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Mattress Proforma Invoice Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands by gcs69047


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									Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands

Governance Support Facility (RGSF)

Human Resource Management Information System
Adviser – Public Sector Improvement Program

                                      GRM International Pty Ltd
                                      ABN 23 010 020 201 ACN 010 020 201

                                      Lennons Commercial Tower
                                      Level 29, 76 Queen Street
                                      Brisbane Queensland 4000 Australia

                                      GPO Box 449
                                      Brisbane Queensland 4001 Australia

                                      Telephone: +617 3025 8500
                                      Facsimile: +617 3025 8555


                                                  Page 1 of 22
                                       RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
      INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

Thank you for your interest in the position of Human Resource Management Information
System Adviser – Public Sector Improvement Program, which is an activity under the
Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) Governance Support Facility (RGSF).
This position is open to Australian and international applicants.

As managing contractor for RGSF, GRM International Pty Ltd invites you to Tender for this
activity. As this is an AusAID funded position, all Tenderers are required to follow
Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines, details of which can be accessed on the following

Attached are the following documents to assist in the preparation and submission of a Tender:
       Attachment One:           Tender Particulars & Checklist
       Attachment Two:           Selection Process
       Attachment Three:         Terms of Reference
       Attachment Four:          Conditions of Tender
       Attachment Five:          Technical Assessment Selection Criteria
       Attachment Six:           Financial Assessment Criteria
       Attachment Seven:         Competitive Neutrality
       Attachment Eight:         General Information on the Solomon Islands
       Attachment Nine:          Tender Cover Sheet

Any Tender received by GRM will be on the basis that all terms and conditions in this Tender
document, proformas and the Employment Policies of GRM ( are
understood and accepted by the Tenderer.

Please forward your Tender to the following e-mail address: no later than
5pm (AEST) Tuesday 9 June 2009.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on +677 23471                            or    by    e-mail if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Charley Clarke
Procurement Coordinator, 25 May 2009

                                                             GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD          1
                                      RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
     INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

                                ATTACHMENT ONE

                      TENDER PARTICULARS & CHECKLIST

Tender Particulars:
1.    Closing Time:                             Tuesday 9 June 2009

2.    Contact Person:                           Ms Charley Clarke

3.    Tender Validity Period:                   90 Days

4.    Number of Hard Copies of Tender:          Nil - soft copies will suffice

5.    Delivery Address:               

Tender Checklist:

     Tender Cover Sheet
       Please complete and sign attached Tender Cover Sheet

     Technical Submission (please refer to page 12).
       Response to Selection Criteria (no more than 2 pages)
       Curriculum Vitae (no more than 4 pages)
       Details of one professional referee

Tenders that do not include the technical and financial submission may not be provided
to the Selection Panel for evaluation.

                                                        GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD    2
                                       RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
      INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

                                    ATTACHMENT TWO

                                  SELECTION PROCESS

Please note that the selection process is not controlled by GRM and may take up to
several months to complete.

The selection process for the position will include the following steps:
 An initial screening by GRM to determine compliance with the Tender requirements. Please
   note that provision of responses against the selection criteria is mandatory. Tenderers
   responses that do not address the Technical Assessment Selection Criteria and Financial
   Assessment Criteria will be determined to be non-compliant. Non-compliant Tender
    responses may not be considered for further evaluation.
   Compliant Tender responses will be evaluated by a Selection Panel of representatives from
    AusAID, RAMSI, and the Solomon Islands Government.
   The Selection Panel will determine a short-list of candidates to interview.
   Short-listed applicants will be contacted to arrange a time for a telephone interview. Only
    short-listed candidates will be contacted.
   Referee checks will be undertaken by GRM for short-listed applicants and the results notified
    to the Selection Panel prior to interview.
   A decision will be made by the Selection Panel and all applicants will be notified of the
   Unsuccessful Tenderers who are shortlisted by the Technical Assessment Panel will be
    notified in writing and provided feedback if requested (GRM is not a member of the
    Selection Panel).

                                                             GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD         3
                                        RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
       INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

                                 ATTACHMENT THREE

                                TERMS OF REFERENCE

HRM Information System Adviser

1.      Background

RAMSI’s Machinery of Government (MoG) Program has developed the Public Service
Improvement Program (PSIP) to assist the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) to improve the
effectiveness of its public service workforce and thus contribute to strengthening service
delivery. PSIP is an institutional strengthening program comprising of six agreed components
aimed at assisting the Public Service Commission, the Ministry of Public Service (MPS) and
all other government agencies at national and provincial level to strengthen their human
resource management.

