop steward or call union rep Sandy
           See pages 96 and 97 of the union agreement.         procedure.                                            Forcier at 786-5055 or toll-free 1-888-832-9832.

                                                                  JOB POSTINGS GO BY SENIORITY
             Members are reminded to flag their
           calendar for these anniversary dates to ensure
           that they receive the service premiums when                                 Granny’s has 14 days to award position.
           they are due.

              If they do not see an increase in their pay
           after their anniversary date, they should
           contact management immediately. If the
                                                                J  ob postings at Granny’s Poultry must be posted for seven calendar days provided it is not an
                                                                   entry-level position. Article 11.06 of the union agreement states the job should be awarded to the
                                                                   applicant with the most seniority who applied for the posting, provided they have the required
                                                                  The company has the right to temporarily fill the position until the posting is awarded . The
           situation is still not rectified then they should
           speak to one of their shop stewards or call their      successful applicant must be in place within 14 calendar days of the award. If members have any
           full-time union representative Sandy Forcier           questions regarding this policy please see your shop steward or contact Sandy Forcier at 786-
           at 786-5055 or toll-free at 1-888-832-9832.            5055 or toll-free 1-888-832-9832.

         10                                                                    UNION JUNE 006

JUNE.indd 10                                                                                                                                              5/24/2006 10:47:31 AM
      Grace Hospital and local 832 to meet at the bargaining table.

      UFCW Local 832 represents approximately 180           Horvath, Tara Roberts, Eric Klaus, Bill Watch-
                                                                                                                   ACL INTERLAKE
      professional/technical union members at the
      Grace Hospital who are employed in the depart-
                                                            man, Tony Nakazato and Michelle Saduia.                TO HIRE MORE
      ments of cardiology, laboratory, nuclear medi-           Due to the diversity of the members represent-     UNION MEMBERS
      cine, x-ray, occupational therapy, pharmacy,          ed at the Grace, the union believes that although
      physiotherapy, respiratory therapy, social work,      the collective agreement will only allow for five      another residence to open in July.
      ultrasound, orthopedics, occupational therapy,        bargaining unit members to sit at the negotiat-
      speech therapy, nutrition services, etc. The cur-
      rent union agreement expired on March 31.
      Proposal meetings were held in February where
      the members working at the Grace Hospital put
      forward many important proposals. Bargaining
                                                            ing table, it is important for all departments to
                                                            have representation. Therefore a sub-committee
                                                            has been formed and will be meeting regularly
                                                            to give input to the union negotiating committee
                                                            on the union proposals as well as proposals that
                                                                                                                  T      he Association for Community Living
                                                                                                                         (ACL) is a residential service that also
                                                                                                                         promotes social and economic support,
                                                                                                                  for people with intellectual disabilities. The Arris
                                                                                                                  Centre, a recycling centre in Stonewall, is one
      will commence on June 5 with additional dates         management will be putting forward.                   such employer that has a day program where the
      scheduled throughout June and July.                                                                         clients from ACL come to work.
                                                               Beatrice will be sending out a negotiations
        The union negotiations will be headed up by         update to all hospital members after the initial         Presently there are roughly 30 Local 832
      Beatrice Bruske, in addition to servicing repre-      start of negotiations. Members are also invited       union members working as support workers in
      sentative Michelle Masserey. Your negotiating         to visit the web site at for in-      three different homes in the Stonewall/Interlake
      committee and sub-committees, which will be           formation regarding their negotiations. Or they       area and at the Arris Centre. ACL is planning on
      meeting regularly with the employer, are made         can contact Beatrice or their union representa-       opening a fourth residence, which should be
      up of Donna Perin, Margaret Fowlie, Alison            tive Michelle Masserey at their convenience at        ready by July. They estimate they will need to hire
      Harman, Kerry Peters, Rhonda McRea, Sylvia            the union office—786-5055.                            an additional seven staff.

