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February Ski Club Meeting


									                                                            The COASTAL SKI
                                                            & OUTING CLUB
                                                             March 2011 Newsletter

                                          March Club Meeting
                             Zulu Lounge & Bistro on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011
                               6 pm to 8:30 pm - 9668 N Kings Hwy, MB - 877-533-9858 (zulu)
                             Located in Galleria Shopping Center - In the old "Shaggies" Nightclub
                       Please contact Tom Middleton 843-446-2209 for more information.

                                            Letter from our President 
    Greetings Everyone:
             On February 8th, we actually had two club meetings.  The majority of our club membership met 
    at The Boathouse.  However, the skiers in the club met (at the same date and time) at Mt. Rose in 
    Reno Nevada.   
             As we continue to strive to make information available to our club members, we have created 
    a Facebook page for The Coastal Ski & Outing Club.  Please visit the page and let us know what you 
    think.  If you would like to be “tagged” in photos that you appear, please friend the ski club on 
             At this point, a few of us are getting ready to join the rest of Crescent in Ogden Utah.  
    Hopefully, the snow in Utah will be up to their standards; which we are truly looking forward to.  Also 
    on the crescent front, the annual spring convention returns to Myrtle Beach April 28th thru May 1st.  
    Please mark your calendars and plan on attending.  It’s a great way to interact with other members of 
    The Crescent Ski Council.  More details will appear in the crescent section of our newsletter.  
             Please take advantage of some of our upcoming activities; which our activities chairs have 
    worked tirelessly to provide for you. See you all soon.   
    Your Prez, Dave Salisch
                                           Coastal Ski & Outing Club
                                           The Best Place on the Grand Strand
                                                 For Fun and Friends!

              2010-2011 BOARD MEMBERS                                                       MARCH ACTIVITIES
      Members                   Yr 2009               Tele #               Tues, Mar 8 @ 4 pm Mardi Gras Celebration @Flo’s Place
President                  David Salisch          910-579-5503                      3797 Hwy 17, Murrells Inlet – 843-651-7222
VP Activities              Carolyn Watson         843-455-1874            We will be celebrating Fat Tuesday New Orleans style. This is
                           Carolyn McMillan       843-874-3077            the best Mardi Gras party in MB & will be lots of fun with music
VP Meetings                Tom Middleton          843-446-2209            by Kat Stevens & dancing. Grab your mask & beads & “yall
Membership                 Dee Middleton          843-455-4913            come & bring a friend. RSVP to Carol @ 843-874-3077.
                           Chris Bykowicz         n/a
Treasurer                  Curt Miel              843-357-2420               Sunday, March 13th – 2:30-5:00 pm - An Invitation
Secretary /Media           Linda Kouche           843-267-7779                        Greg Norman’s Australian Grill in BF
Publicity                  Cynthia Walters        843-457-0991                     Supporting our Wounded Warriors Benefit
Newsletter &Website                               843-390-0992            Music, delicious hors d’oeuvre, happy hour drinks & lots of fun!
Database            Boyd Walters                  843-390-0993            Donation: $8.00 per person; $15 per couple.
Directors           Boyd Walters                  843-390-0993            Please RSVP - email:
                    Joe Allen                     843-238-8591            Christina Shealy, Scents for Soldiers - 843-458-5873
                    Guy Stahr                     843-650-5428            Cynthia Walters, Support our Troops - 843-457-0991
                    Ray Burton                    843-325-9293
Crescent Rep        Faith Campbell                843-455-0606                            Thursday, March 17 – 4:00 pm
Past President      Susan Arzberger               843-457-1984                   St. Patrick’s Day Celebration @Finn McCool's
                                                                                    501 Lake Arrowhead Rd, MB – 843-449-7616
 For info on the following call Tom Middleton 843-446-                    Every year this is one exciting celebration complete with great
    2209 or email                         food, including corned beef & cabbage, green beer, bagpipes,
            MARCH MEMBERSHIP MEETING                                      live music & sing-a-longs. This is one of the best ways to
             Tuesday, March 8 –- 6 pm - 8:30 pm                           celebrate the “wearin of the green”. We’ll meet @ about
                    Zulu Lounge & Bistro                                  4 pm & the party keeps going until sometime around 11 pm.
         9668 N Kings Hwy, MB - 877-533-9858 (zulu)                       Hope to see you there! Bring a friend! (Reminder Ritz coupon
    Galleria Shopping Ctr - In the old "Shaggies" Nightclub.              cannot be used on St. Patty’s Day.) Call Carol 843-874-3077.
                                                                                   Friday, March 25 – 6:30 pm - Luigi’s at 61st
                                                                                        503 61st Avenue, MB - 843-497-7080
                                                                          This will be our 1st dinner together using the Ritz book. Great
      Monday, March 21st –- 6 pm Social -7 pm Mtg                         Italian cuisine & entrees range from $12.95 to $26.95. Please
           Cynthia & Boyd Walters’s house                                 call Carol @843-874-3077 by 3/23 for reservations to be made
               BYOB & a snack to share.                                   & so everyone can have a seat with the group.

