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					                                              GLENDOWIE COLLEGE
                                           Email:                       No 1 February 2011

18 Feb          School Athletic Sports                          13 – 15 Mar         Year 13 Northland History Trip
21 – 25 Feb     Summerfest                                      13 – 15 Mar         Year 12 Geography Tongariro Trip
21 – 22 Feb     Year 12 Outdoor Education First Aid Course      15 Mar              East Auckland Athletics Championships
22 Feb          Year 9 ALP Afternoon, 5.00pm                    16 – 19 Mar         Year 12 P.E. Camp Line 1
22 Feb          PPTA Paid Union Meeting. School finishes        21 Mar              Greater Auckland Athletics Championships
                at 12.10pm
23 Feb          Board of Trustees Meeting, 6.00pm               22 Mar              Year 13 Geography Piha Trip
24 Feb          Auckland S.S. Aquathon, St Kentigerns           23 Mar              Board of Trustees Meeting, 6.00pm
1 Mar           Follow up day missed Photolife photos           27 – 30 Mar         Year 12 P.E. Camp Line 3
3 Mar           Year 11 Road Safety Awareness Programme         28 Mar – 1 Apr      Summer Tournament Week
8 Mar           Year 10 ALP Afternoon                           31 Mar              Year 12 Biology Rocky Shore Trip
11 Mar          Auckland Arts Festival (Drama)                  1 – 3 Apr           50th Jubilee


2011 Provisional Results - Record High NCEA, Literacy and Numeracy Results
In the year of the 50th anniversary, the College has recorded the highest results since the inception of NCEA in 2002.
The College has performed well above the national average and has shown an upward trend of improvement each
year since NCEA’s inception. The College currently out-performs other co-educational schools of similar decile
rating. The Numeracy Requirements were especially outstanding this year and the percentage of those who gained
Literacy Requirements was also very high. The trend for NCEA Level 2 (Year 12) and Level 3 (Year 13) has
continued to show strong success as has those gaining entry qualifications to University. Since NCEA
Endorsements has been introduced, the same upward trend of increasing Merit and Excellence results is evident.
These are healthy indicators showing that the College continues to perform well and rates as a successful academic
school nationally.
Table of Results
                                                                                    National     Decile 9       Decile 10
                                                   Glendowie       National
                      NCEA                                                           (Co-Ed       (Co-Ed         (Co-Ed
                                                    College      (All Schools)
                                                                                    Schools)     Schools)       Schools)
   NCEA Level 1
   Gained Level 1 (80 or more credits including
                                                      81.6            73.5              70.5       77.9            83.7
   8 literacy and numeracy credits)
   Gained Literacy Requirements                       87.3            87.4              75.3       82.0            75.2
   Gained Numeracy Requirements                       99.5            86.6              84.8       90.6            78.9
   NCEA Level 2
   Gained Level 2 (80 or more credits with 60 at
                                                      91.2            79.2              76.5       83.5            86.2
   Level 2 or higher)
   NCEA Level 3
   Gained Level 3 (80 or more credits with 60 at
                                                      83.7            72.8              70.6       72.9            83.0
   Level 3 or higher)
   Gained Entry Qualifications into University        84.3            64.9              61.5       68.2            77.2

                                                 We are 50!
If any students weren’t aware that 2011 marks the 50th Jubilee of Glendowie College, they will be now after our two
photoshoots last week! On Tuesday we had an aerial photo taken by Mr Brad Church (Skycam) which involved all
students and staff out on the field arranged in the shape of the number ‘50’ and the school crest. Then on Thursday
we had a formal whole school photo taken by Photolife Studios in the style of the 1961 whole school photo (only
with considerably more people!) A lot of our neighbours would have noticed the helicopter circling – or seen the
huge line up of students out on the field.

                                                                   Both photos will be published in the Jubilee
                                                                   book which Mrs Margaret Playle is compiling
                                                                   with assistance from past staff members and
                                                                   students. They will also be on display at the
                                                                   college for the Jubilee.
Glendowie College 50th Jubilee Celebrations (Friday 1 April – Sunday 3 April, 2011)
Make sure you mark these Jubilee dates in your diary and invite all past staff and students. Registrations are now
open on our website where there is further information about the Jubilee events. http://www.glendowie-

Reunion Programme

     Friday Night 1 April 2011                    Mix & Mingle at the College
                                                  Open Family Day at the College, Activities and
     Saturday 2 April 2011
                                                  Entertainment, Decade Photos, Sports Events, Memorabilia
     Saturday Night 2 April 2011                  Reunion Dinner at Ellerslie Function Centre

     Sunday Morning 3 April 2011                  Morning Tea & Farewells at the College

                                                                         Hosts for the Reunion Dinner on Saturday
                                                                         2 April will be well known Glendowie
                                                                         College identities, Mr Noel Playle and
                                                                         Mrs Meg Riwai.

