Three-Dimensional Television by sanmelody


									Haldun M. Ozaktas • Levent Onural (Eds.)

Capture, Transmission, Display

With 316 Figures and 21 Tables


1 Three-dimensional Television: From Science-fiction to
Levent Onural and Haldun M. Ozaktas                                   1
2 A Backward-compatible, Mobile, Personalized 3 D T V
Broadcasting System Based on T - D M B
Hyun Lee, Sukhee Cho, Kugjin Yun, Namho Hur and Jinwoong Kim. . . . 11
3 Reconstructing Human Shape, Motion and Appearance
from Multi-view Video
Christian Theobalt, Edilson de Aguiar, Marcus A. Magnor
and Hans-Peter Seidel                                                29
4 Utilization of the Texture Uniqueness Cue in Stereo
Xenophon Zabulis                                                     59
5 Pattern Projection Profilometry for 3 D Coordinates
Measurement of Dynamic Scenes
Elena Stoykova, Jana Harizanova and Ventseslav Sainov                85
6 Three-dimensional Scene Representations: Modeling,
Animation, and Rendering Techniques
Ugur Güdükbay and Funda Durupmar                                     165
7 Modeling, Animation, and Rendering of Human Figures
Ugur Güdükbay, Bülent Ozgüc, Aydemir Memisoglu
and Mehmet Sahin Yesil                                               201
8 A Survey on Coding of Static and Dynamic 3 D Meshes
Aljoscha Smolic, Ralf Sondershaus, Nikolce Stefanoski, Libor Vdsa,
Karsten Müller, Jörn Ostermann and Thomas Wiegand                    239
XVIII Contents

9 Compression of Multi-view Video and Associated D a t a
Aljoscha Smolic, Philipp Merkle, Karsten Müller, Christoph Fehn,
Peter Kauff and Thomas Wiegand                                          313
10 Efficient Transport of 3 D T V
A. Murat Tekalp and M. Reha Civanlar                                    351
11 Multiple Description Coding and its Relevance t o 3 D T V
Andrey Norkin, M. Oguz Bici, Anil Aksay, Cagdas Bilen,
Atanas Gotchev, Gozde B, Akar, Karen Egiazarian and Jaakko Astola . . 371
12 3D Watermarking: Techniques and Directions
Alper Koz, George A. Triantafyllidis and A. Aydin Alatan                427
13 Solving the 3D Problem—The History and Development
of Viable Domestic 3 D T V Displays
Phil Surman, Klaus Hopf, lan Sexton, Wing Kai Lee and Richard Bates 471

14 A n Immaterial Pseudo-3D Display with 3D Interaction
Stephen DiVerdi, Alex Olwal, Ismo Rakkolainen and Tobias Höllerer. . . . 505
15 Holographie 3 D T V Displays Using Spatial Light
Metodi Kovachev, Rossitza Ilieva, Philip Benzie, G. Bora Esmer,
Levent Onural, John Watson, Tarik Reyhan                                529
16 Materials for Holographie 3 D T V Display Applications
Kostadin Stoyanov Beev, Kristina Nikolaeva Beeva
and Simeon Hristov Sainov                                               557
17 Three-dimensional Television: Consumer, Social,
and Gender Issues
Haldun M. Ozaktas                                                       599

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