21 October 2009: No 61/09

                                                                                                                  7            11%                 SSgt
The Minister of Defence and             implemented with effect from
Military Veterans after seriously       1st July 2009.                                                            8            11%                 Capt/WO2
considering the procedures                                                                                        9            10.5%               Maj/WO1
followed by the Department of           The Minister of Defence having                                            10           10.5%               Lt Col
Defence and Military Veterans           noted the suffering of members                                            11           10%                 Col
regarding a salary increment            of the SANDF in many ways,                                                12           10%                 Col
for level 1 to 12 uniformed             and resolved to take the                                                  12+          10%                 Specialists
members for FY 2009/2010 has            following measures to alleviate
come to the conclusion that an          the suffering of Soldiers:                                  N.B Level 12+ means uniform
intervention is necessary.                                                                          members who are on level 13
                                        •       To provide for the annual                           and above as a consequence
                                                general    adjustment   for                         of the OSD implementation
Further     noted      that    the
                                                uniform members of the                              and who fall within the MBC.
negotiations at the Military
                                                DOD for the financial year
Bargaining     Council      (MBC)
                                                2009/2010 until such time                           •       Furthermore, it must be
between      the     DOD      and
                                                that the MBC has reached                                    noted that the salary
organized labour are far from
                                                agreement on salary and                                     adjustment     will  be
being concluded due to dispute
                                                related matters.                                            implemented on the 15
of membership figures between
the employer and organized              •       The annual general salary                                   November 2009 backdated
labour. In terms of Regulation                  adjustment with effect from                                 1 July 2009
68 (4) Military Trade Union                     01 July 2009 shall be
must     produce       proof    of              implemented on a sliding   For    enquiries   contact
membership of 15000 in order                    scale between 13% and      Directorate      Collective
to meet threshold requirement                   10% for the financial year Mechanisms         Military
to effectively participate in the               2009/2010.                 Labour    Relations    (Col
Military Bargaining Council                                                (Ret) P. Dhlamini or CDR
(MBC)                                   •       The sliding scale shall be D. Siweya) at (012) 355-
                                                implemented for salary 5058 Fax 012 355-5524.
Furthermore, it has come to the                 bands as             per      table         1
notice of the Minister of                       below:-
Defence that soldiers especially
the lower ranks have suffered           TABLE1
serious irreparable damages as
many of them find it hard to                Salary       Sliding           Rank
cope with the rising inflation.             levels       Scale
                                            1            13%
The situation has been made                 2            13%
more serious by the fact that all           3            13%               Pte
other Government employees                  4            12%               L/Cpl
in levels 1 to 12 have received             5            12%               Cpl
annual     salary    adjustment             6            12%               Sgt

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