Informing Customer Price Increase - Excel by rjt14895


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									No     Name of the             Mobile       Mobile                     Package      Customer
       customer                number       and Operator               subscribed    since
     1 Sahebrao Sarode           9420331355 BSNL - Nokia               12 month     8 months

     2 Pravin Sonawane           9423930433 BSNL - Nokia               12 month     6-7 months

     3 Jayant Khotre             9822451686 Idea - Nokia 7210          12 month     Almost 2 years

     4 Keshav Raut               9921141099 Idea                       12 month     6 months

     5 Govind Hangarge           9766637025 Airtel - Nokia 3110        12 month     4-5 months

     6 Chandrashekhar Lambat     9764116223 Idea - Nokia               12 month     6 months

     7 Shashikant Wani           9755264879 Vodafone - Micromax        12 month     6 months

     8 Uttamrao Poman            9890206585 Airtel - Nokia N72         6 month      6 months

     9 Mohan Kumbhar             9822513845 Idea - Nokia 3110          6 month      6-8 months

 10 Shankar Ghubad               9767213836 Idea - Nokia 3110          6 month      3 months

 11 Nandu Jadhav                 9421586138 BSNL - Samsung             3 month      3 months

 12 Balaji Pise                  9763759545 Idea - Nokia 2600          12 month     2-3 months

 13 Liyaz Khan Pathan            9422535746 BSNL - Nokia 1108          12 month     5 months

 14 Nanasaheb Gawli              9423783894 BSNL - Nokia 1600          6 month      4-5 months
 15 Baburao Tuljapure            9604221209 Idea - Nokia               12 month     10 months

 16   Vilas Sakhre               9730213919   Airtel - Nokia 3610      6 month      18 months
 17   Vijay Garud                9850762593   Idea - Nokia 2600        6 month      6 months
 18   Ashok Deshmukh             9850859141   Idea - Nokia             12 month     3 - 4 months
 19   Sachin Shendurkar          9850415431   Idea - Nokia 3200        12 month     5 - 6 months

 20 Amol Deshmane                9921963707 Idea - Nokia 1110          12 month     5 - 6 months
 21 Dinesh More                  9923602444 Vodafone - Nokia 6233      6 month      10 months

 22 Sanjay Adhau                 9822785488 Idea - Nokia 2600          6 month      6 months

 23 Vinod Sonawane               9423238629 BSNL - Nokia 1100          12 month     6 months
 24 Abaji Wagh                   9861790079 Idea - Nokia 1600          6 month      6 months
 25 Ramchandra Deohade           9011930936 Idea - Nokia 1210          6 month      6 months

 26 Mohammad Ayaz                9422703153 BSNL - Moto RAZR V3        3 month      3 months

 27 Arun Padole                  9422829271 BSNL - Nokia 1100          3 month      3 months
 28 Vikas Ghumde                 9326047788 Reliance - LG 6600         3 month      6 - 7 months

 29 Suryabhan Gundale            9923691133 Vodafone - Chinese phone   3 month      2 - 3 months
 30 Mangesh Pawar                9850354045 Idea - Nokia N70           12 month     2 - 3 months
31 Vithal Ingle            9921688157 Idea - Nokia             3 month    5 months

32 Sudarshan Mahanur       9423664301 BSNL - Nokia 1130        3 month    6 months
33 Chandrakant Bodole      9921039851 Idea - Nokia 3500        6 month    12 months

34   Rameshwar Sontakke    9823640024   Vodafone - Samsung     3 month    18 months
35   Ravikaran Varpe       9850683088   Idea - Nokia 7210      6 month    5 - 6 months
36   Madhukar Desai        9860306168   Airtel - Nokia 1200    3 month    2 months
37   Anup Kashyap          9423069259   BSNL - Philips         6 month    1 month

38 Harinath Gavane          980612913 Airtel - Nokia 6306      6 month    2 months

39 Sharif Deshmukh          970989187 Airtel - Samsung E250    6 month    12 months

40 Ramesh Raut             9423426582 BSNL - Nokia 1310        12 month   2-3 months
41 Chandrakant Digraskar   9422709056 BSNL - Nokia 6610        3 month    3 months

42 Rajendra Tate           9890233868 BSNL - Nokia 1600        12 month   2 months

43 Prasad Badave           9226256489 Tata Indicom - Samsung   3 month    4-5 months

44 Manik Choughule         9960542405 Airtel - Chinese         3 month    3 months

45 Vinod Pachbhai          9860132064 Airtel - Voda            6 month    10-12 months

46 Sanjay Jagdale           850118563 Idea - Chinese           6 month    4 months
47 Rameshwar Bhise         9923442565 Vodafone - Nokia 3110    6 month    12-18 months

48 Baburao Talekar         9922345169 Idea - Nokia             6 month    3 months

49 Arun Borgude            9822967542 Idea - Samsung           6 month    5 months

50 Dilip Apale             9881411166 Idea - Nokia 1100        3 month    12-15 months

51 Ashok Thakre            9764806099 Vodafone - Nokia 2600    1 month    6 months

52 Sanjay Deshmukh         9325508439 Reliance - Nokia         3 month    3 months

53 Nitesh Chaudhary        9923475199 Vodafone Nokia 3230      3 month    2 months

54 Santosh Hendre          9421947081 BSNL - Nokia 6300        3 month    1 - 1.5 months

55 Jayant Solanki          9423130468 BSNL - Nokia 1600        6 month    2 months
56 Vishwas Sude          9764301827 Vodafone - 3600         3 month    24 months

57 Prashant Badgire      9422744189 BSNL - Nokia 7610       6 month    18 months

58 Anil Kolte            9833361345 Vodafone - Nokia N72    1 month    1 month
59 Vijay Wankhede        9850329928 Idea - Samsung          12 month   6 months

60 Swapnil Mahajan       9423230574 BSNL - Nokia 5130       6 month    24 months

61 Nilkanth Pashavle     9767769498 Idea - Chinese          3 month    2 months
62 Rahul Bhujbal         9421212177 BSNL                    12 month

