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					       GATE/GTZ initiatives for Adaptation,
gate   Dissemination and a sustainable use of
       Information Technologies

       presented by:
       Carolin Bothe, GATE – Information Manager

                  ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   outline

          Introduction

          Activity examples
             (e)-learning
             networking
             telecenters
             ICTs & economy
             cd-roms, radio and paper
             PPP – Public Private Partnership
             World Summit
              on the Information Society

          Summary

                           ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   GTZ is ...

          the Deutsche
           Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit
           (German Agency for Technical Cooperation)
          an international active state owned company
          working for the German government but also
           for other public and private, national and
           international costumers
          contributing to the political, economical,
           ecological and social development worldwide
          supporting more than 2700 projects and
           programmes in about 130 partner countries

                            ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate       .. is an umbrella programme

Small-Scale Project      NGO-Regional        Co-ordination Service Information service
  Fund (SSPF)            Co-operation           for Appropriate               (ID)
  Environmental                                  Technologies        Question & Answer
                      Information system for        (BASIN)
      Grants                                                                service
                        Rural Development
                            in Ecuador,        BASIN-newsletter     International Network
                         Bolivia and Peru                                on Technical
                                                                      Information (INTI)
                       Regional Information    BASIN-database
                        Service Centre for                                  GATE-
                        Southeast Asia on                               internal library
                                                                       co-publication of
                            Technology                             “Appropriate Technology”
                                                                        Information- &
                         NGO-Network in                                Communication
                        Westafrica (SIATA)                                Technology
                                    ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   objectives are ...

           ... to contribute to the poverty
           alleviation in developing countries by
           strengthening self help initiatives of the
           poor to apply innovative appropriate

           ... to improving the technological
           competence and information access of
           organisations and individuals working
           in or with self help groups

           ... to promote the use of socially sound
           and climate & environment friendly

                             ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   (e)-learning

       “GTZ’s mission is to support education
       and training at primary, secondary, and
       tertiary levels by providing appropriate
       technologies enabling a learning-
       friendly environment in the respective
       context of developing countries.”

               ICT          interactive                    Education

                      ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   (e)-learning - kabissa – time to go online

                                 ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   (e)-learning - CRYSTAL

                                ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   networking

          INTI – International Network
           on Technical Information
          IKON – SHARED
          Regional Information Systems
              Ecuarural
              InfoAgro
              SIRA / SADA
              CIPCA

                             ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate     cd-roms, radio & paper - Radio Marañón

 Grupos de                          Comité Interinstitucional
 Enseñanza y                        (Radio Marañón, GTZ,
 Aprendizaje                        KfW, NGOs, Staat etc.)

 Network of local               Institutional regional Network
                                Processing and distribution of local knowledge via radio,
                                Internet, boletines and extensionistas
      Red M@rañón               Documentation Center (“Brain of the Region”), Information on
                                the activities of all actors, Content-Provider

                                Ellaboration of a standards for Consultancy-Services

                                Training in the Cabinas Publicas with content from the own
                                website or products of others (ITACAB, CIAT, GTZ etc.)

                                Partnership with FITEL in order to reach a higher level of
                                connectivity in the region and to establish more Cabinas in the
                                rural areas

                                ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003       
gate   cd-roms, radio & paper - Human Info NGO

       The objective of the
       “Humanitarian Information for All”
       is to provide all persons involved
       in development, well-being and
       basic needs, access to a
       complete library containing most
       solutions, know-how and ideas
       they need to tackle poverty and
       increase the human potential.

                              ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   Telecenter Project - objective

       GTZ and partner-organisations
       develop a training-concept for
       telecenter start-ups and
       implement it together
       with international

                                 ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   Telecenter Project - state of the art

                                                       Casestudies in Peru, Chile,
                                                        Ecuador and Nicaragua were
                                                        carried out
                                                       First Telecenter-Initiatives
                                                        took off
                                                       Regional stakeholder
                                                        workshop in Ecuador with the
                                                        goal to support Telecenter
                                                        business models
                                                       Networking at an
                                                        international conference on
                                                        ICT and telecenter in

                                 ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   Telecenter Project - developments

                                            Support of 4 country initiatives via
                                            Development of a training concept
                                             for telecenter start-up on base of
                                             the Ecuador workshop
                                            In Cooperation with „Social
                                             Venture Partners“ a proposal for
                                             financial support will be written up
                                            Donors like the Worldbank,
                                             UNESCO, USAID an others will be
                                             contacted for further support

