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12   celebrityhighmag.com September 2010

                                                   CELEBRITYHIGHMAG.COM MARCH 2011 3
  Celebrity High                      Experience Celebrity High in Augmented Reality
                                      Augmented Reality combines real and virtual, is interactive in real time and is
                                      registered in 3D.
  mArCh 2011
  Volume 49
   Volume 50                          1. Download the free Junaio app to your phone from the App store or Droid Market
                                      2. In Juniao create an account (Free)
                                      3. In Junaio, search for the CH March channel (Add to your Favorites)
                                      4. Aim your phone’s camera at the pages in the magazine.


        08 academics
                                                              Libra 2/20-3/20
                                                             Pices 9/23 – 10/23
                                                             Like a sprinter who’s tempted to look back to see how close the competition
                                                             has gotten, you may pay more attention to beating others than to winning
                                                             today. It’s the kind of pride that can be easily corrupted by jealousy.

        12 health
                                                              Scorpio 10/24 – 11/22
                                                             Aries 3/21-4/20
                                                              This month you will feel like you’re watching a really awful horror movie.
                                                             Look to friends in authority positions for advice on how to get out of a scrape.
                                                             You’re not too heavily entangled -- it will be easy to extricate yourself without
                                                             damaging your interests. Be resourceful.
                                                              you up.
                                                              Sagittarius 11/23
                                                             Taurus 4/21-5/21 – 12/22

        14 technology
                                                              You desperately need a break from schoolwork today, but your will do
                                                              Brand-new ideas and intellectual musings will swim through what head the
                                                             trick? Is it a rowdy sport or a trip to a serene museum? Or should you just
                                                              colorful thoughts, because you’re studying and pick listen.
                                                             change the content of whatthose around you want to up a great novel?
                                                              Capricorn 12/23 – 1/20
                                                             Gemini 5/22-6/21

        16 entertainment
                                                             During the day, your eye for detail will lead you like a sleuth to the most
                                                              know there’s a of a lot of life you haven’t done yet.
                                                             complex cornerwholepainting and the most elaborate whorl in a hardwood
                                                              Aquarius 1/21 – urge
                                                             floor. Later on, an2/19 to scrimp and save will be a motivating force.
                                                              Your natural stubbornness will keep you from rushing into a bad
                                                             Cancer 6/22-7/22
                                                              decision this month. blur, a afraid storm obstinate words at those
                                                             You’re a whirlwind, aDon’t be perfectto throwof momentum today. You have
                                                              who it to push succeed, and choices. You and what’s know it. Nothing
                                                             what try takes toyou into too-fast your friends knowparents right for you.

        20 sports
                                                              Pisces in the way of
                                                             stands 2/20 – 3/21 this being a truly fantastic day.
                                                              You’re on the launchpad, suited up and ready to blast off with your
                                                             Leo 7/23-8/22
                                                              new idea. Don’t slow down the plans with details -- take off into the
                                                             Like a diplomat newly appointed to negotiate with a hostile country, it seems
                                                              atmosphere with what you have already. People will want to follow.
                                                             like everyone has a longer memory than you. It’s time to smooth over the
                                                              Aries 3/22 – 4/21
                                                             past. Long discussions may be painful but necessary.

        24 vs.
                                                              embrace more ideas, but the artistic endeavor in and of itself will drive
                                                             Virgo 8/23-9/23
                                                             During the day, you’ll be swept up in situations that offer lots of excitement
                                                             but little time to evaluate your experiences. In the evening, you’ll figure out
                                                              Taurus 4/22 – 5/21
                                                             exactly what has happened, and you’ll be ready to move on.
                                                              High energy, equal to that of wiggling puppies, readies you for physical
                                                             Libra 9/24-10/23
                                                              and philosophical exercise today. A brisk walk and long talk could get
                                                             Personal conviction is a blessing and a curse. You have a formidable sense

        26 lifestyle
                                                             of where you’re going and the ability to motivate others. But you won’t have
                                                              Gemini 5/22 – 6/21
                                                             any patience for dreamers who could improve on your plans.
                                                              A swarm of new viewpoints will inspire you to see the world from
                                                             Scorpio 10/24-11/22 Toward evening, you’ll settle on the most
                                                              different perspectives.
                                                              interesting worldview and think about it deeply, like you more admirers
                                                             Your hard-nosed appraisal of the situation will win an undersea diver than
                                                              exploring have expected. Practicality has its fans. Your ambition only makes
                                                             you wouldnew waters.
                                                             you more attractive, so feel free to pursue your dreams.
                                                              Cancer 6/22 – 7/22
                                                              Oh you brainy, sexy fool. You’re busy intellectualizing and philosophizing
                                                             Sagittarius 11/23-12/21
                                                              today, the people will be impressed. with evening, put some of that
                                                             During and day, your communicationsIn thea friend will be more comfortable
                                                              energy into family matters way the other person sees the situation. Your
                                                             if you try to envision the and practice your management skills.
                                                             vocabulary matters. In the evening, the solution will be harder to see.
                                                             Capricorn 12/22-1/20
                                                             you. a bath instead of best with your friends, to your they’ll
                                                             DrawShare some of the taking a shower or bikebecausejob instead of getting
                                                             a ride. A leisurely approach to duties will invigorate your day. Depending on
                                                             appreciate your personal touch.
                                                             how relaxed you feel, your evening may be awesome or dull.
                                                             Aquarius 1/21-2/19
                                                             visions of day, be as social as a honeybee. You’ll find pollen in the
                                                             During theoverseas adventures return. Travelogues and documentaries most
                                                             inform your dreams. and all your hard work will payvivid In the evening, you’ll
                                                             unexpected places, The more you know, the more off. your night
                                                             visions become.
                                                             ride on less of a buzz, but you’ll think soundly.

