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					Lead On                                                                                       ARROW LEADERSHIP

  Leadership Matters
  Why Christian leadership is distinct
  and matters - more on page 2

  Leading Women 2008
  Meet two award recipients with Arrow
  connections - see page 2
                                                                21st Class of the Arrow Leadership Program, Executive Stream

  Ripple Aware                                    Leadership Matters
  The powerful impact of example
  - see page 3                                    Arrow’s core values serve as our      in response to God’s call and choose
                                                  guide and assist in maintaining       to become reliable Christian leaders
                                                  focus on our mission and day-to-      of integrity. The uniqueness of godly
  Thanks for Fishing with Arrow                   day decision-making. Values are       leadership is that it becomes possible
  Learn about Arrow’s growing vision              like a compass – always guiding our   because God infuses Himself – His
  - see page 4
                                                  ministry and behavior. “Leadership    presence, character, wisdom and ability
                                                  Matters” is at the top of our list.   – on those whom He anoints with this
                                                                                        gift and who, in response, surrender to
                                                  Godly leadership is critical to the   be subject to His guidance.
                                                  Church, our world and ultimately
to God. This calling formed Arrow Leadership and is why there is such demand            It is not easy, this leading for Jesus. His
for our ministry today. Even the briefest study of human history will reflect that      ways are higher than our ways, and the
no generation can rise above the level of its leadership. Entire nations rise and       path he will guide us down is scattered
                                            fall according to the effectiveness of      with both trials and blessings. Landmark
                                            their leadership in government and          studies like Kouzes and Posner’s The
                                            society.                                    Leadership Challenge and Collins’ Good to
                                                                                        Great, clearly show that good leadership is
                                             This truth can also be applied to          more relational than anything else. What
                                             organizations, businesses, families,       Jim Collins calls “level-five leadership”
                                             and churches. When leaders are             looks a whole lot like what Jesus called
                                             destroyed, those who follow them get       “servanthood”. Good leaders lead by
                                             hurt, become scattered and are preyed      serving and serve by leading.
                                             upon by one who is constantly on the
                                             prowl for stragglers.                      Christian leadership is uniquely distinct
                                                                                        from the world’s definition because of
                                             It is imperative therefore, that men       the nature of its character requirements.
                                             and women, young and old rise up           While the secular and corporate world may

February 2008                                                                                                        ARROW
Leadership Matters
speak of the need of moral character, it        giver of spiritual gifts, gives a special gift     The gift of leadership is discovered
will lack certain qualities of character that   of leadership as described in Romans               and developed in the same way as
are strictly Christian in nature. Qualities     12:6-8.                                            other spiritual gifts, that is, through life
like submission to the Lordship of Christ,                                                         experience, training, and the maturing
complete trust in Scripture, and those          In North America, we too often associate           process. Even though it is the product
characteristics listed in 1 Timothy 3:2-7       leadership to a certain type of personality.       of the Spirit’s presence and God’s grace,
and Titus 1:7-9 all contribute to the unique    The Bible does not share this view. The            this gift requires diligence, faithfulness,
foundation of Christian leadership.             gift of leadership is not a matter of a            hard work, and commitment if it is to be
                                                certain personality type. Peter was a              exercised effectively.
Christian maturity and leadership is            leader by virtue of his personal strength
distinctive as to its source. In Scripture,     (Acts 4:8–12), James by virtue of practical        Through the support of the friends of
the special ability to be a Christian leader    wisdom (Acts 15:12–21), Paul by virtue             Arrow Leadership we have the joy of
is explicitly declared to be the product of     of intellectual capacity (as seen in his           coming alongside God’s leaders – assisting
the gift of the Spirit. While all Christians    sermons and epistles), Timothy by virtue           them to discover, mature and develop
have a responsibility to lead in certain        of sacrificial service (Phil 2:19–21), Priscilla   to be all that they can be in service for
capacities—as parents, teachers, and as         for her warmth and boldness (Acts 18:26)           God. Communities and nations are being
members of society—the Holy Spirit, the         and John by virtue of his heart for God and        transformed as a result. Each day we
                                                man as seen in all of his writings. All these      can know that over 1200 Arrow alumni
                                                leaders of course shared all these virtues         worldwide seek to be led more by Jesus,
                                                to some degree, but each of them had a             to lead more like Jesus and to lead more
                                                distinct personality strength that uniquely        to Jesus. And, we know that more than
                                                marked him or her. This demonstrates that          eleven thousand are coming to Christ
                                                leadership is not a matter of our human            each year through their leadership and
                                                personality but of divine sovereignty. Just        well over a million people are in their
                                                as the Spirit’s gifts are not reserved for         direct sphere of influence. An eternal
                                                a few outstanding people so the Spirit’s           ripple effect beyond our comprehension.
                                                gift of leadership is not reserved for a           Because leadership matters!
                                                particular kind of personality.
                                                                                                                     by Dr. Carson Pue

