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					                   The Year in APA’s
                Membership Publications
                       PAYTecH and ePayXpress (EPX)
      Hundreds of business magazines publish articles that       implement and promote paycard programs, how to cut
examine what makes a company successful. PAYTECH is the          costs and beef up the bottom line, and took an in-depth look
business magazine for the people who keep those successful       at outsourcing and offshoring in today’s business climate. In
companies going by delivering accurate, on-time payrolls         addition, PAYTECH updated readers on Sarbanes-Oxley com-
while staying in compliance with ever-changing laws and          pliance, brought them complete coverage of APA’s annual
regulations.                                                     Congress, National Payroll Week, and Capital Summit, and
      The Membership Publications staff continually strives      introduced them to the 2005 Payroll Man and Woman of the
to improve APA’s flagship membership magazine. Improve-          Year, 2005 Prism Award winners, 2005 Chapter of the Year
ments and upgrades achieved over the past year include           winners, and APA’s new President, Vickie B. Majors, CPP.
new section headers that make it easier to identify the                The membership publications department also devel-
various PAYTECH department columns, shorter columns              oped a 16-page sample version of PAYTECH magazine, which
and features, more sidebars and graphics, fresher designs        is distributed to prospective members. This innovative move
and layouts, and a “Coming Next Issue” teaser in the table of    saves money, trees, and increases APA’s membership.
contents to generate interest in the next edition. Also, the           Also this year, PAYTECH’s membership in BPA World-
reader service card for PAYTECH has been expanded to a full      wide is being completed. BPA membership will verify PAY-
page and improved by making it bigger, easier to find, and       TECH’S circulation, giving the magazine added credibility
easier to use.                                                   among advertisers and earning the right to display the BPA
      The PAYTECH staff has already begun gathering story        logo each issue of PAYTECH. This comprehensive circulation
and design ideas to implement in a future redesign effort.       review has great potential to boost PAYTECH’s ad revenue.
The goal is to make PAYTECH as fun to read as it is informa-           In the future, PAYTECH will continue to respond to
tive.                                                            member needs by improving its content.
      PAYTECH has continued to focus on topics of interest             PAYTECH’s blend of comprehensive payroll news,
and concern to APA members. During the past year, APA            in-depth features, and original graphics is designed to
staff and PAYTECH’s talented Board of Contributing Writers       present readers with an engaging publication that will not
offered members a wealth of valuable information on sub-         only be read once, but saved and used as a career develop-
jects ranging from disaster recovery planning to how to keep     ment reference. Always changing to meet the needs of APA
the office healthy with wellness-program initiatives.            members, PAYTECH remains the premier publication of the
      PAYTECH also offered advice from experts on how to         payroll profession.

                        Each month, APA members get the latest news and
                   information in the payroll profession delivered straight to their
                   e-mail inboxes in ePayXpress (EPX). Just a few mouse clicks put
                   them in touch with current legislative and regulatory news,
                   information on vendors and new technology, details about
                   upcoming APA payroll training courses, and much more.
                        In 2005, EPX underwent a major graphic makeover,
                   making it easier to navigate and even more pleasing to the
                   eye. Always a work in progress, the Membership Publications
                   Department constantly strives to keep EPX as up-to-date and
                   user-friendly as possible.
                        For 2006, the Membership Publications staff continued to
                   enhance EPX. Fresh new articles included topics as diverse as
                   benefits administration outsourcing, earned income tax collec-
                   tion in Pennsylvania, paycard use and regulation, fun resume
                   “outtakes,” and SOX compliance links. EPX readers continued
                   to find great news about local chapters, payroll classes, new
                   APA members, and payroll events in the regular EPX columns.
                        APA members look forward to receiving the monthly EPX
                   online magazine and the wealth of useful information and
                   valuable tools it offers for their professional development.
                   Members not currently receiving EPX by e-mail should use
                   self-service to update their membership information at www.
         —just log on, then click “Edit My Profile” to ensure
                   we have your current e-mail address to begin receiving

                                           APA Today, the official daily newspaper
                                      of the annual Congress, is produced onsite
                                      to keep members up to date on all the most
                                      important details of the largest payroll
                                      gathering of the year. Every morning during
                                      APA’s Annual Congress, participants start
                                      the day by catching up on the day’s news,
enjoying lots of photos, reading about upcoming workshop sessions, and reading
interviews with special guest speakers.
     APA’s 23rd Annual Congress APA Today garnered first place recognition for
outstanding quality from the International Association for Exhibition Manage-
ment’s “Art of Show 2005” competition.
     Members who didn’t get a chance to attend this year’s Congress can still see
each full-color newspaper, featuring dozens of large photo galleries, by visiting
APA’s Congress Web site. Go to to down-
load the 2006 editions of APA Today.
     In addition to APA Today, the Membership Publications department produces
many other publications and documents in support of Congress. One of these, the
2005 Congress Sponsorship and Exhibitor Brochure, was a top three finalist in the
Press Club of Dallas’ Katie Awards.