                                                                         Visit our website to register and for
                                                                         more detailed information about the

Class and ID Photos
Class and student ID photos (for ID cards) were taken last Monday.
ID cards are expected this week and class photos will not be long away.
Any students who missed out on getting ID photos taken will have the opportunity to be photographed when the
Photolife team revisit the College on Tuesday 1 March at 8.45 am.
The Year 13 entire group photos will cost $20 as will the whole school photo.
Order envelopes for these large size photos will be made available to students in the near future.
2011 Student Leaders Announced
Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to be our school leaders for 2011. Leaders are
chosen through a selection process which includes staff and student voting. The final decision is made by the Senior
Leadership Team and Deans.

Head Prefects:                         Arts Leaders:                          Sports Leaders:
Anna Schuck & Nicholas Finch           Freya Sawbridge & Harry Willis         Cara Blanchard & Max Millett

Back Row: Liam Fisher, Nicholas Hutton, Richard Oliver, Matthew Phillips-Rudowski (Deputy Head Prefect),
Nicholas Finch (Head Prefect) , Brandon James, Justin Cramer-Roberts, Thomas O’Connell, Timothy Hoskins.
Front Row: Robyn Moore, Stephanie Colenbrander, Nicola Tuckey, Robyn Iminitoff, Anna Schuck (Head Prefect),
Naomi Gribble (Deputy Head Prefect) , Jackie Barrett, Aye Nyint Paing, Kate Young.
Spirit Group:
Back Row: Jack Callaghan, Michael Brown, Patrick Hurley, Callum Wood, Leo Kiely, Conor Till, Callum Murray,
Max Carson, Nicholas Thomas, Jacob Baker.
Front Row: Anna Tyndall, Louise Haslam, Megan Stericker, Charlotte Crowther, Sophie Jackson, Stephanie Field,
Helen Willis, Melanie Cottrell, Elana Cukier.

Welcome to the new Year 9 Students
Tuesday 1 February was a very special day for around 200 new Year 9 students. It was their first day at College and
following a traditional Maori Powhiri (Welcome Ceremony) performed by our Kapa Haka group, the new students
met their Form Teachers and were shown around the College by their Year 13 Peer Support Leaders. The Year 13
students entertained them with various ‘getting to know you’ activities. The day ended with an Assembly in the Hall
and iceblocks to eat on the way home.

Year 9 students practice their waiata (song) before       The Kapa Haka group welcome the new students and
the Powhiri                                               staff in a moving powhiri ceremony
Peer Support leaders show the new students the              At the end of their first day of College, Year 9
Reading Room.                                               students enjoy a refreshing iceblock.

New Staff
We would like to introduce the new staff who have joined our College this year. In particular we would like to
welcome back former students Aidan Salmon and Jason Crummer who join us in the Sports Department.

Back Row: Mr Aidan Salmon (P.E.), Mr Jason Crummer (Sports Coordinator), Mrs Willa Henvest (Technology),
Mrs Ranji Prakash (Science, Chemistry)
Front Row: Ms Zohra Trinder (English & Media), Ms Carol Reid (Maori part –time), Mrs Joanne Fraser
(Mathematics), Mr John Goodier (Media)

                                 Inset: Ms Fiona Smith (P.E., Science)
The Advanced Learning Programme at Glendowie College

Adjectives that spring to mind when people think of students in the Advanced Learning Programmes at the College
are: “determined”, “focused” and, yes, “smart.” However, contrary to the stereotype, we are not social outcasts or
nerds and bullying does not exist in the Advanced Learning Programme in which a maximum of sixty students
participate in Years 9 and 10. We enjoy challenge, competition and even … fun! The programme’s benefits
outweigh the hard work and lots of homework we have to do. We learn to strive for excellence in everything we do
and we learn to be leaders. For example, our 2011 school leaders, Head and Deputy Head Prefects along with most
of the Prefects, are products of the Advanced Learning Programme. The ALP is a fantastic opportunity to find the
right balance between academic and extra-curricular activities.
Here are some tips for all those in the ALP:
try hard and push yourself to beat everyone’s expectations, be positive – the ALP is about learning in a new and
exciting way and have fun and find the right balance!

