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 Purchasing Card Cardholder

 The objective of this State Purchasing
  Card training is to instruct cardholders on
  the proper usage of the State Purchasing
  Card (PCard).
 Periodically throughout this training
  session you will be required to answer
  questions that test your knowledge of the
  PCard program. Each question will need
  to be answered correctly before you are
  able to proceed with the training session.    2

   Part 2 – TRAVELERS

   Part 3 - BUYERS

Part 1 – General Information
   The topics that will be covered are:

     The   P-Card Program

     Cardholder   Responsibilities

     General   Information

P-card Program
 Allows each P-Card group to map out its
  own plan for using the card.
 Travel
 Buyer (Commodities and Service)
 Both (Buyer & Traveler)

The Purchasing Card Program
 The Purchasing Cards are
 restricted use, non-revolving credit
 cards issued to state employees for
  official state business only.
 It may be presented to any Merchant
  who accepts Visa.
 The Purchasing Card is the property of
  Bank of America and the state. Only
  YOU, the cardholder can use the card.
The Purchasing Card Program
   When possible, use Merchants that are

   The Purchasing Card works like a
    personal credit card or corporate card,
    treat the card with care, respect and

How does the Purchasing
Card Work?

   When you use your Purchasing Card, the
    vendor is paid electronically by Bank of
    America, usually within 72 hours. Bank of
    America then transfers the charge to our
    agency within FLAIR. (SAMAS)
   The Agency approval process authorizes
    FLAIR to create the appropriate
    disbursement transaction to repay Bank of
P-Card Program
   Each card is issued with transaction limits
       Single Purchase
       Per Day
       Per Month

   The limit is stated on the Cardholder Profile form
    that you and your supervisor signed. If your limit
    needs to be changed due to changes in your job
    duties or an unexpected agency event or emergency,
    your supervisor will be required to send an email to
    the Purchasing Card Administrator requesting the
    change in transactions limits.

        P-Card Program
Reasons for Decline
   Over allowable credit limits:
     Per transaction
     Daily
     Monthly

   Type of merchant being used. You may be
    unable to use certain Merchants as a result of
    conflict between Merchant codes assigned to
    your cardholder account and those assigned
    to the Vendor.
   Card is no longer active.
How does the Purchasing Card
   All your transactions (charges & credits)
    are applied directly to your cost center and
    paid by the agency.

   When a zip code is required to complete a
    transaction, use zip code 32399.

   If the card is lost or stolen, the bank must be
    informed immediately. Be prepared to give your
    security code, which is your Mother’s maiden
    name. Do not order a replacement card, notify
    your Purchasing Card Administrator, who will
    order the replacement card for you.
   You may also need to comply with financial
    disclosure requirements, if you have been
    authorized for purchases over $1,000.
   Upon notification of Employment termination,
    discontinue using the card to allow sufficient
    time to turn in all your receipts.
    Responsibilities - continued
   Prior to making a purchase, remind the vendor of
    your Agency’s Tax Exempt status. The Agency’s
    Tax Exempt # is printed on the face of your
    Purchasing Card. A “Consumer’s Certificate of
    Exemption” card may be issued to you as well
    that indicates the Agency’s Tax Exempt number.

   Obtain, sign and forward receipts with a
    receiving date to your Agency within 3 working
    days of each transaction. Keep a copy of the
    receipt and submit the original to your reconciler.

Cardholder Responsibilities
 Identify disputed items and attempt to
  reach a resolution directly with the vendor.
 If the Vendor refuses to resolve the
  dispute, you must complete the
  “Commercial Card Claims Statement of
  Disputed Item” form within 60 days of the
  transaction date of the dispute and forward
  the completed form to the Purchasing
  Card Administrator.

Cardholder Responsibilities

 The same purchasing rules apply when
  using the card as when using other forms
  of procurement.
 You are expected to know and follow
  appropriate Florida statutes, state laws,
  and guidelines.

Cardholder Responsibilities
   Cardholder Profile Information: Must be
    completed with all the required information
    and signatures before a card can be

   Cardholder Agreement: Must be signed
    and dated after you have received your
    purchasing card training.