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                                                From the at the opportunity to plugs for car, to
                                             excitement super soaker, to spark write andaexpress
                                                a coin changer. The list goes on and Coline Witt
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dear students,                               (just barely 21) and her team gave students the outlet                  Celebrity High, Inc.
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we’re always exCited to start another year of CeleBrity as the calendar turns to March, our
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high and hoPefully you’re Just as exCited to Celebrity new haschurches, and from a gloss cover                       Coline Witt
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sChool year. for some of you this will Be the Beginning                                                              Executive Director
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of a new ChaPter in EVERY month, a timeit will honored
                    your life, for others in                                                                         Mackenzie Woods
                    but revered.
Countdown to the graduation finish line. But, no matter                                                              Vice President
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what stage you are at, this issue features some went from 10 schools circulation to the entire
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                                     issue we CH added
         LAUSD. In this month’ssure your covered how video games are becoming more
                    Beginning Last month, BaCKPaCK is another distribution arm, through
to helP you survive soCially, maKe                                                                                   Henry L.N. Anderson, Ed.D
                    and more With steP, all alongside
         Shiekh taKe retailor.addictive. Video game addictions in some cases have also lead
PaCKed right and shoe you to the nextthe continued support of our loyal sponsors, celebrities,                       Managing Editor
         and afterschool partners, we have continued to blossom into the magazine we are
a must read interview featuring sKateBoarding suPer star
                                                                                                                     Dorian Graham
                    before consuming yourself with hours of fun.
roB dyrdeK.                                                                                                          Editor
                                                                                                                     Stephen Witt
                    The city of Los Angeles will be hosting this year’s NBA All-Star game and                        Editorial
for                  is man year will will be perseverance goes along way. Celebrity as
          This issue mysChoolthat BryantBe shorter then
      many of you the proof Kobehard work andleading the way for the West team, as wellHigh                          Edgar Rodriguez
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                                                                                                                     Priscillia Omon

Lity the new teen Fad?
               he Being Bisexual meant. thanKs to PornograPhy
 ly the way you PoP Culture, the metrosexual movement, and
               BIRMINGHAM, CANOGA, Bisexual has sParKed an
wadays we are interest in many teens and has BeCome a fad
rom Chat rooms, that’s as PoPular as wearing sKinny Jeans.
ow what

 t oF the Story aND to Vote ViSit
          celebrityhighmag.com September 2010       
                                             9/10/2010 2:15:44 PM
                                                                                                              CELEBRITYHIGHMAG.COM MARCH 2011 5

                      n the digital age, reading traditional books         by the age of twelve, and further, that they text even more than
                      with pages and a cover can seem, to some             they talk, spending 88% of their mobile usage on texting rather
                      teenagers, passé. The no-brainer then is why         than conversation. “Texting is how this generation communicates,”
                      not learn via text? Like most groundbreaking         Anderson continued. “I have two sons who have been through
                      innovations, the concept of using text               the college application and admissions process. I’ve watched them
                      messaging to teach is brilliant in its simplicity.   struggle to prepare for their SAT, ACT and AP tests. I thought there
                      eTextPrep sends at least two text messages           had to be an easier, more palatable way to get the information to
                      Monday through Friday that contain                   them. And, knowing how much they like to text, it occurred to me:
                      essential SAT, ACT, Advanced Placement or            why can’t they receive their test prep information that way?”
                      Middle School-level vocabulary words, their            
                      definitions and parts of speech.                     eTexTPreP’S VoCABULAry LeArNINg ProgrAMS
                      “It’s simple, immediate, automatic…. with            eTextPrep offers three types of vocabulary learning programs, each
                      the learning material presented in a medium          only $7.99/month for the duration of the subscription, which varies
                      students already know and love – texting,”           in length from four months to one year, depending on the learning
 Lynne Anderson of etext prep explains.                                    program.
 “A completely fresh approach, eTextPrep utilizes the mobile               First is the SAT/ACTVocab Prep Subscription, which supplies 500
 medium students know and love – their cell phone – and puts the           high-frequency college test prep vocabulary words.
 power of learning in the palm of their hand. It just made sense that       
 this evolution of studying would occur, especially when a teen’s          The next subscription is the Middle School Challenge, a260-word
 time is at such a premium. To be attractive to college admissions,        vocabulary learning program, appropriate for grades 5-8.
 students are required to juggle extracurricular activities, school         
 work and projects, community service and college prep testing,”           one of eTextPrep’s most innovative vocabulary learning program
 she continued. “A quick, simple text doesn’t impinge on a teen’s          categories is the Advanced Placement or subject-specific AP Vocab
 time or add to their already-high stress level, yet gives them one        Prep subscriptions. The AP subscriptions cover the most popular
 more edge to learn and improve their scores.”                             AP classes including AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP english
                                                                           Literature & Composition, AP Language & Composition, AP
 Studies have shown that most students have their first cell phone         Psychology, AP Spanish Language, AP U.S. government & Politics,
and AP U.S. History.
 THe Age oF TexT MeSSAgINg
With the benefits of texting come some valid concerns as well, as
evidenced by a slew of negative press recently.
Anderson stated, “There definitely has been a negative light cast on
much of text messaging, but it’s really the use of text messaging at
inappropriate times and places. That’s the key difference. Texting
is a fabulous tool, but not when you’re driving a car and not when
                                                                       providing an enhanced understanding. The review is designed to
                                                                       download, save and print, to keep as an on-going study guide.
                                                                       Third, a time-proven eTextPrep Test Tip is texted to each student
                                                                       every Friday throughout the length of the subscription. These are
                                                                       useful, practical tips that relate to specific testing cues and sensible
                                                                       advice designed to improve focus and performance on test day.
                                                                       SIgNINg UP For eTexTPreP