      ENTITLED TO                                             SIMPLY A “PAPER” MOVE
      SERVICE PREMIUMS?                                       Grace Hospital lab workers soon to be employed by dsm.

      aCl members qualify as per union
                                                               A     fter numerous discussions between the
                                                                     union and the future employer, the
                                                                     Employee Transition Agreement has
                                                                                                                     A meeting was held at the Grace Hospital
                                                                                                                  for all lab employees on May 4. At the meeting
                                                                                                                  the employees received their letters of offer

      T      he ACL Interlake union contract contains
             wording that entitles members, who have
             completed five years of service, to receive
      a service premium of 25 cents per hour. An
      additional service premium of 50 cents and 75
                                                               been signed off between the Grace General
                                                               Hospital, UFCW Local 832 and Diagnostics
                                                               Services of Manitoba (DSM). This document
                                                               recognizes DSM as a successor employer
                                                               for all lab employees at the Grace Hospital.
                                                                                                                  from DSM confirming their current EFT, rates
                                                                                                                  of pay and job classifications. In addition,
                                                                                                                  employees received benefit information. They
                                                                                                                  will, of course, participate in the same benefit
                                                                                                                  plans as they were before (HEPP and HEBP).
      cents an hour is paid to members after 10 years          It confirms that DSM is a party to and will        However, due to the change of employer,
      and 15 year of service, respectively.                    honour the current union agreement as is.          there is an opportunity to adjust the selected
                                                               Current vacation, overtime and statutory           coverage per employee if they so choose.
         This premium is in addition to their regular          holiday banks will be transferred over from
      wages. Employees should flag their anniversary           the Grace to DSM.                                     Once all the letters of offer are signed and
      date to ensure that they receive the service                                                                turned in, they will begin working on the
      premiums when they are due. If they do not                  All Local 832 lab employees will continue       payroll switch. It is estimated for the Grace
      see the premiums on their pay stub after their           to work at the Grace so in effect this is simply   group that their first paycheque from DSM
      anniversary, they should let the employer know           a “paper” move. Simply put, all lab workers        should be received and the transition complete
      immediately. If the situation is not rectified in a      throughout Winnipeg will now work for              as of mid-July.
      timely manor, they should then speak to a shop           DSM.
      steward or union representative.
                                                                            UNION JUNE 006                                                                       11

JUNE.indd 11                                                                                                                                                5/24/2006 10:47:31 AM
                                                       MAKING AN IMPACT!
                                                                  security workers join local 832.

         O       n March 24, a certifi-
                 cation vote was held
                 by workers at Impact
         Security to see if they would
         become members of the union.
                                                                                                                                 force in strengthening the rights
                                                                                                                                 of security guards in Manitoba. It
                                                                                                                                 was responsible for lobbying the
                                                                                                                                 provincial government to increase
                                                                                                                                 the training necessary to be certi-
         Unfortunately because of a                                                                                              fied in the province as a security
         discrepancy, the ballots had                                                                                            guard.
         to be sealed and the Manitoba
         Labour Board was requested to                                                                                            Local 832 negotiator Bea Bruske
         conduct an audit of how many                                                                                            will be contacting the company to
         employees were actually em-                                                                                             set up dates to commence bargain-
         ployed at Impact Security at the                                                                                        ing for the collective agreement.
         time of the vote.
                                                                                                                                  UFCW Local 832 will be no-
            The audit has now been con-                                                                                          tifying the members of
         cluded and the ballots counted.                                                                                         Impact Security on upcoming
         As a result 70 plus security                                                                                            proposal meetings.
         guards are now members of               Charles Radcliffe of Impact Security, Local 832 negotiator Bea Bruske,
         UFCW Local 832.                              organizer Jerry Kies and Winston Moffett of Impact Security                   This is a chance for the newly
                                                                      talk after the proposal meeting.                             organized security guards to let
            “I would like to welcome the                                                                                           the union know exactly what they
         guards of Impact Security to Local 832. They have joined a union that has     would like to see in their first union contract. Members should start making
         a strong voice for the security sector and working Manitobans,” declared      a list of any proposals and/or ideas they would like to see implemented and
         Local 832 President Robert Ziegler. UFCW Local 832 has been the driving       bring it to the proposal meeting.

