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					                           THE DUNTON BASSETT NEWS

                                       MARCH 2010

                                        Issue       35

Church 800 Celebrations.

By now you will all have received the pamphlet advertising the Scarecrow Festival on June 20 th
which is part of a range of events planned to celebrate the 800 years of recorded ministry at All
Saints Church. We are hoping that you will all get in the spirit by designing a “scarecrow” to
stand outside your house on the day. All crows will be numbered and visitors will follow a route
round all the crows stopping for refreshment at either the church or the village hall on the way.
For a small prize, children will be invited to spot a hidden logo on some of the crows.
Help make the day a success-add your scarecrow to the family of crows around the village!
Let the church wardens know if you wish to enter a scarecrow.
Carol Roberson                202425              John Hurford            202184

Dunton Bassett Primary School

We have had a very busy half term with a lot of emphasis on sport and our international links.
Children played in a basketball tournament which they won and so progressed to the finals
night where they finished a very creditable 3rd. 2 teams were entered in a hockey tournament-
one of which won their pool and so played in a semi final,- unfortunately being edged out in the
last second. Congratulations to all the children who represented their school in a fair and
sporting manner and to Chris the sports coach who works so hard on behalf of all the children.
After Miss Darlow‟s visit to China last year all the Lutterworth Area Schools are twinned with
schools in Chengdu China. We have already exchanged one book written by the children with
our partner school. We were very excited to have 3 visitors from our partner schools in
Chengdu spend the day with us. Although the students were only aged 15 they gave a very well
thought out presentation to most of the children on the Giant Panda. Chengdu is called the
home of the panda as there are panda research bases there.
The absolute highlight for us all was to discover that one of the Chinese students was a
magnificent pianist who volunteered to play for us. Those children who had a hot dinner that
day were serenaded during lunchtime and the whole school heard a very short recital after
lunch. His performance, (with no music), was stunning, and left all the staff and children
speechless. Small gifts were exchanged between the students and Dunton Bassett before they
returned to Lutterworth College where they are based for the week.
We have since enjoyed a workshop from Dragons in Europe where children learned to say a few
words in mandarin and attempted to use chopsticks and are now looking forward to a
performance of A Chinese Tale (a retelling of the Willow Pattern Story) at the end of the month.
We are pleased that due to all our efforts on the international front school has been awarded
the International Schools Award at the foundation level.

Police/Neighbourhood Watch

Clothing Collections For Charity – Are They Genuine?
The Association of Charity Shops estimates that between £2.5 and £3 million is lost to charities
through theft and people mistakenly giving unwanted clothing to commercial companies in the
belief that they are giving to charity.
„Give with Care‟ aims to help the generous people who want to give to charity to understand
what to look for in leaflets and bags that come through their letter box. It will help them to
establish if a clothing collection is for charity or not.
While clothing companies may be acting legally, their leaflets may be largely indistinguishable
from charities, unless people know what to look for.
The campaign includes four top tips for spotting a genuine charity clothing collection:
*         Does the sack or leaflet say the collection is for a registered charity? If so, what's the
registered charity number? Call 0845 3000 218 or visit the register of charities to check that it's
*         Does it only give a registered company number? Check that a registered charity is also
involved with the collection.
*         Is the charity actually named? Be wary of wording that just says 'families in need' or
'sick kids at Christmas' as this could be an indication that it is not a genuine charity.
*         Does the leaflet or bag give a phone number? If not it may mean the collectors don't
want to answer questions.

Police Beat Surgeries. Just to let you know we have our beat surgeries in the Broughton
Astley Library every 1st Thursday at 10am- 11am & every 3rd Thursday at 6pm-7pm of every
month. Please do let people know they can attend and speak to us in confidence about issues
or just pop in for a chat.

PC. Joe Watts reported at the Parish Council Meeting that currently the Police were in the
middle of an antisocial behaviour campaign in Dunton Bassett village which includes, check
watches on the public houses in the village, noise of customers leaving, speeding through the
village, damage to hanging baskets, or properties as late night revelers walk through the
village. It is important that if you hear or see anything you report to the police there and
then because the police would have a much better change of catching who ever is doing
wrong! Confidentiality is guaranteed. Speed cameras are likely to be in the area as well, so you
have been warned! To contact PC Watts ring 0116 222 2222 listen for instructions, key in his
badge number 654 and leave a message for him.

Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch is going strong and we do enjoy the substantial support given by
Leicestershire constabulary but we still need co-ordinators and members to join us, it is
reassuring to know that many people are indeed staying alert and looking out for each other.
We are encouraging residents to get involved with the SMART WATER initiative. If you haven‟t
heard of it, it is a system whereby you can purchase a kit, it has its own individual DNA (only
detectable by a special light carried by the Police) and mark all of your precious valuables
including Jewellery, electronic gadgets such as DVD Recorder, Mobiles, TV, in fact anything you
may wish to recover in the unfortunate event of a burglary.
For those who is unfamiliar with it we will be holding a coffee morning in the near future to
promote the idea, the Police has promised to be in attendance, they will explain and
demonstrate how the system works, we hope many residents will support this promotion and
get ideas on feeling more safe at home, we will let you know when the date has been arranged.

