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					April/May 2006

         Thrombosis Express/ L’Express Thrombose
                         “Practice changing knowledge
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                         April / May 2006 Publications

    1. Laupacis A, O’Connor AM, Drake ER, Rubens FD, Robblee JA, Grant FC,
       Wells PS. A Decision aid for autologous pre-donation in cardiac surgery –
       a randomized trial. Pat Educ Counsel 2006 (June) 61(3): 458-466.

     Research Funding Announcement – CIHR Research Resource Grant

On April 1st, 2006 we received official notice that we were successful with our
Research Resource Grant application to CIHR called “Furthering Innovation in
Thrombosis Research”. Phil Wells is the principal investigator of the grant which
will provide equipment and operating funds of $624,466 over 5 years. The grant
will fund new equipment and research resources in our wet laboratory (the
Thrombosis Genetics Laboratory) and computer equipment for a dry laboratory
(Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory) will provide the capability to analyze complex
genetic traits. The new Thrombosis Genetic laboratory space at the CHEO
Research Institute will be furnished with new equipment in addition to upgrades
to existing technology. Large investments are necessary for a DNA extractor,
real-time PCR, and placenta storage facilities. A cluster of 5 high-end personal
computers will be purchased to analyze complex genetic traits of thrombosis and
a registry database will be created to collect data on patients with venous
thrombosis in unusual locations.

The research resource funding will facilitate several high impact projects, most of
them large-scale cohort studies. This includes understanding genetic predictors
for thrombophilia and VTE, a better understanding of pregnancy complications by
examining placenta tissue and clinical data, and a series of RCTs on the
treatment, diagnosis and the quality of life after a VTE. A better understanding of
these issues can change the diagnosis and treatment of VTE in areas that are
currently not well understood.

        Thrombosis Fellowship Program – Leo Pharma Presentation

On Tuesday May 23rd, 2006 there was a celebration reception held in the Civic
Parkdale Clinic in honour of Leo Pharma’s gift of $10,000.00 to the Thrombosis
Fellowship Program. Areas of research will include basic science, clinical health,
economic and outcomes research. The program’s culture is one of energetic
pursuit of the goal of bettering patients’ lives and this will be reflected in the
research projects undertaken. Mr. Francois Thibault from Leo Pharma accepted
a framed citation from Dr. Wells and Dr. Rodger.

                           Thrombosis Team Activity

Thrombosis Group Activity – Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club: on Friday April 21st, 2006
about twelve staff and family members from the Thrombosis Program went to
Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club and had a great time with the stand-up comics of Kyle
Radhe and Gilson Lubin providing a night full of laughter and light entertainment.

                             Staff Announcements

Marc Carrier: Marc Carrier starts his R5 in Hematology July 1st and
simultaneously his first year of his Clinician Investigator Program (CIP). Through
the CIP he will start his Master’s in Epidemiology with a focus on Thrombosis
The successes keep on coming for Marc. In the month of May, he won the award
for the best Clinical Science Abstract of the Annual Kidney Research Day of TOH
and best oral presentation at the annual Canadian Society Nephrology meeting
for his work on HIT antibodies in Dialysis patients. As impressive is that Marc
was selected to attend ASH's Clinical Research Institute in Dana Point,
California based on his potential as a young clinical investigator. Way to go
Janet Chow: will be working in the Thrombosis Program this summer in a
variety of roles with assistance to the INR clerk and administrative duties for the
Thrombosis Program. Janet just completed her first year of Pharmacy studies at
the University of Toronto and had previously completed two years at the
University of Ottawa for Biopharmaceutical Sciences. Janet will be working out
of the Civic campus.

Dominique St-Georges: started with the Thrombosis Program in February 2006
as a Grade 12 student in the Co-operative Education Program from École
Secondaire Catholique Béatrice-Desloges and will be with us until mid-June.
Dominique has provided great administrative assistance to all in the Thrombosis
Program and has taken on many tasks such as the organization of the OHRI
Thrombosis Research board along the clinic wall on CPC 4th floor and the new
employee Thrombosis Research binder.

Daniel MacDonald: will be working in the Thrombosis Program this summer as
this year’s recipient of the Angela Kramer Summer Research Student Award.
Daniel just completed his second year of medical school from the University of
Ottawa and previously he had graduated with his B.Sc (Hons) from Memorial
University in 2002 and then came to the University of Ottawa to complete his
M.Sc. (with his majors in Microbiology and Immunology). Daniel will be working
with Dr. Wells out of the Civic campus on thrombosis research studies.

Tim Ramsay: Tim is a PhD statistician/methodologist scientist who was recently
appointed to the OHRI, CEP and the Methods Center. Through a formal
arrangement, Tim will be the lead statistician/methodologist for the Thrombosis
Program. Tim will be working out of the General campus. Welcome aboard!

Martha deLacerda Louzada: had a baby boy, Daniel Louzada, on Sunday April
16th, 2006 and he weighed in at birth at 3170g (6lbs 10 oz.). Martha will be
joining us as an international Thrombosis Fellow from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in
November 2006.
Dimitri Scarvelis: and his wife Anne had a baby girl, Maria Eleni Scarvelis, on
Tuesday April 25th, 2006 at 11:18 a.m. at the General Campus and she weighed
in at birth at 7 lbs, 15 oz. Her big brother Lucas was very thrilled to meet her.