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									                           Request for Proposal

   1. Introduction

This Proposal is to select a reliable and experienced Service Provider to con-
tract with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Pretoria and the
Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cape Town (herein-
after referred to as “the missions”).

It is estimated that in 2008 the missions will receive approximately 40.000 visa
applications (27.000 in Pretoria and 13.000 in Cape Town). Applications are
generally submitted by the applicant in person. As stated, this number is only an
estimate and neither mission does guarantee this figure.

The missions are looking for a Service Provider to facilitate an appointment sys-
tem for visa applicants.

   2. Request for Proposal

Bidders are invited to submit a priced proposal for the delivery of visa appoint-
ment and information services in accordance with this proposal. A contract, if
signed, as a result of the submitted proposals will be valid for two years with an
option to automatically extend for a further year every year if the contract is not
terminated by either party. The first six months will be introduced as a testing

The Service Providers will be required to start full operations within three
months of signing the contract. Operations can only start after the Embassy as
well as the Consulate General conveys its satisfaction with the arrangements
made by the Service Provider.

   3. Clarification / Additional Information required

Possible request for further information must be in writing and be sent to the con-
tact person mentioned in this document. The missions will provide a copy of all
questions and answers provided during the tendering process to all bidders. The
source of the questions will not be divulged. Questions from bidders will be ac-
cepted until

   4. Statement of Service Requirements

The Service Provider shall provide a website and a call centre for visa informa-
tion assistance as well as provide a process to schedule appointments through
the website and the call centre. The applicants shall receive general guidance on
the missions' visa regiment and specific information regarding the documentation
that need to be provided in order to submit a complete visa application based on
the information provided by the missions.
The Service Provider has to ensure that the call centre operates with sufficient
capacity to guarantee its best possible accessibility and shortest possible waiting
periods in an automated answering system.

Also a facility to handle collections of processed passports by having processed
passports couriered to the applicant from the missions should be included as an
option for the applicant at an extra fee.

While the website must be accessible at all times, the call centre shall be oper-
able from at least 8:00 am to 5:00p.m. on weekdays, excluding Saturday and
Sunday as well as public holidays.

The Service Provider shall be responsible to undertake all of the following func-

   a) Introduction of a visa appointment system

   –   Have in place an efficient system for scheduling appointments
   –   Provide the applicants with the date and time of the interview to be held at
       the missions and provide written confirmation of such appointment by
       means of fax or email.
   –   Provide specific information in regards to the documentation that need to
       be provided in order to submit a complete application
   –   Forward a complete list of appointments until 5:00 p.m. for the next work-
       ing day
   –   Forward a complete list of all appointments made on this particular day as
       well until 5:00p.m.
   –   Maintain proper records of appointments processed, cross-reference to in-
       dividual fees taken.
   –   Put in place a viable and effective security and vigilance system

   b) Providing a Website including the following services/informations:

   –   Homepage-New Procedures
   –   links to visa categories & necessary documents
–   links to application form, visa information and other useful references
    provided on the missions own websites
–   Visa & service fees
–   On-line Appointment Scheduling
–   Contact Information
–   Holidays
–   link to the on-line visa application form
–   All information posted on the website will be agreed on in advance with
    the missions

c) Introduction of a help desk/call centre

–   Setting up of a premium number with a programmed IVR accessible 24/7
–   opportunity to speak to a live consultant (e.g. provide factual information
    about the various categories of visa available as well as the application
    process, visa appointments via the telephone)
–   email id available to attend applicant’s queries (concerning fees, opening
    hours, system, etc.)
–   Put in place a system where telephone enquiries are to be answered
    promptly and emails are to be replied to or , if a solution can not be
    offered, forwarded to the missions within 24 hours of receipt.

d) Including a facility for courier services for return of passports and other
   documents to be prepaid and to be handed in by the applicant together
   with the application form.

e) The missions shall entertain no claim for expenses or liability for loss of
   passports or documents. The Service Provider shall indemnify the mis-
   sions in the event of any claim made by any applicant and it shall be the
   Service Provider’s responsibility to compensate applicants if such losses

f) The Service Provider shall ensure complete confidentiality of the informa-
   tion provided by applicants and will further ensure that it is used for no
   purpose other than processing of visa services. The Service Provider shall
   indemnify the missions in the event of any leakage of such information
   and consequential claim made by the applicant. The Service Provider
   shall adhere to the German Federal Data Protection Act.

g) The Service Provider can introduce value-added service for the benefit of
   the applicants and offer these services for a charge if there is no conflict of
   interest. Introduction of these value-added services is subject to the pre-
   or written approval of the missions.

h) The Service Provider may secure additional sources of revenues through
   advertising subject to the prior written approval of the missions.
   i) The Service Provider shall not receive any payments from the Embassy
      nor from the Consulate General for setting up these means, nor for provid-
      ing services for applicants.

   j) Reasonable fees might be charged to clients or applicants and are subject
      to prior approval by the missions. Changes thereof are equally subject to
      prior approval.

   k) Staff competent in the German, English, Afrikaans and Xhosa languages
      should be permanently available during operating hours.

   l) To appoint one competent contact person in a supervisory capacity to
      communicate with the missions.

