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					    Chapter 16: Media Scope and
 This chapter deals with the sources of entertainment as
   well as entertainment’s responsibility to the audience.

• How faithful does entertainment have to be to its source?
• Should certain topics never be used for entertainment
• Must art be compromised when it passes from one medium
to another?
           Chapter 16 Cases
•   Case 70: Reel History
•   Case 71: Bigotry as Entertainment
•   Case 72: They Call It Paradise
•   Case 73: Tragedy Lite
•   Case 74: League of Literary
  Case 70: Reel History

• Facts– Empirical Definition
• Values
• Loyalties
• Principles
    Case 70: Reel History
The Reagans, A Beautiful Mind, and Braveheart
have all had their accuracy questioned.

• What does it mean for a docudrama to tell the
• Is telling the truth morally imperative?
• If a film re-creates the texture of an event such that
participants can affirm the veracity of context and
struggle, is that not sufficient?
   Case 70: Additional links
How Nixon Stands Up – A famous author/
  historian applauds the merits of the film.
Revisionism Vs. Truth – Fact and fiction in
  Oliver Stone’s films.
Oliver Stone vs. The Historical Establishment –
  Did Stone go to far and damage history in the
Watergate & Nixon – A database of links for a
  history of this storied president and scandal.
     Case 71: Bigotry as

• Facts– Empirical Definition
• Values
• Loyalties
• Principles
        Case 71: Bigotry as

• Is humor above moral considerations?
• Are certain topics off limits to a comedian?
• When has the public stopped such bigoted
   Case 71: Additional links
Some of these links contain graphic comedy
  material that may be considered offensive.
ADC in Defense of Hate – A view of Dice’s
  comedy as artistic freedom, includes lines
  from act.
Bad Year for First Amendment Rights – Is
  bigotry covered by freedom of speech?
History of Standup Comedy – Comedians didn’t
  always hurt people.
Methods of Standup Comedy – Types of humor
  and delivery.
Case 72: They Call It Paradise

   • Facts– Empirical Definition
   • Values
   • Loyalties
   • Principles
Case 72: They Call It Paradise

Have you seen For Love or Money, Real World: Vegas,
and Paradise Hotel? Your thoughts?

• How much reality does reality TV portray?
• In what ways do shows like Paradise Hotel demean the
people who star?
• Are the participants allowing themselves to be
   Case 72: Additional links
Beyond Caring – A review of the
 entertainment value of Paradise Hotel.
Reality TV World – A series of articles
 about over forty reality TV shows
 including Paradise Hotel.
Unreal Expectations – How real is reality
Here to Stay? – The future of reality TV.
  Case 73: Tragedy Lite

• Facts– Empirical Definition
• Values
• Loyalties
• Principles
       Case 73: Tragedy Lite

• Should a horrifically tragic event be changed into a
  comic, life-affirming tale?
• How should the movie industry treat historical events?
• In what ways is the film industry responsible for
  maintaining our history?
   Case 73: Additional links
Life is Beautiful – Read a positive review
  of the film.
Life is Not So Beautiful – A negative
  review of the film, plus related articles
  and the theatrical trailer.
A Holocaust Comedy? – A Jewish rabbi
  responds to the film.
Case 74: League of Literary

• Facts– Empirical Definition
• Values
• Loyalties
• Principles
     Case 74: League of Literary
Even the graphic novel the film was based on was altered.
The original crew consisted entirely of British figures.

• Do bad literary adaptations hurt the credibility of the
original work? How so?
• Conversely, can a great movie improve the reputation of a
so-so literary work?
• How faithful should directors and screen-writer be to the
literary work?
• What is the limit to a plausible adaptation?
   Case 74: Additional links
The Movie – All about the movie,
 including viewer reviews.
The Comic – A fan of the series offers his
 opinion of the film.
The Stax Report – When acclaimed
 books become bad movies
Book/Movie Conundrum – Books can
 inspire movies, but cannot be expected
 to fully translate into film.

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