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					             Welcome to your *NEW* Business
          You purchased a Starter kit…now what?

1.   Attend New Consultant Orientation at Auri’s House. (Out of town consultants
     can watch the Orientation DVD.)
2.   You have a phone appointment with your Sales Director on                       at
                 am/pm to answer all of your questions. Call Auri at (305) 479-4591.
3.   RSVP your seat for Mary Kay University. Saturday                   4:00-7:00pm.
4.   Schedule your 1st Party with your recruiter on:
     Date:                          Time:
     Email your director the guest list so that she can call and thank all your guest for
     helping you reach your goal of 30 faces in 30 days at:
5.   Attend your 1st weekly success event on
     at          time located at:
     and start earning some of these fabulous prizes!
Welcome to Auri’s Busy Believing Bees
Welcome to our fabulous Million Dollar Unit! Congratulations on your decision to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I truly
believe the reason for our success now and in the future can be traced to one common factor: quality people like you. Our unit name is Auri’s Busy
Believing Bees and our unit number is EK21. We are part of the Dacia Wiegandt National Area and the Emerald Seminar.

I love this business because you never stop learning, and there are always opportunities to grow. As a new Consultant, I strongly urge you to start
scheduling and holding your first appointments as soon as you receive your Starter Kit, because what you lack in experience you can make up for in
enthusiasm! Although you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of continuous education in your Mary Kay business, activity will provide your
greatest sense of learning. Mary Kay herself often said, "You can do everything right with the wrong attitude and fail to succeed, but you can do
everything wrong with the right attitude and succeed beyond your dreams!" The first few weeks of your Mary Kay business can really set the pace
for your future.

I am so excited for you! I care about your future and I am committed to helping you succeed. You’ll want to try all the products, listen to the
enclosed welcome CD’s and start working on your contact list, which is also enclosed. As always, I will match my time 100% with your effort! Be
patient with yourself and just take it one step at a time. We’ll move at your pace. Have a great start!

Love and Blessings,

Auri Hatheway

The Busy Believing Bees are on a 3 Time Mission to Million & W.I.L.D. About Changing Lives

Consultant Information:                                               Unit Information:

    Your Independent Beauty Consultant Number:                            Unit Name: Auri’s Busy Believing Bees

    Your Password to                              Unit Director: Auri Hatheway

    Your Recruiter’s Name:                                                Unit Number: EK21

                                                                          Unit Car: Cadillac

                                                                          Unit Seminar 2010 Goal: $1,100,000 Circle of Excellence

                                                                          Seminar Affiliation: Emerald

                                                                          Independent National Sales Director: Dacia Wiegandt

                                                                          Unit Website:
                                                                              Login Id: busybee
                                                                              Password: busybee


