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									                                       COLERAINE HIGH SCHOOL
                          Policy for the Acceptable Use of the Internet in School
                                      Lodge Rd Coleraine BT52 1LZ Tel: 028 7034 3178

Dear Parent/Guardian,
The educational value of appropriate information on the Internet is substantial and the use of the Internet in
schools is increasing. We would, therefore, like to make parents/guardians and pupils aware of the guidelines set
out in school for the acceptable use of the Internet. Access to the Internet remains a privilege and not a right. It is
given to pupils who act in a responsible and considerate manner. The use of the Internet will be withdrawn if
pupils fail to maintain acceptable standards.

Computers connected to the Internet are located in public areas, in full view of the people around them; C2K
provide a filtering service on all websites and e-mail. Nonetheless, no filtering service can be completely foolproof
and the responsible behaviour of the user remains an important factor in security. The Network Administrator can
and does review files and communications at any time to maintain system integrity and ensure that users are
using the system responsibly.

Acceptable Use
Years 8 - 12 use the Internet during class time to develop their skills competence in ICT, research skills and to
support their work in different curriculum areas. During class times all use of the Internet is under the direction of
the teacher. Pupils may ask permission to use the Internet outside class times (lunchtime or after school) to
support their schoolwork. Sixth Form Pupils are encouraged to use the Internet in class time and study time to
research school subjects, to investigate careers and Further and Higher Education, develop their competence in
ICT skills and their general research skills.

The use of e-mail and computer conferencing is encouraged for communicating:
            between pupils in different schools and countries;
            for career purposes;
            to enhance teaching and learning.
            communicating essential information related to school business. NB This does not include trivial
            social communication relating to non-essential school business or any non-school business. You are
            asked to note that the school cannot accept responsibility for pupils who do not follow the uses and
            restrictions given above.

Internet Users are not permitted to:
    Search, view and/or retrieve materials that are not related to the aims of the curriculum or future careers.
    Copy, save and/or redistribute copyright protected material, without approval.
    Subscribe to any services or order any goods or services, unless specifically approved by the school.
    Play computer games or use other interactive ‘chat’ sites, unless specifically assigned by the teacher.
    Intentionally waste resources such as consumables and on-line time i.e. using the network in such a way that
    use of the network by other users is disrupted (for example: downloading large files during peak usage times;
    sending mass email messages).
    Publish, share or distribute any personal information about a user (such as: home or e-mail address etc.).
    Retrieve, send, copy or display offensive, hurtful or inappropriate messages, pictures or screen-savers;
    Use obscene or racist language, harass, insult or attack others;
    Damage computers, computer systems or computer networks;
    Use another user’s password; trespass in another user’s folders, work or files;
    Use the network for unapproved commercial purposes.
    Any activity that violates a school rule.
These measures for the safe and responsible use of the Internet are also appropriate for home use where
parents/guardians assume responsibility.
Pupils who are found to be using the Internet in an unacceptable manner will be disciplined in accordance with
school disciplinary procedures. I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter by completing
and returning the reply slip.

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