Cardholder Responsibilities
 If a cardholder makes a reservation and
  the trip is canceled, it is the cardholder’s
  responsibility to cancel the reservation.
 If a receipt is lost or the cardholder can’t
  obtain a receipt, the cardholder must
  complete the, “Replacement Receipt” form,
  and have the form signed by their
Cardholder Responsibilities
   When your card is about to expire,
    Bank of America will automatically mail
    a replacement card to the Purchasing
    Card Administrator. You should submit
    your old card to the Purchasing Card
    Administrator, who will destroy your
    old card and issue the new one to you.

   The topics that will be covered are:
     General information
     Cardholder Responsibilities
     Prohibited P-Card purchases
     Allowable P-Card purchases
     Receipt Requirements
     Timeframes
     Required Paperwork and Forms
     Penalties for Improper Use
               General Information
   Intended use - Official State Business ONLY
      traveler purchasing card transactions must be
       in compliance with Section 112.061, F.S.

   Traveler may decline or accept the P-Card.

   When declined, traveler will not be eligible for …
     travel advances or
     use of DCA’s central billing accounts.

   Travel Voucher must be submitted to resolve any
    outstanding advances prior to receipt of your P-Card.

   Have you previously used DCA Central Billing Accounts
    . . . Alpha?
      If so, have them change your ID in their system to
         reflect that future charges will be placed on your P-
    . . . Avis?
      If so, have them change your Wizard ID in their
         system to reflect that future charges will be placed on
         your P-Card.
           Prohibited P-card Purchases


   TOLLS and Associated Fees

   VALET PARKING (non-mandatory)

   FUEL, except for a rental vehicle in your
    name for official state business

   Hotel charges other than room cost and
    mandatory hotel parking
      Prohibited P-Card Purchases
   Cash advances from ATM machines
   Cash refunds for returns
   Non-business or Personal Items
   Laundry
   Internet or Telephone Charges
   Maps
   Supplies

Allowable P-card Purchases

Airfare Charges

 Responsibility of traveler to find the most
  economical fare possible.
 If you book your flight over the phone or
  on-line, make sure to get a print out of
  your confirmation and receipt.
Allowable P-card Purchases
Avis Car Rentals

   Reservations for vehicles should be made using the
    AVIS contract - Class B compact car.
   Any upgrade requires …
       pre-approval from your supervisor and
       written justification when your receipt is submitted for

    Allowable P-card Purchases
Avis Car Rentals – Fuel

   The P-Card may be used for fuel purchases only
    for Avis Car Rentals, while on official state
   The receipt for fuel purchases must show vendor
    name, price per gallon, total gallons, and total
    cost of fuel purchased.
   If a Zip Code is requested, use 32399.
Allowable P-card Purchases
   Cost of the Room ONLY
    Non-mandatory charges are not allowed. . .
     Some  examples: non-mandatory valet parking, room
      service, phone charges, internet charges, hotel
      restaurant charges, safe charges, or movies;
     must be charged to your personal card or paid with
     Request that non-mandatory charges be put on a
      separate invoice/receipt from any other charges
Allowable P-card Purchases

   Airport Parking

   Mandatory parking at hotels

Allowable P-Card Purchases

Registration Fees for

   If this charge is denied . . .
       The problem may be the vendor merchant code
       Contact the Purchasing Card Administrator for further direction
   Charges must be pre-approved
   An approved “Authorization to Incur Travel Expenses”
    form must be submitted with your receipt for processing

Receipt Requirements
It is required that . . .

   Original receipts are submitted to the agency

   Every receipt must be legible in order to audit
    and process the charges.
(Reference - Department of Financial Services - Reference Guide for
   State Expenditures, Purchasing Card Transactions)

Receipt Requirements
   Receipt must clearly reflect . .
     description of goods or services acquired,
     number of units and cost per unit.

