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Pay it Foward Movie Assignment


									                              RELIGION – Ms. SM                     “PAY IT FORWARD”
                              Topic: Forgiveness
                              This film addresses forgiveness head on. The alcoholic mother, Arlene (Helen
                              Hunt), struggles with the alcoholism and abuse in her own past, holding her
                              mother responsible for all that happened. Her grudge against her mother kept
                              their relationship at a distance.

                              Arlene comes to a point in the movie where she is compelled to follow her son's
                              example and help someone in a way they can't help themselves. She realizes that
                              the help that her mother needs is forgiveness for the past. Arlene seeks her
                              mother out and basically tells her, "You know all the drinking, all the men, all the
                              stuff that happened to me that shouldn't have . . . I FORGIVE YOU!" A powerful

 Viewing Questions – Some of these questions will be answered in the credits… so watch
 carefully! Not all the questions are in order…

1. Who played Trevor McKinney?

          David Ramsey

          Kevin Spacey

          Haley Joel Osment

          Jay Mohr

2. What year was 'Pay It Forward' released?




3. What grade is Trevor in?




          He doesn't go to school
4. How old was Eugene Simonet when he was burned?




5. Who burned him?

          His mother

          His father

          His brother
          A drunk driver
6. Catherine Ryan Hyde wrote the novel, but who wrote the screenplay? ***Bonus Question* Watch credits carefully.

          Jude Devereaux

          Steven Spielberg

          Mary Higgins Clark

          Leslie Dixon
7. What was the name of rock star Jon Bon Jovi's character?

          Ricki McKinney


          Eugene Simonet

8. What was the woman on the bridge going to do?

          fooling around – pretending to jump

          ready to jump – end her life

          trying to feed the ducks

          have her coffee
9. Who directed the movie?

          Garry Marshall

          Norman Lear

          Penny Marshall

          Mimi Leder
10. What was the first name of the drug addict?




11. What acting pair played Eugene Simonet and Arlene McKinney?

          Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt

          Val Kilmer and Helen Hunt

          Kevin Spacey and Julia Roberts

          Jim Belushi and Helen Hunt
12. Which state does this movie take place in?



13. What is the name of the building where Kevin Spacey's character lives?

      Answer:                                   (Two Words Starts With 'The')
14. How many years did Arlene say she and Trevor's father had been together?




15. What is the name of the homeless guy that Trevor helps?




16. What kind of cereal were Trevor and his friend eating?

          Capt'N Crunch


          Crunch Berries

          Peanut Butter Capt'N Crunch
17. When people are late, what does Eugene think that means?

          They don't respect him

          They don't like him

          They don't care about him

          They are irresponsible
18. What happened to Eugene?

          He was in a bad car accident

          His father set him on fire

          His house caught on fire

19. Who played Trevor's father?

          Jon Bon Jovi

          Steven Tyler


          Fred Durst
20. What does 'Pay It Forward' mean?
          Three big favors for three other people

          They never say

          Paying someone back

          I have no idea
21. How old does Trevor turn in this movie?




22. When Trevor, Eugene and Arlene are watching wrestling, which two wrestlers are wrestling?

          Rey Mysterio Jr and Billy Kidman

          Kevin Nash and Shane Helms

          Buff Bagwell and Vampiro

          Billy Kidman and Vampiro
23. On a few occasions, why does Arlene get upset with Eugene?

          He keeps using big words she can't understand

          He says mean things about Trevor

          He disrespects her

          He makes fun of her lack of education
24. Do Eugene and Arlene end up together?

      Answer:                                       (Yes or No)
25. What class does Trevor have with Eugene Simonet?

          Environmental Science


          Social Studies

26. Which friend does Trevor always try to save?




27. What was the name of the homeless man Trevor helped ?



28. Who took Chris (the reporter) to Trevor's birthday party?

          Mr. Simonet

          His mother

          Trevor's grandmother

          His father
29. Why doesn't Trevor's mom want Chris at the party?

          He is Trevor's father

          She doesn't like reporters

          She doesn't want to fall in love with him

          She thinks Pay it Forward failed
30. What was the last thing Eugene saw when he was being set on fire?

          His mom laughing

          Trevor paying it forward

          His mom and dad eating dinner

          His father laughing
31. What happens to one of the male characters?

          He was shot

          He had cancer

          He was pushed off of a house

          He was stabbed
32. What was shown at the end of the movie?

          A candlelight vigil

          A funeral

          His murderer's trial

          An airplane
33. Who wrote the book that the movie was based on?

          K. A. Applegate

          Catherine Ryan Hyde

          J. K. Rowling

          Rose Ann Gallaudet

 Post – Viewing Short Answer Questions
 1. What's the real conflict in this movie?
2. Why do you suppose the writer chose “that” particular ending to the movie? What would be the point?

3. How does Jerry help bring closure to the story?

4. How could you help the "pay it forward" concept move from fiction to reality?

5. Would the story have been as powerful without the “monkey wrench” of Trevor's father?

6. What is the theme of the story?

7. Compare one of Trevor's lines with the theme: "I guess it's hard for people who are so used to things the way
they are, even if they're bad, to change."

8. Why is the character of Jerry a key to the movie?

Post Viewing Discussion Questions:

1. Arlene cut off relations with her mom because she was so mad for all the bad things, all the
"unforgivable" things that had happened in her past. Is there such a thing as an unforgivable

Are there people that we know or were once close to us who are hard to forgive?

2. Arlene realized that she alone had the power to finally forgive her mom. If we alone have the
power to forgive someone who has hurt us, why don't we do it?

3.Have you ever done something to someone that made it hard for them to forgive you? Did you
want their forgiveness, even if you didn't deserve it?

Wrap Up:

Read John 8:1-11. This woman was caught in the act. Yet Jesus forgave her saying, "Then I don't
condemn you." Think of something that you have done wrong in the past--a time when you really messed
up bad, a time when you had trouble forgiving yourself. How would that make you feel to know that Jesus
forgave you?

Read Matthew 18:21-35. Jesus told this story to let us know how serious he is about forgiveness. We
aren't worthy of forgiveness, yet he gives it to us. We need to follow his example and extend it to others.
How does this passage from Matthew connect to the movie?
      Kevin Spacey as Eugene Simonet
      Helen Hunt as Arlene McKinney
      Haley Joel Osment as Trevor McKinney
      Jay Mohr as Chris Chandler
      James Caviezel as Jerry
      Angie Dickinson as Grace
      Jon Bon Jovi as Ricky McKinney

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