Fundraising Report - KHASA FUNDRAISING by wuxiangyu


									                                 FUNDRAISING REPORT – KHASA AGM
                                     WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 2010

As a school fair was put on in February 2010, KHASA ran fewer additional fundraisers this school year. The
following is an overview of the three fundraisers undertaken during the 2009/2010 school year:

Entertainment Books
Entertainment Books continues to be a very successful fundraiser for KHASA offering savings on travel,
restaurants, shopping and services. The books sell for $30 and the sale period runs for two weeks at the
beginning of the school year. Usually, we advertise the sale of the books by sending home information to
families; however, this year we sent an Entertainment Book home to each Keating family to allow them the
opportunity to review the books. As a result, we sold 202 Entertainment books (versus about 150 the previous
year) for a net profit of $1,619.71.

Vesey Bulbs
The second fundraiser of the year was the sale of spring bulbs in September. This was the second time this
fundraiser was held by KHASA. The bulbs were purchased from Veseys which has an excellent fundraising
support program. Veseys also provided 15 free daffodil bulbs to the school to plant for every $150.00 sold.
Volunteer classes planted the free bulbs on the school grounds. The net profit for this fundraiser was $ 702.50.

A Keating clothing fundraiser was held in November 2009. We offered the following items sporting the
Keating logo: t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants and stainless steel water bottles. Extra clothing was ordered to have
a supply available for sale at the fair and throughout the year and into next year as this fundraiser only runs
every few years. Although we are not showing a profit at this point, we fully anticipate that our inventory will
sell and a profit will be realized.

Respectfully prepared and presented by:
Karin Johnston

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