63 Gajanan Kamanath      9421454330 BSNL - Nokia 1650       12 month   24 months

64 Mayur Patil           9860469344 Airtel - Nokia 1011     6 month    3-4 months

65 Vithal Lanke          9928330831 Idea - Onida            6 month    3 months

66 Vinod Deshmukh        9881731674 Idea - Samsung          12 month   3 months

67 Vijaykumar Chauhan   99423037761 BSNL - Nokia 5310       12 month   15 months

68 Jitendra Tadele      99890561354 Airtel - Chinese        12 month   24 months
69 Gajand Kurwade        9623243188 Idea - Nokia 1650       12 month   6 months
70 Arif Shaikh           9325163813 Reliance                12 month   6 months

71 Bapurao Pawar         9403531547 BSNL - Nokia            6 month    4-5 months

72 B D Jadhav            9421528969 BSNL -                  6 month    24 months

73 Aadhar Patil          9960284501 Airtel - Nokia 1100     6 month    12 month
74 Prabhakar Vahekar     9011529407 Idea - Nokia            6 month    3-4 months

75 Shishir Raut          9890237105 Airtel - Nokia 1600     6 month    6 months

76 Pramod Savant         9850050733 Idea - Nokia            3 month    6 months

77 Narayan Rameshware    9970118388 Airtel - Nokia N70      12 month   3-4 months
78 Ganesh Chaudhari      9421310829 BSNL - Nokia 5300       6 month    8-9 months

79 Mahadev Mhatre        9822454131 Idea - Nokia 3110       3 month    2 months

80 Mahesh Devghare       9970545594 Airtel - Nokia N72      12 month   4-5 months
81 Shrikant Ghenge       9823439601 Vodafone - Nokia 2626   3 month    1 months

82 Sunil Desai           9420214111 BSNL - Samsung D780     3 month    1 months
 83 Rajendra Mane        9421120378 BSNL - Nokia 6100          12 month   3-4 months

 84 Suresh Gote          9970709716 Airtel - Nokia             12 month   4-5 months

 85 Mahesh Mergewad      9881911002 Idea - Nokia 6710          12 month   2-3 months

 86 Rajendra Chaudhary   9881686859 Idea - Usha 277            6 month    18 month

 87 Rakesh Patil         9923014714 Vodafone - Samsung SG780   6 month    6 months

 88 Shyamrao Sonawane    9850533939 Idea - Nokia 7210          6 month    18 month

 89 Baban Ghongre        9970034448 Airtel - Nokia             3 month    12 months

 90 Hemdev Malodhe       9881553565 Idea                       3 month    2 months

 91 Gorakhnath Morbale   9421938635 BSNL - Nokia 1600          3 month    8-9 months

 92 Sanjay Ambekar       9604652522 Idea - Nokia 6233          6 month    2 months

 93 Dhannalal Taori      9423657946 BSNL - Nokia 1600          12 month   18 months

 94 Ganesh Bhosale       9421177309 BSNL - Nokia 6300          12 month   7-8 months

 95 Rahul Jadhav         9890841920 Airtel - Motorola E8       6 month    3 month
 96 Bharat Kamble        9421054616 Idea - Nokia               12 month   2 months

 97 Vasant Labhade       9921337472 Idea - Nokia               12 month   10 months

 98 Shivkumar Bhutda     9764230699 Vodafone - Nokia 6310      12 month   6 months

 99 Raju Gujjarwar       9860728864 Airtel - Nokia 3110        6 month    18 months

100 Dhanaji Bhosale      9767627032 Idea - Samsung             12 month   6 months

101 Ganesh Sankalp       9881957987 Idea - LG                  6 month    2 months
102 Kishore Bobade       9403610601 BSNL - LG               3 month    2 months

103 Farukh Shaikh        9422296584 BSNL - Nokia 6233       3 month    2 months

104 Sanjay Ugle          9923282780 Vodafone - Nokia 3110   6 month    1 month
105 Ganesh Potbhare      9403207305 BSNL - Nokia            3 month    2 months

106 Appa Bhosale         9403133066 BSNL - Nokia            3 month    3 month

107 Nitin Dangat         9822833623 Idea - Nokia            6 month    18 months

108 Shrikant Navale      9766400106 Airtel - Nokia          3 months   1 months

109 Vijay Patil          9970185699 Airtel - Nokia          6 month    7-8 months

110 Kiran Dhokare        9923313488 Vofaone - Nokia 3220    6 month    18 months

111 Janardhan Waghmare   9960487383 Airtel - Nokia 1110     6 month    6 months

112 Bhagirath Makde      9421776400 BSNL - Nokia 3910       6 month    4 months

113 Ramesh Gawli         9422796315 BSNL - Nokia 3315       12 month   9 months

114 Vilasrao Mahurkar    9423436364 BSNL - Nokia 6600       3 months   2 months

115 Kapadlis Prakash     9881787376 Idea - Nokia 2310       12 month   18 months

116 Dilip Patel          9822544471 Idea - Nokia 2610       12 month   14 months

117 Sanjay Jadhav        9423436267 BSNL - Nokia N81        12 month   6 months

118 Shrihari Yawale      9421280035 BSNL - Nokia 2310       3 months   2 months

119 Pandurang Ingle      9011739903 Idea - Nokia            3 months   2 months
120 Prabhakar Hedau      9423600682 BSNL - Nokia 1600       3 months   3 months

121 Milind Shinde        9890216918 Airtel - Nokia 1200     3 months   3 months

122 Ratan Lawange        9730682933 Airtel - Nokia 3110     3 months   2 months

123 Nagorao Pawar        9822749886 Idea - Nokia 6020       3 months   2 months

124 Bhanudas Sawarate    9922269174 Idea - Nokia            6 month    6 months

125 Ravindra Gahire      9850458921 Idea - Chinese          3 months   2 months
126 Ajit Korde           9975970727 Airtel - Nokia 1600     3 months   2 months

127 Kishore Nahane       9881383323 Idea - Nokia 1108       12 month   16-18 months

128 Dingabar Chaudhary   9423525999 BSNL - Nokia 1661       3 month    2 months

129 Shantaram More       9423547517 BSNL - Nokia            12 month   1 month
130 Nathu Wasnik         9765858208 Vodafone - Nokia 1117   12 month   3-4 month