Congratulations to Arrow Leadership’s Leading Women!
We are pleased to announce that Brenda Pue, Arrow’s Director              With a clear call to launch Arrow in Canada over twelve years ago
of Recruitment and Program Integrity and Arrow alumnus (ALP               and her heart for mentoring and developing ministry leaders
8, Cdn 1999) Lorna Dueck will be receiving Leading Women                  around North America, Brenda’s specific award is in the Ministry
Awards at Leading Women 2008 in Toronto, Ontario.                         category. This category recognizes distinctive achievements in
                                                                          organizational leadership.
                                                                           Also receiving recognition at the March 1 banquet, Lorna
                                                                          Dueck’s award celebrates her outstanding achievement in the
                                                                          development and production of public media to tell a God-
                                                                          honouring message. Lorna is the President of Media Voice
                                                                          Generation and the Executive Producer of Listen Up – a weekly
                                                                          newsmagazine dedicated to coverage and analysis of faith and
                                                                          culture in Canada. (
                                                                          This is the fourth year Leading Women have profiled women
                                                                          whom God is using to make extraordinary contributions to the
                                                                          success of the work and ministry in their areas of influence.
                                                                          Please see for more information.

February 2008
“If you stop, and if you rest, and if you dream - all sorts of other things come to mind.
This is the absolute necessity of becoming eccentric. To be eccentric means literally, to
deviate from the norm. Someone eccentric is unusual. Jesus was eccentric - all the time.”
                                                                                                  - Stephen Cottrell

 Ripples Aware                                                                   Ministry Calendar
                     Over the months this column has traced the “ripple          Feb 8 - 10        Arrow Board Meeting -
                     effect” one generation of leaders has on those who                            Los Angeles
                     follow them. In this issue we reverse the process and
                     explore a current Christian leader’s awareness of this      March 2 - 7       23rd Class of the Arrow
                     ripple effect in his life.                                                    Leadership Program
                                                                                                   (Emerging Stream) meets
                    Mark Holbrook has been the President/CEO of the
                                                                                                   on Keats Island, BC
                    Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) since 1979.
                    ECCU’s mission is to increase the effectiveness of           March 28 - 30     Ministry Training and
                    evangelical ministries and ministry-minded individuals
                                                                                                   Spiritual Enrichment
  Paul Sailhamer through biblically based, value-driven financial services.                        Conference , Brenda Pue
                     In 2004 ECCU partnered with Arrow Leadership to make
 Arrow’s training more accessible in the USA with a special focus on young,                        speaking at Briercrest,
 urban, multi-ethnic Christian leaders.                                                            Caronport, SK

 Q: Mark, what was the context of leadership modeled for you in your early       April 13 - 18     22nd Class of the Arrow
 years?                                                                                            Leadership Program
 A. Except for my family, most of the examples of leadership I observed                            (Emerging Stream) meets
 growing up were negative, even dysfunctional…little honoring of people’s                          on Keats Island, BC
 efforts, little sense of giftedness, obvious workaholism, and using rather
 than developing people. The positive effect of this was my determination        April 25 - 27     Arrow Board Meeting -
 that this was not the way I wanted to lead.                                                       Chicago

 While studying at Biola College I began to see better examples. And I was
 reared under the influence of excellent pastors who were Bible teachers. They
 gave me my love for and desire to know and teach the Scriptures. However,
 most of those men were not good administrators of their ministries.             Alumni Corner
 Q. What is an example of leadership that you came to admire?                    Carl Nash (ALP 10, Cdn 2001) is the director
 A. George Vouga was one of the founders of the Conservative Baptist Credit      of Launch - a program of Youth Unlimited
 Union which merged in 1984 with the Association of Christian Schools            (Toronto YFC) that walks alongside young
 International (ACSI) Credit Union to become ECCU. His godly example and         innovative leaders as they birth their Kingdom
 unfailing encouragement was a huge factor in my personal and professional       dreams. Check out their new software
 development. George helped give me confidence that I could, at age 29,          program, DreamLAUNCH … it’s designed
 assume the leadership of the credit union. He continues to this day to be       to walk young leaders through developing a
 a major encourager in my life.                                                  plan for new projects, events or ministries.
 Q. What would you like to emphasize before we conclude?
                                                                                 Also committed to investing in the lives of young
 A. Every organization is an example and model to others. The question is
 whether we are good examples or bad. As an organization grows people            leaders is Dave Coryell (ALP 11, US 2001). Dave
 look more closely and our authenticity matters even more. That is the           is the director of development at Pennsylvania
 leader’s responsibility. The command to consider others as more important       Christian Endeavor, whose mission is to lead
 than ourselves (Philippians 2) must be recognized as the way things are,        youth and young adults to Christ equiping them
 not just how they should be. And if we don’t get that we will suffer for it     for Christian service and leadership. Check
 and our mission will be hindered.                                               out their camps, conferences, and workshops:

