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               Chapter 4.3 - C·Cure 800

                C·CURE 800/8000 Enterprise Integration Options

                                                                                             • Links IT Network access with C•CURE® 800/8000 access
                                                                                               control events
                                                                                             • Provides single-point authentication management using
                                                                                               password, password and card, or password and biometric
                                                                                             • Helps organizations comply with regulations such as
                                                                                               Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, etc.
                                                                                             • Browser-based graphical user interface makes it easy to
                                                                                               connect from any PC with an Internet connection
                                                                                             • Strengthens anti-tailgating policies Instant user lock-out
                                                                                               feature closes security gaps
                                                                                             • Reduces security risk when non-active employees are
                                                                                               instantly revoked from local and remote IT directories
                                                                                             • Appliance-based package easily plugs into your network

               IT Integration Package
               The C·CURE IT Integration Package includes the C·CURE                         C·CURE Enterprise Adapter provides an intuitive graphical
               Enterprise Adapter, developed using IBM® Tivoli Directory                     user interface and web-based administrative management
               Integrator, to synchronize identity data in the C·CURE                        console for easy development and maintenance of
               800/8000 security database, Human Resources systems,                          synchronization rules. Personnel data entered into the ERP
               and other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to                       system is automatically imported into the C·CURE 800/8000
               provide one streamlined company information system.                           system, eliminating the need to duplicate data entry and
               C·CURE Enterprise Adapter allows up-to-the-minute transfer                    reducing the chance of errors. The Enterprise Adapter
               of information between a C·CURE 800/8000 access control                       enables you to set up standard clearance sets, such as
               system and an ERP system such as PeopleSoft, SAP     ,                        "department" or "job title", from backend ERP systems into
               Lawson, Oracle, and J.D. Edwards.                                             clearance assignments within C·CURE 800/8000.

               This integration of logical and physical security systems
               enables companies to reduce the risks of improper access
               by an employee who has been terminated. It also allows
               corporations to reduce costs and eliminate the errors
               associated with entering data into two disparate systems.

               Order Process
               So that ADT will receive pre and post sales support and warranty for the Imprivata product, ADT Worldwide recommend
               that you purchase the Imprivata unit NSL (Non Stock Listed) from the approved agent/Dealer in your country. You will then
               receive local support (which will not be available in EMEA if the product is purchased from Software House).

               NOTE: System serial number, fax number, and contact name required at the time of order. Unless waived by customer, IT integration package requires
               professional services engagement to deploy. Please contact Software House Professional Services for details.

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        Chapter 4.3 - C·Cure 800
        Imprivata OneSign
        The C·CURE 800/8000 Physical/Logical Access Control Solution utilises Imprivata® OneSign™ identity-based convergence
        system to share information between a company's C·CURE 800/8000 security management system and the company's

        Better demonstrate compliance
        OneSign allows quick and easy mergence of user activity from the C·CURE 800/8000 system to detail and monitor who is
        accessing what, when and from where in order to grant access to the network. This is crucial for complying with
        regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HSPD-12, HIPAA and corporate security investigations.

        Enhanced security during authentication process
        This solution provides enhanced security during authentication by requiring a user to present a password, password and
        card, or password and biometric when accessing a building and signing on to a networked system.

        Strengthens anti-tailgating policies
        By linking a user's physical access badge activity with network access, this integrated solution strengthens anti-tailgating
        policies. For example, if an individual enters a building/zone behind another individual without presenting his/her card s/he
        can be rejected from accessing the network. This allows corporations to reduce costs by eliminating burdensome turnstile
        ingress/egress systems.

        Easy configuration
        The OneSign application utilizes a browser-based graphical user interface that lets you easily make all system
        configurations from any computer with an Internet connection.

        Eliminate risks with instant user lock-out feature
        The C·CURE 800/8000 Physical/Logical Access Control Solution effectively closes security gaps with an instant user
        lock-out feature. This feature instantly locks the user from the network once revoked from the C·CURE system, eliminating
        the risks associated with the time gap that can exist between an employee's termination date and removal from the

                                                                                                            User taps door reader
                                                                                                            with access card;
                                                                                                            C•CURE 800/8000
                                                                                                            verifies user and unlocks
                                                                                    Directories             User attempts login to
                                                                             (AD, LDAP RADIUS, Other)       network, initiating
                                                                                                            authentication call to
                                                                                                            OneSign verifies with
                                                                                                            C•CURE 800/8000 that
                                                          iSTAR Pro                                         user is active and
                                                                                  C•CURE 800/8000           badged into the
                                                                                                            building; OneSign
                                                                                                            verifies user's network
                                                                                                            privileges with IT

                                                                                                            OneSign authenticates
                                                                                                            user to the network

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