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									                                           Activity Draft Template
                                        Teaching with Primary Sources
                                      Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

  The purpose of this template is to: 1) make filling out the template easier for you as the participant and 2)
  gather information using the same headings to allow for possible future publishing.

  Using Microsoft Word, edit this template and save this file.

  When activity is completed:
    1. Print a copy of the activity attaching any images and resources to be used within the activity.
        Give this to workshop facilitator upon completion.
    2. Email the lesson template to your workshop facilitator, or have facilitator save
        the lesson onto their flash drive.


   School Name:

     Lesson Title:

TPS Consortium:      Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
     Grade Level:    K-3 or 4-8 or 9-12

     Time Frame:

A brief description of the learning activity (what students do), indicating the use of primary sources and where
the activity fits into the curriculum.

A broad statement of what the activity will accomplish (or the big idea).

In creating a goal for the activity, ask yourself:
     What will my students ultimately understand after completing this activity?
     Is the goal phrased in a way my students will understand?
    (Tip: The IL standards can assist your development of the goal.)

Statements that describe desired learner outcomes in precise, measurable and obtainable terms.

After completing the activity, students will be able to:
An investigative question directs student‟s investigation towards an understanding goal. It provides a key
“entry point” to focus student learning and is articulated to students in the procedure section. An investigation
question IS NOT a „closed‟ question.

*Students should be able to answer the investigative question using supporting evidence from
their investigation/analysis of the primary sources used.

IL Learning Standards for Students,
     How will the activity link to the Illinois Learning Standards for students?

List the primary source(s) and any Library web pages used within the activity from the Library of Congress web
site. List the following if applicable:

Primary Source
Title of Primary Source
Title of Collection / Exhibit
(If the image is from Prints & Photograph Division, just list “Prints & Photograph Division”.)
- Print bibliographic page of each primary source used within activity and attach to printed activity.

Web page from the Library of Congress with many images/primary sources/information
Title of Library of Congress web page from a (presentation, collection, or feature pages)
- Print web page used within activity and attach to printed activity.

The analysis tools, handouts, etc. used in the lesson should be listed under materials. Materials should be
referenced in the Procedure section, obey all copyright laws, and support students in using the Library of
Congress items above to further learning.

Example materials could be:
       Venn Diagram, Primary Source Analysis handout
       poster board
       Document for January 14th:
        Presidential Proclamation 3839 of April 5, 1968, by President Lyndon B. Johnson designating Sunday,
        April 7, 1968, as a day of national mourning for Martin Luther King, Jr., National Archives Web Site.
OPTIONAL: Offer a brief description of historical background or other contextual information needed for
students before teaching this activity.


List the steps of how the activity will be implemented by the teacher.

The procedure should:
    Be a numbered list
    Describe methods students will use to analyze the primary sources
    Offer more detail to: 1)describe “ class discussion” or 2) describe a few „expected student answers‟
       towards understanding of the activity goal

When creating your procedure, ask yourself:
    Does the procedure describe how the Library items are used to answer the Investigative Question and
       make connections to the goal of the activity?
    Does the procedure describe the critical thinking skills used by the students?
    Does the procedure indicate when the Investigative Question and Goal is shared with students?

Offer details of how the teacher will evaluate student learning and performance.

OPTIONAL: Identify any other activities that would 1) extend the current activity within the same subject or 2)
extend its connection within other content areas.

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