                                                                                               PLEASE PASS THIS ON…
Thanks for Fishing With Arrow                                                                  Intern Opportunities with Arrow
                                           When I ministered at Insight for Living there       Leadership - 10 Months to Grow,
                                           was a cartoon that we used in one of our            Contribute and Experience - Starting
                                           newsletters that still makes me smile. There        Fall 2008
                                           were two men sitting on chairs, fishing through
                                                                                               Arrow Leadership is seeking two dynamic
                                           holes in the ice. The fellow on the right has his
                                                                                               servant-leaders who will join our Langley,
                                           line draped through a typical disk-like opening.
                                                                                               BC- based team as interns from mid-August
                                           The fellow on the left has his line in the water
                                                                                               2008 – mid-June 2009.
                                           too waiting for a nibble. His hole however, is
                                           a huge crater-like opening that reaches to the      The internships are a unique and intentional
                                           horizon – in the shape of a whale.                  opportunity to grow through weekly
                                                                                               intensive mentoring, receiving feedback
Now that’s what I call vision!
                                                                                               from Arrow’s world-class assessment
We can laugh at this, but you have to hand it to the guy on the left – he is ready! That’s     process, and attending select Arrow
what we are trying to do here at Arrow Leadership. Our board are devoting extra time           Leadership Program seminars. Interns will
to listening to the Lord for the vision for the next five years here at Arrow. And, we are     contribute to the strategic development of
beginning to think big and get ready. Here are some of the steps we’re taking:                 Christian leaders in various roles as part
                                                                                               of our staff team as well as experience
                                                                                               some travel around North America and
New Leadership Services Division                                                               the beauty, diversity and recreational
                                                                                               wonderland of British Columbia.
Arrow has been developing leaders for 17 years and more and more we have been
asked regularly to consult with churches, denominations and organizations in areas of          To review the full internship
leadership development, mentoring, transitions and leadership succession planning. In          posting, please see our website:
response, we are now taking the step forward to offer these services as part of Arrow’s
ministry with the revenue generated contributing to our core ministry of the Arrow             For more information or to submit a cover
Leadership Program.                                                                            letter and resume, contact Special Assistant
Of course we need a champion for this new endeavor and have started a search for a             to the President, Bruce Mathewson at
new full time leader who will forge ahead in building this ministry. Could your church
or organization use an infusion of leadership insight? We will soon be able to offer our
assistance to the Kingdom’s work in this way.
                                                                                               New Executive Stream Class
                                                                                               Launches June 2008
Two Arrow Internship Positions
                                                                                               Christian CEOs, senior executives,
In August of 2008 we are offering the opportunity for two younger leaders to join the          marketplace leaders and executive
Arrow team for 10 months to grow, contribute and experience learning and mentoring             pastors interested in transformational
that will leap frog them ahead toward their future goals. The internships will be based        leadership development are invited
in Vancouver, BC and more details are on our website. If you know a young graduate             to consider Arrow’s upcoming
who would benefit by being with us please direct them to apply as soon as possible.            Executive Stream Class of the Arrow
                                                                                               Leadership Program. Please see
                                                                                      for more
If we are honest, too many things lack vision. Well not here at Arrow. We are breaking         information.
the ice into a whale sized hole. Thanks for fishing with us!

                                                                                               Financial Update
                                                                                               As Arrow enters into the ‘second half’ of
                                                                                               our fiscal year, we are pleased to note
                                                                                               that we continue to track closely to our
Dr. Carson Pue, President                                                                      2007-08 budget. However, with five
                                                                                               residential seminars between now and
                                                                                               June we are also entering an intensive
                                                                                               season of investment in the lives of
                                                                                               leaders and would greatly appreciate
                                   Arrow Leadership                                            your continued financial support. Thank
                                                                                               you for prayerfully considering the ‘ripple
     PO Box 4166, Vancouver BC V6B 3Z6      PO Box 1243, Blaine WA 98231-1243
                                                                                               effect’ of your investment and support
     Phone: 1.877.262.7769     Fax: 1.604.576.5629                  through Arrow.

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