                                                                       Signing up for an eTextPrep subscription is a simple process. For
you’re in the classroom. When eTextPrep sends the text-message,        just $7.99/month eTextPrep transforms the teen cell phone into a
the student is not prompted to text back. Further, eTextPrep words     valuable educational tool. eTextPrep comes to a student’s cell phone,
deploy in the morning before school, and in the afternoon after        and this nominal fee is added to that current month’s phone bill for
school hours, Monday through Friday.                                   the duration of the subscription, without the hassle of an additional
                                                                       bill in the mail.
 A THree-PArT APProACH To LeArNINg                                      
                                                                       Students, parents or teachers select the eTextPrep vocabulary learning
Learning is accomplished with a three-part approach with eTextPrep.    programs they wish to receive at www.eTextPrep.com. Subscribers
First are, of course, the Text Messages that come to the student’s     then register online by providing their email address and cell phone
cell phone including the vocabulary word, its part of speech and       number at eTextPrep’s log in site to receive the comprehensive
complete definition.                                                   Weekly Word reviewTM, also available to a parent’s e-mail address
                                                                       at no additional cost. Coming soon are group purchase options.
A second component to the program is that students, and parents         
if requested, are emailed an eTextPrep Weekly Word reviewTM, a         According to Anderson, eTextPrep is literally as simple as reading
comprehensive study guide that recaps the previous week’s learning     a text message on your phone. In today’s challenging college
material and also includes a relevant example sentence. The AP         admissions environment, this innovation could just well change the
Vocab Prep subscription’s Weekly Word reviewTM also provides           face of studying.
an in-depth explanation either of a concept or vocabulary term,
                                                                                                   CELEBRITYHIGHMAG.COM MARCH 2011 9
   #1 Community College chosen by LAUSD Graduates

         The proven best choice

30 celebrityhighmag.com   September 2010

                                                                                       eah’s leg bounces
                                                                                       nervously as she sits in

                                                                                       the waiting room chair.
                                                                                       Her friends flank either
                                                                                       side of her in a show of
                                                                                       support. She is nervous
                                                                                       but just as equally she is
                                                                                       also excited. She’s been
                                                                                       18 for less than 24 hours
                                                                                       and has decided to mark
                                                                                       her newly acquired
                                                      independence with an inked declaration on her lower
                                     by: Prya Roman
                                                      back; a design of three small hearts, selected directly
                                                      from the tattoo shop’s wall, linked by a vine-like swirl
                                                      which feeds into the name “Mike” her boyfriend of
THINKING BEFORE YOU INK AND HOW                       the last year. She listens to her friend’s chat excitedly
TO DIAL DOWN THE CHANCE OF REGRET                     about how lucky she is to be getting such a cool tattoo
                                                      and about how great of a bf Mike is. She smiles
                                                      thinking about how surprised he’ll be when he sees it,
                                                      about how cool she knows it will look and how long
                                                      she’s been looking forward to this. granted, her mom
                                                      just might kill her if she ever finds out but the rush
                                                      she feels from her first real move of self expression
                                                      makes it all seem worth it. She stands when the tattoo
                                                      artist, a tall guy with a fire breathing dragon creeping
                                                      up the side of his neck, calls her name.
A year later reah sits nervously in a different waiting room chair. This        BF/GF’S NAME: When in the throes of passion an aspiring tattoo
time she is seated next to her mother and feeling all too much like a cliché.   wearer may decide to get the name of their significant other tattooed
The walls of this room aren’t decorated with inked drawings of lizards,         somewhere on their body. The only problem with this endearing
gothic crosses and tribal etchings. A few pastels featuring sailboats are       symbolism is that when the significant other is not so significant anymore,
only joined by a sign reading “Dr. John Fitzgerald Dermatology, Medical         the tattoo wearer is stuck with the name. either a tattoo artist will have to
Skin Care and Laser Treatment Services.” The tattoo she’d been so proud         be creative and cover up the tattoo or it will have to be removed.
of a scant year earlier had quickly become a source of embarrassment
and shame as what seemed impossible had become reality. The breakup             LOCATION&SIZE: “Location. Location. Location. are not just
with Mike had hurt, having to answer questions about the source of the          the three most important things ins real estate. The location of a tattoo
name branded on her back had hurt even more. This isn’t her first visit         should not be taken lightly. Depending on a person’s career choice
but Dr. Fitzgerald says that in just 8 more the tattoo should be gone,          a visible tattoo might just hinder their gaining a position in that field
replaced with a (hopefully) not too horrible scar. The treatments aren’t        or career. Many places from fast food chains on up to administrative
cheap; totally unaffordable on her college student budget but thankfully        positions will not hire a person with a visible tattoo. If it can be covered
her mother has agreed to pay. The one thing reah does know is that she’s        up, for example on the ankle or shoulder, it is allowed. Facial tattoos are
not alone. The appointment had been hard to get with the Dr.’s schedule         not highly recommended because they cannot be covered up and to be
being filled for weeks at a time. The assistant had told her quite plainly      removed by laser surgery is risky and may leave scarring. Also, an ill-
that tattoo removal had become their most popular procedure.                    placed tattoo or one that is too large may leave a customer feeling less
                                                                                than satisfied. A tattoo that is crooked or askew on a part of the body, or
While tons of people get inked and love their tattoos for life, the American    not centered on the body part will not likely be valued much.
Society of Dermatological Surgery says that more than 50 percent of
people with tattoos at some point regret their decision to get one or more      WHIMS OR DARES: A tattoo should be a very personal decision
of them. The reasons why someone regrets getting their tattoo are as            and not one that is done on the spur of the moment or done as a dare or
different as the reasons why they want them in the first place. Name            a favor to someone else. A person is smart, but groups of people can be
removal is an obvious one but other situations exist as well. A college         really dumb. The group mentality has proven time and time again to lead
student that thinks a barbed wire chain around his wrist looks free-            to bad decisions. And when the group wants a tattoo it may seem easier
spirited but might find it a hindrance when he wants to pursue a career         to go along than to be left out. But jumping on this bandwagon could
in the (still ultra conservative) banking industry. others are haunted by       send you on a lifetime trip that you don’t really want to take. getting a
work gone wrong; misspelled words, messed up lines, pieces that are not         tattoo for someone else takes away the personal aspect of it and will likely
the size shape, color or overall look they wanted.                              be regretted later by the one who has to wear it.