              APRIL MEMBERSHIP MEETING                                                     Thursday, March 31 @ 6 pm
     Tuesday, April 12, 2011 -– 6 pm Social -7 pm Mtg                            Bingo @The Boathouse Waterway Bar & Grill
           Texas Roadhouse Grill 843-839-9944                             201 Outlet Blvd, MB - 843-903-2628 – A FREE activity.
  760 Coastal Grand Circle - Located near Coastal Grand Mall              Located near the old Waccamaw Pottery. This is a great bingo
  From the North, Take 17 Bypass South & turn into The Mall               game & draws a good crowd. Some great prizes are offered
area just past HWY 501 & take the circle to the right to the grill.       including restaurant gift certificates. Please RSVP to Carol at
   From the South, Take 17 Bypass North & turn into The Mall              843-874-3077 so that we can get everyone seated together.
    area just before HWY 501 & circle to the right to the grill.
                                                                                               APRIL ACTIVITIES
       NOTICE FROM OUR ACTIVITIES CHAIRS                                            Friday, April 8 @ 6 pm - Dinner & Movie
      Dinner with the Ritz Entertainment Book                                  Ultimate California Pizza then Market Common Theatre
 The Anniversary Edition Ritz Book features over 375 dinners &
lunches with 248 being Buy 1, Get 1 Free @MB’s finest eateries.            Saturday, April 9 @2:00 pm - Bicycle the Grand Strand
   We will be using this book for some of our outings. Book is            Are you ready for another bike trek? This will be an easy one.
  $25 & can be purchased @the Coles Jewelers, 1102 Hwy 17                 Meet @Susan's condo by 2 pm & we'll take off & bike the new
 So, NMB or call Ritz at 843-437-7288, to have the book mailed            Grand Dunes trail that runs parallel to 17 Bypass & up near Rt
     (shipping cost of $2.00.) Pls see website for more info.             31. If that's too tame or not long enough, we can cruise
                                                                          around the beautiful Pine Lakes area. After bicycling, we'll have
        FROM OUR NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE                                     a simple BBQ (probably hotdogs) in Susan's back yard. If
                                                                          anyone would like to join us for the cookout only, that’s OK.
 We now have a Newsletter Conversion Support Team
                                                                          Just let Susan know. Please BYOB for both the bike ride &
who can provide you with personal assistance should you                   picnic. Susan has an extra bike if anyone needs to borrow one.
   need it, by coming to your home & help with the                        Richard Kerner, Bicycles n Gear, has bikes he will rent out if he
 configuration of your home computer. Call either Ray                     knows in advance. Looking forward to seeing all you bikers.
 Burton 843-325-9293 &/or Dave Salisch 910-579-5503