131 Shabbir Beg          9403201552 BSNL - Nokia 1650       6 month    4 months

132 Deepak Wawre         9881838511 Idea - Nokia 6233       6 month    18 months

133 Dinkar Satpute       9850556886 Idea - Nokia            6 month    4 months
134 Tukaram Raut         9421422886 BSNL - Nokia 1600       6 month    1 month
135 Ajay Parkantwar     9921620072 Idea - Nokia 2310     3 month    4 months

136 Deepak Gade         9850537270 Idea - Nokia 3600     3 month    1 month

137 Nandu Kamble        9326698210 Reliance - Classic    3 month    4-5 months

138 Mangesh Dashrathi   9623739985 Idea - Nokia 7210     3 month    1 month

139 Gajanand Lakde      9665211046 Airtel - Nokia        3 month    2 months

140 Suresh Bhagat       9764902242 Vodafone - Motorola   3 month    15 months

141 Dilip Chalakh       9423620306 BSNL - Nokia 1110     12 month   6-7 months

142 Datta Phadtarey     9423841800                       12 month

143 Bhagwanrao Mithe    9763063322 Idea - Nokia 1200     6 month    12 months

144 Deepak Chauhan      9921768351 Idea - Nokia 1670     3 month    1 month

145 Sripati Mule        9433073736 BSNL - Nokia          12 month   12 months

146 Pradeep Sawle       9921054152 Idea - Nokia 7210     12 month   3-4 month

147 Sitaram Ingle       9860715247 Idea - Nokia 7210     6 month    12 months

148 Sahebrao Shinde     9850901588 Idea - Nokia 6300     6 month    5 months

149 Vijay Lahane        9987334974 Vodafone - Nokia      6 month    5 months
150 Sarvesh Nagla         9970948833 Airtel - Nokia 7610         3 month    2 months

151 Maroti Deshmukh       9420627398 BSNL - Nokia 3110           12 month   12 months

152 Yogesh Gomashe        9422681831 BSNL - Nokia 1110           3 month    1 month

153 Prasanna Deshpande    9921145373 Idea - Motorola MotoRazar   12 month   18 months

154 Sadashiv Thorat       9970607500 Airtel - Nokia              12 month   4 months

155 Dyaneshwar Bhutekar   9421424990 BSNL - Nokia 1600           6 month    6 month

156 Walmik Kandalkar      9921423531 Idea - Nokia 2626           6 month    12 months

157 Dinesh Agrawal        9421737331 BSNL - LG                   6 month    18 months

158 Ramesh Lagde          9226215700 Tata Indicom Nokia 2280     6 month    12 months

159 Prakash Rokade        9960132305 Airtel - Nokia 5130         3 month    6 month
160 Santosh Mamidwar     9420039707 BSNL - Nokia 3500       6 month    1 month

161 Amol Kadu            9764900818 Vodafone - Chinese      3 month    1 month

162 D S Karpe            9764083261 Vodafone - Nokia 3110   3 month    1 month

163 Netaji Patil         9923944710 Vodafone - Nokia 5100   12 month   18 months

164 Vikram Patil         9881620790 Idea - LG               6 month    1 month

165 Nikar Thakre         9420566551 BSNL - Nokia 6300       12 month   18 months

166 Majit Khan           9730264974 Airtel - Nokia          6 month    6 month

167 Masote               9922166639 Idea - Nokia            6 month    6 month

168 Rajendra Janjalkar               Airtel - Nokia 3110    3 month    1 month

169 Vithal Vidate        9765779684 Vodafone - Nokia        6 month    2 months

170 Kishore Divase       9860057190 Airtel - Samsung        12 month   15 months
Satisfied           Type of problems
Yes                 No problems so far

Somewhat            Incomplete Messages - Gave Call Centre Number

Yes                 Incomplete News Messages sometimes

Yes                 No problems so far

Yes                 No problems so far

Yes                 No problems so far

Somewhat            No problems so far

Yes                 No problems so far

Yes                 No problems so far

Yes                 Incomplete messages on some rare occasions.

Yes                 No problems so far

Yes                 No problems so far

Yes                 Poor accuracy for weather

Yes                 No problems so far
Yes                 Grape rates for Market rates for Nagpur and Mumbai inaccurate

Yes                 Weather information is not accurate
No                  All Messages arriving incomplete. Did not complain to call centre.
Yes                 None
Yes                 None

Yes                 None
No                  Incomplete Messages and Wrong Crop. Calling up Call Centre did not
                    help despite several attempts
Yes                 Need crop change, no idea of how to do it. Directed him to RML Call
Yes                 None
Yes                 None
Yes                 There was a problem initially with incomplete messages, that was later
                    resolved by call centre.
Somewhat            Late arrival of market prices. They need to be sent sooner.

Yes                 Message arrives late
Somewhat            Accuracy of Market rates for Nagpur and Hinghanghat needs
Yes                 None
Yes                 No problems. Wants Crop Advisory for two crops. Asked to take another
                    subscription and directed to call centre for more information
Yes        None

Yes        None
Yes        Banana Market prices for some markets arrive at 7 - 8 pm

Yes        None
Yes        None
Somewhat   Weather information not accurate. Rainfall forecasts are a problem
Somewhat   Weather inaccurate
           Incomplete Messages
           Less information on Paddy.
           Call centre not easily accessible
Yes        Market Rate SMS arrives late

Somewhat   Market Rate SMS arrives late
           Some messages incomplete
           News message irregular
           Weather message inaccurate
Yes        None
Yes        Weather not accurate

Yes        None

Yes        None

Yes        None, but not going to renew. Started service from a friend who was at
Yes        Language Problem was not rectified for several months but was finally
           rectified only when time for renewal came up.
Yes        Weather inaccurate.
Yes        None, but not going to renew after subscription expires in the next few
           days. Will renew only in August or September.
Yes        None right now. Incomplete message problem was solved by call centre.

Yes        Market Price SMSes are somewhat irregular

No         Says decided not to renew because of bad experience with renewal the
           last two times. According to him, the sales staff took money from him and
           didn't renew his subscription for more than a month. It was only after
           talking to the salesperson's supervisor did he get the service activated.