   5. Guide to Bidders

The bidders shall not at any time make any public statements in relation to this
Request for Proposal without obtaining prior written approval from the missions.
All materials supplied to the missions in relation to the proposal become the mis-
sions property and may not be returned to the bidders, unless requested in writ-
ing beforehand and agreed to in writing by the missions .

In submitting a proposal to the missions, the bidders will be deemed to have un-
derstood this Request for Proposal, obtained all requisite information and verified
the correctness of any information to be relied upon, as may be necessary to pre-
pare the proposal and for any subsequent negotiations with the missions.

The cost of preparing and submitting the proposal shall be borne by the bidders.

The missions reserves the right to accept or reject any, or all Proposal(s) and to
annul the proposal process, at any time, thereby rejecting all proposals, prior to
any contract being awarded.

The missions final decision will be based on efficiency, standard of performance
and costs.

   6. Response to the Request for Proposal

The missions will not pay for the services rendered by the Service Provider. The
Service Provider will charge a fee after prior written approval, per application for
services for visa denominated in Rand. The fee per application should be quoted
inclusive of any local taxes currently applicable. The fee will remain fixed for the
entire duration of the contract and can be reasonably increased only after prior
written approval.
The missions reserve the right to receive any visa applicants without using the
services of the Service Provider.

Accompanying the bid should be an organizational profile with the following in-

   •   Full Legal name;
   •   Complete address;
   •   Contact person;
   •   Telephone, facsimile and email contact details;
   •   Summary of services provided in South Africa and any other country;
   •   Number of years that the organization has been providing visa outsourcing
   •   Company ownership, structure and location of Holding Company;
   •   Company Head office location, and branch office locations;

The bidders shall provide references from work that has been undertaken for oth-
er organizations. The references should contain the following information:

   •   The name, business location and ownership details of the organization;
   •   The name and contact phone number of a referee at the organization;
   •   Date on which the work was undertaken and the length of time involved;
   •   Brief description of the products or services provided;
   •   Website address of any website currently operation for that service.

Provide a method statement that clearly describes how you will provide each of
the main requirements indicated in the Statement of Service Requirements.

Provide details of the resources expected to be used to service the Contract, in-
cluding the number of staff expected to be employed for providing the service
and details of their training. Include an organizational chart indicating responsibil-
ities and reporting lines in respect of this proposal.

Describe methods to ensure that no abuse of the system can occur and provide
a system of checks and balances for the missions to undertake.

Provide details of how the Service Provider will ensure that a high quality service
is maintained and that any performance targets mentioned in the Statement of
Service Requirements will be met.

Provide any additional information you think would be useful in support of your
proposal, including any additional facilities not included in the Statement of Ser-
vice Requirements that will make the service more customer friendly.

   7. Submission Requirements

The bidders should submit an “envelope” bid. In order to qualify bidders must full
-fill all the following requirements:
   •   A confirmation to comply fully and without any reserve with the scope of
       work and deliverables included in this Request for Proposal.
   •   The bidder must have experience of operating a Centre for Visa Services
       on behalf of a Diplomatic or Consular Mission.
   •   The bidder must confirm his willingness to provide facilities of good in-
       dustry practice standards.

The proposal should be addressed to the German Embassy in Pretoria or the
German Consulate General in Cape Town and are to be submitted latest by

The Request for Proposal must be provided in a secure package containing a
signed original and two copies of the original proposal. The envelopes should be
superscribed “Visa external service provider”. The original must be signed by an
authorized representative of the bidder.

The missions reserves the right to negotiate without restriction with any bidder
after the close of proposals on any matter contained in the proposal, without dis-
closing this to any other bidder.

The bidders proposal will constitute an offer to develop a contract based on the
terms and conditions stated in this Request for Proposal. The proposal may form
part of the final contractual documentation, if the bidder is invited to enter into
contract. The contract will also include provisions for the Service Provider to ad-
here to all laws applicable to the operation of the outsourcing centre, including on
employment of staff, environment, safety, insurance, privacy, payment of local

No agreement will become effective before being contained in a single document
signed by the successful bidder and on behalf of the missions.

The proposal should be addressed as follows:

Embassy of the                    or    Consulate General of the
Federal Republic of Germany            Federal Republic of Germany
in Pretoria                            in Cape Town
Janine Heynes                          Volker Renckstorf-Hayden
Head of the Visa section               Head of the Visa Section
P.O. Box 2023, Pretoria 0001           P.O. Box 4273, Cape Town 8000
Tel.: 012 – 427 8900                   Tel.: 021 – 405 3000

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