IN A HEARTBEAT you can make a difference

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					IN A HEARTBEAT you can make a difference
North Bay and District Hospital is recognized as a

leader and a centre of excellence in its district role

for the treatment of stroke and heart disease.

                                                                 Her life was saved by the
                                                              firefighters, paramedics, the
                                                                 CCU team and the heart
                                                                 team in Sudbury. We are
                                                                 thankful to so many who
                                                                         cared for Jennifer.
                                                                             says her husband,
                                                                            Jacques Graveline.

                                    PREVENTING broken hearts

             In 2006, Jennifer, an active 61-year-old, had a massive heart attack.
             Her heart stopped. The fire department, first to arrive, restarted her
             heart with a defibrillator. In the ambulance, her heart stopped again.
             Paramedics saved her the second time. In the Emergency Room (ER)
             at North Bay and District Hospital (NBDH), she received leading-edge
             treatment where her body was deep-cooled to protect her brain and
             vital organs. The next day when she began to respond to her anxious
             family, the Critical Care Unit (CCU) team warmed her body back to its
             normal temperature. She was transferred to Sudbury by helicopter for
             observation and treatment. Today, Jennifer has regained her strength.

             Jennifer and Jacques enjoy time with grandchildren.
                                                                         TRUE STORY

The care I received in North Bay was
phenomenal. They saved my life. Even
though I am a doctor, I received the same
treatment that everyone receives. I have
tremendous respect for the staff, their
expertise and their caring ways.
Dr. Jim Chirico, former Medical Director,
CCU, and grateful patient.

YOU CAN make a difference

My dad was a brilliant man, a physician who spoke three
languages, played five musical instruments, served on City
Council and was an award-winning artist. He died of a
heart attack when he was only 42. It was always in the
back of my mind that one day I could be at risk. So I took
care of myself – I exercised, ate well and didn’t smoke.
But my family history and working long hours caught up
with me. In February 2006 I began to experience chest
pain. I knew for some time this was going to happen, but
even so, I waited until the last possible minute to go to

                                            Dr. Jim Chirico holding
                                                a photo of his father.
                                                                       TRUE STORY

                           I will live a full life, I was very
                                        happy with the care
                             I received. The doctors, nurses
                                  and therapists are next to
                             holy in my eyes. They listened
                                     when I needed to talk.
                                            Xavier Maury suffered
                                             a major hemorrhagic
                                                   stroke in 2007

TOGETHER WE CAN change and save lives

In 2007, Xavier Maury suffered a major hemorrhagic
stroke at home. When his wife returned from errands, he was
unresponsive. Xavier was rushed to Emergency at North Bay
and District Hospital (NBDH) and remained for 10 days in CCU.
In the weeks after his stroke, he could only move his right hand
and speak. He received intensive rehabilitation therapy and
worked hard at his recovery. After two and a half months, Xavier
could move all his limbs and was walking.

                                       Xavier Maury, and one of his
                                        favourite companions, Welly.
Heart attack and stroke devastate
the lives of patients and those who
love them. Each year, more than 75,000 Canadians
die from stroke and heart disease, and many more live

with its effects. Astonishingly, the rate of cardiovascular

disease is 50% higher in northern Ontario than in other

areas of the province.
                                               CONNECTING, TREATING, SAVING

