Resident Training

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					Resident Training
Your Role in Typhon
1.    Make sure you are registered within the first 30 days of
      starting a residency. Must have an active email account to
      use this system
2.    System access fees
3.    Submitting required forms (Registration form not available
      in Typhon)
4.    Entering cases (able to edit and update at any time)

Residency Director/Faculty
     Evaluate resident’s performance every 3 months via quarterly evaluation forms in Typhon
      Approve/Sign off on case logs entered by your resident
      Upload important documents for resident’s to view about your program
Step 1
    Go to click
     on Data Entry Log-in
Logging Into Typhon

                      1. Enter the Facility Number

                      2. Enter your User Login and

                      Please Note: Once
                      registered, you will receive an
                      email from Robin Seabrook
                      [via Typhon Group] with login

                      3. Click Log In.
                      Click Forgotlogin or
                      Password? To have password
                      /login emailed to you again
                      (may be different)
Student Fees: “Student Pay” Scenario
  The first time resident logs in he/she is directed to an
  online payment page. Access fees must be paid by
  credit card (Amex, Visa, MasterCard or Discover)

     Make sure you choose “Student pay” for the System
      Access Fee.
     Typhon access fee is a separate from NCOPE registration
      fee. Fee is $75.00 for 3 years of access.
     Once credit card is approved, the system will automatically
      activate your account, enabling you to start using the system.
System Information
    •If user immediately gets a “Session Timed Out”
    message after logging in, follow the “Browser
    Settings” instructions that appear on that page. The
    sections on “Cache and “Browser Portals” are
    especially important.

    Session automatically times out after 60 minutes if no
    activity however, data entered up until that point will
    be saved automatically
Resident/Student Features

    •Create Portfolio
    • Individual Reports
    •Access for 3 years (great for
     consecutive residencies)
    •Upload Documents

       See PowerPoint “Introduction to Typhon” at
Navigate from the Main Menu

                  missing info
                  in a case
                  Required to

 To add a patent encounter click “Add New Case Log”
 Run Individual Reports & Update Portfolio
 Complete Evaluations and View Evaluations about You
 “Messages Section” displays Evaluation Due Dates &
 Messages from NCOPE or your Residency Director
Quarterly Evaluations
 From Main Menu, click on

          Next, Click on Evaluation to Complete
          (Resident Can Fill Out These Evaluations Only)

                 View & Make Comments on Evaluations About YOU

                          Click on Evaluation. Then
                          Click Here
Quarterly Evaluations Cont.
                     Electronic Signature Required to
                     Submit Evaluation. Sign by
                     Entering Typhon Password

             If You Try To Submit
             Without Completing The
             Entire Evaluation, You
             Will Get a Message

                  Once Evaluation has been
                  submitted, you can print your
    Which Evaluations Can I fill Out?

        Resident                   Residency Director/Faculty
•   Abstract Coversheet            •First Quarter Evaluation

Directed Study
•                                  •Second Quarter Evaluation

Coversheet                         •Third Quarter Evaluation

•Directed Study                    •Final 12 Month Evaluation
Statement Form
•Resident’s Evaluation of

Residency Program
             Residents can view all evaluations filled out by their
             supervisor on them and make comments only
             Faculty can view all evaluations filled out by their resident
             except the Resident’s Evaluation of the Program Form
Entering Case Logs
•   From the Main Menu, in the Case Log Management Section click
    on Add New Case Log. You Can Also Edit Previous Case Logs.

                                         Next, Input Date or
                                         click “Today”.
                                         Click “Save Data”
Case Logs Cont.
 Enter Required Information in the Case Info
   Screen. Red arrow indicates fields are required.
Case Logs Cont.
•   Indicate Your Role in Treating a Patient. Enter in
    Competency Section on Left Hand Side. (Structure
    modeled after the ABC practice framework)
Other Residency Documents On-line

   •   Abstract & Abstract Coversheet – Form can be found in
       EASI Evaluation section on Main Menu
       (Abstract can be typed/pasted in abstract coversheet)

   •   Directed Study Coversheet – Form can be found in EASI
       Evaluation section on Main Menu
       (Directed Study/Research can be uploaded)

   •    Directed Study Statement Form – Form can be found in
        EASI Evaluation section on Main Menu
       (Electronic Signature Required)
Uploading Documents

              From the main menu, click
              on My External Documents
              Next, click on Add a
Uploading Documents Cont.
 Fill in document information click “Save Data”

        •Faculty can view your list of external documents
        •Faculty cannot view documents in portfolio
Q: Is Typhon Required?
A: Yes. All residents with a start date of June 1, 2010 or
   later are required to use Typhon.

Q: How will NCOPE know if I was evaluated or not?
A: System automatically date stamps all encounters.
   NCOPE will track each resident quarterly based on
   residents start date.

Q: Will I receive email notices when evaluations are due?
A: No. Print a resident schedule from the NCOPE
  website to help your residency director stay on

If you have questions about Typhon, contact Dominique Mungo
                      Phone or by E-Mail

               Phone: (703) 836-7114 Ext. 237