“I won’t totally say I don’t like my tattoos but I do regret having them,”      CARTOONS, MUSICIANS, ACTORS: Tattooing a favorite
admits Sean, a 30 year old with full tatted sleeves down to his wrists on       cartoon character, actor or band is often done as a symbolic gesture
both arms. “I got them in my teens and twenties when I guess I thought          to honor that thing. However, as a person grows older their likes may
I was going to be a rock star. Now I have started my own business and           change. A person might suddenly be 50 years old and will be stuck with
sometimes when I have a meeting and its kind of hot and I want to roll          a cartoon tattooed on their arm. or the musicians and actors they liked
my sleeves up a little but then they show. I get looks and at that point        at one time might not be so important anymore.
wish they weren’t there. At 21 I thought they looked hot, now I think they
make me seem a little immature or reckless. People don’t want to trust          GANG SYMBOLS: often gang members will have special tattoos
you with their money when they think you’re reckless.”                          that will show status or involvement in a gang. While this may give a
                                                                                tattoo wearer special privileges within the gang it may subject them to
Tattoo removal doesn’t come cheap and in some cases its not a removal           the scrutiny of outsiders or make them a victim of other gangs simply
as much as its a lightening. on top of being physically painful (it has         because of the affiliation. A person who wants to leave a gang or put that
been described as feeling like being splattered with hot grease), laser         past behind them will always have a constant reminder of that time.
removal can be painful to your wallet as well. A tattoo that cost $50 to
get can cost thousands to remove. Depending on your tattoo, you may             POOR QUALITY: Any tattoo that comes out in a poor quality is
need up to 20 sessions. A large, professional tattoo in color could cost        also one that will be regretted. Lines might be blurred, text might be
thousands of dollars to remove, and the effectiveness of the removal still      misspelled, lines might be shaky, borders or details might not be uniform,
isn’t guaranteed. So its important to think before you ink. The decision        colors might be faded or dull. Homemade or prison-made tattoos are
to get a tattoo is a personal one. If you decide to get one it should be        more likely have these problems but they can also be encountered in a
meaningful, considerate of where you could be 20 years from now and of          tattoo parlor. Make sure you view a portfolio of the artist’s work before
course should only ever be made when you’re legally old enough to do so.        and talk with the tattoo artist so you can get a feel for their work.
Here are some of the most common sources of tattoo regret:

                   “At 21 I thought they looked hot, now I think they make me seem
                   a little immature or reckless. People don’t want to trust you with
                   their money when they think you’re reckless.”

                                                                                                             CELEBRITYHIGHMAG.COM MARCH 201113

   Its kind of like the secret bonus level in Mario Bros. brought to real
   life. The basic idea of augmented reality is to superimpose graphics
   (in 2D or 3D), audio, video and other sensory enhancements over a
   real -world environment in real time. Sounds simple, but augmented
   reality is changing the way we view the world; or better yet how we
   as users interact with the world. The future of Ar promises wide-
   spread displays accessed via devices which will look like normal
   glasses. These will display custom pieces of information geared to
   the wearers lifestyle, location and preferences. Sort of like a real
   life version of a video game status bar menu. But while the glasses
   thingies aren’t ready for prime-time just yet.. Ar is already making
   moves to bring more of the virtual world into the real world via
   smartphone apps on iPhone and Android.
Smartphones with augmented reality apps
such as Monocle or Layar can combine the

phone’s camera view and gPS with tiny tags
indicating the names, distances and user

ratings of nearby bars, restaurants and more;
overlaying this information on the phone’s
screen. you can even point the phone at
a building, and Layar will tell you if any
companies in that building are hiring, or it
might be able to find photos of the building
on Flickr or to locate its history on Wikipedia.