Yes        None

Yes        None

Yes        Had the problem of irregular messages a month ago. However, this has
           now been solved and messages arrive regularly. But says will not renew
           when subscription ends. Will only renew just before harvesting season
           since Market data is the only useful thing to him.
Yes        None

Yes        None
Yes                              None

Yes                              None

Yes                              None
Yes                              None

Somewhat                         Banana Market Prices arrive very late.
                                 Weather is inaccurate.
                                 Banana prices from Delhi are inaccurate
Yes                              None
Yes                              Market Price SMS is irregular

Yes                              Incomplete News SMS.

Yes                              Incomplete Weather and News SMS. Banana Price SMS used to arrive
                                 late, now arrive sooner but need to be improved further.
Yes                              Message in Marathi not supported by phone, so cannot get legible
                                 message since changing handset a month or so ago. Did not know call
                                 centre number.
Yes                              None

Yes                              None

Yes                              Weather not accurate.
Yes                              None
Yes                              Not getting Crop Advisory. Told to recheck inbox. Given call centre
                                 number since he was not aware of it.
Yes                              None

Yes (Says extremely happy with it) None

Yes                              Weather not accurate.
Yes                              None

Yes                              Criop Advisory and news sms not regular

Yes                              None

Yes                              Market Price SMS is irregular
Somewhat                         Incomplete Messaes of Crop Advisory and News. Mosambi rates are
Yes                              None

Somewhat                         Weather data is not accurate. Rain forecasts do not match reality
Yes                              None

Yes                              None
Yes   None

Yes   None

Yes   Incomplete messages arrive on occasion.

Yes   Request for changing crop is implemented quite late. Call centre service is
      somewhat slow.
Yes   Not getting Crop Advisory SMS and News SMS. Did not realise we were
      providing those. Informed him about the information they contain and
      advised him to talk to Call Centre immediately to register complaint.

Yes   None. Wanted to change crop but did not have call centre number.

Yes   None.

      Has no use for the service since he lives in Nagpur and his farm is in
      Chandrapur district, plans to discontinue when subscription expires. He
      started service since his nephew worked at RML in sales. However, his
      brother living in Chandrapur looks after the farm and also has the service.

Yes   Wanted to change crop to Cotton, gave call centre number to subscriber

Yes   None

Yes   None

Yes   Prices by RML are sourced in the morning and are higher than the rates
      for the rest of the day. This is causing difference between rates subscriber
      gets and the rates RML sends, according to the subscriber.

Yes   None
Yes   None

Yes   None

Yes   Not hetting SMS for the last 3-4 days. Has registeed complaint with RML
      Call Centre.

Yes   Getting incomplete messages, Weather SMS is inaccurate sometimes.

Yes   Has some problems with SMS because of changing handsets. Referred to
      Call Centre. Gave number since subscriber did not have it.
      Says was not given promised torch despite getting a years subscription
      and the service also started a month late.

Yes   No problems, need to change crop to Tomato. Referred to Call Centre.
      Did not have number. Gave number.
Yes        Incomplete messages arrive on occasion.

Somewhat   Weather inaccurate. Market Price inaccurate. Incomplete SMSes

Yes        None
Yes        None

Yes        None

Yes        None

Yes        None

Yes        None

Yes        None

Yes        None

Somewhat   Says he gets a single sms several times over. Also, not enough details
           given when we send news.

Yes        Incomplete Messages. Did not know about RML Call Centre. Gave him

Yes        None

Yes        None

Yes        Does not want subscription for Rose and Gerbera but getting those prices.
           Talking to RML Call Centre has not helped so far.

Yes        Wants service in Marathi but gets in english. Gave him call centre
           number. Also getting service for crops other than the ones he wants now.

Yes        None

Yes        None
Somewhat   None

Yes        None

Yes        None

Yes        Incomplete messages arrive on occasion

No         Allowed service to lapse because subscriber was not getting Mosambi
           prices and did not know who to call. Gave him call centre number and am
           forwarding his number to Sales team to get service renewed.

Yes        None
Yes        Weather is slightly inaccurate. Market rates are also slightly inaccurate.
           Explained to him that rates are of grade 1 produce.

Yes        None

Yes        Weather SMS is inaccurate on several occasions. Rainfall amount is
           inaccurate. Wants prices of relevant markets in his area. He is not getting

Yes        None
Yes        Incomplete messages arrive on some occasions

Yes        Weather SMS is inacurrate sometimes. Recharging of service took 3-4

Yes        Incomplete messages arrive on some occasions. Weather inaccurate on
           several occasions

Yes        None
Yes        Incomplete messages. Green Chilly rates arrive in the evening for
           Mumbai. Referred to call centre for incomplete messages and for change
           of crop that subscriber wants
No          Owns a fertilizer shop. Says he has no use for service and it was foisted
            on him by some salesperson.
Yes         None

Yes         Service started a month late when first subscribed. No problem so far after

Yes         None

Yes         None. Wanted crop change to cotton, gave call centre number.

Yes         None

Yes         Some messages arrive incomplete on occasion.

No          Did not want service. However it was started on the person's phone.
            Several complaints have been made, he says but to no avail.

Yes         None

Somewhat    Messages are irregular, sometimes incomplete

Yes         Subscriber says he is not receiving weather SMS from the last two or
            three days.

Yes         Says messages sometimes arrive incomplete, but get rectified later.

Yes, very   Incomplete SMSes arrive sometimes

Yes         Incomplete SMSes arrive sometimes

Somewhat    Weather is not accurate. Says rainfall, temperature and precipitation is
            inaccurate. Crop Advisory is somewhat outdated.
Yes   None

Yes   Messages often turn up with some text missing

Yes   Subscriber says he was stuck with RML Direct card for 10-12 days but did
      not know how to activate it and nor did the person he bought it from.
      Finally he asked around in his village and contacted Call Centre.

Yes   None

Yes   None

Yes   None

Yes   Weather inaccurate on some occasions

Yes   None

Yes   Weather inaccurate on some occasions

Yes   None
Yes        None

Yes        None. Was expecting rates for crops other than the one he has selected.
           Explained the way RML's service works to him.
Yes        None

Somewhat   Tomato rates inaccurate for Kolhapur and Sangli, he says.

Yes        Banana Rates for Burhanpur are somewhat innacurate, subscriber says.

Yes        Some messages repeat several times

Yes        None

Yes        None

Yes        None

Yes        Wants to change crop but does not know how do to this. Gave him call
           centre number.