                        The Year in APA’s
                     Membership Publications
     The APA extends its gratitude to these members who took time out of their busy schedules to contribute articles to the
    association’s publications throughout 2005-2006. Thanks to their willingness to share their knowledge and expertise,
                                     APA’s membership publications are industry leaders.

Marcia Aamodt                  Curt Finch                         Deborah Matthews, AAP       Fenil Shah
Peter Ackerson                 Carole Ford                        Deneen McCormick, CPP       Snehal Shah
Martin Armstrong, CPP          Howard Freedman, CPP               Billy Meyerkorth, CPP       Beth Shanton, CPP
Fred A. Basehore, CPP          Ravi Ganesan                       Kevin C. Miller             Jill Sherman
Laura Bray                     Craig Garritano                    Dee Nelson, CPP             Mark Smith
Art Brooks                     Sherry Goetze, Ph.D.               Gary Nesbitt, AAP           Roger A. Smith, CPP
Maureen F. Brown, CPP          Brent Gow, CPP                     Liza Paparella, CPP         Fiona Soltes
Amy Bryant, CPP                Gwendolyn K. Hannah                Michael Pappas, CPP         June Taubman
Lisa Calhoun                   Keith Hill                         Brad Patterson, CPP         Bill Thomas
David A. Caplan, CPA, MBA      Glen R. Hilton, CPP                Philip M. Perry             Tom Tillman
Irene Chapman, CPP             Raeann Hofkin, CPP                 William Pietri              Larry White, CPP
David Cramer                   Christian C. Hoyt, CPP             Lisa Poole, CPP             Rosemary D. White
Darryl Cunningham              Len Jacobs                         Les Quinn, CPP              Sarona-Lee Wilde, CPP, PM
Nora Daly, CPP                 Amy Jankowski, CPP                 Bob Riester
Dennis Danilewicz, CPP         Stephen Joyce                      Clay Ritchey
Justin Digman                  Stephen Lashley                    Steven M. Rotheim           Note: Contributing writers listed
Robert Farina                  Joel F. Levy, Esq.                 Sheryl Sculley, CPP         are from July 2005 to June 2006
Casey Fiesler                  Lynne Marty                        Greg Secord                 PAYTECH and EPX.

     The American Payroll Association extends its thanks to all of the advertisers that have supported our membership
    publications throughout 2005-2006. It is through their generous support that we have been able to bring readers our
                                               publications on a regular basis.
Accountemps and Robert         EBS On Line                        Legiant                      TimeLink
  Half Finance & Accounting    echelon3 Technologies, Inc.        LTtax, Inc.                  Ultimate Software
Accuity Solutions              Ecount                             MasterCard International     Unitime Systems, Inc.
Accu-Time Systems, Inc.        FSV Payment Systems, Inc.          Paychex, Inc.                Workbrain, Inc
ADP, Inc.                      Galaxy Technologies, Inc.          Payroll Associates, Inc.     WorkForce Software, Inc.
Amano Cincinnati, Inc.         GE Corporate Payment               PerfectSoftware              Wow!™ Card Services
Barnett Associates, Inc.         Services                         Qqest Software Systems
Bottomline Technologies ®      Genpass Card Solutions, LP         Recognition Systems, Inc.
BSI-Business Software, Inc.    Human Resource Executive           Sage Software                Note: Advertisers listed are from
CalAmp                         iEmployee                          Skylight Financial           July 2005 to June 2006 PAYTECH
CIC Plus                       InfoTronics, Inc.                  Stromberg                    and EPX.
Comdata Corporation            Intuit QuickBooks                  Synel Industries, Ltd.
CTR Payroll Company            ITCS Attendance Solutions          TaxTalkToday.TV
CyberShift, Inc.               JAT Software                       Telliris
Discover Financial Services    Kaba Benzing America               Time America, Inc.
DPSI - Distributed Payroll     KeyBank                            TimeCentre
  Solutions, Inc               Kronos Incorporated                TimeIPS


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