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diaper diva debut



canada’s eco family & lifestyle GUide • OctOber/NOvember 2010

    cord blood:
    saving lives

     Brain                                                      PlUs
      diaper                                                    UP OR
      diva debut                                                NOT?
                                                                                                                                                                                         for Life.

    2009 alive silver award
    winner for outstanding
    women’s product

Pregnant or planning?
Iron is essential for you and your baby—before, during, and after
pregnancy. A low-dose supplement (only 20 mg/day, from the 20th week of
pregnancy to delivery) is proven to reduce iron anemia and deficiency at delivery—
without constipation.1 Supplementing with iron enhances energy, assists in
proper placenta development, promotes healthy fertility and supports optimum
birth weight. Plus it gives your baby enough iron for a healthy start in life.

• Clinically proven to normalize low iron levels2
• Naturopathic physician and midwife recommended
• Formulated for maximum absorption
• No preservatives, heavy metals, artificial additives or pesticides                                                                                                                          Quality European
                                                                                                                                                                                              Tonics Since 1916

Floradix® puts back the iron that pregnancy takes out.                                                                                                                           
    “E cacy and tolerability of low-dose supplements during pregnancy: a randomized trial” (2003), 78 Am J Clin Nutr: 145-153.
    “Evaluation of the Iron Study, Phase 1: Examination of the e ectiveness of Floradix-Kräuterblut®-S-Saft (liquid) in women with a low ferritin level – a prospective, random, open
     intervention study” (November 6, 2002), Heidelberg Women’s University Clinic.
cONteNts                                        Birth•of•a

   10 Making a Green Move
   mOviNg day is here
   how to make it a little greener for all!

   12 Spin!
   3, 2, 1 Peddle
   a twist on your weight loss program.

   16 food Safety
   chOwiNg dOwN ON the safe side
   for Mom-to-Be and Baby!

   20 Umbilical Cord Blood
   baNkiNg tO save
   The need to know on cord blood.

   26 Urban fashion renewal
   street-wear fOr mOm
   The fall must haves.

   28 Building Baby’s Brain
   braiN develOPmeNt
   Basic Brain Principles.

   30 Managing a home and home office
   Office maNagemeNt
   tips of the trade.

   32 Why Choose Cloth Diapers?!?
   diaPer diva debUt
   What you need to consider.

   36 Knocked Up or Not?
   gettiNg PregNaNt
   Dr. Mom shares the tricks of the trade.

                                                                  bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember   3
editOr’s letter

Belle of the Mom Ball
                           i LovE thiS tiME of yEar!  The leaves have spun their                sooner?).  i went on a labelling frenzy for my daughter and all
                           last gold filament and fallen to the ground and the kids have        her school gear and medical gear.  (She is back at school, grade
                           been treated to the first few snowfalls. The snowmen (and snow       2, just part-time for those of you who have been following our
                           women as my daughter points out) are stoically guarding the          medical journey).  i have all her dance shoes labelled, water
                           front lawns of suburbia and my crock-pot is well worn into its       bottles, backpack contents, heck i almost started labelling the
                           usual spot on the kitchen counter.  although i have discovered       dogs toys (can’t they read?), the recycling bins and the wine
                           the working-mom’s fast forward button for the crock-pot (it’s        rack i got so enthusiastic.   i am not sure why it feels so great
                           the Cuisinart Pressure Cooker!)  it takes your classic, 6-8 hour     to organize everything.  Must be a cathartic, freudian view of
                           crock-pot recipe and blasts it off in an efficient 30 minutes.       needing to feel in control in a sea of chaos.  anyway, thiS
                           Perfect for us a-type, results-oriented personalities.               year i am going to be on top of my mom game.  No late library
    Leah ChevaLLier           Even though the air is turning chilly and there are no            books, no missed school trip forms, no forgotten volunteer
   (Photo: right-husband   memories of summer left except for the last few kid’s toys           dates and especially no kids arriving late after the bell.  i will be
     yannick Chevallier)   blowing around the yard, i am always amused by how other             the Belle of the school ball.
                           people view the fall.  i know we all could use a bit more of a          This fall, i swore i am going to be one of “those” moms.  Not
                           spring and summer in alberta but it is really a beautiful time of    the frazzled, over worked, always in yoga pants, hair in a pony
                           year.  Kind of like a Cinderella moment where one minute it is       tail.  The one that embraces the fall, the school year, the kids
                           one season and then at the ominous, midnight stroke of Sept.         schedules, the music lessons, the dance lessons, the busy work
                           21, it is over.  Even though the summer flowers are gone and         schedules, the house cleaning, the laundry, the dog grooming,
                           the wintery breezes start blowing in, there is cleansing, calming,   the stuff, the payroll for my 6 know.. the
                           homey feel that winter brings.  i know i am looking forward to       working mom stuff.  ironically though as i sit here and type
                           the last few jaunts out to the Bowden U-pick farms in october        this list of “stuff”, i realize that it is 8:15am and we are going
                           and more importantly, we hope they will have a bumper                to be late for school.   So much for getting up early to meet my
                           pumpkin crop to pick from for Thanksgiving and hallowe’en.           deadline!  Now Sophie can’t find her left running shoe, Ben
                           if you haven’t been out that way yet, you really need to honour      has forgotten to pack his  lunch and the dogs haven’t been let
                           them with a visit. Mark it in your calendars for next spring         out yet.  hubby has run out the door because he has a “thing”
                           and summer too. Pack your rain boots and your rubber bins            to do and i realize all the best laid plans are just that.  Plans. 
                           and go grocery shopping in a farmer’s field.  My kids said one       What gives?  i think my perfectly organized plans just magically
                           of their summer highlights was not seeing “Despicable Me” at         turned into pumpkins, must be midnight somewhere.  i think
                           the theatre, but trudging through the fields digging up purple       i even hear fairy bells.  No wait, that is my i-phone alarm. 
                           and pink potatoes, yanking out garlic stalks by their long hair      officially LatE!   
                           and hand picking miniature sunflowers and globe thistle for a           oh well, at least maybe we’ll have some pumpkins for
                           summer, BBQ bouquet.  how great is that?                             hallowe’en?
                              This fall i made it my mission to get uber organized with
                           the kids, the house and my businesses.  i won’t lie, i make this
                           promise to myself every year.  Some years i actually pull it off
                           though so i am hoping this is one of them.  i hit up Mabel’s
                           Labels for the first time in years (why didn’t i do that

4 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
Birth of a MothEr® is published bi-monthly                 EDitor Leah Chevallier                   oUr MiSSioN StatEMENt
by bo bébé fine baby products Ltd. and is printed in
Calgary, aB. Birth of a Mother chooses to represent        PUBLiShEr bo bébé lifestyle®, a          birth Of a mother is an
many angles of many controversial topics and by no         division of bo bébé fine baby products
means should any article be misconstrued as the sole       Ltd., Calgary. aB.
                                                                                                    eco-focused, family magazine
beliefs of the magazine and it’s affiliates. We are pro-                                            geared at educating new
breastfeeding, but understand some mothers cannot          DiStriBUtor Gallant Distribution
nurse for health or personal reasons. Therefore, when                                               and expectant families as
options in the form of supplements and formula are         DESiGN Millstone Communications
required, we willingly provide such information to our                                              they navigate pregnancy,
readers. Birth of a Mother receives unsolicited letters,   PhotoGraPhy
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materials, articles and promotional items from time to     LifePhoto Studios (studio work)
time. We may choose to reproduce, store, archive or        heather Ward Photography (on site)       beyond. we aim to encourage
publish these items in whole or in part without remu-
neration or compensation of any sort. Non-remuner-         SaLES iNQUiriES                          self-expression, learning
ation does not pertain to staff writers, contributors or (National)
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freelance workers.
Birth of a Mother cannot take responsibility for the                                                through choices, options
loss of any photos, articles, or materials during the
submission process.                                                                                 & local resources; as well as

Birth Of A Mother                                                                                   planet friendly products!
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Po Box 96074
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                                                           more information.              
fax: 1-888-317-1857

                                                                                                       bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember   5
this mONth’s cONtribUtOrs

                                   BeTSy ThOmaS {DIaPer DIVa} Betsy Thomas started up Bummis (bum-eez) when she was a young
                                   mother of 3 sons. her ambition was to get as many babies as possible into cloth diapers by making it
                                   really easy for their parents to buy them, use them and wash them. 23 years later, Bummis is a household
                                   name in cloth diapers. Their mission is the same as Betsy’s original one, but includes a very strong focus
                                   on local and ethical manufacturing, and sustainable business practices. Meanwhile Betsy is busier than
                                   ever balancing her now (almost!) grown-up family and business - and her never-ending and passionate
                                   promotion of reusable diapers. Birth of a Mother is excited to welcome our own resident Diaper Diva!

                                   Dr. rOSeaNNe PeNNer {Dr. mOm} Dr. Penner is a family Doctor with a special interest in
                                   Women’s and Children’s health. after years of specializing in obstetrical care, she now practices
                                   at Salveo Clinic in Calgary, alberta. Dr. Penner is also an associate Clinical Professor at U of C
                                   Medical School. This hip Dr. Mom has a four year old (oliver) and she has just welcomed new
                                   baby Lewis. Dr. Penner supports Mothers and their families with a goal of keeping them healthy
                                   and happy!

                                   maNDI SIm {FaShIONISTa} Mandi Sim, mother of 2 and the proud owner of the ladies denim
                                   mecca of Calgary, Splash of fashion, has always had a love for fashion and jeans! after managing
                                   and buying for the now 20 year old successful premium boutique, she took over ownership and
                                   brought the store to a new level. Women flock to Splash for Mandi’s fashion “fyi” and now Birth
                                   of a Mother is pleased to share her tips with our readers.

                                   melaNIe gUShNOwSkI {chIlD DeVelOPmeNT} m.Sc- Melanie Gushnowski is the
                                   founder of Brilliant Beginnings Educational Centre in Calgary. Melanie has her Masters in
                                   applied Psychology with a major in human Development & Learning. She has a true passion for
                                   early childhood development and has worked with parents and children in the health and educa-
                                   tion field. Melanie’s desire is to see parents as “experts” in their child’s development and to realize
                                   their important role as their child’s first teacher! Melanie continues to study, write, and lecture on
                                   early childhood development and the relationship between environment and brain development.

