Job Developer's Workshop with Bill Santos

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					       Job Developer’s Workshop with Bill Santos
         About the Workshop                               About the Presenter                                       Location

The focus of this two-day workshop is on         Bill Santos is the Executive Vice President               Employment Help Centre
developing practical marketing and essential     at Employment Management Professionals,                    122 Queenston Street
sales skills that will help you:                 Inc. Bill is a veteran professional in the job              St. Catharines, ON
                                                 development field, having started in this                        L2R 2Z3
Construct new long-term relationships with       profession in 1989. He has specialized in                  Phone: 905-685-1353
   employers                                     employment          outcomes      management                Fax: 905-685-6901
Enhance and expand existing employer             consulting and exceptional presentations
   relationships                                 skills. His areas of special competency
Position new choices and options for             include:                                                     Date and Time
Ensure confidence in the solutions you           Employment Outcomes Strategies                   October 7, 2008    8:30 am—4:30 pm
   propose to employers                          Marketing Strategies and Techniques              October 8, 2008    8:30 am—4:30 pm
Understand employers' needs and                  Hands-on Job Developer Skill
   expectations to greater depth                    Development and Coaching
Maximize your organizational strengths to        Creative Thinking
   benefit all                                   Management and Leadership Systems                           Registration Fee
Many job developers learned their skills         Bill has had a successful career as a job        $250 per person (includes luncheon and 140
through trial and error. The trial and error     developer, director of employment services,      page comprehensive manual )
learning curve is often long, arduous, and       facilitation, training company vice president,   Deposit by Sept. 8,2008 : $100
full of negative employer experiences. Many      and owner. He is an internationally known        Balance Due Oct. 3,2008: $150
job developers do not survive. Learning the      speaker,       trainer,   and    management
appropriate skills early through a strategic     consultant. His many presentations at
format, offered in this workshop, allows job     conferences, training events and public                 Workshop space is limited -
developers to use their skills to continuously   media have been extremely well received.                     Register Early!
increase their success with employers over       Bill has a Bachelor of Arts
time. This workshop is recommended for           degree and is fluently bilingual in English
job developers and those who supervise job       and Portuguese.
         Registration Form

Please send a separate registration form for
                                               Job Developer’s
   each training participant
Make Cheques payable to Employment Help
   Centre ( re: EOP workshop)                        with
Contact Information                              Bill Santos
Job Title___________________________               October 7&8, 2008
Address___________________________             Workshop space is limited—
__________________________________                  Register Early!

Check here if you require special assistance
   to fully participate. Describe your needs
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          Attention: Cheryl Dillon
          Employment Help Centre
            122 Queenston Street
             St. Catharines, ON
                   L2R 2Z3
            Phone: 905-685-1353
             Fax: 905-685-6901

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