                               ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   ICTs & economy – GTZ areas of intervention I

                                                   Meta eLocal Government (Met@logo)
                                                   Improved communication & cooperation
 • e-governance                                    amongst municipalities and SMEs in LA
                                                   through the allocation of tools for the
 • detailed country-studies to                     design and maintenance of e-
   evaluate the ICT-situation
   (e-readiness) and to assess
   the intervention levels                         Pólo Tecnológico Santa Rita do Sapucai,
                                                      Brasil (Electronics / Communication)
 • ICT in the local / regional
   private sector development                      •     funding (german-brasil cooperation )
   and promotion / technology                            since 1995
   centers                                         •     107 enterprises – 3.000 products -
                                                         5.600 jobs – 360 Mio. Reais/year
                                                   •     consulting – productdevelopment -
                                                         training - joint ventures

                                ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003      
gate     ICTs & economy – GTZ areas of intervention II

 Meso-level                                                    MicroBanking System (MBWIN)
                                                                  for Windows
 o ICT-based Networks of                                       • FAO/GTZ software
   partners and service providers                              • Moduls for savings account,
                                                                  current account, time deposit,
 o Consultancy for the creation of                                loans, share account, general
   Business Information Services                                  ledger
                                                               • multilayer architecture,
 o e-learning and web-based training                              scalable network and
   (Curricula, Software: GIS-based                                database design
   Management Systeme)
                                                              Caja de Herramientas
 Mikroebene                                                   Rueda de Negocios
 o training / learning                                        Centroamericana

 o IT and business (B2B, e-commerce)
 o e-consulting
                                   ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003      
gate   Public Private Partnership (PPP)

          Africa Drive Project (ADP)
              PPP of the University of North-West, with the
               Department of Education of the North West
               Province, SAP, GTZ, Siemens, eDegree, Paragon
               Development Forum and various other local and
               international supporters
              supports structural development and modernization
               of vocational education and training through cost-
               effective eLearning models in Engineering
          Global Trade Training
              leading German logistics together with GTZ in
               partnership with South African specialists in export,
               transport, customs and foreign exchange
              interactive, web-based learning

                                 ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   WSIS

          Responsible for the German postition:
           Federal Ministry of Economics and
           Labour (BMWA)
          GTZ in cooperation with BMZ, KfW,
           InWEnt, CIM
              supporting the development of the
               German position
              responsible for the German
               presentation at the WSIS marketplace

                            ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   Summary

       For the GTZ it appears of high importance
       to look at new and traditional ICTs likewise
       as a wide range of opportunities.
       For every social, cultural and financial niche
       the appropriate media, technology or activity
       needs to be identified.
       It has to be implemented and used in order
       to achieve the highest possible impact in the
       context of the overall goal of poverty
       reduction and the establishment of a human
       rights policy.

                       ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   Summary II

        “Taking ICT to people doesn't necessarily
       mean that you need to put a computer into
       every village. What you actually need to
       take to is the information that can make a
       difference. ICT is not an end in itself, rather
       a tool that needs to be adapted for local

       Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, Radio Sagarmatha, Kathmandu, April 2002

                                  ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate   contact

       thank you for your attention !!
       GTZ / GATE Information Service
       Dag-Hammarskjöld-Weg 1-5
       65760 Eschborn

       Phone:    +49 (0)6196 794213
       Fax:      +49 (0)6196 797352

                                ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003
gate    links

       (e) - learning
           CRYSTAL:
           kabissa: and

          INTI:
          IKON:
          SHARED:
          Ecuarural:
          InfoAgro:
          SIRA / SADA:
          CIPCA:

       cd-roms, radio & paper
          Radio Marañón:
          Human Info NGO:

                                    ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003 
gate    links

       ICTs & economy
          Information Gateway about Internet Portals for Small and Medium Enterprises
          ICT and Private Sector:
          Chances and Risks for SMEs: E-business in Developing Countries
          Microbanking software:
          Ruedas de Negocios Centroamericana:
          Red de Cajas de Herramientas:

       PPP – Public Private Partnership

       WSIS – World Summit on the Information Society
         KfW:
         CIM:
         InWEnt:
         BMWA:
         BMZ:

                                   ICTP, Trieste, October 23-24, 2003     

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