           W.I.L.D. About Changing Lives
          Women In Leadership Development
                                                    12 Steps to get your Business off to a Great Start in 3 weeks!
                                                                         (Check off your list as you go)
1st Week:
            1    Attend New Consultant
                      Orientation                   2 Make a list of everyone 4
                                                       know - back of page
                                                                                           3 Schedule & Track your Power 4 Attendto getWeekly Success
                                                                                                 Start with Page 4         Event
                                                                                                                                       your MK Pin.
              Determine your inventory needs         These contacts will be the start of    Email your Director your list of      Take a look at the W.I.G.O. (What
             and make your decision within 24-         your new business. Don’t pre-         appointments with names and             Is Going On) and choose the
            48 hrs. Work with your Director to        judge…list everyone you would         phone numbers. She will thank          weekly success event that works
              place your initial order to be sure     invite to your wedding if money       them personally for helping you        best for you. Bring a friend for a
             you take advantage of all first-time    were not a concern. Highlight the              with your goal.                 gift. Nothing is mandatory, but
             ordering bonuses. The Color 101           names of those who you would                                               Consultants that “show up go up.”
              Look bonus will expire 15 days            LOVE to have on your team.                    Facial = 1 face
                   from your start date.                                                          Double Facial = 2 faces
              Calculate Your Expiration Date:                                                         Class = 3 faces
                                                                                               Class = 1 hostess + 2 friends.
2nd Week:                                                Register for First Steps at
            5      Learn the Products               6               7       Listen in to the:
                                                                                                    Sunday Night                 8       Submit your WAS
                                                                                                                                              What is a WAS?
                Start using all the products from                                              Conference Call at 9:30pm                Weekly Accomplishment Sheet
                                                   Register to send 15 FREE
              head to toe. If you don’t have any        brochures to friends                                                     You complete it weekly online to
            use the ones in your starter kit when                                Every Sunday night receive training
                                                       announcing your new                                                       record your accomplishments -
             it arrives. Place the Look Book and                                  on developing your business skills.
                                                              business.                                                          sales, bookings, etc… and receive
               Beauty Book inside your purse & Register for MK website for only  Grap a cup of coffee and curl up in
                                                                                                                                 recognition at the weekly event.
            read them everywhere you go so you                                      your favorite chair as you learn
                                                        $25 for your 1st year.                                                   Receive your Crystal Bar Pins based
             can become familiar with the prices Order you Business Card Kit - a from the comfort of your home =)
                                                                                                                                 on your Y.T.D. Sales. Go to:
            & products. Repetition is the key        $73 value for as low as $40                                       
            to learning - so read them several                                                                                    →Business Tools
                                                                                        Password = 498049#
                            times. =)                                                                                                →WAS
                                                                                     Press *6 to mute the phone
3rd Week:
            9          Open a FREE
                      Checking Account              10         Set up
                                                                                           11       Listen to the CD’s from
                                                                                                     your Starter Kit.            12
                                                 ProPay allows you to process your                                              Earn Prizes as a NEW
     any bank that offers FREE   customer’s Credit Card Sales. You           Listen in your car while you sit in Consultant!
            personal checking and a debit card.     can accept Visa, MasterCard,           traffic. Take advantage of the time
            You should keep your business and Discover & AmEx. The Premium                    you do have and work smarter      Please look at the Consultant Prize
            personal finances separate. Deposit Account is available for an annual                  rather than harder!!        Sheet in your folder. It’s filled with
            all your cash and checks. Link this fee of $29.95. Now you can choose                                                prizes YOU can earn in your first
                                                                                                    • Team Building CD           30 days. Please take advantage of
            account to your ProPay account for    to pay this amount in one single
                                                 payment and be eligible to qualify                 • Success Stories CD        them. If you have questions please
               Credit Card Sales. The Money
              Management Class at MKU will          for a rebate credit of $29.95.                                              call your director! Make sure you
                     provide more details.        Accept the FREE Debit Card                                                           RSVP for Mary Kay
                                                                Offer.                                                                     University!!
                     You truly are a MILLION $ Unit and I am so proud and honored to work with YOU!
Weekly Success Events
This is your most important Full Circle appointment of the week! There truly isn’t a better way to Learn while you Earn. Professional Attire in a Black Suit with a white shirt and
closed toe or peep toe shoes. Children are not permitted under any circumstances to any event. $6.00 per meeting or $20 for an unlimited pass card (can be purchased only at
the beginning of the month). GUESTS ARE ALWAYS FREE!!
         Pease introduce your guests to me as they arrive and allow me to say good-bye before they leave.
         Your Weekly Accomplishment Sheet must be submitted in order to participate for recognition!
         Live Skin Care Class / Consultant Training
         Business Opportunity Information for Guests
         To help me build your teams, please allow me to close all of our guests before answering Consultant questions.
W.I.L.D. About Director Million $ Conference Call Sunday @ 9:30pm – 10:00pm
The purpose of the conference call is to help consultants build their people skills & their businesses without leaving the comfort of their own home. Auri or other Directors will
provide training to enhance your business. 1-712-432-1601 Password: 498049# Please press *6 to mute your phone.
“Listen for a Lip gloss” (212) 990-6304
This is a pre-recorded message of Auri’s “I-story” along with all the Fun Facts & Figures of Mary Kay. Have your new customers listen and give you their opinion of our
business. Yes, this counts for the “I’d Love Your Opinion Forms” for the raffles.
                         Name:                                                  $600 Wholesale Order Date:

                          1.                   2.                   3.                  4.                   5.

                          #:                   #:                   #:                  #:                   #:

                          6.                   7.                   8.                  9.                   10.

                          #:                   #:                   #:                  #:                   #:

                          11.                  12.                  13.                 14.                  15.

                          #:                   #:                   #:                  #:                   #:

                          16.                  17.                  18.                 19.                  20.

                          #:                   #:                   #:                  #:                   #:

                          21.                  22.                  23.                 24.                  25.

                          #:                   #:                   #:                  #:                   #:

                          26.                  27.                  28.                 29.                  30.