                                  Sarah remmer {DIeT & NUTrITION} Sarah remmer is a registered Dietitian and proud
                                  owner of Nutrio Nutrition and Wellness Consulting in Calgary, alberta. her favourite areas to
                                  counsel in are Women’s health and prenatal nutrition. She has a true passion for nutrition, wellness,
                                  and fitness and feels very fortunate to be able to share her passion and knowledge with her clients
                                  and the public. She believes in achieving overall health realistically through a balanced lifestyle.

                                  STacey cOrBeTT {wahm} Stacey Corbett is a mother to 5 year old twins and an avid traveler.
                                  her travels led her to create her Calgary based Baby Equipment rental company, one tiny Suitcase
                                  in 2006. an entrepreneur and mother, Stacey, is a multi-tasking mom-on-a-mission trying to find the
                                  balance between work and family. ready to offer tips, advice and WahM info, Stacey will inspire
                                  many more Work-at-home-Moms! Glad you could fit us into your crazy schedule Stacey!

                                   TINa & amy {BlOggerS} Joined together by common due dates, tina and amy became the
                                   best of friends. These two type a, neurotic chicks researched everything and shared the most private
                                   details of their individual pregnancies and birthing stories. Nothing is off limits and humour is
                                   mandatory! realizing many other women would benefit from a healthy dose of uncensored
                                   parenting stories, was born!

6 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
                                                                                                                                 A university
                                                                                                                                    will earn
                                                                                                                                  $1 million
                                                                                                                                   more than
                                                                                                                                  with only a
                                                                                                                                 high school

       University may cost over $100,000
       by the time your child turns 18!

       Have you started planning? We can help.
       For a free at-home consultation contact:                                                 Ken Holden
                                                                                                Branch Manager
                                                                                                CST Consultants Inc., Branch 700
                                                                                                Tel: 403.255.9650
Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans are only sold by Prospectus. Investors should read the Prospectus before making an investment decision because it includes important detailed
information about the securities being offered. You can download the Prospectus at 1Association of University & Colleges of Canada Study 2007 2Statistics Canada, 2009
tuition, room & board adjusted for inflation ™ Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan and the owl design are registered trademarks of the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation.
fresh fiNds

        wupzey Shopping cart and Dining cover
        There is no telling the last time shopping carts and restaurant
        high chairs have been cleaned! The Wupzey shopping cart cover
        is perfect for parents always on the go. Bulk free-it fits perfectly
        into your diaper bag or purse. Made of lightweight, reversible,
        waterproof and easy to clean material that you just throw into
        the the washing machine. Comes with matching pouch.
        Visit for a retailer near you.

                                                       halo SleepSack
                                                       HalO innovations, maker of the best-selling sleepsack® wearable
                                                       blanket ( for infants, has extended their line of
                                                       sleepwear for children to offer safe solutions from birth to age five.
                                                        Parents will have peace of mind when putting their children to sleep
                                                        in a HalO product which will also help to establish a nightly sleep
                                                        routine for children. it is intended to lessen the likelihood that a baby
                                                         can get entangled with clothing and loose bedding during sleep. The
                                                         sleepsack® wearable blanket is sleeveless and is worn over pajamas
                                                         or a t-shirt to take the place of loose blankets. it is the only product
                                                          to carry the seals of First Candle/sids alliance and the Canadian
                                                          Foundation for the study of infant deaths (CFsid). Check out the big
                                                           kids sleepsack too!
                                                           available at bo bébé.

8 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
UPPaBaby Vista: a Stroller That grows with
your Family
From busy city streets to winding country roads;
from an afternoon feeding the ducks in the
park to retail therapy - the VisTa takes your
child on the road in style. designed to
grow with your child, the VisTa is the ideal
strolling solution from birth through the
toddler years. it adapts easily to your
growing family with solutions for a
big brother or sister. There’s a lot for
your little one to see – get out there
and get strolling!
available at bo bébé.

                                                        lunchy Punch
                                                        lunch Punch is an ingenious new sandwich cutter
                                                        that cuts off the crusts and cuts sandwiches into
                                                        fun puzzles (and other shapes, see www.kidcen-
                                               making a healthy lunch irresistible for little
                                                         people (and some big people too).
                                                         available at bo bébé.

           Silver-Plated aBc Block Bank by elegant Baby
           Teach your little one their letters and counting at the same
           time with this keepsake bank in silver plate. detailed letters
           and pictures adorn the outside of this unique baby gift, and
           make it the perfect choice for those aspiring to teach their
           children early, or just wanting a stylish coin bank. Best of all,
           it can be personalized with engraving!
           available at bo bébé.

                                                                                            bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember   9
greeN mOm

Making a Green Move
by: J.JimmiesON

MoviNG CoULD EaSiLy BE thE harDESt
taSK a family will encounter. it is both physically
and emotionally draining for everyone involved. Even
childbirth seems manageable compared to the daunting task
of moving a family from one home to another. however,
it can be done more effectively and with less impact to the
environment with a few small tips.

THE Early Bird gETs THE WOrM
   This age old proverb holds true with almost everything-
especially moving. Preparing your family for the move
early is the only way to maintain sanity in this crazy time.
at least one month prior to your scheduled move date
arrange and secure bookings for movers, moving supplies,
and child care helpers. having this done will prevent the
stress of trying to find last minute companies to book.
   Packing slowly and consistently is also a great idea.
try packing several areas of the home a few weeks before
the move. Start with items you do not use often and
“simplify” your belongings by packing what you can live
without. Clothing, kitchenware, toys, and books are
usually easy places to start the round-up of items. Sort through the toy box     cleaning cupboards, lifting and
and pack away many of the toys your children do not go to on a daily basis-      loading, meal preparation or child minding-there are many simple ways to
they will think it is Christmas when you move to the new house and unpack!       involve those who want to help.
in the kitchen, leave yourself enough dishes to get through one full day
without washing-the rest can be packed. you will find through the next few       lEssEn iMPaCT
weeks that you will not even miss much of these items (hmm...time for               it used to be that when you needed moving boxes you had only a few
a garage sale?)                                                                  choices, two of which were to buy or to rent cardboard boxes.  after their
                                                                                 very limited lifetimes, sometimes just one move, most of the boxes were piled
sHaring THE lOad                                                                 into landfills.  recycling the boxes only addresses half the problem; large
    you are a family and your home has many memories for you and your            numbers of trees were still needlessly cut down and extensively processed
children. it will probably be an emotional time filled with mixed emotions       to create the cardboard in the first place. Then comes the waste of packing
for everyone. allowing all members of the family to be involved in the           materials such as packing paper and Styrofoam peanuts! reducing your
moving process will help ease this transition. allow children to help pack       impact on the Earth while moving is easier than you expect. There are several
toys so they know nothing will be left behind. talk about the new home           companies in Canada who rent re-usable packing boxes and sell eco-friendly
and how exciting it will be. you may even want to consider letting the           packing materials. Companies like rent usable sturdy plastic bins
child chose the theme of his or her new bedroom! Little helping hands can        with lids that are a great alternative to the age-old cardboard box. They stack
sometimes become frustrating, so limit the time they help you with packing.      easily, prevent water damage, avoid breakage, and come with labels! These
if the children seem anxious about all the packing, try to limit your packing    boxes are picked up and delivered at your convenience which means you do
time to the evenings when they are in bed, you can easily sneak the boxes into   not have to load hundreds of damaged cardboard boxes into your vehicle
the garage or basement so they do not notice the chaos as much.                  to send to the recycling depot. They also offer bio-degradable peanuts that
    your friends and family will want to help as well. aCCEPt it! you will       are made of cornstarch. No need to toss them after use-instead just throw
need every bit of help you can get. Whether it be help with packing dishes,      them in the bathtub and watch them dissolve in water. Their packing paper

10 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
is recycled and ready to be recycled again (however some crafty moms may            one day! Even if you are an a-type work-aholic-it cannot be done (i now can
keep a few pieces for painting or drawing on-they make great Pirate treasure        admit that!) Unpacking boxes, sorting socks and hanging pictures takes time.
Maps!) With alternatives like, there is no need to suffer the pain of     focus on the necessities and unpack them first (kitchen, bedrooms, and
cardboard boxes every again. if you do go the cardboard box route-try to find       bathrooms). try to create a sense of normalcy for the kiddos by prioritizing
some used boxes online and then re-sell them afterwards for someone else to         their bedrooms. Then as the weeks go on unpack a few boxes each day. it
use. Boxes that are damaged should be recycled after use.                           may seem overwhelming-but it can be done. Enjoy your new home and sleep
    Now for the moving truck-unfortunately finding a bio-diesel moving              well (maybe not long-but well) knowing that hopefully will not have to move
truck can prove to be difficult, but there are ways to repay the environment        again for a long time.
for your impact. Purchasing Carbon Credits from several credible
companies is a great way to help dissolve the effect of the moving truck. also
remember to always make full loads to the new house. fill your vehicles with
fragile items every time you go to see the new property-never leave the house
empty handed.
    When it comes to preparing the new house do not lose faith in your “eco-
abilities”. Using low voC paints, natural cleaners and non toxic carpet
cleaners can make all the difference. These products also make your home
“move-in ready” as there will be no toxic fumes to harm your family.

