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					               Body Acne and How To Improve This Condition
Author : tony3
Published: March 9, 2011, 3:50 am

One of the most frustrating and irritating skin conditions that can afflict a person is body acne. Indeed, when a
person is afflicted with this, that person aches for relief from the condition that causes an itchy sensation in the
best case scenario and pain in the worst of all situations.

 Left without proper and effective treatment,acne can actually end up festering and causing infection and
ultimately permanent damage to the skin in the form of irreversible scarring. Therefore, if you are a person
who is experiencing the early stages of this or if you are in the midst of a full blown outbreak, it is imperative
that you undertake a proper course of treatment.

 Primary Causes
 In many instances, there is not a solitary or primary cause for a body acne condition or outbreak. Rather, in
many cases, a body acne outbreak is the result of a combination of factors, basically an acne perfect storm, if
you will.One significant contributing factor to an outbreak is a lack of effective cleansing. By this it is not
meant that a person fails to bathe. Rather, what is meant that in such a circumstance a person fails to utilize the
right types of cleansing and body washing products that can work effectively to keep the skin clean as well as
free from dead cell and oil buildup.

 Choice of fabrics can also be a contributing factor to body acne in some instances. Many people who are
experiencing what is in fact outbreak assume that they are having some sort of more routine allergic reaction
to a certain type of material. While on some level this is true, an outbreak of body acne due to a reaction to a
certain type of fabric requires a different type of treatment regimen than what would normally be associated
with caring for a rash that is the result of an allergic reaction.

 In some instances a person's diet can contribute to an outbreak.There is a significant amount of dispute as to
which types of food items might be a contributing cause. In the final analysis, the best way to avoid having
your diet contribute to an outbreak is to make the best possible effort to eat a well balanced diet each and
every day.

 A final common contributing cause in some cases is the bed linen a person uses at night. In this regard, some
people are a bit lax when it comes to caring and laundering their bed linens. As a result, bodily oils and dead
skin cells can accumulate on bed linens leading to an outbreak across a person's skin in some instances. Once
again, you need to keep in mind that in most instances there likely is to be more than one contributing factor.

 Treating Your Condition
 The best course of action to take in the care and treatment of body acne is to develop and adopt a
comprehensive treatment regimen. When it comes to an appropriate, complete care and treatment regimen
should include: the elimination or adjustment of the root causes of the body acne condition (for example, diet
changes, clothing fabric alterations and a change in body cleansing products), the adoption of whole body
cleansing practices with soaps and washes designed to combat and prevent body acne, the adoption of a whole
body exfoliation routine,the use of specialised acne treatment and cleansing products. Because body acne can
have a number of different sources, launching a full frontal attack on the problem as described in this article

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will be the best source to resolving the condition in the near future.

 In addition, by adopting a comprehensive regimen that includes the use of reliable proven products, you will
be in a far better position to prevent future outbreaks.(If you don't completely eliminate future outbreaks, you
will at least be able to effectively reduce the severity of the attacks.)

 The care and treatment is something that you must take seriously. If you fail to adopt a comprehensive care
and treatment regimen, you will fail in your attempts to treat and eliminate acne. On the other hand, if you do
adopt a truly comprehensive care and treatment regimen, you not only will be able to deal with a present
flare-up but you will be well on your way to preventing future outbreaks of body acne in both the near and
long term future.

 Joanne McMahon is a writer and a health and wellness consultant in Australia currently working with many
people to change their lives through healthy eating

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