   When the vendor uses a
    statement/invoice as a receipt . . .
      it must provide the same info as a receipt,
     clearly indicate a “0” balance and
     reference as a Visa payment.
Receipt Requirements
   All receipts must be signed and dated by the
     per Section 215.422, F.S., to indicate the receipt,
      inspection and acceptance of the goods or services

   Acronyms and non-standard abbreviations for
    programs or organizational units within an
    agency should not be used in the supporting
    documentation unless an explanation is also

   Department of Financial Services and Bank of
    America (BOA) timeframes:
     Payment  is due to BOA within 10 days
     Clock starts when your card is charged

   A signed “Authorization to Incur Travel
    Expenses” form and the receipts must be
    sent to your Approver within three business
   Timely compliance at each level of the
    approval process is very important.
Required Paperwork and Forms
   Monthly P-Card Reconciliation Report is submitted
    to the General Accounting Office for processing

       Original P-Card receipts for each cardholder are attached to
        this report by your approver or division liaison
       Purchasing card transactions must be supported by
        itemized merchant/vendor sales receipts (i.e.,
        documentation that identifies items purchased and amount
        paid for each item).
       Purchasing card transactions are post-audited by the
        Bureau of Auditing for compliance with applicable
        guidelines and disbursement rules and regulations

Required Paperwork and Forms
   Complete the Voucher for Reimbursement of Travel
    Expenses form
      See your division liaison for assistance in completing
       this form
   Voucher for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses must
      the original receipts of the allowable travel expenses
       to be reimbursed, and
      a copy of the receipts for charges made to your P-

Penalties for Improper Use

   The cardholder is responsible for . . .
      proper use of the P-Card in accordance with state
       law and agency policies and procedures.
      reimbursing the state if charges are determined to
       be Unauthorized/Invalid/Prohibited
   Misuse of the P-Card may result in . . .
      suspension of the card
      possible disciplinary action

Penalties for Improper Use

   If P-Card is revoked, the employee will . . .
     be   responsible for paying all travel expenses out
      of pocket and
     not be eligible for advances or use of DCA central
      billing accounts.

The Purchasing Card has been a great success,
so do your part and let’s keep it successful!

Questions and Answers

           Any travel questions?

Part 3 – BUYERS
   The topics that will be covered are:
     Levels of Approvers
     Prohibited Charges
     Allowable Charges

       Level of Approvers
   Level 1 – Cardholder-Approve the charges
    made on their P-Card. (Varies between travel
    charges and commodity charges.)
   Level 2 - 7 – Division Approvers-The line of
    approvers assigned to a single cardholder who
    review the receipts and any supporting
   Level 8 – General Accounting

General Accounting:
The 008 Approver
   This Approver level is required and is the final

   The General Accounting Office will
    reconcile/audit the charge to ensure proper
    financial data is used.

   Charge is approved by the General Accounting
    Office and then an EFT payment is sent to Bank
    of America by DFS.

         Prohibited Charges
   Cash advances from ATM machines
   Cash refunds for returns
   Non-business or Personal Items
   OCO (Operating Capital Outlay) Items
   Employee Moving expenses
   Gasoline & petroleum products-Employees on official
    travel business may purchase fuel only with the P-Card
    when using a rental vehicle.
   Tolls
   Services $35,000 & above (Including Manpower)
   Perquisites

More      Prohibited Purchases
   Per Rule 69I-40.103, F.A.C., expenditures from state
    funds for the items listed are prohibited unless
    “expressly provided by law”:

   (a) Congratulatory telegrams.
    (b) Flowers and/or telegraphic condolences.
    (c) Presentment of plaques for outstanding service.
    (d) Entertainment for visiting dignitaries.
    (e) Refreshments such as coffee and doughnuts.
    (f) Decorative items (globe, statues, potted plants,
    picture frames, etc).
   (h) Greeting Cards, per Section 286.27, F.S.

Allowable Charges:
Business-Related Purchases Only
 Purchase of Commodities
 Repairs & maintenance-Not Allowed for
  personal owned or rental vehicles.
 Training registrations
 Newspaper ads

(Personal items must never be purchased using
  the P-Card.)

The Purchasing Card has been a great success,
so do your part and let’s keep it successful!

 Cardholders are encouraged to:
1. Use Minority merchants.
2. Use vendor’s registered in MFMP.
3. Purchase commodities that are made
   from recycled materials.

    PURCHASING                     General Accounting
 Steve Schmidt                   Nancy Quaney
 Purchasing Administrator        General Accounting Manager
 us                                (850)922-1717
  (850) 922-1622                    DEM Finance
  (Fax) 922-2979                 Pat Smith, Supervisor
                                   Finance Manager
 Christine Savage, Supervisor       (850)413-9875
  Budget & Revenue Manager
  (850) 922-1658
                                 Michelle Riley, DEM P-card

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