     “avOid beiNg featUred ON a reality
  tv series as a “hOarder” aNd get rid
                         Of these items”

giVE a liTTlE gET a liTTlE
    The one great thing about packing a home you have lived in for several
years is sorting through what you need, what you don’t, and what you have
not even seen since you moved in! aside from the dusty photo albums, there
are many items you just Do Not need. avoid being featured on a reality
tv series as a “hoarder” and get rid of these items. a good rule of thumb is
if it has not been used in a year-get rid of it. Consigning, ebaying, or selling
clothing, toys, electronics and more is a great way to make a little extra cash
and reduces your eco footprint by having someone else re-use your previously
loved items. There are also several charities and non-profit groups around
Canada that will accept items for donation (including old furniture!) also
try freecycle when trying to ditch old items. if the items are a little worse for
wear or simply have no value recycle them.                                            a Special Thanks to ecobox for supplying our moving family with Eco
                                                                                    Boxes and Eco-friendly moving supplies. visit to reserve
rOME Wasn’T BuilT in a day                                                          your moving supplies today!
  it took you several years to accumulate all the items you have in your home
currently, do not expect that you will be able to unpack and organize it all in     PHOTOgraPHy By: HEaTHEr Ward PHOTOgraPHy

                                                                       39 Evergreen Square S.W.,
                                                                                     Calgary, AB
                            Save Trees, Save Earth
   We are committed to the reduction of deforestation and waste. The reduction process
   begins with every single ecobox rented! Ecobox is the future in moving, no building and
   disposing of cardboard boxes, no more tape and waste, and most importantly a positive
   impact on our earth!
                                                  Visit Us Online @
                                                                                                                      bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember       11

a New Workout for
Weight Loss…
try a Spinning Class!
by: ciNdy yU bsc, Pft, aflca
grOUP fitNess iNstrUctOr aNd PersONal traiNer at
westside recreatiON ceNtre

   TirEd OF THE saME CardiO MaCHinE workout week after
week? Feeling the repetitive strain of running the same course
and distance 30 minutes 3 times per week? This may be time to
try something new and exciting for yourself.
   spinning classes can be a great way to get in a vigorous
workout, burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape.
These classes are done in a fitness studio, with various light and
music settings to create an energized atmosphere. instructors
guide the participants throughout workout phases.
   imagine this-a group of exercise bikes are lined up inside
a fitness studio, the lights are dimmed, music is pumped up          Proper body positioning is extremely important to prevent pain
to fill the air and an instructor with a headset sits atop a lead    and injury. also you can get the maximum potential of your
bike calling out commands. Pedals spin faster as they exert          workout. spin bikes are designed to fit all shapes, sizes and
themselves, sweat dripping off their bodies. The class lasts         abilities. They let you tailor the seat and handlebar height to
anywhere from 45 – 90 minutes. you can control your resistance       create the perfect fit. When you stand beside the bike, the seat
on your bike and make the pedaling as easy or difficult as you       should line up to your hip joint. When you sit straight up on the
choose. all you need is comfortable workout clothes, a towel to      bike, the handlebars should be far enough away that your arms
wipe your face and a water bottle. spin bikes have toe clips so      are extended but elbows are not locked. your shoulders should
you can wear your athletic shoes but you can also wear a cycling     be back and your abdominal muscles tightened. The middle of
shoe to clip in.                                                     your foot should be planted on the pedals and you should strap

12 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
your feet in securely but not to cut your circulation off. your feet     mental Strength: it builds mental strength because it allows
should remain parallel with the floor when you pedal. let the          you to push through difficult times, push up hill climbs and
instructor know you are new to spin so they can help you discuss       through endurance training. it provides a “can-do” attitude and
bike safety and set up. any beginner can attest that your rear end     works on areas of self-control and confidence.
is going to be very sore during the first few classes of cycling.
a portable gel seat and cycling shorts can reduce the pain.            a TyPiCal sPin Class Can COnsisT OF THE FOllOWing
your body will eventually adjust to regularly sitting on a             FOrMaT:
stationary seat.                                                       warm Up: 5-10 minutes
                                                                       -gentle pedaling that incorporates some upper body movement
THErE arE sO Many BEnEFiTs TO sPinning.                                to more effectively prepare the heart and lungs
   Burns calories and more : One class can burn anywhere from
500-1000 calories. it is primarily an anaerobic workout, pulling
from your reserves and eventually building up your muscular
endurance over time. There are also aerobic benefits. Classes
include both endurance and cardiovascular training. at certain                                                                       2
points, you’ll be required to break your steady pace and speed
up to increase your heart rate.
   cardiovascular health: as you work harder, you will learn
controlled breathing as well which is fabulous for heart and
lung health.
   low Impact: you can work hard on a spin bike without hurting
your knees and feet.
   Toned legs: spinning uses large muscle groups in your legs.
it will not take long before your thighs, hamstrings and calves
begin to take shape.
   get an abdominal workout: spinning instructors do not give
up when it comes to reminding participants about technique
and posture. Correct posture works the major leg muscles and
also the abdominal muscles. Over time you will feel your entire
body begin to tone up, including your abs.
   ride Together: as each individual works equally hard at their
own level, it’s amazing how you can feed off the energy of other
riders when you begin to fatigue and start thinking you may
want to quit.


                                                                       Steady Up Tempo Phases:
                                                                       25-70 minutes
                                                                       a segmented workout incorporating a variety of drills (not always
                                                                       in this order):
                                                                          1. Sprints: relax torso and pedal as fast as you can while
                                                                               maintaining good control. do not hold back and push
                                                                               through it. use 10-30% tension.
                                                                          2. climbs: use enough tension that you will have to push
                                                                               and pull the pedals to climb uphill. use 60-85% tension.

                                                                                                    bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember   13
                                                                                workout. This is also an option for those who would
                                                                                like to set something up for themselves
                                                                                at home.
                                                                                   a good instructor can certainly encourage and
                                                                                motivate you to push yourself and you’ll most likely
                                                                                find spinning to be a vigorous, challenging yet fun
                                                                                workout. it’s a great way to stay in shape and lose
                                                                                weight when you want variety in your workouts or you
                                                                                can’t get outside on your bike!
                                                                                   always consult your health care provider before
                                                                                beginning any exercise program.



  3.   Power leg/Float leg: let one leg do the work
       while the other leg floats or rests on the bike. use
       10-40% tension.
  4.   Slides: keep weight on legs and do not lean into
       your handlebars and lift ~2 inches off the saddle.
       do not move forward. use 20-50% tension.

cool Down and Stretching: 10 minutes

   some elite training facilities and health clubs now
have dedicated virtual cycling classes where there is a
screen which uses dVds to show varying terrains that
you pretend to ride on. it will help motivate you towards
a new fitness goal and at the same time, experience
a virtual cycling ride through exotic locales. There          A big thank you to ultra fit mom Cindy for spinning for us!
are a variety of rides which include a cool down and
stretch session. you pedal along and experience a great       PHOTOgraPHy By: HEaTHEr Ward PHOTOgraPHy

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food Safety for
Mom-to-be’s and Babies
by: sarah remmer rd cde
NUtriO cONsUltiNg

                    aS a firSt tiME MoM-to-BE, and a registered
                    Dietitian, nutrition and food safety is top of mind. What
                    i’ve learned both from personal experience and working
                    with many pregnant and breastfeeding clients over the years
                    is that it is extremely important to be mindful of what you
                    are putting inside of your body on a daily basis for proper
                    weight gain as well as nutritional status- after all, you are
                                           building a little human inside of you! it
                                           is also important that you stay healthy
                                           throughout your pregnancy as baby,
“be extra carefUl                          for the most part, is taking what he/
                                           she needs from you. if your nutrition
tO cOOk yOUr                               isn’t up to par, you and your baby may
                                           suffer in the long run. Maintaining a
meats well                                 balanced diet before, during and after
                                           pregnancy is crucial to the physical
aNd avOid                                  and neurological development of
                                           your little one. it is also very important to be   mg/day- this is equivalent to a small cup of
cONtamiNatiON                              aware of food safety during your pregnancy.        coffee/day. it is important to remember that decaffeinated coffee,
                                           What i mean by “food safety” is avoiding           black tea, green tea, certain types of pop and chocolate all contain
thrOUgh cUttiNg                            potential contaminants in your food that can       caffeine as well. Excessive caffeine consumption, especially in the
                                           harm you and your baby. Most of us eat these       1st trimester, can put you at increased risk of having a miscarriage.
bOards aNd                                 foods safely outside of pregnancy, but because         alcohol: it is unknown how much alcohol it takes to harm a
                                           your immune system is somewhat depressed           developing baby. When you drink alcohol during pregnancy, it
cOOkiNg UteNsils”                          during pregnancy you are at increased risk of      quickly reaches your baby through your bloodstream. The effect
                                           developing food-borne illnesses and putting        of alcohol on the developing baby can vary depending on the
                                           your baby at risk. read on for some helpful        health of the pregnant woman and also the amount, pattern and
                                           tips on how to safely avoid these foods.           timing of drinking alcohol. We do know that binge drinking
                                                                                              (drinking a large amount of alcohol in a short amount of time)
                                         Pregnancy Food safety 101                            is especially bad for the developing baby. Some Doctors and
                                            caffeine: Small amounts of caffeine appear        Dietitians may suggest that a few sips of wine or other alcoholic
                                         to be fine for most people during pregnancy.         beverage occasionally is not harmful, but because we don’t know
                                         in general, the recommendation for pregnant          how the fetus handles that small amount of alcohol, you may
                                         women is to consume no more than 300                 want to play it safe and avoid it all together.
                                         mg of caffeine per day (a little over two                Undercooked meats/fish: all meats, fish, poultry and eggs
                                         small cups of coffee), however some sources          need to be thoroughly cooked during pregnancy. it is important
                                         recommend sticking to no more than 150               to avoid these foods raw or undercooked. avoid hotdogs and

16 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
deli meats as well unless they are reheated until     to filter your tap water because there are certain
steaming hot. These food items may put you            naturally occurring substances such as arsenic,
and your baby at increased risk of Listeriosis        cadmium, iron, manganese and uranium that can
which is a food borne illness caused by Listeria      leach into water. heavy metals such as copper and
Monocytogenes. Pregnant women are 20 times            lead can also make their way into tap water from
more likely to contract this type of food poisoning   pipes and holding tanks in the distribution system
                                                      or from plumbing in your home. although the
                                                      risk of lead poisoning in Canada is extremely low,
                                                      exposure to lead during pregnancy can increase
UsiNg a little bit Of                                 the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth, decrease
                                                      your baby’s birth weight, and interfere with his/
NatUral sUgar is                                      her brain and central nervous system. The main
                                                      source of lead is water fed through lead pipes or
harmless tO yOUr baby                                 pipes with lead solder. to minimize your exposure
                                                      to heavy metals in water, run your tap water for
aNd yOUrself- gO fOr                                  about two minutes in the morning or for at least

the real stUff!