Ar is even taking something as classically
timeless as paper and ink and making it cutting
edge. Free apps such as Junaio and Digimarc
Discover can point the camera at enabled
publications or ads and enjoy additional
content such as enriched editorials, further
details, dynamic 3D, coupons, offers, hidden
games and more. Ar is effectively extending
the multimedia power of the internet to
print publications; offering completely new
opportunities for both editorial staff and
commercial brands to communicate more               Ch now features cool new ways to experience Celebrity
effectively with their audiences. Celebrity         high. Look for augmented content to access exclusive
High Magazine has even jumped into the Ar           videos, images, music, quiz ansewers, coupons and more!
pool by enhancing many of its articles and ads
with extra content. Just look for the CH star
to know which pages are enhanced!.

There are other augmented reality apps out
there for the iPhone and Android -- and many
more in development but augmented reality                  LOOK FOR THE
still has some challenges to overcome. For
example, gPS is only accurate to within 30 feet      To unlock content using Junaio
and doesn’t work as well indoors; People may
not want to rely on their cell phones, which
have small screens on which to superimpose          • Download the free Junaio app from itunes
information; and lets not forget, there is such       or Antroid market*
a thing as too much information. There are          •
also privacy concerns. Image-recognition            • Create a free Junaio Account
software coupled with Ar will, quite soon,          •
allow us to point our phones at people, even        • Search for the “Ch march” channel (Add to
strangers, and instantly see information from         your favorites)
their Facebook, Twitter, or other online            •
profiles. Despite these concerns, imagine the
possibilities: you may learn things about the
                                                    • Aim your phone’s camera at the entire
city you’ve lived in for years just by pointing       page in the magazine that has the Ch logo
your Ar-enabled phone at a nearby park or             on them.
building. Paleontologists working in shifts
to assemble a dinosaur skeleton could leave         *Works on On iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS running on 4.0 OS and select Android
virtual “notes” to team members on the bones        phones only.
themselves, artists could produce virtual
graffiti and doctors could overlay a digital
image of a patient’s x-rays onto a mannequin
for added realism. The future of augmented                                      Look for the black & white markers
reality is clearly bright, even as it already has                               To Unlock videos with your webcam
found its way into our cell phones . For more                                   go to www.celebrityhighmag.com/
information about CH Ar:                                                        ar then point the marker at your
                                                                                webcam and follow the prompts
visit www.celebrityhighmag.com/ar
                                                                                      CELEBRITYHIGHMAG.COM MARCH 201115
Multi-talented actor, comedian, entertainment
industry executive and entrepreneur Nick
Cannon shares his story with Celebrity High.
2011 will prove to show all sides of Nick. His
much earned respect is long over due but
it is time we took the time to focus not only
on his accomplishments but the motivation
he provides for today’s youth. Celebrity High
Magazine C.E.O Nick Cannon talks success,
hurdles, Prom and Mariah.

N                                    CH: March marks the 50th issue of Celebrity High magazine. Being Ceo
                                     what more can we expect to see from Celebrity High?
                                     NC: I’m excited about everything that Celebrity High has accomplished thus
                                     far but the future is so bright. There are so many wonderful things going on
                                     in the world of technology and we are trying to incorporate the fast pace
                                     movement with the magazine. We have so many amazing ideas for the next
                                     50 issues to make the magazine even more user friendly and incorporate the
                                     young people, people such as yourself, and give them a chance to spread their
                                     voice across this country.

                                     CH: you are notorious for using the term entrepertainer, was it hard for you
                                     to establish yourself as a Boss being so young and being a celebrity at first?
                                     NC: It has been a struggle to be respected and seen as a boss at such a young
                                     age. I think it’s hard for some people to see me in a position of authority,
                                     because they still have this image of me as a kid when I was on Nickelodeon.
                                     I am a kid at heart and like to be silly and joke around, but at the end of the
                                     day I am a businessman and have worked hard to obtain the positions I hold.
                                     I have been doing this all my life, so I don’t worry or lose sleep over it.

                                     CH: What hurdles did you have to overcome?
                                     NC: one that I just mentioned before is being young. Not only being
                                     young, but being also being an entertainer, makes them not want to take me
                                     seriously at times. There are also always those hurdles and obstacles from
                                     project to project trying to get things to go to the next level. I’m not a patient
                                     person and in this industry you have to learn to have patients. When you’re
                                     a businessman and even an entertainer you have to learn and realize that
                                     something’s are not going to come when you want them to come. you have
                                     to get yourself out of that mindset of, I want everything right now, because it
                                     doesn’t always happen like that, this is something I’ve had to learn over the
                                     years. I’ve also had to overcome the hurdle of timing. Sometimes you wait
                                     and wait for a certain opportunity and you come too late to the punch and
                                     can miss it. I’ve also had to deal with setting too high of an expectation on
                                     certain projects or ideas, and being disappointed when they don’t play out
                                     exactly how I had imagined. But in the end you work around it, and make the
                                     best of the situation.

                                     CH: What advice do you give to a student trying to start his or her own
                                     business or go after a certain career?
                                     NC: First you have to be a self-motivator. especially because there are so many
                                     haters out there, and people spreading negativity, always trying to tell you,
                                     that you cant do this or that. There will always be those people surrounding
                                     you telling you how you should live your life. So every morning you have to