There is a credit card scam going around at the moment. If you get someone ringing you
claiming to be from your credit card company asking if you have bought an item under £500
using your credit card, and they will have your details, but not the verification number on the

back of your card, they will ask for the 3 digit number, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM it is a scam.
Hang up and report the details to the police. Never, Never give out any details of your credit
card to some one who rings you unsolicited.

Between the 29th of March and the 19th of April 2010 a company called Eco Aegis will be
delivering food waste caddies to all homes throughout Harborough District.As a crime
prevention measure – if your neighbours are away on holiday – please could you consider
placing their caddy out of sight until they return.

Syd Swinfen A tribute to an old Duntonian by Millie Smith

Sydney Arthur Swinfen was born in 1909 and died in March 2010. He spent all his working life
in Dunton Bassett, only choosing to move to Leire after his retirement because it was
rumoured,there were nicer bungalows!
He was one of eleven children born to the village butcher and his wife who lived on Main Street
at Home Farm. Syd, as he was always known, grew up there, and after leaving school, helped
his father and eventually inherited the family business. This included the shop, farmyard and
slaughter house where Syd later did his own killing.
Syd presided in the shop in his blue striped apron inevitably sharpening his knives. Syd knew
the value of good meat and it was priced accordingly. Bargaining was not on the agenda, but
he was well aware of the straightened circumstances of some of his village customers and many
were helped accordingly.
Syd was fortunate enough to have met and married Joyce member of the Womens‟ Land Army,
who had moved from the south to work in Leire at the chicken farm and so was well suited to
be a farmer‟s wife. It proved to be a long and happy partnership. Joyce became the meat
deliverer driving to villages in the area. This was a job later undertaken by Jennifer, their
daughter. The family made a successful team. Syd was a prominent and popular member of
the village community .He was chairman of the village school managers for some years and
was an organiser of dances at the village hall in aid of the Leicester Royal Infirmary. As a boy
he sang in the Church choir and later became a loyal spectator at the village cricket matches. A
well respected and jovial man, Syd is remembered for his many kind deeds. Children who
accompanied their mother to the shop were often rewarded with a newly laid egg. Very
recently, a local butchery business related how helpful Syd had once been when they were
setting up their own shop.
Syd lived to become a centenarian a fact of which he was very proud .and this was due in no
small part to the care and attention he received from his family, carers, and also friends, both
in Leire, Dunton and further afield .
Those who knew him well will no doubt remember him with warmth and affection.

Spring Flowers

Thanks to every one who planted snowdrops last autumn. The display in & around the village
has been spectacular .Also thanks to Mo & Tony who laboured long & hard to plant daffodils by
the traffic lights last autumn . They have come up!

Parish Plan

A reminder that the PP is a live document and we are still trying to keep it going, included with
this Month‟s news is an update of the Plan 12 months on and things we have achieved, there is
still much to work on and if anyone wishes to help us please contact Alex Mofford with your

Broughton Browsers Book Group

The next meeting is on Thursday 1st April at Broughton Library from 5.45pm to 6.45pm. We'll
be discussing the book which we have just read - 'The Camel Club' by David Baldacci. The book
we'll be taking away to read is 'After Rain' by William Tremain.

New members always welcome just come along on the first Thursday of the month.

                              Leire & Dunton Scouts

                                     The main event this term was the
                               Scouts‟ pantomime Cinderella at the end
                               of January. We had an audience of
                               around 180 in Broughton Astley village hall – composed of
                               parents, relatives, friends and villagers from Dunton. The Scouts
(while having a great time themselves) put on a fantastic performance, this year accompanied
by the Beavers and Cubs for one of the scenes. Yet again, the question was asked during the
interval “So, which panto are you doing next year?”
      Last weekend (19th-21st March), a small group of Scouts went on their first Backpack
Camp in Derbyshire. They camped overnight at a site near Leek in Staffordshire, and then
hiked to a site just south of Buxton the next day with all of their personal kit. The weather
wasn‟t very kind on the Friday night (light rain interspersed with heavy showers), and it was
misty and damp on Saturday, but the Scouts had a great time.
      Inspired by James May‟s Toy Stories, we had an evening of “L&D‟s Toy Stories”. This
culminated in a race from one end of the hall to the other, between a Lego car, a Knex car and
a Scalextric car. The lads with the Scalextric thought it was a no-brainer, but a faulty section of
track meant they were beaten by a little Lego bobsleigh!
      We have also been preparing for the upcoming District Staghorn nighthike challenge. This
year we‟re defending the trophy.

      If your son / daughter is between the ages of 10½ and 14 and would be interested in
joining our ever-growing troop, give Ceri Sinfield a call on 0116 2338646 for more information.