than the general population. another reason
to stay away from processed meats is that
we are not sure of the effects of nitrates and
nitrites on a fetus. i usually suggest that
clients avoid any deli-style meat or hotdog
as well as smoked fishes or meats (they are
not cooked well enough). ingestion of
undercooked or raw fresh meats such as pork,
lamb or venison can also put you at increased
risk of toxoplasmosis which is caused by a
parasite called toxoplasma gondii. Be extra
careful to cook your meats well and avoid
contamination through cutting boards and
cooking utensils.
    Unpasteurized dairy products: avoid
any unpasteurized cheeses, pates, milks and
other unpasteurized dairy products as they
put you and your baby at increased risk of
Listeriosis. Make sure to read the ingredients
list to make sure that the milk being used in
these products is pasteurized. if for some reason     30 seconds before each use and/or use a water
there is no ingredients list, avoid it. also, avoid   filter to filter tap water before drinking or cooking
unpasteurized juices such as unpasteurized apple      with it. you can also stick with purified bottled
cider.                                                water during pregnancy if that’s easier.
    lead and other heavy metals: it is important          alternative sweeteners: it is generally
to filter your tap water to remove potentially        considered safe to consume moderate amounts
harmful chlorine by-products. it’s also important     of certain types of artificial sweeteners during

                                                                                                              bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember   17
                                                                     herBal SUPPlemeNTS aND TeaS:
“UsiNg a little bit Of NatUral                                         although herbal products are natural, they are not necessarily safe
                                                                     during pregnancy. in fact, most herbal supplements are not considered
sUgar is harmless tO yOUr                                            safe during pregnancy. Many contain natural ingredients that can

baby aNd yOUrself – gO fOr                                           increase risk of miscarriage or preterm birth, harm your developing
                                                                     baby, and even negatively affect your health. There have been very few
the real stUff!                                                      studies that have tested herbal products on pregnant women, so if you
                                                                     use herbal products, do so cautiously. some herbal teas are not safe
  alsO, this is NOt the time                                         to drink when you’re pregnant. some common herbs that are unsafe
                                                                     to consume during pregnancy are Black cohosh, Echinacea, ginseng,
tO be cUttiNg calOries Or                                            goldenseal, licorice root, senna and st.John’s Wort. Herbal supplements
                                                                     that are generally considered safe during pregnancy in moderation
dietiNg”                                                             include Bilberry, Cranberry, Evening Primrose oil, gingko Biloba, green
                                                                     tea extract, raspberry leaf and Valerian root. Herbal teas that are
pregnancy. artificial sweeteners in diet sodas, yogurts and other    generally considered safe if taken in moderation (2 to 3 cups per day)
sweet foods include aspartame (Nutrasweet), sucralose (Splenda)      are: linden flower, citrus peel, ginger, lemon balm, orange peel, rose hip.
and acesulfame K (Sunett). in studies, these sweeteners have         avoid teas with aloe, Coltsfoot, Juniper Berries, Pennyroyal, Buckthorn
not shown to cause birth defects and are generally safe to use       Bark, Comfrey, labrador Tea, sassafras, duck roots, lobelia and senna
during pregnancy. There are however, artificial sweeteners that      leaves.
you should completely avoid during pregnancy; specifically
saccharin and cyclamate (Sucryl, Sweet ‘n Low, Sugar twin,
and Weight Watchers). There is a strong link between these
                                                                     OrgaNIc FOODS?
two kinds of sweeteners and bladder cancer in animals. That’s
                                                                       Many expectant moms wonder whether they should make the switch
why manufacturers are not allowed to include these in foods;
                                                                     over to over to organic foods. There are definite benefits to choosing
instead they are sold in little packages that you add to foods or
                                                                     organic foods (both for environmental and health-wise), and organic
beverages. i never encourage any clients, especially my pregnant
and breastfeeding clients to consume artificial sweeteners of any    foods are increasingly becoming more affordable and available. if you
kind as they are usually replacing more nutritious foods and         can afford to buy organic, i would encourage you to. although organic
are not needed in the diet. Using a little bit of natural sugar is   foods aren’t necessarily more nutritious than conventional foods, they
harmless to your baby and yourself- go for the real stuff! also,     are grown and processed without the use of genetic engineering,
this is not the time to be cutting calories or dieting.              synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, antibiotics,
                                                                     preservatives, dyes or additives. i usually suggest that pregnant women
                                                                     buy hormone and antibiotic free meats and poultry (organic if possible)
                                                                     and to buy certain fruits and vegetables organic to avoid ingestion of
                                                                     pesticides (as we don’t know how pesticide residues effect the fetus).
                                                                                         The fruits and veggies that you want to make an
                                                                                            effort to buy organic are termed the “dirty dozen”
                                                                                               and are more contaminated with pesticide
                                                                                                  residues: Peaches, apples, sweet bell peppers,
                                                                                                   celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries,
                                                                                                    pears, grapes (imported), spinach, lettuce,
                                                                                                     and potatoes.
                                                                                                        The fruits and veggies that are the least
                                                                                                     contaminated with pesticide residues are
                                                                                                    termed “the clean 15”:
                                                                                                      avocado, sweet corn, pineapple, mango,
                                                                                                  sweet peas, asparagus, kiwifruit, cabbage,
                                                                                                eggplant, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapefruit,
                                                                                            and sweet potatoes

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Umbilical Cord Blood Banking
barbara e. crUickshaNk, md, frcs(c), g.r.e.i. fellOwshiP PrOgramme directOr, ceNtre fOr fertility aNd rePrOdUctive
health, divisiON Of rePrOdUctive scieNces, dePt. Obstetrics aNd gyNaecOlOgy, mOUNt siNai hOsPital

                                  UMBiLiCaL CorD BLooD (UCB) BaNKiNG                          transplant, in which healthy bone marrow donated from
                                  is becoming very common and involves the collecting         another person is transplanted into a sick person. The
                                  and storing of the blood found in the umbilical cord.       stem cells from the transplanted bone marrow then work
                                  after your baby is born, the placenta and umbilical         to replace the damaged or diseased cells.
                                  cord are normally discarded. The blood from your                The challenge with bone marrow transplants is that
                                  baby’s umbilical cord is a rich source of special cells     a sick person often needs bone marrow donated from
                                              called stem cells. Stem cells are immature,     another person. There must be a ‘match’ between the
                                              ‘unspecialized’ cells. They are valuable        tissue types of the two people, so a suitable donor can be
                                              because they can quickly divide and renew,      difficult to find. in these cases, a family member would
     “stUdies have shOwN                      and have the ability to mature into different   be the most likely source of a match. your baby’s stored
                                              cell types. UCB collection is very simple,      cord blood might then be considered as a source of stem
      that there are sOme                     painless, and poses no risk to mother and       cells if a sibling or immediate family member was in need
                                              baby. a nurse, doctor or midwife will collect   of a transplant.
     distiNct advaNtages                      these cells from the umbilical cord once the        in certain other conditions, stem cells saved from your
                                              baby has been delivered.                        baby’s own umbilical cord blood might be used if she
     iN UsiNg cOrd blOOd                          Life-threatening diseases such as certain   (or he) needed a stem cell transplant. in that case, there
                                              types of anemia and cancers of the blood        would be no issue regarding tissue matching, since the
                      stem cells”             known as leukemia and lymphoma may              stem cells would be a perfect match.
                                              be treated today through a bone marrow              Studies have shown that there are some distinct

20 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
advantages in using cord blood stem cells. There are nearly ten times the
number of stem cells in cord blood per volume than in bone marrow and
                                                                                     “PUblic baNks dO NOt charge fOr
cord blood stem cells divide more quickly than stem cells in bone marrow.
Stem cells act like a factory, producing new blood cells to replace cells
                                                                                  cOllectiON Or PrOcessiNg bUt the
‘worn out’ or destroyed through disease. There are more than 75 medical
conditions that might be treated with cord blood stem cells. Since the first
                                                                                            stem cells are cOllected
transplant using UCB stem cells was performed over 20 years ago there have
been over 20,000 cord blood transplants worldwide. Cord blood stem cells
                                                                                      aNd stOred fOr the Use Of the
have been used successfully in both children and adults.
   Expectant parents interested in preserving their baby’s cord blood have a
                                                                                                       geNeral PUblic”
variety of options;
FaMily Banking                                                                     Whatever your decision, make your choice about cord blood banking well
   They may keep the cord blood stem cells for use within the family by         before your baby’s birth.
registering with a family cord blood bank that processes and stores the            Expectant parents with no significant risk factors should have a realistic
sample. Sometimes the cord blood sample will be used immediately after          understanding of the potential uses and limitations of their baby’s stored
the birth for a planned related stem cell transplant, in collaboration with a   cord blood. Parents should also be aware of the costs involved for public
medical transplant team.                                                        and private cord blood banking, and their rights and responsibilities if they
dOnaTiOn TO a PuBliC Bank                                                       participate.
  another option is for parents to donate their baby’s cord blood to a public      in Canada, there is the opportunity to bank your baby’s UCB stem cells in
bank where it may be accessed by anyone who needs a stem cell transplant.       a family bank. These banks will charge a fee to collect and store the blood and
(assuming medical eligibility)                                                  in return the stem cells will be available for use for someone in the family. if a
                                                                                family member requires a stem cell transplant, there is no additional cost for
dOnaTiOn TO rEsEarCH
 The sample may also be donated for stem cell research.
                                                                                   in the USa and many European countries there is a national public
                                                                                bank option (assuming medical eligibility). Public Banks do not charge for

                                                                                                                     bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember          21
                                        collection or processing but the stem cells are collected and stored for the use of the general public.
                                        Patients from all around the globe can seek a match from among these stored stem cells. for example,
                                        patients in Canada have used umbilical cord stem cells from the New york Blood Center. When these
                                        samples are released for transplant the public banks charge a fee to the transplanting institution.
                                           The possibilities for the future are exciting. research shows that cord blood stem cells have the
                                        potential to change into non-blood cell types such as neurons (nerve cells in the central nervous
                                        system, including the brain) or muscle or liver cells and may in the future have possible applications
                                        in the field of regenerative medicine. Current therapies under investigation include clinical trials
                                        using cord blood stem cells to treat such diseases and conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, type 1
                                        Diabetes, spinal cord injuries and Parkinson’s.