Diana Ammerata, respiratory therapist using BiPap machine.
North Bay and District Hospital is recognized       • Fast “door to needle time.” NBDH is one          • A Computed Tomography (CT) scanner.
as a leader and a centre of excellence in             of the province’s top hospitals in the time it     Our first CT scanner was purchased
its district role for stroke and heart disease        takes for a person having a heart attack to        through the generosity of our community.
care. We were the first hospital in Canada to         receive treatment in the ER. And with heart        It helps diagnose stroke and ensure that
introduce Tele-stroke, a video conferencing           attack or stroke, every second counts.             treatment is started quickly.
system, connecting our patients to top              • Telestroke pioneers. NBDH was the first          • Anti-coagulation clinic Monitors patients
stroke neurologists and access to lifesaving          hospital in Canada to introduce Telestroke,        without family doctors who are prescribed
medication. According to a Canada-wide                a video conferencing system, connecting            blood thinners to prevent heart attack or
study, patients cared for in our Critical Care        our patients with stroke neurologists and          stroke.
Unit (CCU) had a better chance of survival            access to lifesaving medication.                 • Timely access to carotid doppler
than those in the other 23 hospitals surveyed.        Physicians collaborate to assess, evaluate         ultrasound testing. Thanks to a close
                                                      CT scans and other diagnostic tests, and           partnership with a private clinic in North Bay,
But medical science never stands still. Today,        decide on the best course of treatment for         our patients receive this important test,
there are many new ways to prevent, diagnose          the patient – all within minutes.                  which helps determine stroke risk.
and treat heart attack and stroke – techniques
                                                    • Great partners. NBDH has an excellent            • Timely access to carotid
that help patients like Jennifer Graveline
                                                      relationship with the Regional Cardiac Care        endarterectomy (CEA). An agreement
survive and live full, satisfying lives. We must
                                                      Centre in Sudbury (serving northeastern            with vascular surgeons in Sudbury ensures
continually upgrade our equipment, technology,
                                                      Ontario), so our patients can rely on prompt,      that our patients receive fast assessment,
skills and knowledge to ensure that the people
                                                      high quality care when they are referred.          treatment and follow-up when they need
of North Bay and district continue to receive
the very best care.                                 • A CCU that works. A recent Critical Care           this treatment to prevent stroke.
                                                      Research Network study showed that
We will soon have our urgently needed                 patients treated in our CCU had a better
new hospital. We need your help now to                chance of survival than those in the other                                     The community
raise $1.25M to purchase state-of-the-art             23 hospitals surveyed.                                                      purchased our first
equipment and train healthcare professionals        • Critical Care Response Team known                                             CAT Scan. This
in the latest techniques and technologies.            as RACE (Rapid Assessment of Critical                                           civic generosity
Building on excellence, we will be able to save       Events). The RACE Team is a group of                                             has resulted in
more lives. After all, keeping one heart beating      specially trained critical care health care
prevents many from breaking.
                                                                                                                                       local access to a
                                                      professionals who respond hospital-wide,
                                                      ensuring that patients receive the critical                                    vital diagnostic
Building on Excellence                                care they need.                                                               tool, resulting in
Today, North Bay and District Hospital is           • Stroke Prevention Clinic. This outpatient                                        earlier therapy
a centre of excellence in its district role for       clinic provides early assessment and                                           and saved lives.
stroke and heart care serving the entire district     intervention to help prevent stroke and
of Temiskaming / Nipissing. Among the                                                                          Dr. Cameron Hunter, Radiologist, NBDH,
                                                      manage stroke risk factors.                         and Honorary Appeal Chair, NBDH Foundation
strengths of our program:
KEEPING PACE, Saving Lives

  Thanks to generous community support,           Equipment $1 million                              Keeping one heart beating prevents many
  the new North Bay Regional Health Centre                                                          from breaking
  will soon be ready for use. The facility will   Among our many urgent equipment needs:
                                                                                                    Together, we can save and change lives.
  have increased capacity in the Critical Care    • Advanced EKG to confirm need for
                                                                                                    Your contributions to the Hospital Cardiac
  Unit, Emergency Room and Rehabilitation,          immediate treatment
                                                                                                    Fund will ensure that:
  helping us respond to the needs of our aging    • Pediatric resuscitation system
  population.                                     • BIPAP machines to help patients                 • Patients receive accurate diagnoses
                                                    breathe easier                                    and the right treatment, faster
  But bricks and mortar alone do not ensure       • Automated external defibrillators to            • Injury to brain and heart tissue is
  high quality stroke and heart care. Now is        re-set erratically beating hearts                 minimized, so more patients can return
  the time to equip our new hospital with the     • Crash carts to manage emergencies                 to their lives sooner
  latest and best technology to treat patients    • Advanced CCU monitors                           • More patients receive the care they need
  with stroke and cardiac disease. Just as        • Oxygen saturation monitors                        closer to home
  important, we must have highly skilled                                                            • Families have peace of mind knowing
  health professionals to provide that care. We                                                       their loved ones are receiving the best
  are counting on our community to maintain       Education Endowment Funds $.25 million              possible care
  our leadership in heart and stroke care. Our                                                      • Outstanding physicians and other
  goal is to raise $1.25 million for equipment    In the rapidly changing world of cardiovascular
                                                                                                      health professionals are encouraged to
  and education.                                  medicine, doctors, nurses, respiratory
                                                                                                      work at our hospital
                                                  therapists and other members of the care
                                                                                                    • Our community continues to benefit from
                                                  team must be continually learning. This
                                                                                                      excellent care for cardiovascular disease
                                                  fund will ensure that there are resources to
                                                  support leading-edge learning.
IN A HEARTBEAT you can make a difference
Would you help somebody suffering a heart attack

or stroke? Of course, in a heartbeat! Please consider

making a contribution to the Hospital Cardiac Fund

and help thousands in the years to come.

                                                        Your gifts to the Hospital Cardiac Fund will ensure that the people of North Bay and area
                                                        receive accurate diagnoses and the right treatment, faster, so that they can return to their lives
                                                        and families sooner.

                                                        Please make a donation to

                                                        CARDIAC AND STROKE - EMERGENCY AND DIAGNOSTIC CARE
                                                        Donations can be made

                                                        By mail:      North Bay and District Hospital Foundation
                                                                      PO Box 2500
                                                                      North Bay ON P1B 5A4
                                                        By phone:     705.495.8125

                                                        Visit our office open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday, and located at 205 Main St. East.

                                                        The Foundation accepts Mastercard, Visa, Pre-authorized transfer, personal or business cheques
                                                        (including post-dated) and cash. Donations of $20 or more will automatically receive a charitable
                                                        tax receipt.

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