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Telkom Business Telkom SmartAccess


									                                                                             A. About your business
Telkom SmartAccess
Ordering FreeCall 080, ShareCall 0860
                                                                            Full name of your business
or MaxiCall 0861
                                                                            Company/cc registration number

To order International FreeCall
                                                                            Company/cc VAT registration number
please use the International FreeCall order form.

Important Information
                                                                            ID number of person liable for payment of the account?
• The Telkom SmartAccess services are provided on your existing             (only if no company registration number is given )
  telephone lines. If you need seperate lines for this purpose, please
  place your order through your local Telkom customer service branch.

• If music is used in your Auto Attendant message recordings, please
  ensure that it complies to the standards and specifications as            Registered address (domicilium address)
  determined by SAMRO.
                                                                             Room number, building/farm
• Depending on the complexity of your service requirements, it could
  take up to two weeks to supply your service on the existing lines, from    Street number and name
  the date of receiving this order form and any call routing information.

• Please provide correct and clear information in order to avoid any
                                                                             City/Town                                           Postal code
• Please use a black pen - this form will be faxed.
                                                                            Is the postal address the same as the above address?
• For additional information on SmartAccess, visit our product
  showcase on the Telkom website:                                                   No                  Yes
                                                                            If No, please furnish the postal address
Before you submit this form

• please feel free to contact your account manager or call us at             Postbox/Private bag
  0800 654321 if you have any questions; and
                                                                             Room number, building/farm
• please read the service conditions overleaf

After you have filled in this form
                                                                             Street number and name

• please return this order form to your account manager or fax it to         Suburb
  0800 66 55 44; and
                                                                             City/Town                                           Postal code
• tear off this page along the perforation and keep it for you records
                                                                            Main industry in which your company operates

                                                Section A follows ...              Agriculture, forestry or fishing                    Communication

                                                                                   Transport, travel or storage                        Real Estate

                                                                                   Accomodation or catering                            Retail or wholesale

                                                                                   Professional and other services                     Finance or insurance

                                                                                   Mining, construction or quarrying                   Manufacturing

                                                                                   Electricity, gas or water                           Government

                                                                                                                                        Section B follows ...

Telkom SA Limited
Reg no 1991/005476/06

                   Telkom Business
                                                                            Telkom SA Limited
                                                  Reg no 1991/005476/06
 B. About you (the person responsible for the account)                      Section C continued

Which title do you use?                                                    Do you want your SmartAccess number:

      The Hon           Rev               Prof              Dr                   Activated

      Mr                Mrs               Miss              Ms             Date on which you require your service?

Your surname and initials                                                                                   2     0      0    Y    M    M      D   D

Your position in the company                                                     Reserved in your/your company’s name
Contact information - Please, it is essential that you give us             Destinations refer to the telephone number/s of your various
numbers where we can contact you during office hours                       sites/branches to which calls to you service number will be routed.
 Telephone number                                                          Telephone numbers including the area code of the destinations are:
 Fax number                                                                 (         )
 E-mail address                                                             (         )
Contact person - (if not the same as the above) for queries on
this order
                                                                            (         )
                                                                            (         )
 Telephone number
                                                                            (         )
                                                                           Please use the Call Routing Specification Sheet if more destinations
 Fax number                                                                are going to be used.
 E-mail address
                                                                            D. Service Features
 C. About your SmartAccess Service                                         Basic service features

Which service do you require?                                                    AreaCall (provincial routing)

       FreeCall 080           ShareCall 0860              MaxiCall 0861          TimeCall
Please use separate order forms if you wish to order more than one of
these services                                                                   DateCall
What number do you require?
       any computer-generated number
                                                                           Optional service features
       a number of your choice (Golden Number)
                                                                           (Please consult the SmartAccess tariff brochure for the applicable
                                                                           service charges pertaining to the optional service features.)
Golden Number/s
                                                                                 Custom AreaCall (based on magisterial districts and/or exchanges-
Please indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of Golden Numbers
                                                                                 only if provincial routing would be inadequate for you)
                                                                                 Admin feature                        Announcements

                                                                                 Golden Number                  List of standard announcements can
                                                                                                                be obtained from the SmartAccess
                                                                                                                Service Centre.
Please note that your choice depends on the availability of the number/s         Caller PIN                           LimitCall
                                                                                 Auto Attendant                       SecureAccess
(Please consult the SmartAccess tariff guide for the applicable service
charges pertaining to Golden Numbers)

                                                 Section C continues ...   Please use the Call Routing Specification Sheet for your call routing
                                                                           requirements. Note that the correct completion of this information is
                                                                           You can obtain the Call Routing Specification Sheet from the SmartAccess
                                                                           Service Activation Centre at 0800 654321

                                                                                                           Your details in the phone book follows ...