Yes        None
Benefits from RML

Says no directly attributable monetary benefit. Insists service is
good and informative.

No direct monetary benefit so far. But good source of useful
Monetary benefit of 80,000 - 1 lakh in case of selling Tur.

Sold Soybean at approx Rs. 2,700 per quintal and reaped approx
20,000 benefit due to advice of RML
Says getting to understand various market information because of
RML's service
Not heeded RML suggestions, sold 125 bags of Soy at 1,900 per
bag, now still has 250 bags remaining to sell.
Says he sold Soybean when prices rose to 2,500 per quintal
instead of earlier at 2,200 per quintal and made good profit by
selling 75 quintals based on RML's data
Is Onion farmer, says is useful to get rates from various markets to
keep abreast of what is happening. Has no specific incident to
No benefit

Is Papaya farmer. Says RML's crop advisory helped him improve
quality of his produce.
No direct benefit so far, but knowledge of rates is useful to get
good deal.
No monetary benefit so far

Based on RML Prices, sold Maize at market instead of in the
village itself - reaped profit of 3,000 rupees
Regularly benefits because of knowledge of market prices.
Weather and Crop Advisory has been very useful in particular

Profited by 1.5 to 2 lakh due to RML's Market Prices so far
Weather and Market Prices are very useful
Weather and Market Prices proved beneficial several times

Benefited a few times selling Soybean due to RML Prices
None - Service not working. Want to discontinue.

Benefited from weather forecast of RML when harvested onion just
in time before rain due to RML's message
Market rates prove very useful to keep track of prices
None so far
Market Prices are useful

Keeping updates with RML Market prices save time required to call
up different markets
None so far
Regular small scale benefits due to RML's market prices

None so far
None so far
Sold 30 bags of Soybean at 2750 per quintal due to RML's prices -
No one else was able to do the same in the village.
RML Market Prices of terminal markets give good indication of
what prices are going to be in local markets in near future. This
has helped profit several times.
Minor profits several times.
Small benefits on several occasions
Good information on cotton, news have proven useful.
Customer since only a short time so far, so no monetary gains so

Minor benefits are accrued now and then. No details provided

Says made loss in cotton due to fluctuating prices sent by RML but
still says he is satisfied with the service.

Subscribed out of season, hence no benefit so far.
Subscribed out of season, hence no benefit so far. But going to
Benefited by about 15,000 in both Soybean and Maize due to
Market Price SMS enabled selling at better prices, profit of atleast
a thousand rupees recently in Brinjal.
News of government schemes helped me contact officials to get
subsidy for fruit orchard. Currently in process of getting approval.
On basis of RML's news, contacted officials for seed production



Market information is useful
Benefited from Market Price SMS in Tomato, Tur and Soybean by
atleast 7-8,000 rupees.
Benefited due to Crop Advisory for Grapes and due to rates from
different markets regularly.
Market Price SMS helps by letting us know when to take Onion to
market for selling.
Market Price SMS has been useful, he says.

RMLs service helped me sell Soybean at a profit higher by around
400 rupees per qiuintal
Weather SMS is very useful to decide when flower planting should
be done
Market data was very beneficial because it helped him hold on to
Soybean stocks, causing a benefit of Rs. 200-300 per bag,
totalling around Rs. 50,000 as higher profit.

Market price SMS is useful for monitoring. Not sold Soybean yet
so no benefit so far.
Based on RML's recommendations, held on to 80 quintals of
Soybean and gained 100 rupees per quintal more.
Market Price SMS is very useful to keep track of market rates and
plan accordingly. No direct benefit. Weather SMS is also useful.

Weather and Market SMSes are useful but have not provided
direct benefit so far.
Due to RML's advice, benefited by Rs. 200-300 per quintal for 20-
25 quintals by holding out for better prices.
Weather information is useful and getting market prices saves

No monetary benefit so far.
Weather SMS and Market Price SMS are very useful. Market Price
SMS has resulted in benefits on some occasions
Market Price SMS has helped sell at higher prices. Approx benefit
of around 20,000 rupees so far.
Market Price and Weather SMS are useful

Market price SMS is useful.

Is a field officer in the state government owned seed company
Mahabeej. Uses RML provided information to keep farmers up to
Market Price SMS gives me better ability to negotiate with traders.
Has helped earn me 20-25,000 more.
Market Prices SMS is particularly useful.
Market Prices have been useful. No specific incident.
Weather has proven particularly useful for his Orange Orchard to
plan water management and proper conditions
Weather SMS was useful to plan sowing this year. Market Price
SMS resulted in benefit of 10-15,000 in the last few months.

Is Irrigation Department official looking after water management.
Recommends service to farmers in the region and uses RML's
service to keep them updated with news and market data. Has
asked to send sales representative so that he can refer him to
farmers to take service. I will send his name and number to
Shabbir Mullah from sales.
Market Price SMS helps get better rates. So is useful
Is a trader, benefits by knowing prices from various mandis apart
from utilising weather SMS for planning. Have told him about our
trader packages. Asking them to get in touch with subscriber

Incurred loss of 60,000 due to RML's news about increase in
Soybean prices in April.
Has fertilizer shop, finds RML Market Price SMS, News and
Weather SMSes very useful for his own produce and to inform
other farmers.
None so far
Weather and Crop Advisory messages are somewhat useful

SMSes are very useful to get better informed. However, there has
been no direct benefit so far.
Weather SMS has helped plan for sowing
Weather SMS and Market SMS are very useful

Weather and Crop Advisory messages are useful
Has agri input shop alongwith own farm, says Weather SMS was
useful for sowing and crop advisory sms was also useful for proper
methods to be used. Uses RML service to keep his customers
better informed.
Sold much of the produce (soy) before getting RML service. But
after getting service, sold remaining material at profit. However,
says that he lost money in selling gram since RML's SMSes had
stopped coming due to some reason. Complained to call centre
and everything is working fine now.

Benefited by around Rs. 500 per quintal for selling 70 quintals of
Soybean based on RML's news that Soybean prices are likely to
go down looking at current prices. Using Crop Advisory information
to sow cotton with trap crops to protect against pests

Market Price SMS is useful and so is Crop Advisory.

