; Radical Days of the Revolution 1792 – 1794 (PowerPoint)
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Radical Days of the Revolution 1792 – 1794 (PowerPoint)


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									      Radical Days of the Revolution
              (1792 – 1794)
• Revolutionaries thought
  king was working with the
   – Parisians storm palace &
     kill king’s guards

• Later citizens would
  attack prisons & kill 1,200

• “September massacres”
  Radicals Take Over Government
• National Convention was established
  – Right to vote should be for ALL male citizens, not
    just property owners

• The Convention abolished the monarchy & set
  up a republic
  – Wrote a new constitution & got rid of titles of

• ALL traces of old order were now gone
          Louis XVI is Executed

King Louis XVI was tried as a traitor to France. He was convicted by a
single vote and condemned to death. He died on the morning of
January 21, 1793. Later that year, in October, Marie Antoinette was
also execute.
                         France in Chaos
Includes nobles, priests, &
                       Vendee                         Sans-culottes

                                   Convention                         Girondins

                                       Threats from

                                 France at war with Britain,
                                Netherlands, Spain, & Prussia
    The Committee of Public Safety
• Convention creates
  committee to save the
  – Impose war tax on
  – In charge of trials &
   Robespierre “the Incorruptible”
• Battled
  within France

• Led the Committee of
  Public Safety
                           Believed in “prompt, severe,
                           inflexible justice”.

                           “Liberty cannot be secured unless
                           criminals lose their heads.”
                 Reign of Terror
• Revolutionary courts held
  quick trials
   – Death sentences were
     frequent & welcome

• Anyone who resisted the
  revolution was a suspect
   – Over 300,000 arrested
   – About 17,000 executed

• Lasted from September
  1793 to July 1794
               The Guillotine
Invented by Dr. Joseph Guillotin of the legislature. Its fast
falling blade kills instantly. It was considered more
humane than beheading with an ax.
          Reign of Terror Ends
• Eventually, those who started the Terror
  feared for their own lives.

• Members of the Convention turned on the
  Committee of Public Safety.
  – Robespierre was arrested & executed on July 27,
               Let’s Review
• Why was the Committee of Public Safety

• How do you think life in France changed after
  the Terror came to an end?
    The Revolution’s Third Stage
• Moderates create a new constitution

                     French Government

         Directory                       Two House
                The Directory
• Directory held power from 1795-1799

• Problems quickly arose
   – Sans-culottes riot again
   – Emigres were coming back to France  wanted
     monarchy back

• In election of 1797, supporters of a constitutional
  monarchy won majority of seats in legislature
         Revolutionary Change
• Major changes
  – Destroyed the old social order
  – Overthrew monarchy
  – Church under state control
          Nationalism Spreads
• Strong feeling of pride & devotion to one’s
  – Created by revolution & war
  – New dances & songs with revolutionary themes

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