         ACCESS PERSONNEL FILE                                 CHECK FOR CORRECT OVERTIME RATE
         Written request required.                             initial union contract permits for double time if called back.

         U       pon written request, a security guard shall
                 be given the opportunity to view his or
                 her personnel file. This shall include, but
         is not limited to, work evaluations, field reports
                                                               G      uards working in excess of eight hours
                                                                      on any one shift or more than 40 hours
                                                                      in a week, will be paid at the rate of
                                                               time and a half for all hours worked beyond the
                                                               regular scheduled day or week, unless they are
                                                                                                                  rate of pay. If overtime is required and the
                                                                                                                  guard works a minimum of two additional
                                                                                                                  hours overtime, they are entitled to an $8 meal
                                                                                                                  allowance. Currently Intelicom guards receive
                                                                                                                  $7.75 but effective July 1 will increase to $8. A
         involving alleged breach of company rules and         working an averaged work schedule.                 request must be made in order to receive the
         regulations, and documents that may be utilized                                                          meal allowance.
         to substantiate disciplinary action against the         An averaged work schedule means that
         guard. Excluded will be any document that the         guards may work more than eight hours in one          Overtime is voluntary with the most senior
         company deems as confidential between the             day, but will not exceed 40 hours in a week. If    guard on the shift at the site able to do the work
         company and a client.                                 they should exceed the 40 hours, they will be      being asked first and thereafter in decreasing
                                                               paid the excess hours at the overtime rate. A      order of seniority. If no guard volunteers to
            If a guard chooses to reply to any document        guard cannot be assigned to an average work        work the required overtime, the company may
         in their personnel file, they may do so and that      schedule unless they agree to the assignment.      then request guards that have received training
         reply shall also be placed in his or her file.                                                           from other sites to work the required overtime.
                                                                  In the Initial Security union agreement, if a   If no guard is available from another site, then
            If the company receives a written request,         guard is called back to work after completing      the most junior guard currently assigned to site
         they shall within a reasonable period, schedule       an eight-hour shift and has left their site, all   where the overtime is required will be asked to
         a mutually convenient time for the guard to           time worked will be paid at double their regular   work the overtime.
         review his or her personnel file.
         1                                                                  UNION JUNE 006

JUNE.indd 12                                                                                                                                             5/24/2006 10:47:32 AM
                 • • •THAT IS THE QUESTION
      Cross training may not always be a good thing.

                roduce employees at Safeway stores             The union agrees that superior service is a           In the meantime, produce clerks should
                are being trained to check. Because         good thing, but the whole picture needs to be         document the time they are spending at the
                of Safeway’s “superior service”, the        looked at. What is happening behind the scenes?       check stands—date and time. There are two
                company wants to make sure they have        What is happening in produce? Are cashiers            benefits for the members doing this. One is if a
      as many cashiers as possible available for when       loosing hours? Is the cross training a good           produce employee is ever called in for discipline
      the lines at the checkouts get too long.              thing or are other areas suffering because of it?     or spoken to about their work performance,
                                                            These are some of the questions that need to be       a record of the amount they spent checking is
         For the customers standing in line, at first       addressed.                                            documented. Also, the union can then approach
      glance, it is a great idea. They are getting cashed                                                         the company about scheduling more cashiers.
      out faster because members are being pulled              In conversations with Safeway, the company         This would mean more hours for members.
      from produce to check. But produce clerks are         is stating that the amount of time produce
      not stocking up the fruits and vegetables for the     clerks are used for cashing is very restricted—          The collective agreement states that scheduling
      customers. They are not completing their own          approximately 15 to 20 minutes at a time. The         will occur by department. Therefore, in order for
      tasks due to the fact that they are cashing during    union is finding out that this is not the case. The   the union to address these concerns raised by
      their shift, and cashiers maybe under-scheduled,      union has provided documents to the company           the members, it is very important the produce
      loosing potential hours of work.                      with examples of produce clerks working as            clerks keep track of the amount of time they are
                                                            cashier anywhere from 15 minutes up to two            spending at the check stands and forward this
                                                            hours per shift by one produce clerk. The union       information to their union representative.
      RECORD HOURS                                          has been informed that Safeway is investigating
                                                            the situation.
      time theft is grounds for dismissal.                                OBEY NOW, GRIEVE LATER
      U       nion members must record the time they
              start and finish work and the time they
              commence and return from meal periods.
      The union agreement contains language for
      meal and rest periods and they should be taken         I
                                                                                   insubordination could result in termination.
                                                                 f management asks you to perform a
                                                                 task, the general rule is “obey now, grieve
                                                                 later”. Refusing to obey instructions from
                                                                                                                  representative afterwards. The union will then
                                                                                                                  meet with management to try and resolve the
      as stated. See articles 5.09(4), 5.10 and 5.11,        management is insubordination and could
      pages 29, 30,31 and 32.                                result in termination.                                  However, under Manitoba law workers do
                                                                                                                  have the right to refuse any task if they have
         In other words, an individual should only be           Members faced with this situation must            reasonable grounds to believe it is dangerous to
      recording on their time sheet the time they were       remember that if they feel this work is not part     their safety and health or the safety and health
      actually scheduled to work by the company. For         of their job, they are to complete the task first    of others. This, of course, also applies if you are
      example: Start time, leave for meal break, return      and then speak to a shop steward or their union      asked to do something that is illegal.
      from meal break and finish time.