Telkom SA Limited                                                          Telkom SA Limited
Reg no 1991/005476/06                                                      Reg no 1991/005476/06
                                                                          For office use only
 Your details in the phone book                                                  Fax               Paper copy

Would you like to have the details of your service number                 Date received                    2     0      0      Y     M     M      D      D
to be printed in any of the official Phone Books?
                                                                          Region in which customer falls
      Yes                No

NB: You are entitled to one free light-face entry under your main entry
in the applicable local Phone Book which will be limited to the work
                                                                          Segment in which customer falls
FreeCall 080/ ShareCall 0860/ MaxiCall 0861 and the relevant telephone
number. Additional light-face entries in the other Phone Books of the
RSA can also be arranged at the normal prescribed rate. These                    Corporate                                  Business
entries will be limited to the name and address of your business plus
three descriptive words for business services. Where, in the opinion             Special Market                             Government
of Telkom, the trading title sufficiently indicates the nature of the
business transacted, no descriptive matter will be printed.               Sales representive

Local Phone Book to be used for free light-face entry:

For entries in other phone books, please contact us at                     Conditions of Agreement
0800 654321
For White Pages and/or Yellow Pages bold-face entries and                 I/We accept and understand that
advertisements or listing on the Electronic Yellow Pages, please
contact Telkom’s advertising contractor, Master Directories (1981)        a. the service will be subject to the provisions of the Telecommunications Act
                                                                          103 of 1996 and Telkom’s standard Terms and Conditions for the provision of
(Pty) Ltd. See your local Yellow Pages for more information.
                                                                          PSTS, as amended from time to time (a copy of these conditions is available
                                                                          at any Telkom service centre);
                                                                          b. by signing and submitting this order form to Telkom, I/we will be bound by
                                                                          the standard conditions, irrespective of whether I/we have read the conditions
 E. Agreement                                                             or not;
 Signature of the person duly authorised by the business                  c. I/we will be responsible for testing the operation of my/our new service and
                                                                          assuring that it is according to my/our satisfaction before using it in any advertising;
I confirm that...                                                         d. Telkom charges interest on all amounts due that have not been paid on or
                                                                          before the due date indicated on your invoice. Interest is calculated from the
I have read, understood and accepted the conditions on this               date of issue of the invoice until the date Telkom receives the payment. Telkom
                                                                          may amend the interest rate from time to time.
form, and that the details I have given on this form are correct
                                                                          e. Invoices are accepted as correct, unless queried within 14 days after the
and complete.                                                             invoice due date. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the terminating
                     Please Sign Here                                     numbers are correct, as indicated on the invoice.
Your signature                                                            f. one month’s written notice of discontinuance is required and must be faxed
                                                                          to 0800 66 55 44;
                                                                          g. should I/we default on payment of my/our account, I/we will be liable for any
                                                                          resultant collection, tracing and/or legal fees;
                                                                          h. Telkom will be entitled to verify the information contained on my/ourorder
                                                                          form and generally make enquiries if deemed necessary.Telkom will also be
                                                                          entitled to furnish any information regarding my/our account with Telkom and
                                                                          my/our compliance with these conditions to any credit bureau;
                               2     0     0      Y    M   M   D   D      i. I/we hereby indemnify Telkom SA Ltd against any damage or claims that may
                                                                          result from the work done or being done in connection with the installation and/or
                                                                          removal of this service;
Name of signatory in BLOCK LETTERS                                        j.Telkom cannot guarantee cellular access to the SmartAccess services.
                                                                          Where interim cellular access has been granted for specificSmartAccess services,
                                                                          Telkom cannot guarantee that such access will continue;
                                                                          k. I/we will notify Telkom in writing of any changes to the telephone codes or
                                                                          telephone numbers associated with my/our chosen SmartAccess destinations,
                                                                          irrespective of whether these changes resulted from Telkom number changes
If you are under 21 year old, your guardian must also
                                                                          or through my/our request;
sign this order                                                           l. I/we agree that the aforementioned physical address shall be my/our domicilium
                                                                          citandi et executandi;
                                                                          m.Telkom SA Ltd may terminate this agreement immediately if I/we fail to comply
Your position in the company                                              with any of these conditions or in the event of notice of the intention to surrender,
                                                                          sequestrate my/our estate or in theevent of my/our death;
                                                                          n. I/we may not assign or cede this agreement or any rights hereunder;
                                                                          o. Telkom shall make reasonable endeavours to meet the installation date as
Your guardian’s ID number                                                 requested by the customer. Telkom, however, shall not be responsible for any
                                                                          consequences of delay or liable for any damages, costs or expenses whatsoever,
                                                                          which the customer may incur or suffer if the requested installation date is not
                                                                          p. Although Telkom SmartAccess numbers can support Alpha dialling, Telkom
Your guardian’s signature                                                 will only reserve a numerical code. Telkom will not be held liable for any actions
                                                                          resulting from advertising, awareness or registration of such numbers, be it in
                                                                          its numeric or alpha code or any other form possible;
                                                                          q. I/we shall not cede, assign and/or transfer my/our right or obligation to use
                                                                          reserved/activated numbers or sublet or otherwise part control therewith, without
                                                                          the prior written consent of Telkom;
                                                                          r . I/we hereby indemnify and hold Telkom SA Ltd harmless against any claims
Name and signatory in BLOCK LETTERS                                       whatsoever, howsoever caused which may arise in the event that the telephone
                                                                          number/s and/or service/s allocated to me/us being not available when the
                                                                          service/s is/are physically provided.
                                                                          s. Any publishing or printing of the telephone number/s for any purpose whatsoever
                                                                          is done at my/our own risk and Telkom SA Ltd will not be liable whatsoever for
End of this order                                                         any losses relating to or in connection with such publishing and/or printing.

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