wake up and encourage yourself just to balance out the hatred. The more
you motivate yourself, the more you say, “I’m a leader, I’m brave, I’m a            Ch: you are a soon to be dad. Do you think you are going to be a strict
conqueror, I can do it,” the more you will really start to live that. I call this   parent?
speaking it into existence. The second thing you need to do is to become            NC: I’m definitely going to be a strict parent. I am pro-whooping. Now
a self generator. you cannot sit around and wait for people to give you an          obviously you have to do it within the law. But I do believe spare the rod
opportunity you have to make it yourself.                                           spoil the child. That is the way I was raised. My parenting was unorthodox
                                                                                    but it was probably the best thing for me.
CH: What advice would you give to a student trying to get into comedy?
What is a must know secret to being a good comedian?                                Ch: Who are you currently looking to for advice to be a good dad?
NC: I was the biggest class clown ever! But I do not want to encourage              NC: A lot of people have been giving me advice on how to be a good
people to be class clowns because it got me into a lot of trouble. I would          dad. Will Smith has given me great advice, family friends, my father, my
advise to take all that energy of wanting to make people laugh in class and         mother. I have been getting advice from all over, but for the most part
redirect it into the right areas. That is when things started to take off for       people have told me as long as I love my children unconditionally then I
me. Instead of just trying to make my friends and teachers laugh I started          will be alright.
taking that same energy and those same jokes and I started writing them
down and going to comedy clubs, open mic nights, churches, talent shows             Ch: Prom season is coming up. Do you have any advice for guys trying to
and doing my material there.                                                        ask girls out to be their prom date?
                                                                                    NC: Prom is the bomb. get out there, go for what you know and do not
CH: Is there anything your fans should be expecting from you in the near            be scared. Do what I always say, and that is to speak it into existence.
future as far as acting or music?                                                   Motivate yourself first and get out there and do it. Also, be happy with
NC: yes, many things they should expect. N’credible is the company that             who you are. Confidence is everything.
I created which covers film, television, music, magazines, books, fashion,
and marketing that young people can access and be apart of. I am also               Ch: Did you get to go to prom?
the chairman of TeenNick, and we have new programming and things                    NC: yes, I went to quite a few proms. I was the prom date of choice. I never
for the network coming shortly. We also have a show called “Son of a                got a chance to go to my prom because I graduated early. So I went to a lot
gun” that is airing on MTV that follows the life of Corey guns, and shows           of other people’s proms.
me managing and working with him. My company N’Credible also has
seven artists signed to our label from Aaron Fresh, School gyrls, Colette           Ch: What was your most memorable moment of prom night for you?
Carr to the Wonder Bros and the rangers and you can expect amazing                  NC: I always had height issues when it came to school dances and prom. I
music coming from all of them in the future. I also have a comedy special           was a short guy growing up, and I remember going to prom with this girl
coming out this summer. I am really excited. The special is called “Mr.             and she was 5’9 and I was only 5’2. I remember making her take off her
Showbiz” and will be coming out alongside my comedy album. I also                   high heels in the prom pictures while I had to stand on my tippy toes, and
have a song I just finished with Akon called “Famous” which will be my              I was still shorter than her. I remember praying to be 6 feet tall, but now
first single off my new album. N’credible also partnered with Monster,              everything is cool because I am 6 foot.
the company that did Beats By Dre, and we will be having our very own
N’Credible headphones coming out soon. We have a lot of stuff to expect.            Ch: At age 30 could you have for seen your life to end up the way it has?
We are taking over in 2011.                                                         From a beautiful wife, to a successful career to a true Businessman and
                                                                                    motivator amongst youth?
Ch: I have to ask, how is our favorite singer Mariah and the babies?                NC: I definitely didn’t foresee exactly where I would be when I was 30. But
NC: My wife is doing incredible. She is holding up well and any day now             I knew what I wanted to do and I knew I had to accomplish many things. I
she will be giving birth to twins. She is definitely a trooper. It is such a        feel like I spoke it into existence. I’m on the right path but I still have a long
wonderful and amazing journey that we are embarking upon.                           way to go. So I have no plans on sitting back anytime soon.

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                                      ften in colors that would make a Skittles bag blush, fixies
                                      have made a splash on the urban scene and brought a retro
                                      cool to the classic bike. For those not in the know, a fixie
                                      or fixed gear is a bicycle that has no freewheel, meaning
                                      it cannot coast - the pedal always in the motion when the
                                      bicycle is moving. riding these essentially low-maintenance
                                      bikes that pedal forward and backward like a unicycle and
                                      have no brakes, initially made for speed racing around a
                                      velodrome track -- isn’t a new trend but but the increased
                                      customization options combined with the do-it-yourself
                                      culture surrounding the movement has caused an explosion
                                      across all sorts of urban cyclists in cities across the country.

“What’s different about these bikes and what makes them great is that they are stripped down to
the most basic of elements,” explains Jordan, a fixie addict working to expand the trend as much
as possible on the Westside. “Wheels, pedals, handlebars, a seat, and a frame. That’s about it.”

But while these bikes might be bringing simple back, riding them isn’t necessarily like riding a

“Without brakes and without the ability to coast its a whole new experience to learn. The rider is
part of the road with only their body to change speed and direction,” Jordan says. “Some people
think its dangerous but learning how to pedal through turns and slow a bike down with leg power
can make a person a better cyclist. Plus you have to pay attention more and once you get good you
have complete control over your bike.”

The influx of newcomers has pushed fixed-gear culture towards the mainstream and many are
afraid that it will become overly commercialized like surfing and skateboarding. However, some
cyclists and bike shop owners welcome the new riders and are just happy to see more people on

The simplicity of the fixie means the options are nearly endless. From buying new to converting
older bikes, riders have the option of creating a bike that is as unique as they are. While some
spend thousands on their set-up others wonder how how they can get in on the trend without
breaking the bank. If you want to start your fixie fetish but are on a budget Palm Cycle in Culver
City, CA has some tips to get you going”

Tips on Building a fixed gear with a low budget.
 Building a bike from scratch can get pretty expensive especially if you want to deck it out with the
most popular parts on the market.  Fixed gears are very simple bikes but you do not necessarily
want to put crummy parts on them especially if you do not plan on running a brake. 