                       At the beginning of March a coach load of Leire and Dunton Cubs went to
the National History Museum together with nearly a thousand other Cubs from the whole of
Leicestershire for an enjoyable day‟s visit. We were unsuccessful in retaining our District Cub
Quiz in March being beaten by two points by Claybrooke and Ullesthorpe Cubs. After Easter four
of our Cubs are taking part in Staghorn, a night incident hike, where they join in with the Scout
section. After an interesting visit to Hinckley Police Station by arrangement with our local PC
Joe Watts we are going to visit Sabras Sound, a radio station in Leicester in April and then we
have our annual St George‟s Day event with the rest of the District where activities are
arranged by each of the Scout Groups based on a theme. This year‟s theme is countries and our
country is Holland.
We have two camps before the summer break, our own camp at Beaudesert which is near
Cannock Chase and the District Cub camp at Ullesthorpe.
As you can see there is a lot going on within Leire and Dunton Scouts but it cannot take place
without having a good supply of leaders. No previous experience is required, I didn‟t join the

Scout movement until I was nearly 50, so if you would like to join in or would like further
information as to what to expect please give me a ring.
Eric Pridding - Akela Tel: 01455 209208

Dine in Dunton

The next Dine in Dunton will be held on Saturday 17th April in the Village Hall. Tickets will be
available shortly from the committee members.

Dunton Bassett PCC

All Saints church will be open on Easter Day - Sunday 4th April and Monday 5th April for the
viewing of Easter Flowers from 2pm to 5pm.Refreshments will be served, donations to church
On Sunday at 5pm we are celebrating Easter with Easter Songs of Praise.
This is the start of our year of celebration of 800 years of continuous ministry at All Saints

DB Heritage Group

Members of the Heritage group enjoyed a talk and guided tour of Leicester Synagogue in
Highfields for their March meeting. Doreen and David Hood showed the group round and
explained the background of their faith and the history of the Jewish community in Leicester.
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 20th April when Wendy Freer will talk on 'Life below stairs'
Visitors are very welcome to join us.

The Community Carols has now transformed into The Community Choir

Since the beginning of the year a group of enthusiastic carol singers have been meeting to sing
pieces of music of great variety.
The rehearsals are short and, for the time being, take place at The Elwells.
If anyone is interested in taking part, the next two will be on Thursday 8 th April and Wednesday
14th April from 7pm to 8pm.              Please ring Ann Fuchs on 202370.

Dunton Bassett Cricket Club

The cricket season starts at the end of the month. Everybody is very welcome to drift up to the
ground to watch at the weekends: indeed when any cricket is being played. If you know
any anybody wanting to play we are running three four men's teams and youth sides across the
age ranges please contact either Dick Salter 01455 202644 or Rob Fisher 01455 202321 and
we will point them at the correct captain or coach. We have done some more improvements
over the winter and you will find the pavilion a much more welcoming place!

Dunton Bassett W.I. members have had a busy few weeks recently. In February, Christine
Davey gave an excellent talk about Aromatherapy and its many benefits. In March Wendy
Martin, who is well known to many members as having taught in Dunton Primary school for
several years spoke on "Milk Muck and Mangoes" explaining the work of the "Send a Cow"
charity, which helps poor families in parts of Africa to help themselves and become more self
sufficient. Several members enjoyed Pirates of Penzance at the Concordia Theatre, and trips are
planned to the bluebell woods at Coton Manor, and a visit to Kilworth House to see their
production of Guys and Dolls. In April, the group will have a visit from an Ambulance technician
Mick West as part of their meeting on April 13. Visitors and new members are always welcome
to attend the group's meetings, which take place in Dunton village hall, the talks start at 8pm
after a business meeting.

Magic Evening

A very successful evening was enjoyed by everyone. Laughter filled the village hall as we were
entertained by 5 magicians. The evening raised £458.10 which has been sent to Breakthrough
Breast Cancer. Thank you everyone for making it such a fabulous evening. Glynis Walker and
Margaret Brookes.

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations go to Margaret and Roderick Brookes who celebrated their Golden Wedding
Anniversary on 19th March.

Used Stamps

If you have any used stamps you can now donate them to the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.
Dunton Post Office, All Saints Church or 6, Wakes Close are all collecting points.

Dog Mess

Dog owners please clean up after your dog. There are other people who have to walk on the
footpaths after you have left your dog‟s mess behind. If you are seen and reported it is a £50
fine! That would buy a lot of poop bags!


Sunday 4th April    Church open for viewing of Easter Flowers. 2pm – 5pm.
Sunday 5th April.   Easter Songs of Praise Service. 5.00pm.
Monday 5th April    Church open for viewing of Easter Flowers 2pm - 5pm.
Thursday 8th April  Community Choir practice. 7-8pm
Sunday 11th April.  Smart water display at Broughton Astley Village Hall
                    Cottage. 10.00am – 2.00pm
Tuesday13 April     W.I. talk by Ambulance Technician. Village Hall.
Wednesday14th April. Community Choir. 7.00pm 8.00pm.
Saturday 14th April Dine in Dunton.
Tuesday 20th April Heritage Society talk.7.30pm.
Tuesday 18thMay. Heritage Society Leicester Aero Club.7.00pm

All News and Diary Dates to the Editor by Sunday 23rd May 2010
Editor Judi Pridding 01455 209208 or