Says weather and Market Price SMS are beneficial. Managed to
profit by approx 15,000 in onion because of RML's Market Price
SMS. Plans to renew service

Benefited in Onion due to Market Price SMS. Has also been useful
for his Pomegranate Orchard
Market Price SMS helped decide which place to sell Tur, benefited
subscriber by approx 15,000. Crop Advisory is proving useful for

Market SMS was useful for planning to sell when rates were good
in markets.
First time subscriber. Weather SMS has proved very useful to plan
sowing. Crop advisory SMS is useful also.
Market Price SMS helped stay alert about market prices and
helped sell produce at good price. Weather SMS has proven
useful for sowing this year.
Getting market prices is useful.

No specific benefit so far
Market rates for Mosambi are useful. Also, Sericulture advisory
and information is useful for my sericulture activity
Weather SMS is very useful for my vineyard. Crop Advisory has
also proven beneficial.
Market Price SMS was beneficial because it has helped him earn
150 rupees extra for 150 quintals of Soybean around December.
Other SMSes are not so useful, he says.
Weather SMS and Market Price SMS is useful but no direct benefit
so far.
Weather and Market Price SMSes are very useful.

Weather, Crop Advisory and News SMS have been very useful so
Weather and Market Prices SMS have been useful to sell produce
in market and to do sowing this year.
No Specific benefit yet. However, Weather and News SMS have
been useful.
Weather and Price SMS has been useful so far.
Is a commission agent at APMC Tumsar. Uses service to inform
farmers of rates and trends.
Says Market Price SMS is very useful to him and other subscribers
because it helps him plan where to sell produce for best returns.
Weather SMS is also useful but no rain in his area so far so no
direct benefit yet.
Weather SMS useful for grapes. Market prices are informative

None so far, since he is a fairly new subscriber so apart from
weather says that he has not managed to reap any other benefit
so far.
Has a spice processing business (Gajanand Masale), benefits
from RML Market Price SMS since it helps him get rates to various
markets for Turmeric
Has grape vineyard. Finds weather SMS very usefl since it allows
him to plan activity in orchard. Referred another person who wants
to activate service. Forwarded to sales people in Western
Weather information is critical for Sericulture and so is useful.
Market rates from Bangalore are also useful.
Works at a district central co operative bank in Bhandara apart
from having his own farm. His brother is also a retailer of RML.
Says farmers are resistant to activating service because it may not
have been marketed properly and so they do not see benefit in
spending money.
Weather SMS was beneficial, says subscriber. Crop Advisory SMS
has also proven useful since it is helping him save on insecticide
Has orange orchard. Is waiting for RML's Orange Prices to beigin
again in season to check rates before selling.
Subscribes to Tomato and Onion crops. Crop Advisory has proven
very useful for his Tomato crop since he is getting better quality
yeild now after heeding CA advice. Weather SMS has also proven
useful. Market SMS helps him plan when to take produce to
market, he says.
Weather and News SMS have proven very informative. Since he is
getting prices for Rose and Gerbera instead of the variety of
flowers that he wants, they are not of use.
Market and Weather SMSes have been useful. Market SMS has
helped make minor profits now and then, he says. He has his own
farm and is also a commission agent.
Says Weather and Crop Advisory has been very useful since it has
allowed him to save on pesticides on Cotton recently. Also says
that Onion Market Price SMS has helped him sell at better prices.
Has service activated on two different phones now for different
Says service has proven extremely useful to him so far. He
followed weather sms to decide when to do sowing and says that
not doing so would have proved disastrous for him.
Is a farmer and commission agent. Says service is informative and
he does not have to telephone people for getting rates from
different markets anymore. His subscription is ending tomorrow
but plans to renew just before harvesting season.

Weather SMS is useful. On occasions, news is also useful. Market
Price SMS is not very useful since pomegranate has to be quickly
disposed of no matter what market prices are. Subscriber owns a
pomegranate orchard
Weather and Crop Advisory are useful. However, market price
SMS is not so useful for now since there is nothing to sell.

Works at a Krishi Seva Kendra. Says he finds the service useful
personally because he has his own farm, and the service is a good
way for him to inform other farmers about latest disease
outbreaks, market prices, weather, etc. Wants to know how to start
service for other farmers. Asking sales team to get in touch with
Weather and Market Price SMS has been useful. Got better rates
for Soybean with help from RML's service

Very informative. Weather SMS was useful recently.
Weather information and market price SMS are useful. Crop
Advisory SMS is also useful but has never been implemented by
subscriber in farm. News SMS helped gain information about
subsidies, etc.
Market Price SMS has been very useful to get better rates for
soybean and to avoid selling to trader in village. Weather SMS is
also very useful because it has helped subscriber plan for sowing
and harvesting so far.
Since subscriber has been with RML for only two months, market
price sms has been of no benefit. However, Crop Advisory SMS
has been useful to know what fertilizer and sprays are to be made
on Greengram and Cotton. Prices of fertilizer sent by news SMS
were very informative, he says. However, he has been unable to
get fertilizer for that price since all shopkeepers are overcharging.

None so far since Onion is yet to be harvested.
Weather SMS was helpful in planning sowing of Soybean. Market
SMS is not so useful so far since subscriber had sold produce
before subscribing to the service. Crop Advisory was useful for
them to select a variety of Red Chilly that can be sown thrice a
Started service after selling of produce in market. So no benefit on
that front. However, Weather and Crop Advisory SMS has proved
very useful. Subscriber has avoided spraying pesticide
unnecessarily on Cotton because of CA SMS recommendiation.
News SMS of price of fertilizer was useful to force shopkeeper to
sell at the correct price.
Market Price SMS has been useful to decide in which market to
sell Papaya produce. Also, Crop Advisory SMS recommendation
of medicines to be used for spraying has given good results.
Weather is useful for planning sometimes.