Its best to start with a complete bike, the more complete the bike is the less money you have
to spend on parts.  Parts that you have to buy for the conversion:  Back wheel, cog and lock
ring, crank set(optional), and a single speed chain.  retrospec bike brand makes wheel sets so
that you have matching wheels, the also come with the cog and lockring for $140 http://www.
retrospecbicycles.com/parts , and new Cranks coming out for $40.00.  Chains for the bike will cost
around $10.  So this paticular conversion would cost you around $200.

Affordable New Fixed Bikes
you can find new fixed gears starting at $250 but that does not mean the bike is gonna last you
very long.  you have to spend at least $350 to get something decent, we sell the retrospec bicycles
starting at $350  http://www.retrospecbicycles.com/bikes.

Smashed up Sunday------- rides every sunday - Palms Cycle Fix team riders Blog

 earn-a-Bike is a youth outreach program where participants between 12 - 18 years old learn
how to fix/build a bicycle and “earn” a complete bicycle through instruction, participation and
community service. each session will meet for 8 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 – 6pm.
Contact bicyclekitchen.com for more info

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Prom Tux Rentals                                         Put Your Prom

Basic rentals from 59 $
                                                         InTO High Gear.

                     m 79 5
Complete packages fro

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Arcadia                      Downey                    Lakewood                San Gabriel              West Covina
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bEEN SpEakINg up aND
TakINg NamES; DEbuNkINg
THE myTHS abOuT a
cOuLDN’T bE aNy mORE

T R AG E DY TO T R I UM P H                             # R E vOLT
The activism of two teens, Sawyer Cole and              young people in egypt and across the Middle
Michael Kelleher, spurred by their own link             east want exactly what young people all over
to tragedy, has led to a change in motorcycle           the world want: a future–one with jobs, dignity,
licensing for teenagers, effective January 1,           love, and an opportunity to pursue their passions.
2011. Cole’s brother Jarrad was killed shortly          The world watched in awe as protestors took to
after learning to operate a motorcycle he and           the streets in an effort to topple an oppressive
and his father had just bought. Michael Kelleher        regime that spanned three decades. The Middle
and Sawyer Cole took their idea to the Capitol          east’s 100 million youth make up the majority
and stood persistently in front of lawmakers            of countries like egypt and Iraq, yet in many of
until it passed. Assembly Bill 1952, known as           these countries they’ve lived under successive
“Jarrad’s Law,” requires teenagers who want to          repressive governments that have stripped away
drive motorcycles to take a 15-hour California          their most basic rights and the opportunity to
Motorcyclist Safety Program at the cost of              elect their leaders.
$150. once a teen has passed the course he or
she qualifies for a learner’s permit. The learner’s      “They’re looking to have their voices heard on
permit allows the teen to ride on streets only          issues that so directly impact their future, like
during daylight hours, not on freeways and not          the environment, jobs, and the rights of women
with passengers. After six months, the teen then        and girls, explains Salimah yvette ebrahim, one
qualifies for a motorcycle license.  Before this,       of the World economic Forum’s young global
any 15 1/2-year-old could ride after just passing a     Leaders. “It is not about a single religion or a
written test. No training or proof of competency        war with Islam; it’s about basic freedoms, about
was required. Teens under 18 still won’t be able        politics and economics. Many egyptians suffer
to drive between 11pm and 5am and cannot carry          from abject poverty and live on less than $2 a
passengers under the age of 20. According to the        day. young people are at the frontline of these
California Department of Motor Vehicles, there          challenges, which in recent years have included
are more than 6,000 licensed motorcycle riders 19       massive unemployment rates, rising food prices,
and younger in the state.                               a lack of freedom of speech, and basic access to
Students might often complain about how                 There is no underestimating the power that
much they hate their teachers, but they came            the internet and social media, like Twitter and
out in droves to support them and other public          Facebook, have had on allowing young people to
workers when demonstrations against new                 communicate and share their stories in a society
proposed legislation exploded across the state of       where there was little freedom for anyone to
Wisconsin in February 2011 with the epicenter           make their voices heard.
in Madison, the state’s capital. Instead of
taking the day off, students gathered at schools        “Instead of calling it the “Twitter revolution”
throughout Madison and marched miles along              as so many have, I prefer “Twitter-enabled
the city’s main thoroughfares to join some 30,000       revolution,” ebrahim says. “It was the
protesters, the largest mass demonstration the          intersection of two powerful forces–social media
city had seen in decades—perhaps since the great        and young people who showcased the power of
protests of the Vietnam War era, The Nation’s           the human spirit–to rise against oppression.”
John Nichols reports. Students played a central

                                                        So what will you do
role in organizing, including a sleep-in at the state
capitol building for two nights and walk-outs on

                                                        to make noise and
college campuses and high schools across the

“While students haven’t been the source of this
protest, they have definitely been the soul of this     create change in your
protest,” TAA Co-president Alex Hanna told
The Nation. “Students of all ages have shown            community, country
up. They’ve stayed up late on little sleep—they
are really working the night shift to keep this         or world?
movement going.”

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   [5]Great Pr                                             +       WHY REAL PROM

                                                           HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 [2008]
                                                           yeah the flashy, totally choreographed prom number
                                                           was great and all. But you know whats even better?
                                                           The fact that at real prom no one expects you to be
                                                           professional dancer – whew (* breaths sigh of relief *).
                                                           get up and groove, sit and socialize whatever fits your
                                                           style as long as you’re actually having fun.