                                        CHOOsing a FaMily COrd BlOOd Bank
                                        here are some questions to ask when making your selection:
                                         o	 how many successful transplants have been performed using stored samples from the bank?

                                         o	 how long has the bank been operating and how many samples have been processed?

                                         o	 Does their processing comply with regulatory standards and guidelines (e.g. aaBB, health

                                         o	 What are the costs?

                                         o	 Does the bank have a collaborative relationship with stem cell transplant scientists? Does it
                                            engage in research to improve stem cell
                                            banking techniques or to expand possible treatment applications for stem cells?

22 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
Leo’s Story
by: maria PezzeNte

THE dECisiOn TO Bank FOr OnE FaMily helps treat their four-month old baby                           
diagnosed with retinoblastoma. a Picture’s worth…..
   Our little leo was born in Toronto in 2007 and all was well until one evening
when he was four months old. We were taking photos of our children when
we noticed something odd. The flash of the camera had exposed something in
leo’s left eye and we could see a white pupil effect in a few of the photographs

                                                                                      edgy portrait photography
we had just taken. We felt this was odd enough to warrant further investigation.
a quick search on the internet revealed that the white “cat’s eye” effect we were
seeing was called leukocoria. a further search of leukocoria brought us to eye
cancer web sites and we became convinced we were dealing with something
very serious in nature. unfortunately our suspicions were confirmed just a day
later and leo was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a childhood eye cancer typi-
cally affecting infants and children under 5 years of age.
   While it initially appeared as though leo would be spared invasive treat-
ments, that unfortunately changed when he was further diagnosed with
trilateral retinoblastoma at 6 months of age. This meant that he now had to
battle a malignant brain tumor in addition to the eye cancer, and that extensive
chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant would be needed.
   it was at this time that we could breathe a sigh of relief that we had at least
had the foresight to bank the umbilical cord blood at his birth. We had initially
hesitated to do so as we had no reason to expect that anything like this would
be in our future, we have no family history of retinoblastoma. We had actually
decided not to bank the cord blood of leo’s sister when she was born just two
years earlier. at that time we thought the likelihood that we would ever end
up needing it was so slim that it wasn’t a sound investment. Frankly we also
weren’t sure about the reliability of the whole process.
   so just what had changed our minds about cord blood banking before leo’s
birth? a friend at work banked his baby’s cord blood and after discussing how
easy the process was, we decided we should just do it and not put ourselves in a
position we may regret further down the line. as it turns out just 6 months after
leo’s birth we were discussing using the umbilical cord blood stem cells during
the upcoming stem cell transplant. needless to say we felt very relieved that we
hadn’t just thrown away those precious drops of blood and that our son would
now have a better chance to beat the odds because of it.
   leo went on to have the stem cell transplant to replace his bone marrow the
week after his first birthday. almost two years have passed since that time and
though it’s premature to say that this battle is completely behind us, we are
thrilled to report that leo is doing phenomenally well. He is a happy active little
boy who, much like a typical 3 year old, loves everything related to boats, cars
and trucks!
   What words of wisdom do we have to share with other parents and parents-
to-be following this experience? Firstly, if you have the opportunity, bank your
baby’s cord blood. if you should ever have the great misfortune of finding your-
self in a similar position to ours, anything you can do to improve your child’s
odds is priceless. your child’s life could depend on this one decision. Further-
                                                                                                  ~boutique studio~
more once your baby is here, be sure to keep a close eye on your photographs.
should you see an odd white reflex like the one we noticed in the enclosed            maternity, newborn, kids, families
photograph, it could be a sign of something more serious and it should not
be disregarded. and lastly something i’m sure we’ve all heard before but are
perhaps guilty of not taking to heart, cherish every moment!                               1409a 11th Street SW
                                                                                                         bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember   23
                                        baby 101

                                        toddler Safety
                                        by amy Of

                                        WhEN My hUSBaND CoMES hoME from work, sees dirty dishes in the
                                        sink, my hair in a wet bun on top of my head and there’s clearly no dinner in sight
                                        and asks “what i did with my day” answer is simple: “i’ve saved your daughter
                                        from killing herself about 900 times over.”
                                           yes, we baby proof our house when our little ones become mobile; with baby gates,
                                        cupboard locks and covering the electrical sockets with those annoying little caps
                                        that i swear are JUSt as adult proof as they are kiddie proof (by the way, they
                                        also fit through a toilet paper roll, so technically you are sticking a choking
                                        hazard in your wall, so consider opting
                                        for the plug cover type instead of the caps). if you haven’t heard of the
                                        “toilet paper roll rule” here it is: – if it can fit through the tube of a roll
                                        of toilet paper – it’s a choking hazard. and believe me, they WiLL try and
                                                                                      shove it in their mouth. if you tell
                                                                                      them no, they will look you in the eye
                                                                                      with a catty smirk and try and shove it their
                                                                                      mouth again. But the truth is, the danger
                                                                                      dragon rears its ugly head quite often and
                                              “if it caN fit                          i’m improving my safety regimen.
                                                                                         i’ve found my child standing on top of
                                            thrOUgh the                               the bathroom vanity playing with the taps
                                                                                      and one morning i came downstairs (when
                                           tUbe Of a rOll                             Dad was watching, because let’s face it, i’m
                                                                                      perfect and this would NEvEr happen
                                          Of tOilet PaPer                             under my supervision) to discover her
                                                                                      holding a bottle of Goo Gone (thank
                                          – it’s a chOkiNg                            God for child-proof caps).

                                                 hazard”                                 Who doesn’t try and give
                                                                                      their kid food to keep them
                                                                                      quiet during a car ride?
                                                                                      Sometimes my sweet little
                                                                                      raptor child cranks up the
                                                                                      shrieking to decibels loud
                                        enough to irritate plankton off the coast of Japan. yes i’ve done it,
                                        i’ve passed her cookies, fruit gummies, popcorn...i may as well have
                                        given her a bag of quarters to play with. if something had happened
                                        and she started choking while i’m driving 100km/hr down the
                                        freeway, would i have enough time to safely pull over and yank her
                                        out of the car seat to save her? Suddenly raptor calls don’t sound so
                                        bad. i’ve changed my tune, and if she absolutely must have a snack
                                        while i’m driving, it is either water or those squishable apple sauces
                                        (SaNS LiD, because my kid tries to put that in her mouth too).

24 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
“i’ve beeN lOcked OUt Of the hOUse
twice iN the Past week becaUse my
  twO year Old discOvered hOw
              tO lOck a dead bOlt”

                      here’s another safety tidbit you may have overlooked.
                              Ever run out to the garage to grab something
                                         while your toddler is on the loose
                                                inside (ok i’m talking attached
                                                             garage)? yes, it’s
                                                             literally for ten
                                                             seconds, but my
                                                            two year old is
                                                           quick, like she’s
                                                         diffusing a bomb
                                                       with milliseconds to
                                                     spare – quick. Leave a spare
                                                  key hidden in your garage
                                             somewhere. i’ve been locked out
                                       of the house tWiCE in the past week
                                 because my two year old discovered how to
                        lock a dead bolt. Luckily one time i had JUSt let out
                   the dog, so i was able to sneak in the back door and the
             other time i happened to have my car keys on me!
        once you move to a toddler bed, there is an entire new level of
  worry. Like will my child escape from her room in the middle of the
   night and go turn on the gas stove? Will she walk out the front door?
    Save yourself the grey hairs and go out and buy a door handle lock for
      her bedroom (yES they make them for levers too). Some people put
       a baby gate outside their child’s door. But if you saw how my child
         climbs the friDGE you would know she’s too agile and a gate is
           no deterrent for her. here’s hoping she doesn’t catch on to that
            door lock for let’s say, oh at least another 16 years...

                                                                                    bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember   25

Urban fashion renewal
by: maNdi sim
sPlash Of fashiON

WHEn yOu’rE an “On THE gO”
mom, being fashionable is not the
first thing on your mind. getting
dressed for your busy day ahead
doesn’t have to be stressful or time
consuming. This fall incorporate fun,
practical, and easy pieces to make
yourself look and feel like a million
bucks in no time at all! Mix neutrals
with bold, rich hues or bring out your
playful side with stripes, ruffles or
prints. denim is always a must have
and anything goes from ultra skinny
jeggings to wide leg flares. Big on the
list this season is the military trend,
throw olive green into your outfit
or cargo pants to achieve the look.
Chunky knits, tunics, leggings, and
accessories are also necessities for this
season! These fall pieces incorporated
into your wardrobe are guaranteed to
make any urban on the go mom feel like
a fashionista!
                                                     mIlITary mama
                                                     Take a feminine take on the military trend with these “Paige denim”
                                                     skinny cargo pants in olive green. Wear them cuffed for a more casual
                                                     feel with this “Pink Martini” chunky knit cardigan layered over a “Michael
                                                     stars” tee. Change up the look by un-cuffing them and wearing them
                                                     with a pump or ankle boot for an evening out sans kids!

                                            laID Back wITh leggINgS
                                            leggings don’t have to be something only
                                            worn to the gym! For a casual stroll or a day of
                                            shopping try a fun legging with snap bottoms
                                             like these ones by “gentle Fawn”. Throw them
                                             with a “gentle Fawn” tank and tunic length
                                             cardigan and scarf to complete the outfit.

26 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
                                                  NOT yOUr mOm’S rUFFleS
                                                  ruffles don’t have to be dowdy
                                                  and matronly. Bring out your
                                                  youthfulness with this updated
                                                  ruffled tuxedo tank top by
                                                  “Mystree”. Throw a “Mink
                                                   Pink” wrap over it, paired with
                                                   “William rast” skinny jeans to
                                                   take you from daytime fun to
                                                   an evening out on the town!

cOzy kNITS
layer up with this chunky and cozy “Pink Martini: belted
cardigan! great piece for a brisk, fall day layered over
an “i love My T’s” printed tshirt. Wear it with or without
the belt depending on your mood and a pair of bootcut
                                                                                               Cheers to Caliah, Gabriella, and Amy for
jeans like these from “seven For all Mankind”. dress the                                           strutting their Urban stuff this issue.
cardigan up by throwing it over a little black dress and
belting it or dress it down with leggings and uggs! With          also Featured: The uPPaBaby Vista stroller, available at bo bébé.
this sweater anything goes!                                                   PHOTOgraPHy By: HEaTHEr Ward PHOTOgraPHy
                                                                                     ClOTHing PrOVidEd By: sPlasH OF FasHiOn

                                                                                               bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember        27
child develOPmeNt

Building Baby’s Brain
by: melaNie gUshNOwski msc.