  Crescent Ski Council Sponsored Future Ski Trips                                        TOM’S LET’S PARTY HAPPY HOURS
                                                                                            On Wednesdays - 6 pm to 8:30 pm
                                                                                         Free nibbles, fun & 50-50 & even win prizes.
                                                                                          For info call Tom Middleton (843) 446-2209
                                           Socialize, network, bring a friend, see old friends & make new.
    News from Faith our Crescent Rep                                                            Wednesday, March 2nd
   Faith Campbell 843-455-0606                                Benjamin’s Original Seafood on Hwy 17 bus
Ogden: March 12-19 - Last trip includes 7 nights lodging, 5 days                     in Restaurant Row (across from Comedy Cabana).
ski lift tickets & lots of extras. Fly out of Charleston w/ members
from the Charleston Ski Club. Arrangements can be made for                                       Wednesday, March 9th
non-skiers, who simply want to enjoy the countryside, touring                     Martini’s Piano Bar - 98 Hwy 17S, NMB - 843-249-1134
the mountains & maybe go snow mobiling, Ground $1,026, plus
airfare.                                                  Wednesday, March 16th -                                         Dino’s Italian & Greek Restaurant in Barefoot Landing
                                                                                4926 Hwy 17S, NMB (Was the Old LeGrand Alaskan Seafoot
               Crescent Ski Spring Convention                                     located next to Fire Island across from Greg Norman’s)
          April 28-May 1 - Cost $25, for all 4 days
Plan on joining other Crescent ski clubs when about 250 club                                  Wednesday, March 23nd
members come to Myrtle Beach at Kingston Plantation, for their                       Greg Norman’s Australian Grill in Barefoot Landing
annual spring convention. Events include a welcome party
Thursday (heavy appetizers), Friday night dance, Saturday                                    Wednesday, March 30th – TBA
afternoon Beach Olympics & a big costume part Saturday night.                                  Wednesday, April 6th – TBA
There are 2-3 FREE drinks at EACH EVENT, what a deal! The                                   Wednesday, April 13th – Mykono’s
theme for the costume party this year is Heroes & Villains, so                         Wednesday, April 20th – Texas Roadhouse Grill
start thinking of your costume. More details to come next                                    Wednesday April 28th – Ducks
month. Questions: Faith Campbell 455-0606.
                                                                                      FROM THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE
                            NEVADA SKI TRIP                                    Please remember to return your badge to the nametag boxes
Last month 6 ski club members (Dave, Susan, Wendy. Dave,                           after each meeting. If you do not have one, please let
Faith and Beverly) and 2 quests (Bev's friend Ken and my                        membership know. Also, to update the club records, please
daughter Kelley) went to the Reno/Tahoe area for a week of                               contact the Club’s Membership Committee,
skiing different resorts around the Lake Tahoe area. We were                         Dee Middleton 843-455-5913
quests of Wendy and Dave Bates in their home in Reno and                                  or Chris Bykowitz .
took day trips to the slopes. We can't thank them enough for
their hospitality. We all had a BLAST! The locals were not                 A NEW MEMBER is someone who has never been a member
pleased with the conditions since they hadn't had any new                  of the ski club at all. Only new members are entitled to a
powder in weeks; but the rest of us were OK with the groomed               prorated annual dues ($5/mo) starting from any month that
hard pack and just happy to be skiing. We skied Diamond Peak               they join through the following May.
the first day with absolutely perfect weather. The temperature             A RETURNING MEMBER, whether your membership was last
was in the 30's with glorious blue skies. The second day we                year or five years ago, must pay a full $60 for annual
skied a local area called Mt Rose. Unfortunately it was overcast           membership, no matter when you join. If you have any
most of the day so visibility was poor. The third day we skied             questions about this, please speak to our president, Dave
Homewood, which was one of my favorites. The weather was                   Salisch or membership Dee Middleton or Chris Bykowicz.
clear and crisp and we had spectacular views of Lake Tahoe                 A VISITOR is someone who has never been a member of our
from almost all the runs. The last day we skied Northstar, one             ski club and is attending a monthly meeting or a ski club event
of the larger, more well known areas. We had great weather                 for the first time. A visitor is welcome to attend one function at
again and the skiing was awesome. There was an ice skating                 no cost. That same visitor is welcome to attend the next two or
rink and Bev and Ken did their thing while the rest of us skied.           three functions, for a cost of $5.00 each, as a contribution
On Thursday, we took the day off from skiing and some of us                toward food costs. A visitor may not attend more than three
went snowmobiling and others tried their hand (oops, I mean                meetings without joining & paying the prorated annual dues
foot) at snowshoeing. All in all, it was a great ski trip; but, even       ($5.00 for each remaining month until the following May.)
more than that it was wonderful to spend time with friends who
enjoy the outdoors

                 FROM THE CARE TEAM
The Care team has been formed to “spread the news” & send                  .
good wishes from the Club to Club member that is ill or injured.                 MARCH BIRTHDAYS                     APRIL BIRTHDAYS
Remember, this will only happen if YOU tell a Care Team                           Henry Brand - 3/4                   Millie Lepper - 4/5
member! Care Team Members are:                                                    Wendy Bates - 3/24                  Peter Perog - 4/15
  Susan Arzberger 843-457-1813                           Greg Jakubowski - 3/29              Gail Orofino - 4/18
       John Webb 843-997-0125                                 Steve Sikula - 3/29
Cynthia Walters 843-457-0991