 SHE’S ALL THAT [1999] Sorry, Usher
 probably won’t be the DJ at your prom (unless you’re
 really, really lucky * fingers crossed *) but the part
 where the nerdy girl becomes like the total hottie at
 prom has a lot of truth to it. Dressing up is fun and
 can be great. Its a chance to be who you are or who
 you want to be next. even if you don’t look like rachel
 Leigh Cook, fancy clothes, hair, make-up etc. can
 transform anybody and sometimes can make others
                                                           by: K. Roberts
 look at you in a new light.

             “Get up and groove, sit and socialize whatever fits
             your style as long as you’re actually having fun.”

r om Movies
                                                                                                          by Missy Acosta

                                                                                 CARRIE [1976] How can you
                                                                                 beat a misunderstood, underdog high
 MEAN GIRLS [2004]granted prom in this movie was about bitter                    schooler who goes on a psychokenetic,
                                                                                 revenge-filled rampage against her
 rivalry and an almost literal fight-to-the-death popularity contest. But        tormentors? Tough I know, but
 what prom in this movie wasn’t about was having the all encompassing            remember this … no matter how bad
 perfect date. As Janice and Damien proved prom can be about having a            you think your prom might be, could
 great and memorable time with a friend.                                         be or maybe even was? It is/was never
                                                                                 going to be half as bad as Carrie’s.

                          ROMY AND MICHELE’S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION [1997]
                          In this movie the head cheerleader’s boyfriend (who omg is also the most popular guy in
                          school! Shocker right?) tells romy he’ll dance with her at prom, only to ditch her and leave
                          her hanging all night. Ten years later romy and her BFF Michele return for their ten year
                          high school reunion. The key point here is that no matter how horrible that incident they
                          didn’t regret going and even came back for the reunion. No matter what almost nobody
                          actively regrets going to their prom, though many people regret not going. So its kind of a
                          no loose situation in a way.                           CELEBRITYHIGHMAG.COM MARCH 201127
 “I heard she cheated                                                     rumor, especially about the private affairs of others. This is not to
                                                                          be confused with conversation … conversation is when two people
                                                                          are only talking about themselves, either privately or in a group. Its

 on Jason at the after                                                    hurtful when we begin talking about someone who isn’t here and it
                                                                          starts out something like this;

 party” one girl said.                                                    “Don’t tell anyone I told you, but…”
                                                                          “Just between you and me…”
                                                                          “I’m not supposed to say anything, but…” and then the speaker

 “And that the guy she                                                    proceeds to rattle off details of some private event. gossip is toxic for
                                                                          both the speaker, and those who have to listen to it.

 cheated with is older                                                    Think for a minute. When was the last time you participated in a
                                                                          conversation about someone who wasn’t there? Do you like to talk
                                                                          about other people’s business? Do you know someone who does? I

 and has a girlfriend                                                     do and she makes me really nervous. She is forever talking gossip,
                                                                          and I wonder what she says about me when I am not around, so I try

                                                                          to avoid her as much as I can. According to Susan Hanson, M.S. in
                                                                          her book “Tools for your Toolbox”, people gossip;

                                                                          To feel more important (because they feel unimportant).
  This is a pretty juicy piece of information at our school. It is also
                                                                          To feel powerful (because they feel powerless in other parts of their lives).
 gossip. random House Dictionary defines gossip as idle talk or
To feel in control (because they feel controlled by someone or              out. Last year, I had to stay home sick from school for a few weeks.
something else).                                                            There was all sorts of gossip from people about where I was and why I
To feel involved and on the “inside” of things (because they feel like      was out. But my best friends called to check it out with me personally
outsiders).                                                                 and I am extremely grateful.
To feel “better than” (because they feel “not good enough”).
To ignore their own problems by focusing on other people’s.                 In closing, let me tell you about my sister. She is one of the sweetest
To relieve their own anger and hurt by trying to cause anger and hurt       people on the planet, and our phone conversations usually revolve
in others.                                                                  around my other sisters and what everyone in the family was doing,
                                                                            good and bad. Then one day I suggested that we not talk about anyone
obviously, the first step in eliminating gossip in our lives is do not      else during our conversations, and she was genuinely confused.
participate. I was at lunch last week, and this person proceeded to         “If we don’t talk about other people, what will we talk about?” She
rattle off bits of gossip about two other girls before I even knew what     questioned.
happened. I was disappointed to realize that if I want to avoid gossip,
I can’t sit with her at lunch.                                              “Well, you will talk about you, and I will talk about me.” I replied.
                                                                            And you know what? It works. She talks about herself, and I talk
But another day I was in P.e. With a different friend. We weren’t talking   about me, and when I do hear about the lives of other people, it is
long, but our conversation just happened to mention someone else.           from their own mouths!
I was curious, but her response was something like “I’d better let her
tell you about it.” What a great gossip avoiding response! It confirms      gossip is sneaky, mean and unhealthy. It ruins trust, reputations,
that she can be trusted.                                                    friendships and relationships. I’m going to try to eliminate it from
                                                                            my life. Maybe you will join me. The best reason is summed up by
The second step in eliminating gossip is to do a reality check. If you      Marlon Brando when he said,
hear gossip that effects you, go directly to that person, and check it      “If we are not our brother’s keeper, let us at least not be his executioner.”
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