         If a member misses their rest break they are       NEW HEALTH & SAFETY CO-CHAIR AT STORE 6
      not allowed to extend their finishing time or
                                                            thanks to Holly for over 10 years of dedication.
      leave early by 15 minutes. This is considered
      time theft. Management must authorize any
      adjustments to the scheduled hours worked,
      including leaving early. A member who for
      whatever reason fails to record all time worked
      properly or is found to be falsifying their time
                                                            R       epresenting Local 832 members on the health and safety
                                                                    committee at store 625 in Portage La Prairie is now Chris Green.
                                                                    Besides being a committee member he will also be serving as
                                                            co-chair. Chris replaces long-term committee member Holly Brookes.
                                                            Local 832 President Ziegler, along with union rep Brenda Brown, thank
      sheets will be disciplined up to and including        Holly for her hard work and commitment and welcome Chris to his new
      termination.                                          position.
                                                                            UNION JUNE 006                                                                        13

JUNE.indd 13                                                                                                                                                 5/24/2006 10:47:32 AM
         LABOUR REPRESENTED AT                                                                           EDUCATION & TRAINING

         I    would like to tell you about an interesting
              event President Ziegler and I attended last
              month—the Winnipeg City Summit. While
         most of the media focused on the fact that Rudy
         Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, was
                                                                 that when all we hear from others is how cold
                                                                 “Winterpeg” is, how many mosquitoes we have
                                                                 or how bad crime is. Winnipeg is not about
                                                                 bad weather, mosquitoes or crime. It’s about
                                                                 gloriously sunny days, clean fresh air and most
         speaking at it, the purpose of the summit was           importantly, us. We make this a great city.
         to talk about Winnipeg and the quality of life for
         all of us who live here. People who attended the           So my message is this—regardless of your
         summit were from all areas of the community             age, background or personal views, now is the
         and President Ziegler and I were pleased to be          time to get active! Whether it is through your
         two out of five labour reps invited to participate.     union, work, community club, etc. We all have a
         It gave us a chance to make sure labour’s views         responsibility for what our future holds. Don’t let
         were heard. While we may not have agreed on             “someone else” make decisions that will affect             Heather Grant-Jury
         all points made, we did agree on one thing—the          your quality of life. I know I am not going to.                  UFCW education
         summit gave us the direction and conviction                                                                                 director
         needed to move our city forward. It made us
         think about the future of Winnipeg and what the
         quality of life will be like in 10 or 15 years. A key
         point was “now is the time for action” to make
         sure the future is what we want.
                                                                      NEED HELP WRITING A RESUME?
                                                                  Fort Garry Care members take advantage of the career transition services.
           Unions are committed to taking action so
         that members have a good quality of life. One
         way is by negotiating good collective agreements
         but our action does not stop there. We also take
         action by getting involved in activities that
         concern and affect members. For example, we
                                                                 F     ort Garry Care Centre, a personal care home,
                                                                       closed its doors displacing approximately
                                                                       50 Local 832 union members. The Training
                                                                 Centre’s Career Transition Services has been
                                                                 helping these laid off workers with everything
                                                                                                                          If you need assistance or would like more
                                                                                                                       information, please call Shirley at 775-8329 or
                                                                                                                       toll-free at 1-877-775-8329.