                       MorE rECENtLy, parents of young children have                         BasiC Brain PrinCiPlEs
                       become increasingly interested in advancing their baby’s brain
                       development. Much of this phenomena has been triggered                •	    Experience shapes the brain’s wiring.
                       by claims in the media stating that advances in brain research
                       can change your child’s developmental trajectory. That                •	    The brain solidifies connections that are used
                       by stimulating your infant, you can give them a cognitive                   frequently and “prunes” those that are not
                                                                                                   needed over time.
                          although this growing interest in early childhood and the
                       impact of early life experience is unquestionably a good thing,
                       it has also contributed to the spread of sometimes inaccurate
                                                                                             •	    Children experience the world through their
                       and frequently misunderstood information. terminology such                  senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, touching,
                       as “cognitive development”,” early stimulation”, “genius” or                and tasting)
                       “brainy” are used to help sell products or service. from toys
                       to books, programs to DvD’s, marketing focuses on parents             •	    relationships early in life are the major source
                       wanting the very best for their children’s development and the              of developing the emotional and social parts
                       guilt that follows if they don’t provide them.
                          The reason this is a particularly fascinating topic is because           of the brain.
                       behind these claims is some excellent research. Experience
                       DoES equal brain growth! however, the problem is not the
                       research, but the translation from the laboratory to what it
                       means in everyday parenting. So, if research shows that early        sent and received between neurons. Through experiences
                       stimulation is critical, what does it exactly mean for parents?      (stimulation) the brain creates synapses between the neurons.
                                                                                            Like a tree with more branches, the brain becomes more
                                     nature & nurture: The developing Brain                 complex as it experiences new things.
       “the best way                    for some time, we have known that                       During the first three years of life there is a proliferation
                                     development results from the dynamic interplay of      of synapses being created with the brain doubling to
    tO determiNe if                  nature and nurture. from birth on, we grow and         approximately 1,000 trillion connections. however, the brain
                                                                                            creates more synapses than it actually needs. The synapses that
                                     learn because our biology is programmed to do so
                                     and our social and physical environment provides       are used frequently become a permanent part of the brain. The
   aN exPerieNce is                  the necessary stimulation.                             synapses that are not used frequently are eliminated. This is
                                        Through extensive research, scientists have         where the statement “Use it or loose it” comes from. This is a
     mUlti-seNsOry                   discovered how early brain development and             natural and effective process in brain development, however
                                     parent-child relationships interact to create a        it is often used as a scare tactic in marketing to sell products
          is tO dO the               foundation for future growth and learning. The
                                     longstanding “nature versus nurture” debate has
                                                                                            or services. it is important to remember that this “pruning” of
                                                                                            the brain is actually a good thing and not something to worry
                                     shown that it’s how nurture (environment) impacts      about. it is about an efficient brain, not a bigger brain!
         5-seNse test”               nature (genes) and not one or the other. identical
                                     twin studies illustrate that individuals who share     learning With all Five senses
                       the same DNa in their neurons (genotype) can have a 20 to                During the first 3 years of life, children’s social, emotional,
                       30% difference in behaviour as adults (phenotype) when reared        cognitive, physical, and language development are stimulated
                       in different environments. as a result of this research, there       through multi-sensory experiences. The best way to determine
                       is increasing interest in how environment impacts long term          if an experience is multi-sensory is to do the 5-sense test. Can
                       outcomes.                                                            my baby touch, taste, hear, see, and smell the toy or activity? if
                                                                                            it doesn’t do so well on the test, then it likely is a fad and not
                       Why are the early years so important?                                worth your money! an example of this would be baby flashcards
                          at birth, the human brain is still not finished developing.       where baby’s only experiences seeing and hearing. a better use of
                       although the brain has trillions of neurons, it hasn’t established   your time with your baby would be to take a walk in the park.
                       the necessary connections to properly function yet. These            here your baby can smell the flowers, touch (and potentially!)
                       connections (synapses) are only created when impulses are            taste the grass, hear the children, and smell the leaves. often

28 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
                                                                                                          everything you do and say to them. During everyday
                                                                                                          interactions such as feeding or changing diapers,
                                                                                                          you can stimulate their brain by talking or singing
                                                                                                          to them. floor time with your baby is important
                                                                                                           in order to play with toys, read books, or play
                                                                                                           interactive games such as peek-a-boo or tickles.

                                                                                                            Create routines.
                                                                                                            Daily routines give infants and toddlers a sense of
                                                                                                            security. repeated positive experiences helps your
                                                                                                            little one learn about their environment and what
                                                                                                            is expected of them. This is especially important in
                                                                                                            social and emotional development of young children
                                                                                                             as they learn mastery and self-confidence.
                                                                                                                The most important thing to remember with
                                                                                                             brain development is that learning should be
                                                                                                             rooted in a positive environment. When you
                                                                                   provide consistent and responsive caregiving you establish healthy social and
the more natural your interactions with your baby are, the more multi-             emotional development. in addition, taking the time to communicate and
sensory they are.                                                                  play with your child establishes healthy cognitive and language development.
   Great toys are ones that can be used for multiple purposes and have an          No object, program, or specialized toy will ever replace your important role in
active learning component. Be careful of electronic toys that do everything        your child’s brain development. Essentially have fun, talk lots, and play hard!
for your child. These toys are often overpriced and take most of the learning
out of the experience. in addition, tv and computer program usage should
be carefully monitored as this takes children away from their “work” of

How can i support my baby’s brain development?
   The interesting thing about stimulation in the early years is its extremely
simple (and natural!). it’s not about bigger or better toys or programs; it’s
about interacting with your baby. The best thing you can do to provide
optimal brain development is to spend time with your infant or toddler.
Nothing can replace your important role in your child’s life!

                                         Be loving and responsive.
                                         The emotional bond between parents
                                         and children is essential in brain
    “daily rOUtiNes                      development. attachment research
                                         shows that securely attached infants
                                         have more positive relationships
 give iNfaNts aNd                        and have less behaviour and mental
                                         health difficulties over time. a baby
tOddlers a seNse                         whose emotional needs are met
                                         (through responsive caregiving) has
            Of secUrity”                 healthy, positive connections being
                                         established for the rest of their life.

                                         Encourage Play.
                                         Play is essential in children’s
development. Learning happens when the infant or toddler is actively
involved in the play. Baby “equipment” usage should be monitored as it
prevents them from moving around and learning from their environment.                           Unique Infant & Toddler Programs
take the time to ensure your infant or toddler has a safe area in which they                      Parent Support & Education
can explore and learn about their world!
Talk, read, and sing with your baby.                                                                207A-19 ST NW • 403.283.KIDS (5437)
although your infant may be too young to talk, they are learning from

                                                                                                                       bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember        29

Managing a home and a home office
by stacey cOrbett

                       for MoSt of US WorK at hoME MoMS we chose                            while working. Thank goodness my wireless internet works in
                       a business that we could run from our homes so that we could         the backyard!
                       be with our children throughout the day. Being a mom and a              your office hours need to be flexible too. as a Mompreneur,
                       business owner simultaneously has its perks but it also comes        you won’t necessarily work less hours in total but the hours you
                       with some frustrations around boundaries between the two and         do work with be flexible.
                                        keeping everything straight.                           if your reason for working from home was to be able to
                                                                                            be there for your kids, try to schedule the majority of your
                                        Just how do you manage a home and a                 work for times when the children don’t need as much of your
       “i always avOid                  home-office together?                               attention. Lots of work at home moms get up and work a few
                                           it is crucial to have an office that can move    hours before the kids get up and nap times are a Mompreneurs
 dOiNg hOUsewOrk                        with you. My mobile office includes my Smart        best friend.
                                        Phone to answer calls, emails and keep track of        The flexibility of your schedule is probably one of the reasons
  wheN the kids are                     orders. i have a small file caddy that i carry my   you chose this work situation, so take advantage of it and get
                                        current orders/paperwork in.                        outside when it is sunny, go to the grocery store when others are
                   NaPPiNg”                My vehicle is equipped with extra rack cards,    at work, enjoy play dates with friends.
                                        order sheets, rental agreements, etc. The same         i always avoid doing housework when the kids are napping.
                                        thing goes for my house. i like that i can take     That is valuable work time that i need, and the silence means
                                        my laptop to any of room of the house and still     i can be super productive. Dishes, vacuuming, laundry- those
                                        get work done. if the kids are playing in the       are jobs that can easily be done when the kids are awake and
                                        living room, i can sit close by and watch them      sometimes they even like to help!

30 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
   one of the perks of working from home is that       about having a home based business was
you are there to cook for the kids (and yourself ).    how much of that would become part of
No rushing home at 5 o’clock, hoping that you          our family life. My daughter likes to help
have the ingredients you need to prepare supper        me retrieve sheets of paper from the printer
and rushing around the kitchen with hungry             and my son pretends he is typing on his
kids at your feet. i love that we all sit down for     computer whenever i do.
lunch together and that i am able to prepare              My children understand that i need to
dinner every night. This involves some special         work in order to do fun stuff like go to the
organization though. it’s difficult to be answering    Zoo or the Park. They are learning valuable        Car Seats, Cribs &
emails and preparing orders while making               lessons about hard work and rewards that i
spaghetti. you need to make sure you schedule          don’t think i could have taught them at such        Stroller rentals!
in large blocks of time for things like cooking        an early age just by talking about it.
throughout the day. Multi-tasking with hot pots
on the stove is a recipe for disaster.
   you’ll need to establish some physical
boundaries. having a room you can close yourself
off in is important. on more that one occasion
                                                       “revel iN the sUccess
i’ve locked myself in the bathroom or stepped
out in the garage to take an important customer
                                                         Of gettiNg OUt tO
call. talking to your kids about that ahead of time
                                                          the Park with the
helps them to understand that you aren’t accessible
aLL the time and may need a few minutes or             kids fOr aN hOUr Or
private time here and there.
                                                                                                         MEDELA Breast Pumps
   having a home office with kids around means                  cOmPletiNg
you’ll need a plan when customers call or come                                                                    &
to visit. My home is my store front so when             that PrOPOsal yOU                                Fetal Doppler Rentals
customers come to pick up equipment the dog
must be away, kids have to be quiet and my               were wOrkiNg ON”
entrance has to be spotless. it’s important that the
children know this is not a good time to come and                                                        Delivered to your door!
ask for a snack. Most of my customers are parents
too so they understand that.                             rhonda Gervais of organizing Matters
   if your formal office doesn’t already include       ( a professional
some child-friendly areas now is the time to set       organizing company in Calgary) has this
that up. a basket of toys, a mock-desk, or an          advice for busy work at home moms,
easel with drawing paper will allow your children      “remember to reward yourself for the work
to share your work space and be close to you.          that you have done and not dwell on what
This is a great way to let your child know that        still needs to be done.”
they are welcome in your work space and can be           Managing a home office and your home           1-877 ONE TINY
close to you while you are working. My desk and        is a series of multi-tasks that can seem
computer are off-limits and the kids know that.        overwhelming each day. revel in the success
They are welcome to play in my office but i do         of getting out to the park with the kids for
separate out mom-space and kid-space.                  an hour or completing that proposal you
   involve your children in the work that you          were working on. Not all things will get
do. Part of the reason that i decided to work          accomplished today but it is about balancing
from home was to be close to my children and           your responsibilities as a mother and a
be their primary caregiver. What i didn’t realize      business owner.

                                                                                                          bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember   31
diaPEr diVa dEBuT

Why Would anyone Use Cloth Diapers?!?
by betsy thOmas

                                   thErE arE So MaNy rEaSoNS to dive into using                   diapers made from natural fabrics is that you know when
                                   cloth diapers! Despite what lingering doubts remain            your baby is wet. So you change him as often as you need
                                   in some people’s minds about them – cloth diapers              to – which is healthy and comfortable.
                                   are uncomplicated to use, not a big deal to wash, will            That said, there are also some really beautiful high
                                   save you a toN of money – and most importantly                 tech comfort fabrics being used in reusable diapers.
                                   your beautiful babe will be wrapped in the softness and        amazing synthetics that wick moisture away from your
                                   comfort of cloth.                                              baby’s skin, similar to the way disposables work
                                      recently on our Bummis Blog we remarked on how              and fabrics like microfiber which hold a lot
                                   pleasantly surprised parents are when they make the            of liquid but are slim and trim for those
                                   switch to cloth. here were some of the comments we had         parents that don’t want that big fluffy
                                   found on forums and discussions on the web:                    cotton diapered butt!
                                        “The laundry was not as much as i thought it would           So exactly how easy is it to wash
                                     be (either). When you have a new baby, you are already       them? Well – if you have a washer
                                     doing more laundry than before. one more load just           and dryer – it’s as easy to wash
                                     didn’t seem like so much.”                                   cloth diapers as it is to wash your
                                        “Cloth diapers hold in big poop blowouts far better       clothes. Lots of warm water, a nice
                                     than the disposables i used on my son.”                      biodegradable detergent and you can
                                                    “i thought cloth diapers would be stinky.     either dry them in the dryer or hang to dry.
                                                 But i have used both cloth and disposables       Be sure to equip yourself with enough cloth
                                                 and there is no difference, if anything the      diapers so that you only need to wash
              “a very easy aNd                   disposables smell more because of the            them every 2-3 days. you will be busy
                                                 reaction of the urine with the chemicals in      attending to the needs of a new baby, so
miracUlOUs sOlUtiON is                           the diaper.”                                     you don’t want to wash every single
                                                    “The great feeling you get putting that       day. Not only is that more trouble
tO Use flUshable liNers                          soft fabric on your baby.”                       for you – but it will wear your
                                                    “Clean up was easy. i used flushable liners   diapers out faster too!
  fOr seamless, PaiNless                         and would flush the mess away.”                     and what’s the scoop on
                                                    So we asked our readers to comment            poop? Dealing with poop
                       cleaN-UPs!”               on what had surprised thEM about                 tends to be one of the
                                                 using cloth diapers – and out of the 146         biggest “fear factors” in
                                                 comments we got – this is my fave!               terms of choosing between
                                                    i YCloth Diapers! “i think the biggest        cloth diapers and single
                                                 surprise i had was how much i actually           use diapers. a very easy and
                                   LovED it. Love and diapers just don’t belong in the            miraculous solution is to use
                                   same sentence but i did, i loved it.” (Christy)                flushable liners for seamless, painless
                                      So why would you LovE your cloth diapers??                  clean-ups! No need to rinse soiled
                                   Because they are so darn cute! Diapers these days come         diapers – simply throw the liner in the
                                   in lovely colours and prints, and feature wonderful soft       toilet and flush away the mess. you can
                                   fabrics like organic cotton, rayon from bamboo, hemp,          use flushable liners with any diapers.
                                   etc. The comfort of natural fabrics against your baby’s            There are wonderful choices available in
                                   bum is un-beatable. and a very big advantage of using          cloth diapering products these days. for some

32 birth Of a mOther AUGUSt/SePtember
people this is fantastic – others tend to feel a bit overwhelmed. The
best thing to do is to visit your local retailer of diapers and ask them
to show you the options and explain the pros and cons of each. Some
parents will choose to buy one system of diapers only, some buy a
mixture of all different types of diapers, and some buy a basic system
and then add on a few premium diapers. Below is a simple outline of
the range of diapers available on the market now.

     OUr best gUess-timates PUt
    yOUr saviNgs (iN caNada) at
      abOUt a miNimUm Of $2000!

  1 PIece DIaPerS
    1 piece diapers most closely resemble disposable diapers. They
  consist of an outer waterproof shell and an absorbent interior –
 sewn together. They come in one-size fits all or sized, with snap
     closures or hook and loop closures. you use them once and wash
        them! So be sure to have at least 24 diapers at any given time      Opting for a reusable diapering system is
          so that you are only washing every 2-3 days.
               PUL, or laminated waterproof polyester is the most           easy + environmentally friendly.*
              commonly used fabric for the exterior shell of a 1
                  piece diaper. it is a sturdy and dependable comfort       Yo u a n d y o u r b a b y w i l l l o v e i t , w e p ro m i s e !
                      fabric that can stand up to repeated washings.
                          absorbent interiors can be made from cotton,
                             hemp, rayon from bamboo, or microfiber.        *Reduce your family's garbage by one ton!
                                  These are as easy to use as disposables
                                 and are a good choice for those who
                                  are nervous about the transition from
                                  disposable diapers to cloth diapers.
                                  They are a bit pricier than 2 piece                                                                      TM
                                  systems, but from beginning to end
                                 will still cost Way less than single use

                            2 PIece DIaPerS                                           c l o t h          d i a p e r i n g
                             2 piece diapers consist of a waterproof
                        shell (a wrap) and an absorbent insert for the
                       interior of the shell (a diaper).
                         Waterproof shells can be made of PUL or
                     polar fleece or wool (which is another miraculous      To find a retailer near you, visit our website
                    fabric – waterproof and breathable).
                                                                                              or call us 1 888 828-6647
                     The diaper in a 2 piece system is usually made

                                                                                                          bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember      33
from cotton, rayon from bamboo or a hemp blend. it can be a flat diaper           SO......
(prefold) which with one or two quick folds will fit inside the wrap, or it can      So how affordable are cloth diapers – really??? Well – our best guess-
be fitted with elastic around the legs and waist.                                 timates put your savings (in Canada) at about a minimum of $2000! of
   The advantages of 2 piece diapers are that they dry fast, can cost less        course the investment is bigger in the beginning – but it really does pay off
to purchase than 1 piece diapers (especially if you purchase flat (prefold)       over the course of the 2 and ½ years the average child is in diapers. and if
diapers), and come in natural fabrics! They are very versatile as well, as you    you choose a very durable system like prefolds in cotton – they will last for
can use different absorbent inserts with the same wrap, and often inserts         more than one child and so the savings keep adding up…..
(especially the flat diapers) can be used as burp cloths, wipes, impromptu           The last but certainly not least important point to note about using cloth
change pads, etc. The wrap itself can usually be re-used a few times before       diapers is how MUCh garbage you will prevent from going to the landfill
washing – so it is economical. in regard to the quantity you need to roll with    by using them. Choosing reusable diapers out of guilt is never a good idea,
comfortably – the most ideal is 24 diapers for a newborn and at least 18 for      but the fact is that every baby generates at least one ton of garbage in single-
babies 6 months and older and 4-8 wraps.                                          use diapers by the time he is potty trained. Most probably that one ton of
                                                                                  garbage will end up in a landfill – where it will stay forever because landfills
                                                                                  do not have ideal conditions for biodegrading. Even so called “biodegradable”
                                                                                  single-use diapers tend to get mummified in landfills.
          “the fact is that every baby                                               But parents are plagued by enough guilt from every direction – so go
                                                                                  ahead and try cloth diapers because they are practical, very, very cute and easy
     geNerates at least ONe tON Of                                                to use! it’s always easier to sustain a big change like this if you are doing it
                                                                                  not out of guilt, but because it is a pleasure to see your baby wrapped up in
    garbage iN siNgle-Use diaPers by                                              such a comfortable, lovely cloth diaper!
                                                                                     Using cloth diapers feels good – for so many reasons. Don’t hesitate – dive
        the time he is POtty traiNed”                                             in and check them out!

POckeT DIaPerS
   Pocket diapers really deserve their own category, because they are
essentially 2 piece diapers which become 1 piece diapers when you stuff
them! They consist of a waterproof outer shell with a synthetic envelope
layer against baby’s skin to wick the moisture away, and an absorbent liner
to stuff into the envelope. The liners can be made from anything absorbent ;
cotton, rayon from bamboo, hemp and mocrifibre.
   The advantages of pocket diapers is that they dry more quickly and you
can adjust the absorbency as needed – adding more for night-time or naps
for instance. having 24 diapers is ideal in terms of washing and ensuring the
durability of your diapers.