This year the Advanced Learning Programme students in Year 10 will undertake many community-based activities to
mentor and support new students in Year 9 ALP classes. All students in the programme know that learning is
paramount and we are the richer for it. ALP students are happy, we’re social, and yes, we’re smart too!
by Holly Parkes and Rebecca Chan (10JAN)

International Students

                                                                                      From left to right:
                                                                                      Yi Fei Yang,
                                                                                      Rattaya Suntichotinunt,
                                                                                      Zhi Ying Zhang,
                                                                                      Ying Ling Lo,
                                                                                      Chiharu Maeda,
                                                                                      Mengdan Yu

It is not only year 9 students who are new to the College. Above is a group of our new international students
photographed outside the Library Information Centre on their first day of College.
The International students had an introduction day the week before school began.

ARA Lodge Arts Award
Top Year 13 art student from 2010, Ximena Smith received a $1000 award from the Ara Masonic Lodge in an
Awards Ceremony last week. For six years the Lodge has generously supported art students throughout central
Auckland by making an annual award of $1000 to one student from each school. Miss Massey was one of the guest
speakers along with former student, Kimberley Torrie who is now at Auckland University studying Art and Design.
Ms Massey spoke of how the awards are a wonderful recognition of the value of art and an encouragement for
students to pursue art at tertiary level.

                                                                           Former Glendowie College recipients
                                                                           of the Ara Award include Ryan Monro
                                                                           who is currently working at Christies in
                                                                           London and Alexey Botkov who has
                                                                           worked for Weta Productions and is
                                                                           currently designing digital games.

                                                                           The photo shows Ms Massey,
                                                                           Kimberley Torrie, Mr Geoff Grenfell
                                                                           (Ara Lodge) with Ximena Smith and
                                                                           Mrs Lynne Smith.

New Zealand Senior Girls 4 x 100m Relay Team Silver Medalists

                                                 Congratulations to the Senior Girls Relay team
                                                 (Chelsea Smith, Ximena Smith, Sally Wilkins and Kathryn Leijh)
                                                 who were placed second in the 4 x 400 metres relay at the New
                                                 Zealand Secondary School Amateur Athletics Track and Field
                                                 Championships in December 2010.

                                                 Further details of their success and how the rest of the team got
                                                 on are printed below in the Sports notices.
Junior Speech Competition Results December 2010
1st Year 10 Speech Cup - Timothy Roughton, 2nd - Jennifer Newton, 3rd - Hasib Deendost, Highly Commended -
Gabriel Rutherford

1st Year 9 - Adam Szentes, 2nd - Stephen Ellis, 3rd - Rebecca Chan, Highly Commended - Adam White, Holly
Parkes, Danni Wilson

The Junior Prizegiving 2010
On the final day of the 2010 school year we held our Junior Prizegiving ceremony. This formal event provided the
opportunity for us to acknowledge the academic successes of our Year 9 and 10 students. Guest speaker was past
student Gavin Beinart-Smollan.

Special Awards
                                     Junior Languages Cup                    Lucas Haugh
                                     The Gibb Cup                            Steven Yee
                                     Night of the Notables
                                     The Trenwith Cup                        Vikki McAdam & Tal Whiteside
                                     1st in Year 10 English
                                     Speech Cup Year 9                       Adam Szentes
                                     Speech Cup Year 10                      Timothy Roughton
                                     Graphics Cup                            Ko Chieh Shiung
                                     Music Shield                            Lucas Haugh
                                     Miss Griff Trophy                       Elizabeth Mayo-Smith
                                     Best Girl in Physical Education
                                     ESL Reading Award Year 9                Sasha Goldberg
                                     ESL Reading Award Year 10               Yuko Miyamoto
Special Awards (cont)
Lino Nelisi Junior Reading Award                  Rebecca Tuckey
Diligence Awards                                  Ryan Yee & Katrina Sneath
Presented by the Parents’ Association to a boy and girl for consistent effort which may not be recognised through
other Awards
The New Zealand Pride Cup                         Hasibeh Deendost
For a high level of pride in school community and country
Top Scholar Year 9-Cup                            Rebecca Chan
Presented by T S Wong
Top Scholar Year 10-Cup                           Eileen Song
Presented by Parents’ Association
Junior Leadership Cup                             Elizabeth Mayo-Smith
Presented by the Rotary Club of Auckland East
This is presented to a student in Year 9 or 10 who has shown the greatest leadership in the Junior School.
The Groves Cup                                    Rebecca Tuckey
For the most outstanding all-rounder in Year 10 for academic, activities, service

Wider Living Day 2010
Year 9 and 10 students enjoyed two days of rest and relaxation at the end of 2010. The Year 9 students went to
Rainbows End and Waiwera Hot Pools while the Year 10 students had a choice of several outdoor activities
including Snorkelling, Mountain Biking, Horseriding, and Paintball.

