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									7 Online Marketing Tips For Beginners

Here are 7 online marketing tips for beginners. We all have to start
somewhere and there is a learning curve for selling information and
products on the internet. That is why I wanted to provide you with the
best online marketing tips that I have developed.

1.)   An online marketing tip that I would advise everyone to take is to
take some time to learn a system. Almost every system can produce
results. Don’t go from one system to the next. Take some time to learn
one system.

2.)   Take action! People get stuck with “analysis paralysis.” Once you
have settled on a system and learned the basics, don’t be afraid to take
action. Get out there and do it. If you make mistakes, so be it. You
will have setbacks, but don’t worry about it. Fail fast and fail

3.)   Learn to write sales copy. Perhaps the most important online
marketing tip I can give you is to learn to write sales copy. There may
come a time when you outsource this task to professional copywriters, but
knowing the basics yourself will allow you to evaluate their work.
Besides, you probably can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars right
now on a professional, so learning to do it yourself is important.

4.)   Learn to write articles quickly. One of the best ways to promote
your products is to write articles like this one and submit them to
directories. But, if it takes you 2 hours to write a single article, you
will not be able to put out the quantity needed to make money online.
One expert has a system down where he can write articles in just 7
minutes. While it will probably take you more than that at first, strive
to write at least two an hour. They don’t have to pass your 10th grade
English teacher’s muster, they just have to send people to your site.

5.)   Consider Pay Per Click. PPC is the quickest way to deliver traffic
to your website. However, if you don’t learn how to do it, you can lose
your shirt. If you have a product that you want to start selling right
away, PPC is the best avenue for you. But learn the ins and outs before
you bid on high priced, high trafficked keywords.

6.)   Create processes. You shouldn’t re-invent the wheel every time you
create a new product or a new web site. Instead, have a specific system.
Develop your own guide book to setting up a blog or promoting an ebook.
Not only will this save you time in the long run, it will also help you
make more money. This is one of those online marketing tips that so many
marketers miss.

7.)   Create value. Don’t think that internet marketing is all about
taking your customer’s money. Don’t think of your customers as “marks.”
Develop relationships with them and provide value to them. It’s much
harder to get an initial customer than have someone who trusts you buy
from you again.
So, there are seven online marketing tips to get you going.   Now, go get

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