Weather and Crop Advisory SMSes are very useful
Market Price SMS is beneficial for selling Brinjal. Subscriber uses
Market Price SMS to decide which market to sell in and when.
Crop Advisory has also been useful to decide which pesticide to
spray and at what time.
Market Price SMS was useful during season to get better prices.
Weather SMS helps subscriber plan what work needs to be done
in the field that day, depending on conditions in forecast. Crop
Advisory has also been useful because of all the
recommendations provided.
Although there is little to sell in the market, Price SMS is useful in
helping decide which market to sell, subscriber says. Subscriber
sometimes sells in Akola market instead of Murtijapur based on
prices received through the Price SMS
When traders come to buy onion in village, RML's Market Price
SMS helps subscriber bargain for better prices, he says.
Subscriber has also been implementing advisory sent out and
using Weather SMS to plan activity in field over the next two three
No direct benefit so far. However, service is informative and helps
stay in touch with what is happening, says subscriber.

The service is very good, Weather and Crop Advisory SMS has
been very useful to subscriber. News SMS was helpful in providing
rates of fertilizer to subscriber preventing him from being cheated
by shopkeeper.

Subscriber sells Mosambi and Cotton based on the Price SMS he
gets from RML. While weather is not as useful, he uses it to plan
activity for the next 3-4 days in orchard. Subscriber uses Crop
Advisory recommendations often.
Crop Advisory has helped save subscriber expense of pesticide to
be sprayed on cotton, he says. As per CA SMS's
recommendations, he has avoided spraying of pesticide on cotton.
Results are good so far, he says.
Weather SMS has been useful. Price SMS not so useful since
subscriber says he has a small farm and has not been able to
benefit from it. Subscriber has not paid attention to Crop Advisory
and News SMS so far
No benefit so far. Sold produce before he got the service.

Subscriber is extremely happy with service. Owns a 50 acre farm
in Solapur district. Thanks to Crop Advisory, Weather and Price
SMSes, he says he has benefited by approx 3-4 lakh rupees.
Promises to never discontinue RML's service in his lifetime!

Owns a grape orchard. Is happy with service and says that
Weather and Market Price SMSes have proven very beneficial.
Crop Advisory has been very informative and has helped him plan
activity in his orchard, he says.
Stays in Mumbai and owns grape and mango orchard in Latur.
Keeps track of what needs to be done in orchard with the help of
Owns a turmeric powder unit. Market SMS helps him procure
turmeric from wherever he can get good rates. Is not a farmer, so
the rest of the service is not useful.
Subscriber is an advocate in Satara District. Her father started this
service on her phone. She regularly reads messages and tells her
father about them. According to her, they find weather and crop
advisory very useful for their soybean and groundnut crops.

Is a recent subscriber. Says he is using weather information to
plan activity in his field. Says Crop Advisory SMS is very
informative and though he has not been able to implement the
advice because of scanty rainfall so far, he plans to do so when it
rains over the next few days. Is following weather forecast of RML
predicting that it will rain tomorrow and working in field to prepare.

Subscriber stays in another taluka from his farm in Hingoli District.
RML's service allows him to issue instructions about what activity
ought to be undertaken in the field. Market Price SMS helped him
sell Soybean at the highest rates seen in the market. He had held
on to stocks on the basis of RML's news that Soybean prices were
to rise.
Subscriber is a farm activist. He is also a sub-dealer of RML in
Parbhani District and runs a charitable trust that works for farmers
in the region. He is very satisfied with the service and says it is
very useful for farmers. Subscriber has his own farm also and says
that weather is mostly accurate. Crop Advisory and Market Prices
are also very informative, accurate and useful for farmers. Is an
advocate of Organic Farming

Market Price SMS enabled subscriber to earn 12-15000 more
because he took his produce to markets where he got better rates.
Crop Advisory and Weather information is also very useful.
Overall, service is quite good he says.
However, subscrber;s service has expired a few days ago and he
says he plans to renew only during harvesting season.

Subscriber owns a Krishi Seva Kendra. Is also a farmer. Says that
RML's service is very useful for him personally and to inform his
customers. Subscriber is an Onion farmer and so does not find
market rates particularly useful since he lives very close to the
largest onion market in the country. However, the price sms is
informative and helps him keep track of what is going on. Says
Crop Advisory is very helpful to help reduce pest infestations,
disease, etc.
Is a trader dealing in grains. Uses RML's service to keep himself
informed about market rates around his area and purchases
Subscriber is an Onion farmer. Finds Market Price SMS very
useful. Has benefited by atleast 25,000 rupees due to the
information he gets from Market Price SMS and News SMS. Crop
Advisory is useful and he plans accordingly.
Weather and Crop Advisory is what subscriber pays attention to.
Weather is very useful for subscriber to prepare for spraying and
other activities in his field and orchards. Crop Advisory helps him
decide what kind of sprays and activity should be done in farm.
Says Market Price SMS is not as useful to him.
Subscriber is Soybean and Orange farmer. Finds Crop Advisory
very useful. Has acted according to recommendations for pest
problem on Soybean crop and says results are very satisfactory.
Says market price SMS is very informative and though he has not
benefited so far since he is a recent subscriber, he says that it is
proving to be very useful to keep track of prices in different
Crop Advisory has been very useful for Soybean and Cotton crops,
says subscriber.
Subscriber says he is very happy with service. He has been
tracking RML's Market Price SMS and has prepared to sell his
Onion in market in a day or two. RML's News gave him good
information about subsidies which he has also taken advantage of.
Wants to move into starting a fruit orchard and is planning on
getting an additional subscription for getting information about
Pomegranate. Gave him call centre number

Finds weather and Market Price SMSes useful. No monetary
benefit so far
Market Price SMS has been very useful to subscriber. He says
that in the 1 month that he has had RML's service, he has used
the Delhi and Barhanpur market information to benefit atleast twice
for a total of approx 6,000 rupees extra profit. Is happy with
Subscriber owns a fertilizer and pesticide shop. Uses service to
advise customers. Market Price SMS has been helpful to get
better profits over the last year and half that subscriber has used
the service.
Subscriber owns a Banana orchard apart from sowing Soybean
and other crops. Finds Market Price SMS very useful since it gives
him the ability to negotiate better rates with traders.

Market Price SMS is very useful. Crop Advisory SMS has helped
gain knowledge about what pesticides to be sprayed in field, says
Subscriber is Orange and Cotton grower. Finds weather and Crop
Advisory information very useful to plan activity in orchard and
fields. Since he has had the service for only a month, no monetary
benefit so far.
Subscriber benefited from Market Price SMS in selling Gram. Is
still holding on to Soybean and waiting for better prices. Used Crop
Advisory recommendation to undertake spraying in field for
Another subscriber who has a fertilzer and pesticide shop besides
being a farmer. Uses RML's information to advise farmers about
market rates, news and crop advisory information. Has not
personally implemented any criop advisory recommendations.