Commencement of PSIP started with the engagement of a Mobilisation Team comprising a
full-time Program Manager, HRM Adviser, Management Development Adviser and
Administrative Officer. The core team have undertaken the setup, consultation, planning, and
sequencing of a flexible program of activities to assist the SIG to develop a targeted change
management framework to support implementation of its agenda for HRM improvement.
Program management structures have been established, such as the Program Coordinating
Committee, the Program Management Group and associated processes.

Activities requiring further technical assistance are emerging from these processes. A
Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser and a Communications Adviser have been employed on
specific activities. Now an Adviser is sought to look at the next steps in developing a SIG
public-service wide HRM information systems strategy.

2.      Role Statement

Capacity building is at the heart of RAMSI’s approach and a core responsibility of advisers
appointed under RAMSI’s Machinery of Government Program is to build institutional and
human capacity and to ensure the sustainability of the activities to which they contribute.
Consistent with this approach, the Human Resource Management Information Systems
(HRMIS) Adviser position will assist the Program Manager in supporting the SIG
management body, counterparts and Ministry representatives to carry out a review of the
existing state of both manual and computerised SIG HRM systems.

3.      Counterparts

     (a) Principal counterparts will be the MPS Under Secretary HR Policy and a MoFT Under
     (b) Secondary counterparts will include:
             i) Members of the PSIP Program Management Group and members of HRMIS
                 Task Force.
             ii) Chief Admin Officers and HR Managers in Central Agencies and Line

4.      Scope of Services

                                                            GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD         4
                                        RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
       INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

        The Adviser will:

            a) Update and build upon the outputs and recommendations made by the Work
               Force Information management Adviser in 2007
            b) Complete the mapping of existing SIG public HRM systems, showing sources
               of information, information flows and delegated authorities for:
                  i)     Job descriptions, as used for vacancies, performance appraisal, job
                  ii)    Performance appraisal
                  iii)   Pay and allowances
                  iv)    Annual and sick leave
                  v)     Recruitment, transfers and promotions
                  vi)    Disciplinary and grievance procedures
                  vii) Training, needs identification and records
                  viii) Personnel records,
                  ix)    Retirement
                  x)     Workforce Budgeting
            c) Advise MPS on the cleaning of HR data entered into the Aurion system.
            d) Recommend improvements to the workflow of existing HRM systems, taking
               advantage of facilities offered by the Aurion HRM software being used for the
               Payroll Project.
            e) Identify MPS records and systems which can be replaced by MPS staff using
               the Aurion system.
            f) Outline the next steps to implement the changes recommended.

5.      Reporting requirements

The Adviser will provide the following reports to the Program Manager for the PSIP for
approval by the PSIP Program Management Group, prior to submission for endorsement by
the Director of the Machinery of Government Program or her delegate.

     a) Within the first 10 days the Adviser should submit a report to:
        i) identify the main SI HR records and systems to be mapped
        ii) advise MPS on action in response to implementation of the Aurion payroll system
        iii) summarize what happened to the recommendations and outputs of the Workforce
             Management Information Adviser
        iv) propose a workplan for the remainder of the input

     b) Within one week prior to departure from Honiara, present and submit an exit report of
        no more than 10 pages which presents the main findings of the review/assessment of
        HR systems and recommendations, identifies achievements and areas where the
        workplan has not been achieved, provides an analysis of the environment in which the
        activity has been implemented and factors contributing to and detracting from the

                                                             GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD      5
                                         RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
        INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

         achievement of the activity’s objectives and identifies any outstanding areas that may
         require further work or assistance.
     c) Reports and proposals as needed for submission through the Program Management
        Group to the Program Coordinating Committee.
6.       Reporting Arrangements

The Adviser will report to the PSIP Program Manager and work closely with the MPS Under
Secretary for HR Policy, receiving guidance and support from a small Task Force of SIG
public servants. The Adviser will present findings to a SIG Task Force and PSIP Program
Management Group.

7.       Selection Criteria

  (a)    Experience of business process re-engineering.
  (b)    Familiarity with a range of HR Management systems and procedures.
  (c)    Ability to transfer an understanding of business process re-engineering techniques to
         local counterparts.
  (d)    Previous knowledge of Aurion software packages desirable.
  (e)    An understanding of cultural diversity and capacity to engage, work with, and develop
         collaborative relationships with culturally, socially, and ethnically diverse groups in an
         effective manner in remote or developing country contexts.

8.       Duration and Location

The Adviser is expected to start in June 2009. Initially, 30 work days are budgeted for this
task, with the possibility of extension for a subsequent phase.

                                                               GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD          6
                                       RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
      INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

                                  ATTACHMENT FOUR

                               CONDITIONS OF TENDER

1.     Tender Content
1.1    The tender must contain the following:
       a) A cover sheet;
       b) A Technical Submission.

1.2    Every Tender shall state in the cover sheet:
       a) in the case of an individual, full or given names, surname and address;
       b) in the case of a business name, the names and address of all proprietors, the address
          of the registered place of business and registered business number;
       c) in the case of an Australian registered company, the full name of the company, the
          address of the registered office of the company and its Australian Company Number;
       d) in the case of a trust, the full names and addresses of each trustee of the trust;
       e) in the case, of an Australian registered business, the Australian Business Number of
          the Tenderer.

2.     Tender Assessment Process
2.1    Tenders must comply with the requirements of the Terms of Reference (TOR). Failure
       to submit a Tender including the information required by the TOR will factor into
       GRM‟s assessment of the level of compliance of the Tender and may result in rejection
       of the Tender.

2.2    GRM will evaluate Tenders on the following basis:
        a technical assessment;
        a financial assessment; and
        other factors, which may impact on the Tenderer‟s performance.

2.3    The Technical Assessment Panel (TAP) will assess Tenders based on the Technical
       Assessment Selection Criteria and will produce a list of Tenders ranked technically

2.4    GRM will undertake a financial assessment in accordance with Attachment Six.

2.5    GRM reserves the right:
       a) to accept or reject any Tender, and to annul the Tendering process thereby rejecting
          all Tenders, at any time prior to the award of contract;
       b) to cancel or vary the Invitation to Tender process at any time whether before or after
          the closing date;
       c) to reject any Tender that does not adhere to the structure and content requirements
          as outlined in these Conditions of Tender;
       d) to recall Tenders from any source including those Tenderers who have already
          submitted Tenders, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Tenderer or
          Tenderers or any obligation to inform the affected Tenderer or Tenderers of the
          grounds for this action;
       e) to accept Tenders for the whole or any part of the requirement; or

                                                             GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD        7
                                       RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
      INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

       f)   to negotiate with the most favourable Tenderer should it be deemed that the offered
            prices are unreasonable or greater than the targets set in the planning process, as per
            Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines.

2.6    GRM shall not be bound by any oral advice given or information furnished, but shall be
       bound only by written advice or information.

2.7    The conduct of this Invitation to Tender is not intended to give rise to any legal or
       equitable relationship.

2.8    A Tender will not be considered if the Tenderer or a representative of the Tenderer gives
       or offers anything to an employee or agent of GRM, or member of the Technical
       Assessment Panel as an inducement or reward, which could in any way tend to influence
       the actions of that employee or agent.

3.     Technical Assessment
3.1    The Technical Assessment will be undertaken by an internal TAP.

3.2    The Technical Assessment of the Tender will account for 80% of the overall score
       using the following formula:

       Technical Score = Tender‟s Weighted Technical Score (out of 100) x 80%
                             Highest Weighted Technical Score (out of 100)

3.3    The TAP, in assessing the technical part of the Tender, will consider the Selection
       Criteria specified in Attachment 5.

4.     Requirements for the Technical Submission
4.1    The Technical Submission must:
       a) be in a type font of no less than 12 points;
       b) be in a single column format;
       c) be 2 pages or less in length;
       d) have attached up-to-date CV (no longer than 4 pages), including contact
          details for one referees who can comment on recent experience relevant to
          your application.

5.     Financial Assessment
5.1    Following consideration of the technical merit of Tenders, a like-for-like price
       assessment will be undertaken by GRM of the Tenders assessed as technically
       suitable. The like-for-like price assessment will represent 20% of the overall score.

5.2    The following formula for the scoring and ranking of Tenders on the basis of price will
       be used:
       Price Score =  Bid Price of Lowest Priced Technically Acceptable Bid x 20%
                                        Tenders Bid Price

5.3    Tenderers should note that financial submissions for those Tenders assessed by the TAP
       as not technically acceptable will not be subject to financial assessment.

                                                              GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD          8
                                          RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
         INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

5.4        The financial component of the Tender must be an unconditional offer and fixed for the
           duration of the Project. A salary increase for any possible extension period referenced in
           the Terms of Reference will be made subject to annual performance and weighted
           average of Australian CPI across all groups for the previous financial year1;

5.5        The financial component must include provision for compulsory superannuation (for
           consultants who are Australian residents and would like to be hired as an Employee of

6.         Acceptance of Tenders
6.1        GRM is not bound or required to accept the lowest priced Tender or any Tender.

6.2        A Tender will not be deemed to be accepted unless and until a Contract based on the
           Contract Conditions and acceptable to GRM, is signed by GRM.

6.3        GRM reserves the right to enter into negotiation with any other Tenderer if contract
           negotiations cannot be concluded with the preferred Tenderer.

7.         Alternative Tenders
7.1        GRM reserves the right to accept and consider alternative Tenders providing they:
           a) are submitted with a compliant Tender; and
           b) clearly identify the differences and improvements offered in the Alternative Tender.

7.2        Alternative Tenders will be considered only after completion of the Technical
           Assessment of compliant Tenders.

8.         Non-Compliant Tenders
8.1        Tenders will be regarded as non-compliant if they do not comply with any part of the
           requirements of the TOR.

8.2        The Technical Assessment Panel may however, in its absolute discretion evaluate any
           non-compliant Tender.

9.         Lodgement of Tenders
9.1        It is the responsibility of the Tenderer to ensure that the Tender is received by the closing
           date and time prescribed in this Invitation to Tender. A Tender lodged after the closing
           date is a late Tender.

9.2        A late Tender will normally not be considered unless it can be demonstrated by the
           Tenderer that the Tender would have arrived at the Tender point by the required date and
           time as prescribed in this Invitation to Tender. The Technical Assessment Panel may
           allow a late Tender to be assessed at its absolute discretion.

9.3        GRM or the Technical Assessment Panel will not consider or entertain any queries about
           a decision to assess or reject a late Tender.

9.4        Tenders are to be in English, and all pricing and costs are to be in Australian Dollars.


                                                                   GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD          9
                                        RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
       INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

10.     Tenderer Costs
10.1    Tenderers are responsible at their own cost for:
        a) making all arrangements and obtaining and considering all information relating to the
        b) the preparation, delivery and lodgement of their Tender; and
        c) dealing with any issues, including disputes, that may arise out of the Tendering

11.     Competitive Neutrality
11.1    Tenders submitted by government owned organisations must comply with the
        Commonwealth government‟s policy in respect of competitive neutrality. All government
        Tenderers must read and return a signed copy of the attached Statutory Declaration
        (Attachment Seven).

12.     Basis of Payment
12.1    Payments will be based on points discussed in Attachment B of the draft Contract
        Proforma at Attachment Nine. Payments will be made in Australian dollars and subject to
        performance as identified by milestones or deliverables specified in the Contract.

12.2    All Tenders should be aware that under A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act
        1999, GRM will be treated as a taxable enterprise.

12.3    Implications of the GST for the Subcontractor include:
        a) All Australian consultants hired as sub-Contractors must have an ABN number.
        b) All contracts that the sub-Contractor enters into in relation to the performance of
           the services (after July 1, 2000) will need to include GST in pricing.
        c) Invoices for goods and services provided by the sub-Contractor after July 1, 2000
           need to comply with the ATO requirement for “Tax Invoice” in order to obtain
           payment from GRM.

13.     Confidentiality
13.1    Tenderers must keep any discussions or contact with GRM in connection with the
        Invitation to Tender, and any Contract negotiations, confidential.

14.     Employment Opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
14.1    Tenderers‟ attention is drawn to the Commonwealth‟s policy to maximise employment
        opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

14.2    A Tender must, where opportunities exist, indicate in its Tender:
        a) how it will provide employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait
           Islander people;
        b) the nature and duration of the employment it proposes to provide;
        c) where those people would perform work in relation to the Project; and
        d) the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who would be involved.

15.     Affirmative Action
15.1    The Affirmative Action (Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace) Act 1999, requires
        private sector employers of 100 or more employees and also higher education

                                                            GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD        10
                                        RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
       INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

        institutions, to establish affirmative action programs.

15.2    If:
        a) the Act applies to the Tenderer,
        b) the Tenderer has been deemed as not complying with its obligations under the Act,
        c) the Tender does not submit a Certificate of Compliance with the Tender,
        the Tender will be considered as non-compliant and maybe excluded from consideration.

16.     Environmental Policy
16.1    The Tenderer should be aware that:
        a) the Commonwealth Government is bound by the Environment Protection (Impact of
            Proposals) Act 1974, which requires that all matters which may affect the environment
            to a significant extent be taken into account.
        b) activities carried out under Australia‟s overseas aid program must comply with
            international environmental conventions signed by the Commonwealth.

17      Request for Information
17.1    Any prospective Tenderer may within a reasonable time before the closing date request
        information on any point of clarification in this Tender. The information requested shall
        be given in writing by GRM as soon as practicable, and where in the opinion of GRM the
        information could have an effect on other Tenderers, that information shall be given in
        writing to all known prospective Tenderers.

18.     Unsuccessful Tenders
18.1    Unsuccessful Tenderers who are shortlisted by the Technical Assessment Panel will be
        notified in writing and provided feedback if requested.

19.     Tenderer Acceptance of Conditions
19.1    A Tender lodged in response to this Invitation to Tender does so with agreement to these
        Conditions of Tender unless any departures from these Conditions are detailed in the
        Tender submission. GRM reserves the right to reject any departure from these
        Conditions of Tender, and thereby determine that the Tender submission is non-
        conforming for that reason.

                                                                  GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD   11
                                            RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
           INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

                                         ATTACHMENT FIVE


1.          Response to Selection Criteria
The technical submission must clearly address the selection criteria below (no more than
two pages). The key selection criteria are the basis on which the technical assessment panel will
short list applications. By drawing on your experience, responses should clearly demonstrate how
you meet each selection criterion. Selection will be based on the relative merit of each applicant
in relation to the selection criteria. If responses to selection criteria are in excess of four
pages, material after page 2 will not be considered for short listing.

The following selection criteria will be used in the assessment process:

     (f)    Experience of business process re-engineering.
     (g)    Familiarity with a range of HR Management systems and procedures.
     (h)    Ability to transfer an understanding of business process re-engineering techniques to
            local counterparts.
     (i)    Previous knowledge of Aurion software packages desirable.
     (j)    An understanding of cultural diversity and capacity to engage, work with, and develop
            collaborative relationships with culturally, socially, and ethnically diverse groups in an
            effective manner in remote or developing country contexts.

The following link provides helpful hints on how to prepare a response to the Selection

2.          Curriculum Vitae
The technical submission must also include a curriculum vitae (no more than four pages). If a
submitted curriculum vitae is of more than four pages, only the first four pages will be
considered. Any other supporting documents will not be considered by the technical
assessment panel.

3.          Referees
Please submit details of one professional referee, on the Tender Cover Sheet, who can
comment on recent professional experience and technical capability.

                                                                 GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD         12
                                       RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
      INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

                                    ATTACHMENT SIX

                          FINANCIAL ASSESSMENT CRITERIA

The Financial Component Must:
1.1    State daily fee rate/s in AUD for Honiara inputs as well as in-Australia inputs (on the
       cover sheet), which include all costs that are not reimbursable. This rate will form the
       basis of the comparative assessment. Please note standard allowances and reimbursable
       expenses that will be provided by GRM below. These are not taken into consideration
       for the like-for-like financial assessment.

1.2    The following financial aspects need to be taken into consideration:
        The rate should be based only on the number of days specified in the Terms of
        All activity preparation costs and all costs associated with the preparation and
          submission of reports required for this activity (as set out in Attachment Three –
          Terms of Reference) are the responsibility of the preferred contractor.

1.3    GRM is not able to provide specific advice or guidance to Tenderers regarding
       calculation or reasonableness of proposed fees.

2.     Standard Allowances and Entitlements.

Item                       Unit          Allowance Notes
Accommodation/Living                     $120      Paid for and organised by GRM
Per diem                                 $120      Paid for each day of service
Mobilisation Airfare to                            Paid for and organised by GRM
Honiara (economy class)                            International.
Demobilisation Airfare                             Paid for and organised by GRM
from Honiara (economy                              International.

3.     Insurance Cover
       Short-term subcontractors will be provided with travel insurance through GRM however
       individuals will be expected to hold adequate public liability and professional indemnity

                                                           GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD         13
                                        RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
       INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

                                           ATTACHMENT SEVEN

                                     COMPETITIVE NEUTRALITY

                          (To be completed by Publicly-Owned Bidders Only)

Competitive neutrality requires that government business activities do not have net competitive
advantages over their private sector competitors simply as a result of their public ownership.
Publicly owned bidders are required to formally declare that their bid complies with competitive
neutrality principles. These principles include:
         a) the activity‟s full costs are taken into account, including the share of overhead costs
            and non-costs like depreciation and cost of capital;
         b) the in-house activity does not enjoy regulatory advantages;
         c) actual, or equivalent, taxation arrangements are put into place; and
         d) there is an appropriate rate of return.

More information on the application of competitive neutrality can be found at the following
Internet web sites at and

The Tenderer has complied with the principles of competitive neutrality in preparing its bid
(publicly owned bidders only).

And I make this solemn declaration by virtue of the Statutory Declarations Act 1959, and subject to
the penalties provided by that Act for the making of false statements in statutory declarations,
conscientiously believing the statements contained in this declaration to be true in every

(Signature of person making declaration)

Declared at (                ) on the (                 ) day of (      )

Before me,
(Title of person before whom the declaration is made)

                                                                     GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD   14
                                       RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
      INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

                                     ATTACHMENT EIGHT


1.      Living Conditions
Visiting Solomon Islands can be an exciting and enriching experience. It is a naturally beautiful
country. Its people are overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming to foreigners, and happy to share
their culture with outsiders if a reciprocal effort is made. However, living in Solomon Islands for
periods of a year or more can be draining and frustrating if you have no previous experience of
living in a developing country or of Melanesian culture.

Many of the services and facilities that we take for granted in Australia simply do not exist in
Solomon Islands. Electricity and water supplies are unreliable and Honiara‟s water is not of
drinking quality. Rescue and emergency services are not nearly as comprehensive as in Australia,
and evacuations to Australia are generally required in cases of serious illness or accident.

Health issues are exacerbated by a tropical climate, in which small cuts and scratches can become
rapidly infected. Despite some success in combating the disease, malaria remains endemic. Basic
medicines are sometimes unavailable, and officials requiring supplies of medication have to
transport them from Australia personally.

The range of basic consumer goods available is erratic and relatively expensive. Basic items
(including clothing) often have to be brought from Australia. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be
purchased from the local markets, but variety is limited and fluctuates seasonally. The availability
of groceries is variable and dependant on shipping.

Recreation facilities are limited. Sporting facilities exist for sailing, golf and tennis and but these
are very basic. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular pastimes and excellent sites are easily
accessible from Honiara. There is no local television available and books and quality media are in
short supply and generally sold at inflated prices.

For spouses and children, an extended period of living in Solomon Islands can be a stressful and
disjointing experience. Education standards in Honiara are poor, especially beyond primary
school level and this should be taken into account when deciding to bring dependant children to

It can also be difficult for partners to find employment in private enterprise, as businesses need
to convince local authorities that the position in question cannot be filled by a Solomon Islands
citizen. Concerns relating to security and lack of transport have meant that some spouses who
have accompanied officials to Honiara have found themselves practically „house-bound‟ for
extended periods during their deployments.

These are just a few of the things that you should take into account if you are considering a
position in the Solomon Islands.

                                                                GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD           15
                                       RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
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2.      Accommodation
Initial accommodation bookings will be made by GRM (costs to be covered by the Adviser) with
one of the major hotels in Honiara, the Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel (locally called the
Mendana) or the King Solomon Hotel. Advisers are responsible for sourcing and managing their
own accommodation after these initial two weeks, living allowances are paid monthly to assist
with these arrangements. For short-term Advisers (less than 3 months), accommodation costs are
booked and paid for by GRM.

Many Advisers, particularly long-term Advisers, choose to rent their own house. There is
currently a shortage of suitable housing in Honiara, so you should not expect to find something
straight away. „Suitable‟ housing more specifically relates to the need to meet security standards,
for instance, in the safer suburbs in Honiara.

Generally, houses and hotels are the only type of accommodation available in Honiara for
expatriates. It is extremely difficult (and time consuming) to secure quality housing in Honiara.
Most houses are situated in the hills behind Honiara. This is a significant distance over rough
roads from the town centre, where most workplaces are located.

Houses are usually equipped with basic necessities such as a stove, oven, fridge, lounge suite,
dining setting, and at least two beds (one double and one single, usually with a Chinese-made
inner sprung mattress, but sometimes with a locally-made foam mattress). It is strongly
recommended that you bring bed linen as this can be difficult to purchase in Honiara. Towels can
be bought locally, but are not of good quality. It is also recommended that you bring your own
cutlery and a set of crockery. Kitchenware (cutlery, crockery, pots and pans) can be cheaply
purchased in Honiara, but are not of good quality. Unless you don‟t mind cutlery that can
sometimes bend on impact, expect to pay double what you pay in Australia. Houses generally
won‟t be equipped with kitchen and household appliances such as toasters, microwave, iron,
pedestal fans. Appliances can be bought in Honiara, but again, they are cheaper in Australia.
Also, items such as sunscreen and toiletries can be purchased in Honiara, but are generally more
costly than in Australia. For women, items such as cosmetics, brand make-up and perfumes are
not available in Honiara. Before bringing everything but the kitchen sink, you should weigh up
the costs of uplift, disposal or return of your goods with the cost of buying these items in the
Solomon Islands.

3.      Key Cultural Issues
General Operating Style
The way you operate in Solomon Islands reflects upon the reputation of your country of origin.
It is expected that you will not do anything that will bring RAMSI into disrepute. In terms of
establishing an appropriate profile for your activity, you should ensure that RAMSI support is
recognised by key stakeholders. However, in doing so, you should be aware of potential
sensitivity about the size and scope of current external involvement in the Solomon Islands.

„Kastom‟ (custom) is used to refer to traditional beliefs and land ownership. Despite the
predominance of devout Christian belief, traditional practice is still followed to a great extent,
especially among the 75% of Solomon Islanders living in villages. Dances, songs and stories
depicting the past are common. These usually celebrate war, hunting, the natural world or the
harvesting of crops. In addition, some islanders believe in various forms of magic. Most common
is the belief that after death, a person's spirit lives on for a time in sharks, birds or reptiles. This
animal becomes sacred for a time, and tabu (forbidden) to eat. Ancestors, it seems, are
particularly fond of returning as sharks.

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                                       RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
      INVITATION TO TENDER – PSIP - Human Resource Management Information System Adviser

Village life in the Solomon Islands is home to a great many tabus (taboos). It would be
impossible to explain all of these here, however by exercising care and restraint you should
manage to avoid embarrassing moments. The term itself means „sacred‟ or „holy‟ to the islanders,
as well as „forbidden‟, so sensitivity is the order of the day. It‟s worth bearing in mind that
property rights are very important; a fruit tree or flower by the roadside may look like fair game,
but it probably belongs to somebody. For many islanders, income is dependent on what they
grow, and they will expect compensation if you pick fruit that was intended for sale. Modes of
dress (or undress) vary enormously, but travellers should remain fully clothed at all times. In
many areas, it‟s deemed inappropriate for a woman to stand higher than a male, but men must
not deliberately place themselves below women. If you‟re a man, don‟t swim under a woman‟s
canoe, or it may have to be destroyed, and a fine may be payable. Both sexes also has its own area
for washing in most villages. As with all cultures, taboos are developed to enforce moral codes
and protect the community; not to punish the uninitiated. If you inadvertently breach a tabu on
the Solomons, the locals will most likely silently forgive you for not knowing the rules.

4.     Transport
Taxis are mainly only found in Honiara, but you can sometimes see them in other large towns
such as Gizo and Auki. They do not have meters, instead you should pay per kilometre. Prices
differ but are usually around $5/kilometre. Hire cars and 4WD vehicles are only available in

5.     Code of Conduct
Details regarding the Code of Conduct and other GRM employment policies are provided on
GRM‟s website at

6.     The Climate
The climate is tropical, though temperatures are rarely extreme due to cooling winds blowing off
the surrounding seas. The temperature ranges between 21°C and 32°C. At night the temperature
sometimes falls to 19°C. Humidity is highest in the morning, reaching approximately 90%, but
falls off in the afternoon. Average rainfall is 3500mm.

7.     Language
There are about 64 listed languages and about 30 dialects. Most islanders communicate between
language groups in Solomon Islands Pidgin, which contains many English words. People who
have received a high level of education can generally speak English as it is the language taught in
many schools, so you will get by in some circles without learning any Pidgin.

8.     Religion
About 96% of the population are Christians. Christian groups include the Anglican-affiliated
Church of Melanesia (COM), Uniting Church, Seventh Day Adventist, Roman Catholic and
South Seas Evangelical Church.

9.     Time Zone Differences
There is only one time zone across the country. The Solomon Islands is one hour ahead of
Australia‟s Eastern Standard Time.

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                                       RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
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10.    Currency
The local currency is the Solomon Bank Dollar (SBD). Bank notes come in denominations of
SBD2, SBD5, SBD10, SBD20 and SBD50 and SBD100. Coins are 5, 10 and 20c coins.

11.    Banking
Honiara has three banks - the Bank of the South Pacific (BSP), the Australian & New Zealand
Bank (ANZ) and the Westpac Banking Corporation - all of which cash traveller‟s cheques.
Banking hours are 08.30am - 3.00pm. Both the ANZ and Westpac banks in Honiara
acknowledge most credit cards for cash advances. The ANZ Bank has ATMs at the Main Branch
in Honiara and at Panatina Plaza (approximately half way between the Airport and Honiara).
Westpac also has an ATM located at their Honiara branch. Advisers should check that their bank
has provided them with an ATM card that is recognised for use overseas.

You can also open a local bank account, which is a relatively easy procedure. Changing cash is
another option, but this would mean bringing large amounts of cash into the country, and finding
somewhere safe to store it. Credit cards are accepted by some businesses in Honiara, including
hotels, car-rental agencies, airlines, and tour and dive operators. Expect to pay a credit card fee
of 5% on top of your total purchase cost. Elsewhere, plastic is very seldom used.

12.    Cost of Living
Food and accommodation are generally more reasonably priced than in other South Pacific
countries and more expensive than in Australia. For imported goods expect to pay prices at a
higher rate than in Australia, however local products are reasonably priced.

13.    Office Facilities
Many offices are not equipped to the standards you may be used to. For example, you should
not assume that you will have air-conditioning, a fax machine, a photocopier, email connection or
real-time internet access.

14.    Communication
Access to communication systems, including telephone, internet and facsimile are available in

Internet / Email
Most Advisers will have access to a network based or broadband based internet connection or
phone connection to enable internet use from their office.

Solomon Telekom provides a full international direct-dialling service via satellite in Honiara and
calls can be made domestically to the main towns of most provinces. By international standards
telephone and internet charges are high - for prices look in the front of the telephone guide or
visit the Telekom Business Centre. Diverting calls to answering machines or voice mail services
is also charged extra. Note that hotels also have their own additional tariffs on top of the
Solomon Telekom charge. The mobile system works with both GSM and analogue handsets,
although the appropriate SIM card must be used - these are available both in pre-paid and post-
paid versions at Solomon Telekom. Solomon Telekom are presently phasing out the analogue
network. SMS has only recently been introduced for local and international messages, but is still
not very reliable.

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15.    Utilities
Power in the Solomon Islands is 230/240 V. Flat three-pin plugs and bayonet sockets of the
Australian type are used.

16.    Clothing
Business attire is relatively casual. For men, short-sleeved shirts with trousers are acceptable for
most business meetings along with shoes and socks. It is rare to see a man wearing a tie, but
more formal attire would be appropriate for meetings with senior business and political leaders.
Women should wear skirts / dresses below knee length or trousers and shirts. A general guide is
to dress as your counterpart does. As the climate is tropical, cotton and linen are appropriate
fabrics. Dress mode should also take into account health risks. For example, long pants, long
sleeves, light coloured clothing and shoes may provide protection against mosquitoes.

17.    Water
Bottled water is widely available. It is currently not recommended to drink the tap water without
boiling it first.

18.    Food
Honiara has a range of food stores, some open late, and some supermarkets. Fresh local fruit
and vegetables are readily available at the Central Market. Fresh and frozen fish is readily
available and at cheap prices at main fish markets around Honiara.

19.    Websites
The following websites contain information relating to Solomon Islands and/or the operation of

Country Information:

Security & Safety:
   (traveller‟s clinic – Australia)

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                                           ATTACHMENT NINE

                                  Tender Cover Sheet
Applications must reach GRM International by 5.00pm on Tuesday 9 June 2009.



Family name:                                            Given names:

Title (Mr, Ms, Dr, etc)                                                 Contact phone numbers: (inc country

Address for correspondence:                                             Home:

Email address:
Do you know of any impediment to their travel to the Solomon Islands? (if yes please detail overleaf)
Yes      No
Do they have a current passport?: Yes     No
Please specify which newspaper/website you saw this position advertised:
Details of 2 professional referees:

Name:                                                 Name:

Position:                                             Position:

Phone number:                                         Phone number:

Years/Months known applicant:                         Years/Months known applicant:

FEE REQUESTED (mandatory):
Please specify daily rate in AUD including superannuation (where applicable) excluding allowances as outlined in
Attachment Six of the Tender Documents.

Daily Rate AUD (In-Country rate):

Daily Rate AUD (In-Australia rate):

I,                                      declare that the information contained in this application is true and
correct, and understand that giving false or misleading information is a serious offence. I declare that if
selected for this position, will be available from the following date                                      for the
duration of the assignment.

  Signed                                  Date

                                                                        GRM INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD                  20
                                 RAMSI GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FACILITY (RGSF)
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