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									Online Payment Service                                                                    Activating Student Account

                 Getting Started
   Login to
   Click the View / Pay Your Bill option

                                                                         Step 1 – Read and
                                                                         accept the terms and
                                                                         conditions for using the
                                                                         online payment service.

                                       Your First Name

                                       Your Last Name             Step 2 – Verify
                                                                  and update
Remember!                                                         information.
Always use the                                                                           Step 3 – Select a
back button on
                                                                                         payment option. If an
the page. Do
not use the                                                                              Other Payer pays the
browser back                                                                             bill, select the View
button on top.                                                                           Bill Only option.

                                                   Step 4 – Enter the
                                                   requested information               Bank Accounts (Checking or Saving)
         Credit/Debit Card                         corresponding to the                Required Fields
         Required Fields                           selected payment                    Routing/Transit #
         Card Number                               option.                             Account Number - twice for confirmation
         Card Type                                                                     Account Nickname
         Expiration Date                                                               First Name as it appears on account
         Account Nickname                                                              Last Name as it appears on account
         First Name as it appears on account
         Last Name as it appears on account

                                                                   Step 5 – Add
                                                                   another payment
                                                                   option if desired
                                                                   or just Continue.
                 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx                                                                                      Your First Name

                                                                             Step 6 – Verify                              Your Last Name
                                                                             the information.

                                                                                                DSI Number (Dxxxxxxxxx)

                                                                    Don’t forget to
                                                                    write down your             Xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

                                                                    PIN number.
                                            PIN Number Provided

 Student QRC.doc                                                             Page 1                                                         5/10/05
Online Payment Service                                                          View and Pay Your Bill

          Getting Started
 Login to
                                                                                Statement Summary
 Click the View / Pay Your Bill option
                                                                                The Statement Summary page displays
                                                                                the current statement date, amount due,
                                                                                due date and status.

                                                                                    View a Statement
                                                                                    To view a statement, click the
                                 Your Name                                          magnifying glass icon.

                                                                                      Pay a Statement
                                                                                      To pay a statement, click the
                                                                                      dollar sign icon.

          Pay a Statement
          1.   Enter the payment amount
          2.   Enter the date to make the payment
          3.   Select the payment option to use (also               Your Name
               known as the account nickname)
          4.   Click the Submit Payment button
                                                                                 DSI Number

                      1.   A message appears confirming the
                           amount and date of payment.
                      2.   Print or note the Tracking Number
                           for your records.                                                  XXXXXXXXXXXX

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