Report on the NZSSAA Track & Field Nationals and Road Running Nationals
The New Zealand Secondary Schools Track and Field Championships were held in Hastings on 11 & 12 December
2010. Eleven athletes represented Glendowie College at this major and prestigious event which is also New
Zealand’s largest athletics event.

Five athletes competed in the Road Race: Riandri de Bruyn – 28th Year 9 Girls (12:47 minutes), Sally Wilkins – 11th
Senior Girls 4km (15:10 minutes), Cara Blanchard – 56th Senior Girls 4km (18:52 minutes), Bevin Liang – 73rd Junior
Boys 4km (16:20 minutes) and Craig McGregor – 83rd Senior Boys 6km (26:31 minutes).

The Track and Field athletes were:
Ximena Smith – 5th in Final Senior Girls 800 metres (2:16:00 minutes), Riandri de Bruyn – 5th in heats, Junior Girls
80 metres Hurdles (15:19 seconds), Kathryn Leijh – 6th in heats, Senior Girls 100 metres (13:51 seconds) and 8th in
semi final Senior Girls 200 metres (27:63 seconds), Chelsea Smith – 6th in quarter final Senior Girls 200 metres
(27:89 seconds), Nicholas Thomas – 8th in quarter final Senior Boys 200 metres (24:75 seconds) and 7th in quarter
final Senior Boys 100 metres (11:87 seconds), Diamant Pireva – 26th Junior Boys Shot Put (9.55 metres).

The 4 x 400 metres Senior Girls Relay (Chelsea Smith, Ximena Smith, Sally Wilkins and Kathryn Leijh) provided
some great excitement as the team came up against strong competition from schools like Tauranga Girls College,
Wanganui Collegiate, Baradene College, Mt Albert Grammar and Epsom Girls Grammar.
The Glendowie girls beat all these teams to record their best-ever result in this race, coming second to St Margaret’s
College in the excellent time of 4:09:81 minutes. The team’s Silver Medal was well-earned and next year the
Glendowie College girls will enter the 4 x 400 metres relay with the #2 ranking in New Zealand.
The Glendowie College athletes were enthralled to see one of the finest individual performances of the
Championship as 17-year old Jacko Gill from Takapuna Grammar three times broke the existing world 5kg Shot Put
record for his age group to set a new record of 23.86 metres. His new world record is 63 centimetres further than the
previous one held by Krzysztof Brzozowski of Poland.

As always the behaviour of the Glendowie College athletes both on and off the track was exemplary and the College
has every reason to be proud of all the athletes who took part.
Alan Goldman

GDC Nationals team:
(From top left) Diamant Pireva, Bevin Liang, (middle row) Nicholas Thomas, Cara Blanchard, Riandri de Bruyn,
Craig McGregor, (front row) Alan Goldman (Coach), Chelsea Smith, Kathryn Leijh, Sally Wilkins, Ximena Smith,
Elspeth Wilkins (Manager).

Thanks to Mr Goldman and Mrs Wilkins for travelling to Hastings with the team and congratulations to everyone
involved for representing Glendowie College so well. Special congratulations to the senior girls for bringing home
the Silver Relay medal.

Homestay R
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International Student, Sh                           e
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                          zune will arriv in March, do some
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beginning of Term Two. She plans to complete her High
School study here.
S                                      ho
Shizune is a 15 years olld female wh sings in a choir at
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"sister" about her age.

All       s                      son@domini
A enquiries to: Alyson Craig; alys                      nz
L                     8          mail; lwalker
Lesley Walker; 575 9128 Ext 125 em           r@glendowi   

College Com
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          mmunicato Publication Dates 2011

 Term 1                                                        Term 3
 Thursday, 17 February               y,
                              Thursday 24 March                T
                                                               Thursday, 25 A
                                                                            August                2
                                                                                       Thursday, 22 September

 Term 2                                                        Term 4
 Thursday, 26 May                    y,
                              Thursday 30 June                 Thursday, 10 N
                                                               T            November

T Commun                   means of informing our co
              nicator is a m                                                  tes      nts.
                                                      ommunity of important dat and even
              d            t            f
It is also used to highlight the range of activities an achieveme in which our student are involve
                                                      nd           ents       h        ts        ed.