                          #:                   #:                   #:                  #:                   #:

Before you call:
Do 10 jumping jacks or run around so you sound excited, out of breath, rushed and completely different than normal =)
What to say when you call:
“Hi               , guest what, guess what, guess what? I just started a new business and I now teach skin care and
color cosmetics with the #1 brand in America, Mary Kay. I have a HUGE goal to finish 30 practice faces & makeovers in
30 days and I immediately thought of you. There's no obligation I just need to borrow your face please. I am available
1.        2.       3.      date, which one works best for you? (Pause and Silence – wait for their response)
Take it one step further:
Sounds perfect. I just knew that I could count on you to help me out. Thank you for being a GREAT friend. I am so
excited to see you on                 date at         time. You know, its just as easy for me to do your face as it is for
me to do yours and 2 there any reason why you couldn’t invite your mom and your sister or 2 friends to help
me out? (Pause) Thank you so’re the greatest. (Then mail her a handwritten thank you/reminder postcard)
What if no one answers?
NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave a message. Wait for them to return the missed call and
then say the script. When you leave a message you are adding to someone else's “Things To Do” list and you are setting
yourself up for a disappointment if they don’t call you back. Just keep calling until you reach them live. =)

            Star the names that you booked color appointments with. 15 Stars = Prize from your director!!
                        Turn in your completed Power Start Sheet to earn your Power Start Pin.
MK Rewards Credit Card Information*
Benefits of MK Rewards Visa

Earn reward points for all of your purchases:
       • Earn 2 points for each $1 spent on purchases from Mary Kay Inc,
         including PCP, MK Connections and Special Events
       • Earn 1 point for each $1 spent on all other eligible purchases
       • Redeem 2,500 points for a $25 check or gift card/certificate

Earn a Mary Kay briefcase after your first purchase

Ability to manage your account and expenses on-line

Applying for card

         1. On the Mary Kay InTouch home page, click on Ordering on the menu bar at the top of the page,
            and then click on MKConnections.

         2. Click on the picture for Chase MKRewards Visa. This will take you to a product highlight page.

         3. Click the Apply Now buttons, (both will take you to the same application). This will take you to the
            secure site at Chase to complete the application with your personal information.

            Application Hints:
              a. Annual Household Income should be your gross income prior to taxes. It may include the
                  income of your spouse if applicable.
              b. Make sure you have read and consent to the statements at the bottom of the application.

         4. Click the Legal Disclosures button to consent to the terms of
            the account. When you complete this, the Submit for Decision button will be enabled and you
            can now submit your application.

Once you submit your application, you will see one of two responses:

                                     “Congratulations you have been approved!”
     •   Along with this message, you will be given an account number and credit line that can be used one
         time before your card is received and activated. Be sure to print a copy of the screen for your
         records. For security reasons, Chase is unable to give you this information over the phone. Your card
         will arrive in 7-10 business days from the date you were approved.

                            “The application has been submitted. Thank You!
We are currently reviewing your application. You will be notified in writing of our decision within the next 30
 • This means that your application has been forwarded to Chase’s credit department. By law, Chase
     has 30 days to decision an application; however most are completed within 14 days. When a
     decision has been made you will be notified via the US Mail

*Please read all disclosures posted throughout the application process for details/restrictions on offer.
       Welcome to your pampering session and
       Thank you for supporting my business!

                                                         3 in 1 Cleanser
                                                        (normal/dry or

                                                      Day or Night Solution

                                                        (normal/dry or

                                                       Firming Eye Cream


                                                        Bronze Eyesicle
Vanilla Eyesicle

                   Ask me how YOU can receive a
                   Customized Compact for $30.00
               Professional Brush Collection for $22.00!!
                                Satin Hands Survey
1. Did you like Satin Hands? Yes or No (circle one)
2. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being excellent and 1 being poor), rate the performance of Satin Hands Set:
       1       2        3       4       5 (circle one)
3. Would you be interested in purchasing the product you tried today? Yes or No
4. Would you like a FREE Satin Hands Set? Yes or No (circle one)

Home Address:
Best Contact Number:

                                Satin Hands Survey
1. Did you like Satin Hands? Yes or No (circle one)
2. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being excellent and 1 being poor), rate the performance of Satin Hands Set:
       1       2        3       4       5 (circle one)
3. Would you be interested in purchasing the product you tried today? Yes or No
4. Would you like a FREE Satin Hands Set? Yes or No (circle one)

Home Address:
Best Contact Number:

                                Satin Hands Survey
1. Did you like Satin Hands? Yes or No (circle one)
2. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being excellent and 1 being poor), rate the performance of Satin Hands Set:
       1       2        3       4       5 (circle one)
3. Would you be interested in purchasing the product you tried today? Yes or No
4. Would you like a FREE Satin Hands Set? Yes or No (circle one)

Home Address:
Best Contact Number: