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									                            Collin College - Continuing Education
                                       Course Syllabus

Course Title:                    Invest in Your Debt

Instructor:                      Keith Phildius

Instructor Credentials:
Regional Vice President, IYD, Inc. BBA Midwestern State University. Has been speaking on this subject
since 1996.

Course Description:
This nationally acclaimed seminar is designed for people who want to build real wealth and achieve true
financial freedom. Pay off your student loans as well as all your other consumer debts including credit
cards and car payments in 1 to 3 years; and then pay off your 30-year mortgage in another 4 to 5 years?
You can do this with your current income!
Whether you make $12,000 or $120,000, this is information you need to hear. The key to financial freedom
is to invest in your debts by using our simple linear math methodology to eliminate all your debts. Then
operate 100% on cash, while most Americans are struggling just to pay off the mortgage. Find out why the
mortgage tax deduction is a farce and why most conventional investment strategies do not work for most
people. Learn what the true value of a dollar is, how to “Reverse Budget” and how to use your Debt
Investment Account to put wealth building on Automatic Pilot.
Keith Phildius, and his team of certified instructors, have created this course to show you how to live without
credit; How to handle emergency money needs and share with you the self-empowering benefits of living
100% on cash. Let us repeat that: If you follow the steps that you learn, eventually you will be debt free.
You will have no credit debt or bill problems to worry about. By investing in your debts first, you will be on
your road to financial freedom. To make this a reality for you, bring your list of debts, a calculator, and
during class, you will develop your own debt elimination plan that can be implemented immediately into your
                           Strictly an educational workshop, no financial planning,
                              insurance or investments will be promoted or sold.

Course Objectives:

1. Calculate Approximate Debt Freedom Date
2. Debt Investment Account
3. Change your Perception of Debt

Optional: Invest in Your Debt; Premier Institute for Financial Freedom, ISBN #: 0-97130730X

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