T      VE
A you at th end of yo tether or at your wits end?
Are          he          our           r            s
With         rn          hool
W the retur of the Sch Year par        rents are ofte ready to a
                                                    en                     bling behavio from their teens.
                                                               address troub           our        r
W can help you to help y  your family. Toughlove r                         port        and        r
                                                    runs weekly Parent Supp Groups a can offer support,
strategies and solutions to troubling te
s                         o            eenage behaviour.
Want        w
W to know more?
Contact www w.toughlove.o             4
                or 624 4363.

H        ted
House want
Responsible small family needs a 3 be
R                                   edroom home to rent in th area. References are available. They have be
                                                             his                 e            T          een
            home for 5 1/ years and now it is being sold. Please contact B on 575 6
in the same h           /2                                               Ban      6184 or 027 3299111.
2011 – 2012 Entertainment Book
The new 2011/12 Entertainment Book will be launched in the first week of April and will again sell for $65.00
Purchase your copy from the school and the Glendowie College Parents Association will receive $13 for fundraising
for each book sold.
Help support the School by buying a book and you'll receive over $15000 in valuable offers which you can use all
year. Choose what you want to do and when you want to do it with valuable 50% off, 25% off and 2 for 1 offers all
valid until 1st June 2012.
Entertainment Books feature the best restaurants, attractions, cinemas, sports, hotel accommodation and much
more. New additions to this years book include Meredith's, Sid Art, ‘Dine’ by Peter Gordon, The Long Room, Dida's,
Union Post Brew Bar, Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers and Event Cinemas.
These combined with regular favourites such as Hammerheads, Banque, Mikano, Soi Japanese, Wagamama, Lone
Star, Kelly Tarltons and the Auckland Zoo make the 2011/12 edition the best Entertainment Book ever!
And for a limited time, if you order your new copy before 31st March, you will receive a sheet of 6 bonus
vouchers from businesses new to the Book.

Gateway 2011
The Gateway programme is now up and running for 2011 with 25 places being available to senior students. Since
2009 40 students from Years 11-13 have participated in Gateway. The purpose of the programme is:
     To assist students with career planning by offering practical experience in a workplace of their interest.
     Provide additional opportunities for students to gain NCEA credits by completion of unit or achievement
         standards which relate directly to where they are working.
     Enable young people to make connections between what they are learning at school and what knowledge
         and skills are needed at work.
Other advantages are that students develop confidence about entering the workforce and what they can achieve, as
well as getting information and advice about future directions and study options.
Students need to be highly motivated and well organised as the programme is an additional demand to the normal
school load and will require independent study.
Work experience is undertaken for 7-15 days and can be completed during the holidays or a combination of school
and holiday time.
There is a selection process which includes an application form, letter and interview.
To apply students can get an application form from the Careers Office in Room 44.

Parent Trust: Being the Mum or Dad you want to be
Feeling tired or noticing the stress?
Are you wanting better communication with your child or children?
Parent Trust offers a programme for you, ‘Being the Mum or Dad You Want to be’.
Courses deal with the day to day stresses, help you feel more confident, and help you develop new and creative
approaches to parenting.
The courses which are practical and relevant to you and your family are starting in several Auckland locations from
14th February.
Visit the Parent Trust website or phone (09) 3760400 to find out more.
Parent Trust is a not for profit organisation which has operated in Auckland for sixteen years.
The Trust is funded by grants and parents pay a small donation when they attend the programmes.
Year 12 English Students
Special Price on Mahobe NCEA Level 2 English Study Book.
Write on workbook for all the current Level 2 achievement standards – both internals and externals.
This book features Excellence examples of all the standards written by Glendowie College Students.
RRP $19.95 Special price for Glendowie College students only $10 each while stocks last.
Order at the Accounts Office.

NCEA STUDYCARDS $13.50 (rrp $18.50)
Written and edited by experienced teachers a year's work on a keyring
REVISION GUIDES $14.50 (rrp $19.50)
include worked answers and full 2009 and 2010 exam papers
Buy direct: to order or txt 021 82573.

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