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I understand that my consent to these
                                                          Our Sponsors
provisions is given in consideration of the
acceptance of this registration and for being
permitted to participate in Clark Gardens Half
Marathon, Half Marathon Relay and 5K
Garden Run/Walk on October 3, 2009. I am a                                                                              2009
voluntary participant in the race and in good
physical condition. I know the race is a
potentially hazardous activity and I hereby
assume full and complete responsibility for
any injury or accident, which may occur during                                                                   Half Marathon
my participation in the race or while on the
premises of the event or Clark Gardens
Botanical Park. I hereby release and hold
harmless and covenant not to file suit against
Clark Gardens Botanical Park, their directors,
                                                                                                                 5K Run/Walk
representatives, volunteers, any affiliated
individuals, any race sponsors and their
agents and employees or volunteers, and all
other persons or entities associated with this
event (the “releases”) from any loss, liability or
claims I may have arising out of my
participation in the race, including personal
injury or damage suffered by me or others,
whether same be caused by falls, contact with
                                                                                                                 Sponsored in part
participants, conditions of the course,                                                                                  by
negligence of the releases or otherwise. If I do
not follow all the rules of the race, I                                                  GARNER
understand that I may be removed from the                                              STORE  CAFE
competition. I give my full permission to Clark
Gardens Botanical Park sponsors or directors
of Half Marathon, Half Marathon Relay and 5K
                                                      Brazos Animal Hospital
Garden Run/Walk to use any photographs,
videotapes, audiotapes or other recordings of
me that are made during the race. I
understand that this Waiver and Release may
be stored electronically and agree that a copy
is authentic and admissible as evidence in any
                                                                                                                      October 3rd
future dispute or proceeding.                                                                                          7:30am
                                                     567 Maddux Road I Weatherford, Texas 76088 I 940.682.4856     Race Management
     Half Marathon Awards                                   When & Where                                                Registration
                                                            Saturday, October 3rd, 2009                                 Register by mail, online or in person
        All Half Marathon participants
            receive finishers medal                                                                                      Online Registration by September 30, 2009
                                                            Gates Open    6:00 am
         Overall Male/Overall Female                                                                            
                                                            Half Marathon 7:30 am
       Overall Masters 50+Male/Female                       5K Run/Walk   8:00 am                                       Mail in Registration by September 20, 2009
         Overall 2 Person Relay Team                        Awards Ceremony 10:00 am                                    Clark Gardens
         Overall 3 Person Relay Team                                                                                    PO Box 276
                                                                     Clark Gardens Botanical Park                       Mineral Wells, TX 76068
                Age Group Awards                                            567 Maddux Rd                               Complete this form and sign the waiver
                 (Top 3 in each group)                                  Weatherford, TX 76088                           on the back. (PLEASE PRINT)
         16-19  20-24  25-29  30-34
         35-39  40-44  45-49  50-54                                     Holiday Inn Express                          ______Half Marathon Individual
                                                                           6801 Highway 180 E
             55-59  60-65  70+                                          Mineral Wells, TX 76067
                                                                                                                        ______Half Marathon Relay (2 People)
                                                                                                                        ______Half Marathon Relay (3 People)
      5K Run/Walk Awards                                                      1-940-325-7829                            ______5K Run/Walk
         Overall Male/Overall Female
                                                                                                                        T-Shirt Size: S M     L    XL   XXL
                                                            Run starts and finishes in Clark Gardens.
       Overall Masters 50+Male/Female                       Race is on paved paths winding through                      Team Name
                Age Group Awards                            beautiful tree lined paths both in Clark Gardens            Date of Birth
                 (Top 3 in each group)                      and the Rails to Trails.
                                                                                                                        Age           Male _____Female
         16-19  20-24  25-29  30-34                                                                                  Last Name
                                                            Registration Fees
         35-39  40-44  45-49  50-54                      Registration includes one ticket to Fall Festival.          First Name
             55-59  60-65  70+                                                                                        Address
                                                            Half Marathon Individual/Relay                              City___________State_____Zip
       It's About TIME Race Management                      Before September 27th $35/person                            Phone
        uses the IPICO RFID (chip timing)                   After September 27th $40/person
          system for fast accurate results.
                                                            Race Day $45/person                                         Emergency Contact Phone Number
                                                            Relay 2 People $20/person
                                                            Relay 3 People $15/person
                                                                                                                        Volunteers who work 2 or more hours will
                                                            5K Run/Walk                                                 receive one free ticket to the Fall Festival.
                                                            Before September 27th $15/person
                                                            After September 27th $20/person                             _____I am unable to participate in the
                                                            Race Day $25/person                                         Half Marathon or 5K Run/Walk, walk but
                                                                                                                        I am interested in volunteering.
                                                                  Packet Pick Up and Late Registration
567 Maddux Road I Weatherford, Texas 76088 I 940.682.4856             Opens at 6:00 am - 7:00 am                        Proceeds will benefit the Outdoor Educational Programs at
                                                                                                                         Clark Gardens. Clark Gardens Botanical Park is a 501c3
                                                                All Fees Are Non-Refundable. Event held Rain or Shine