None. But says will subscribe for 3 month package henceforth to be able to
change crop. Clarified the issue by informing him that he can change crops

Suggests stopping of advertising of input companies like Deepak Fertilizers to
prevent subscribers from being misled.
Advance time of weather message bto 6 am. Increase agriculture related
Wants more frequent weather information

Wants more news information

Give more markets, especially from Madhya Pradesh

No suggestions. Says RML should look for more ways to expand service

Says will think about suggestions and will call the RML call centre

Suggests to add more services - does not specify what. Says RML should
think of that.
Add more vegetables to offering, including Lemon, etc.

Says can't think of any

Says to add more weather forecast data and for longer durations. Also says to
add long range forecast and advice on crop trends
Says to provide more messages, improve weather accuracy

Says can't think of any
Increase vareities of grapes in Content Offering

None, the service is good as it is
Improve weather accuracy and provide more weather related information

Improve service before anything else.

Start a service where farmer can call for rates of short duration crops which
he has not subscribed to.

Cover markets that operate on Sundays

Send messages sooner, preferably around 2 pm
Improve accuracy of prices


Improve weather information and more Crop Advisory
Add date to SMS and send prices sooner.

Messages should arrive sooner
Increase depth of offering in Paddy.
Provide three crops per package or provide different crops on different days
for third crop to add more value
Improve call centre accessibility
Increase news and information on various schemes

Increase news
Improve weather accuracy

Change crop every week or give information for more crops

None for now

Has some, but has taken Pune office address and will write in.





Send SMS to remind us to renew service when subscription is ending.







Send Market rates at around 12 noon. Increase news and information on
government schemes.

Send market prices sooner, at around 5.30 pm instead of later.
Improve weather accuracy.


Increase number of crops for one subscription to 3 or 4 and also increase
number of markets per crop to 5.
Send Price SMSes earlier

Need Onion rates for Bangalore and Delhi. Please include in offering

Improve and increase pest control and preventive measures. Also improve
coverage of local markets and provide market related seed rates.

Add Mogra and Zhendu flower rates for Mumbai to content offering.

None for now
Improve pest control related information.

Increase number of markets sent in SMS

Increase cattle and domestic animal related information. Increase number of
crops offered.

Increase number of crops offered per subscription

Increase range of weather forecast up to a few days ahead


Give rates for grade 2 and grade 3 of Mosambi as well since Grade 1 produce
is a pretty small percentage of the overall production.

Give more information about handling livestock and increase weather
information accuracy
Provide Crop Advisory for Teak. (I am taking this up to see if feasible)


None, will talk to call centre in case something occurs to me

News needs to be faster and more informative.

Increase information about preventive measures against pest attacks, etc.
Asks for more crops per subscription. Suggested to him to subscribe on one
more phone for other crops.

Increase number of crops per subscription



None, the service is good as it is.




Give colloquial names of pesticides instead of generic brands.

Says to add more crops per subscription,

Send weather SMS thrice a day




None, will call the RML Call Centre if something comes up

Says his village has only two subscribers out of a population of 1600, so we
should try and increase subscrubers there.

Increase number of crops offered per subscription. The subscriber should
have the abilty to chose as many crops as he wishes to.
None so far

None so far

None so far, says service is fine as it is.

Wants rates of local vegetable markets also since he also grows vegetables.

Asks to increase the amount of detail we send in news. Asks to improve call
centre service.

Increase number of crops per subscription and increase Crop Advisory

None so far

Increase Crop Advisory for Grape




Says service is fine as it is.
Wants more crops per subscription

Increase frequency of weather.

Increase crop advisory smses

None so far, Service is useful as it is.


Offer Nira market in Pune District for Jaggery. Increase accuracy in service.
Increase news SMS about schemes, subsidies etc. available for farmers.

Increase number of crops given for every subscription.


Increase news content since newspapers do not come in the remote village
that subscriber lives in.

Improve weather accuracy.

Improve weather accuracy. Devise and deliver a single complete and
consistent package of practices and deliver to farmer through CA SMS so that
he can use only that methodology to grow a particular crop.

Subscriber wants Green Chilly rates for Mumbai in the morning so that he can
check rates and arrange to ship produce to market next day.



No suggestions

Give more news that will be of benefit to farmers.

Add markets in Gadchiroli, especially Chamorshi

Says the service is very complete. However, wants more crops to be added
per subscription. Also wants more price trend forecasts from RML so that he
can plan time of selling appropriately.



Wants more Crop Advisory information.

Wants more crops per subscription

Start giving international rates for Indian grapes. Markets from Japan, Russia
and Europe will be useful. Another organisation had recently called up
subscriber offering this but he does not have their name or number anymore,
he says.
Wants Weather to be made more accurate. Temperature should be specified
down to the first decimal point, not in round figures, he says. Crop Advisory
needs to be updated. Says plenty of new techniques have come up. Those
need to be incorporated.
Wants information on Green Gram, etc.

Subscriber suggests that we ought to provide more pre sowing information, so
that farmer understands which crop is likely to be beneficial for him this year.



Suggests that we provide organic alternatives for farmers when we provide
crop advisory for any crop.
As a sub-dealer, also suggests that we do advertising to increase sales since
the service does not lack much. Says that with the new government owned
free service coming up, it is more important to create publicity about the value
additions we provide.

Suggests we give more news and only in Marathi language.

Improve weather accuracy. Give temperature based preventive measures for
pests, diseases in Crop Advisory.

Wants market rates to arrive sooner.

Wants more advance warning of pest and disease attacks occuring on crop.

None for now
Wants RML to increase number of crops per subscription

Wants more crops in his subscription.

Wants more information about subsidies, etc available for fruit growers


Suggests that we provide advance information about fertilizer dispatch from
manufacturing plants to relevant locations. This will help farmers prepare to
purchase fertilizer before large traders can grab the entire stock and create

Wants more crops on the same subscription and is willing to pay extra for





Wants information on more crops and more markets on the same number.

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