Diamond Peak   Homewood

               North Star
 Mount Rose
                        Advertisers - Business Cards

Please patronize club members who advertise in our newsletter. It is $40 for 1 year to include your
                               business card in the newsletter

                                                                March 2011
Sun                 Mon                 Tue                       Wed                           Thur                Fri                      Sat
                                        1                         2 5:30-8:30 pm             3                      4                        5
                                                                  Tom’s Happy Hour
                                                                  Benjamin’s Original
                                                                  Seafood on Hwy 17 bus in
                                                                  Restaurant Row (across
                                                                  from Comedy Cabana)

6                   7                   8  6:00 pm Social         9 5:30-8:30 pm             10                     11                       12    Ski Trip 12–19
                                        7:00 pm Club Meeting      Tom’s Happy Hour                                                           Crescent sponsored trip to
                                        Club Meeting @ Zulu       Martini’s Piano Bar                                                        Ogden, Utah.
                                        Lounge & Bistro,          98 Hwy 17S, NMB
                                        9668 N Kings Hwy, MB.

13   2:30-5:00 pm   14                  15                        16 5:30-8:30 pm            174:00 pm              18                       19
A Support our                                                     Tom’s Happy Hour           St. Patrick’s Day
Troops Benefit @                                                  Dino’s Italian & Greek     Celebration at Finn
Greg Norman’s                                                     Restaurant in Barefoot     McCool's
Australian Grill                                                  Landing (next to Fire      501 Lake
In BL for our                                                     Island)                    Arrowhead Rd, MB.
Wounded Warriors

20                  21    6 pm Social   22                        23 5:30-8:30 pm            24                     25 6:30 pm               26
                    7:00 pm Board Mtg                             Tom’s Happy Hour                                  Dinner Luigi’s at 61st
                    Boyd & Cynthia                                @ Greg Norman’s                                   503 61st Avenue, MB
                    Walters in BF                                 Australian Grill                                  This will be our first
                                                                  in Barefoot Landing                               dinner together using
                                                                                                                    the Ritz

27                  28                  29                        30 5:30-8:30 pm            31 6 pm
                                                                  Tom’s Happy Hour           Bingo @The
                                                                  TBA                        Boathouse
                                                                                             Waterway Bar &

                                                                   Wednesday, April 6th – TBA
                                               Saturday, April 9 – Bicycle the Dunes Trail. Meet @Susan’s @ 2 pm
                                            Tuesday, April 12, 2011 –Club Mtg – 6 pm -7 pm @Texas Roadhouse Grill
                                                                Wednesday, April 13th – Mykono’s
                                                        Wednesday, April 20th – Texas Roadhouse Grill
                                                                  Wednesday April 28th – Ducks

                                          MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
Coastal Ski and Outing Club          PO Box 8043                  Myrtle Beach, SC 29578
Date____________________________                     Amount Paid___________________________

Check #_________________________                     Cash__________________________________

New          Renewal              Dues: Renewals - $60.00 per year
                                  New members – pro-rated $5.00 per month
Ski           Social              Advertisers - $100 per year (includes one membership)

Interests: (Please List)______________________________________________________________
Disclaimer/ Waiver: I do hereby absolve, release and waive any and all liability claims or demands against Coastal Ski and
Outing Club, its officers, directors and each and every member thereof which may arise out of or be related to any injury,
damage, or particular loss to me or any member of my family by reason of such club membership and participation in club
sponsored activities.
Signature________________________________________ (Mandatory)

 Name_______________________________________________________________ (Please print
 information clearly)
P.O. Box 8043
  First Beach, name tag______________________ Birthday (m) _ _ (d) _ _
MyrtleName forSC 29578
 Mailing Address_____________________________________________________

 City __________________________State, Zip _______________ Phone (                       ) _______________

 Sponsor _____________________ E-mail___________________________



Coastal Ski & Outing Club
P.O. Box 8043
Myrtle Beach, SC 29578
Remember to check Club’s website
Website Administer/Newsletter Editor
Cynthia Walters 843-457-0991

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