         volunteer at schools, community centres and             from resume writing to CPR training.
         neighbourhood watch programs. We are active                                                                                TRAINING
         on community boards so that our voice is heard             Last month a public liaison officer from
         when decisions are being made. All these things         Human Resource Skills Development Canada                     CENTRE NOTES
         help make life better for all of us.                    attended the Training Centre to assist members
                                                                 with the application process for Employment                    AND NODS…
            Giuliani told us how he took action to               Insurance.
         improve the quality of life for New Yorkers.                                                                      • English as a Second Language (ESL)
         Crime was reduced by 65 per cent and murder                Career Transition Coach Shirley Lamboo                      is now called English as an
         by 70 per cent. His plan was fairly simple and          will continue to meet with Fort Garry Care                     Additional Language (EAL).
         straightforward—start small. They tackled               members in an effort to assess their needs and
         the perceived smaller crimes, like petty theft,         in job placement. Through the UFCW Training               • In Brandon, EAL classes will continue
         prostitution and car break-ins first. Once these        Centre and other avenues, several members have                 during the summer months.
         were under control, they started on more serious        already found employment elsewhere.
         crimes. It took time, money and people, but it                                                                    • The Training Centre will close July 24
         worked. It is an example of what happens when              The career transition services guide, prepare              for summer shutdown and will
         people decide something needs to change then            and empower individuals who have been laid                          reopen on August 8.
         take action to make it happen.                          off or are looking for a change. The service is
                                                                 designed to help individuals make informed                • Scholarship Awards will be presented
            The same could work in Winnipeg. After all,          decisions about their futures and equip them                    at the Training Centre on
         our volunteerism, caring and determination is           with the information they need to pursue                          Thursday, August 10.
         legendary across Canada. Sometimes we forget            whatever path they choose.
         14                                                                      UNION JUNE 006

JUNE.indd 14                                                                                                                                               5/24/2006 10:47:33 AM

           FOR MEMBERS ONLY SAVINGS                                                                          PERFORMANCE GOLF
          Your UFCW Local 83 membership card is                                                          LEARNING CENTERS (PGLC)
        the key to receiving substantial discounts and                                       Receive 20% off all services provided at PGLC as well as special pricing on
        special offers from numerous merchants and                                                golf equipment, accessories and apparel. Choose from a variety of
                                                                                             instructional programs taught by CPGA Class A professionals Blake Russell
                       service providers.
                                                                                                and Brad Poleschuk using the V-1 Digital Analysis System and
                                                                                            Accusport Vector Launch Monitor System. Located at Shooters Family
         Just show your membership card                                                       Golf Centre 2731 Main Street. Phone 275-1155 or e-mail
          to receive these special values.

       It’s also important to make sure both you and                                                         FIRST AFFINITY
         the benefit provider understand the terms of                                                   FINANCIAL CORPORATION
       the transaction. It is a good idea to call ahead                                       First Affinity is a mortgage consulting service that ensures members obtain
        to ensure there are no misunderstandings on                                         the best rates and complete guidance in all aspects of obtaining or renewing a
        what discount/service you will be receiving.                                                                    mortgage—at no cost.
                                                                                                      For more information phone toll-free 1-866-599-9799 or visit

