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Julie Fresne

                                                                               Association of
rev. 06/2010                                                                   American Medical Colleges
Managing your                                           EDUCATION DEBT
                                                        MANAGEMENT WORKSHOPS
                                                        The AAMC provides workshops on managing student
                                                        loans—such as, what the repayment options are, what to
                                                        consider before choosing a plan, and how to develop a
The Association of American Medical Colleges is one     repayment strategy to get through residency. Financial aid
of the most trusted resources when it comes to issues   professionals have long recognized the AAMC’s education
regarding residents. We heard your questions and        debt management workshops as being among the most
concerns about education debt management, and           reliable, in-depth, accessible and valuable of their kind.
launched FIRST for Medical Education                    In-person workshops are provided on an “as available” A significant focus of this         basis at medical schools, hospitals and medical centers
                                                        across the country. Contact Julie Fresne at 202.828.0511
program is to provide students and residents with
                                                        for more information or to arrange a workshop.
information and tools to help them effectively
manage their education debt. We believe that you        MEDLOANS® ORGANIZER AND
will find these tools helpful:                          CALCULATOR
  •   FIRST for Residents mailbox                       The Medloans Organizer and Calculator allows you to
  •   Education debt management workshops               enter, track and save your loan information. Enter your
                                                        loan information once in the secure Medloans Organizer,
  •   Medloans® Organizer and Calculator
                                                        then use the Calculator to run repayment scenarios to
  •   The Economics of Becoming a Doctor
                                                        help you choose the most suitable payment plan for your
  •   Monthly Payment Estimator                         situation.

                                                        MONTHLY PAYMENT ESTIMATOR
FIRST for Residents Mailbox                             View various repayment plans showing balance at
                                                        repayment and monthly payments based on a range of debt
This free mailbox is solely dedicated to residents’
                                                        amounts. A quick way to get a ball-park estimate of what
student loan issues. It only takes seconds to           your own repayment might look like. See
subscribe and gain access. We’ll help you get           first/repaymentsummary.pdf
answers to your loan portfolio questions that
are accurate, up-to-date, objective, and most           FACEBOOK FAN PAGE
importantly, confidential.                              In addition to the Residents mailbox, the FIRST for
                                                        Medical Education Fan Page posts timely news and
After questions and answers are posted to the           information relevant to residents and student loan debt
mailbox, they’re archived on our site.                  management issues. Stay connected through Facebook to
                                                        important issues regarding deferment and forbearance,
Subscribe today:                                        relevant legislative changes, and interest rate changes.
                                                        THE ECONOMICS OF
                                                        BECOMING A DOCTOR
                                                        A 40-minute, narrated presentation explaining the most
                                                        common repayment strategies during residency. Includes
                                                        information on the new programs Income-Based
To see all resources, services and tools go to          Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and a                                      discussion of the economics of earning an M.D. degree
                                                        by following “Dr. Median” from medical school to
                                                        retirement. Targeted to medical students, residents and
                                                        financial aid staff.

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