   There are hybrid systems available
now too which incorporate both reusable
and disposable elements. They feature a
waterproof wrap and both
absorbent and disposable liners
– so you can mix and match
according to your needs. The
advantage of this system is
obvious – but the disposable
elements are problematic for
some people.

34 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
                                               Redefine how you nourish your body
                                               •   Individual Nutrition Counselling
                                               •   Nutritional Grocery Store Tours
                                               •   Comprehensive Nutrition Packages
                                               •   Personal Meal Planning

                                               Reasons to see a dietitian
                                               Prenatal and postnatal nutrition coaching, infant and child
                                               nutrition issues, Gestational Diabetes, postnatal weight loss
                                               coaching, prevention/management of chronic disease, nutrient
Book your appointment today! 403.389.3284      deficiencies, digestive problems, vegetarianism and much more!

            Registered Dietitian services are often covered. Ask your benefits provider.

                                                                              bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember   35
ask dr. mOm!

Knocked Up…or Not??
by dr.rOseaNNe PeNNer md

                                  PrEGGErS. KNoCKED UP. BUN iN thE                            experience some glorious PMS symptoms (bloating,
                                  ovEN. There is a plethora of ways to say you’re             crankiness, tender breasts etc.) your ovaries are probably
                                  pregnant but sometimes the question is how to end up        releasing an egg every month. to determine when this is
                                  in that state in the first place. okay. i know that you     happening (and therefore the best time to schedule some
                                  understand the basic birds and bees business, but do you    quality time with the honey) you need to know how
                                                             know how to figure out some      many days there are between your periods: that is, from
                                                             of the finer details? here is    the first day of one period to the first day of your next
                                                             a primer on everything you       period. once you know that number, you can determine
    “have sex a few days befOre                              need to know to become “with     your ovulation day by subtracting 14 from that number.

 yOU OvUlate tO try tO have a                                child.”                          for example, if your periods are 30 days apart, you
                                                                The first thing to know       likely ovulate on day 16 (30-14=16.) Now to have the
   girl Or a few days after yOU                              about is ovulation: are you      best chance of a sperm meeting up with that egg on its
                                                             ovulating and if so, when.       journey we usually recommend starting a few days before
        OvUlate tO try fOr a bOy”                            as a general rule, if you have   ovulation and continuing until a few days afterward. But
                                                             fairly regular periods and       no matter what your man says, he doesn’t have enough

36 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
sperm for daily encounters so limit intercourse to every other day.
  Now let’s say that you’ve got that all figured out and still aren’t having
success. What now? The first thing to realize is that it often will take
                                                                                CHinEsE PrEgnanCy
six to twelve months to get pregnant so unless your clock is truly ticking      CalEndar
(ie. you’re over 40) try to relax. however, one sneaky thing that can be
                                                                                frOm www.myPregNaNcygUide.cOm
an issue that people often aren’t aware of is that some lubricants can kill
sperm. Chat with your pharmacist about which one to use to make sure
you get all the lubricant advantages without wiping out those swimmers.         thiS Chart iS aN aNCiENt ChiNESE secret and can be used to
                                                                                predict the sex of an unborn child some believe.  The chart was buried in a
                                                                                tomb near Beijing for 700 years.
                                                                                  to figure out your child’s sex, simply find the mothers age along the top
                                                                                row, and the month of conception down the left-hand column.
                                                                                  See what it says about your pregnancy! Compare it to your ultrasound,
          “have sex a few days befOre                                           and see what it comes up with!
                                                                                  according to studies the Chinese Birth Chart has been 97% effective
       yOU OvUlate tO try tO have a                                             in predicting a baby’s sex!  have some fun and see what the Chinese Preg-

       girl Or a few days after yOU                                             nancy Calendar tells you!

           OvUlate tO try fOr a bOy”
                                                                                  “ONe Of the mOst excitiNg thiNgs
                                                                                   abOUt beiNg PregNaNt is fiNdiNg
  There are also health factors that can contribute to fertility issues
                                                                                     OUt what geNder yOUr baby is”
including stress, excess weight, conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome
or endometriosis, certain medications and drug use or smoking (yes,
smoking iS the root of all evil!) if you suspect that this may be your issue,
talk to your health provider. and don’t forget that the health issues may lie
with Dad-to-be as well, so have him checked out too. if you’ve been busy
bunnies and no luck after a year or so, consider chatting with your doctor      THE sTOry BEHind THE CHinEsE CalEndar
about a referral to a fertility clinic. They can chat with you about using         one of the most exciting things about being pregnant is finding out
medical science as your ally in your quest for pregnancy.                       what gender your baby is. Whether you ask your ultra sound technician to
  Lastly, as a Mom of two beautiful boys, i now can’t even imagine having       give the secret away or if you decide to wait until your eventual meeting,
a girl. But there are Mommies out there (and you know who you are) who          the moment that you learn if you’re having a son or a daughter is very
would oh, so love to put in an order for a particular gender. Short of going    special. in the meantime, a lot of women and their partners pass the time
to other countries where they charge you the equivalent of Microsoft’s          amusing themselves with online quizzes or tests to help determine their
quarterly earnings to perform the controversial gender selection of sperm,      baby’s sex. Most of these are based on old wives tales such as how particular
what can a hopeful Mommy do? one option is to consult the Chinese               cravings or weight gain can determine gender. obviously these test are al-
Pregnancy Calendar. it isn’t perfect but it shockingly seems to perform         most always incorrect. however, one of these amusements is eerily accurate
better than random chance. The other option is to time your intercourse.        and has been used by many couples throughout centuries: the Chinese
have sex a few days BEforE you ovulate to try to have a girl or a few           Gender Prediction Calendar.
days aftEr you ovulate to try for a boy. This is also not a guarantee but          Discovered in a royal tomb near Peking, the calendar was inscribed on
not at all controversial and very cost effective. if you want the rationale     a tablet that is dated as being over seven hundred years old. This means
as to why this might work, dig out your old genetics textbook and we’ll         that centuries of women and their husbands relied on it to give them some
discuss it over a latte. happy baby making!                                     sort of idea what to expect on the delivery date.  By finding the woman’s

                                                                                                                   bIrtH OF A mOtHer OctOber/NOvember         37
ask dr. mOm!

                                  age plus nine months and then following the column
                                                                                                           “the OrigiNal caleNdar
                                  to the month of conception, you can easily determine
                                  what gender your child will be. in many cultures there                    is ON disPlay at the
                                  has always been a lot of pressure throughout history to
                                        have a first-born son in order to secure an heir. This              iNstitUte Of scieNce
                                             can leads one to wonder how many couples
                                               through the years have chosen the right                            iN PekiNg aNd
                                                month and copulated intently in order to
                                                  get a boy. There is a very good chance                         maNy cUriOUs
                                                    that this was the reason for the develop-
                                                    ment of this calendar in the first place!
                                                                                                           tOUrists visit it daily”
                                                     of course, there is no need to secure
                                                     property in the same way these days and
                                                     many couples are simply overjoyed to             and a quick search will reveal many different versions.
                                                     welcome their child into the world no            No doubt this popularity is due to the fact that many
                                                     matter what gender it is.                        excited couples simply can’t wait to pick out clothes and
                                                       The original calendar is on display            toys for their new arrival. although many people believe
                                                    at the institute of science in Peking and         that the calendar is ninety-nine percent accurate, it’s not
                                                 many curious tourists visit it daily. its pop-       by any means scientifically sound and while enjoying its
                                                ularity on the internet seems to grow daily           novelty, you should refrain from taking it too seriously.

                                                                         maTerNal age

          18   19   20   21 22     23 24 25 26               27 28       29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45

 JaN       F   m     F    m   F    m       m    F      m      F    m      F      m   m    m       F   m     m     F    m    F    m F      m F       m m F

 FeB      m     F    m    F   m    m       F    m       F     m     F     m      F   F       F    m    F    m     m     F   m     F m      F m       F   m m

 mar       F   m     F    F   m     F      m    m      m      F    m      F      F   m    m       m m        F    m    m    F    m F      m F       m     F m

 aPr      m     F    m    F   F    m       m    F       F     m     F     F      F   F       F    m    F    m     F    m m       m m       F m       F   m F

 may      m     F    m    F   m    m       F    F       F     F     F     m      F   F       F    F    F     F    m     F   m    m F      m F       m m F

 JUN      m    m     m    F   F     F      m    m      m      F     F     m      F   F       F    F    F     F    F    m    F     F m      F m       F   m F

 JUl      m    m     m    F   F    m       m    F       F     m    m      m      F   F       F    F    F     F    F     F   m     F m m F           m     F m

 aUg      m    m     m    F   m     F      F    m      m      m    m      m      F   F       F    m    F    m     F    m    F    m F      m m        F   m F

 SeP      m    m     m    F   F    m       F    m       F     m    m      m      F   F       F    F    F     F    m     F   m     F m      F m m          F m

 OcT      m    m     F    F   F    m       F    m       F     m    m      F      F   F       F    F    F     F    m    m    F    m F      m F       m m F

 NOV      m     F    m    F   F    m       F    m       F     F     F     F      m   F       F    F   m     m     m     F   m     F m      F m m          F m

 Dec      m    m     m    F   F     F      F    m       F     m     F     F      m   m    m       m m       m     m    m    F     F   F   m F       m     F     F

38 birth Of a mOther OctOber/NOvember
                             “Ya...we get it.”

                                   ”You are a busy mom with lots
                                       of important things to do!
                                         That’s why we do all the
                                       product research for you!
                                      Come visit all 5 of Calgary’s
                                              original baby stores!

                                                   Built by a Mom,
                                                      ...for moms!

 bo bébé
     bo bébé Crowfoot
      (403) 252-0320

    bo bébé Market Mall
      (403) 288-5020

 bo bébé Shawnessy Village
      (403) 249-8944

     bo bébé Westhills
      (403) 262-7522

 bo bébé South Center Mall
      (403) 984-2722
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