                            PEMBINA DODGE                                                                   VISIONS ELECTRONICS
       Purchase a new Chrysler or Dodge vehicle for only $300 above dealer                  At Visions purchase TVs, VCRs, camcorders, as well as home, car and portable
      net cost. Also receive up to 15% off on parts and shop time (this does not            audio equipment from 5 to 10 % over cost. To obtain the special UFCW
              include the dealer’s regular service and maintenance offers).                           price, ask for the store manager at the following locations:
      Call Kevin at 284-6650 or drop by the dealership at 300 Pembina Highway to                                       • 1680 Pembina Highway
                               find out more information.                                                                 • 1130 St. James Street
                                                                                                                          • 1510 Regent Avenue
               POLO PARK HEARING CENTRE                                                                           • 1120 Highland Avenue - Brandon
       Receive a 10% discount (to a maximum of $150) on the purchase of any
        hearing aid. Phone 788-1083. Located in Polo Park Mall (near Safeway).                                       CATCH-A-TAN
                                                                                                        Receive a 20% discount off any hydro massage therapy
                     HOME CENTRE SAVINGS                                                              (dry massage). Packages are transferable to family members.
          Receive 15% off regular priced furniture, mattresses and accessories.                            6 - 1502 Rosser Avenue - Brandon. Phone 727-8266.
       7% off regular priced appliances and electronics at all Dufresne locations,
        La-z-boy and Sleep Source in Winnipeg. You must identify yourself with a                               UFCW MASTERCARD
       current UFCW member card. Discounts cannot be used with any other offers                   Show your pride—carry the card! Build the MasterCard that is right
                                    or promotions.                                                           for you—with rates starting as low as 12.9%.
                                                                                                     To apply or for information call 1-800-263-2263 or visit the
                           CAKES UNLIMITED                                                                         Web site at
      As a Local 832 member, receive a 10% discount on all cakes and products
       sold at Cakes Unlimited—55 Plymouth Street. Open Monday - Friday from                                POWERUP COMPUTERS
                 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.                            At PowerUp Computers save 10% off complete computer systems and
                                                                                                          5% off hardware and software purchased separately.
                        SDS ALARM SYSTEMS                                                                               1119 Corydon Avenue.
                         Purchase a home alarm system and receive:                                           Phone 453-0638 or e-mail
                      • 10% off installation of a home security system
                          • 25% off a 3-year monitoring contract                                       BODY SCULPTURE BY LYNNE
               Call Ron Tayler at 589-7507 or e-mail                 At Body Sculpture by Lynne receive 25% off regularly priced swimwear and
                                                                                             tanning packages. Save 10% off all sale, coupon reduced and promotional
         ACTIVE MUFFLER & BRAKE CENTRE                                                                             items. B-3535 Roblin Boulevard.
       At Active Muffler & Brake Centre receive 25% off stocked parts and a shop                                           Phone 831-0911.
           rate of $44.50 an hour, a savings of 20% off the regular shop rate.
               601 Rosser Avenue - Brandon. Phone 727-1213 or 727-1305.
                     Present your union card prior to being invoiced.

                                                                                UNION JUNE 006                                                                        1

JUNE.indd 15                                                                                                                                                    5/24/2006 10:47:33 AM
      UFCW LOCAL 83
            SUNDAY JULY 
                                                        RAIN OR SHINE

                                                                 Local 83 members are invited
                                                                  to come out for a wild day of
                                                                      fun at Fun Mountain.

                                                                    Call the union office at
                                                                 786-0 or 1-888-83-83
                                                                    to reserve your tickets.

                                                                 You can pick up tickets at the
                                                                    union office located at
                                                                    141 Portage Avenue.

                                                                 Tickets include admission into
                                                                   the park and a barbecue.

                                                                   The barbecue will be from
                                                                     11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

                  ADULTS (12 & OVER)           CHILDREN (3-11)   CHILDREN UNDER 3
                             $7.50                 $5.00                FREE

      Publications Mail Agreement # 40070082
      Please return undeliverable
      Canadian Addresses to:
      UFCW Local 832
      1412 Portage Ave.
      Winnipeg, MB R3G 0V5

JUNE.indd 16                                                                             5/24/2006 10:47:36 AM

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