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                                                                                        19 January 2011

                                                                                                No 02/11

                                            Grade 8 Swimming Gala, Friday 14 January 2011
Dear Somerset College family
Get Up and Go School
In my first assembly, I took the letters COLLEGE and linked each one to existing and aspirational features of our school. For ‘G’ I said
Get Up and Go, indicating that we are not passive, waiting for things to happen. We take the initiative, face into the wind, assume
responsibility and seek to shape our world.
One of the privileges of being the Head of School is that I have quickly gained a ‘big picture’ perspective. I have enjoyed meeting many
new people, and participating in a dynamic and active start to the year. As I take this in, I am very impressed by the Get Up and Go
I have spent time walking around the classroom areas, popping into classes and observing from the passages and corridors. I have
seen earnest and purposeful teaching and learning taking place; there is no doubt that this school takes its core business seriously.
As I write, at the end of Day 4 of the new term, the Grade 8s have had their swimming gala and a three-day orientation programme.
The boarders have hiked the Helderberg and been to the beach. The Social Responsibility committee has met and begun its work. The
1 XI has returned from its tour to Graaff-Reinet, with a commendable draw against Grey High School and a victory over Despatch.
The summer sports programme is up and running. Music lessons and practices have begun. The student leaders have presented their
portfolios to the gathered school. The Matrics have had a braai with their tutors and attended a meeting with their parents where the
challenges, opportunities and timeframes of the year ahead have been clearly laid out by senior staff. The rowing club has hosted a
cocktail party for new parents. The cricket committee and the Astroturf committee have met, as have those involved in the
Kilimanjaro expedition. The website working group has had a review meeting.
These are some of the activities with which I have had contact. In this busy school, there are many more that I have not mentioned.
All this impressive busyness and activity requires our students and staff to develop and refine their time management skills. Behind
the activity is planning and hard work, and we should never forget the often unnoticed, and often unseen, work of the support staff in
offices and on the grounds of this beautiful campus.
I have begun a conversation with some about how we can ‘be still’ as a school amidst the busy programme. We need to reflect, to be
quiet, to pray and ponder, as we live out our Get Up and Go culture.
Kind regards and good wishes

Dr T A Nuttall
Head: Senior School

PO Box 2440, Somerset West, South Africa, 7129
Telephone: +27 021 842 8000 Fax: +27 021 842 3908
Head: Dr Tim Nuttall
                                   New Closing Time on Fridays
In order to optimise use of academic time and minimise disruptions to the school day due to sport matches it has been
decided, on a trial basis, to finish school earlier on Fridays by running four lessons consecutively without a lunch break.
The academic day on Fridays, until further notice, will end at 13:25. Normal Friday afternoon activities will follow.
We apologise for not advising parents of this before.

                                Trek 2010 Report-Back Evening
                                        A reminder that this will be taking place on
                   Thursday 27 January 2011 at 19:00 in the Boonzaier Centre.
                2010 Trekkers and Parents are all invited to come along and share in this evening.

                             Traffic Movement and Road Safety
                 With thousands of students, parents, staff, service providers and others moving on
                 and off the campus daily, we need to be considerate about the way in which we drive
                 and to adhere to some simple rules. Please take note of the following:

                      • Slow down on the campus, particularly in the area of the circle and the
                        top parking.
                      • Adhere to the traffic regulations such as speed limits, no-stopping areas
                        and drop-and-go zones.
                      • Do not turn right at the top of Bredell Road where it intersects with the
                        R44. This, and the “no right turn permitted” from the R44 into Bredell
                        Road when travelling from Stellenbosch, are regulations stipulated by
                        the local authorities and we strongly endorse them. This is a very
                        dangerous intersection and we have witnessed a number of bad
                        collisions there over the past few years – some of them fatal.

                   New Positions on the Fundraising Committee
                                         Your School needs You!!!
     Somerset College’s Fundraising Committee intends for 2011 to be an effective and positive fundraising year!
       The Fundraising Committee is an integral part of the College’s ability to raise much-needed extra funds.
                        We have a number of new portfolios and projects and are looking for
                     committed, energised and resourceful parents to drive and manage these.
                    Are you willing to contribute a bit of your time, skill and focus to working with us?
                                  If you are interested and wish to find out a bit more
                        please contact TERRI COYLE on or on 082 881 3886.

                                                   Car Stickers
                             These are now available from the Reception Offices
                                       at the Senior and Prep Schools.
                                            Somerset College Smalls
Dear Parents & Advertisers
We would firstly like to thank all our parents who have been involved in advertising their products and services in our school's
quarterly publication of the Somerset Smalls.
This publication has been growing from strength to strength as we started with about 15 pages and ended off our last edition with
36 pages and 55 advertisers! I have heard many wonderful comments about this publication and we would therefore also like to
thank Jackie Hunter (a working mom with 3 children in our school) who has been running with this project and sponsoring this
This meant that ALL the money we made from this publication, which was over R19 000 for 2010, has gone straight to Prep School
facilities for the children.
Below please find the deadline and publication dates for this year. You are requested to book your advertising spot (full payment
must be received to confirm your booking) as soon as possible as to not miss the next deadline of 25 February 2011 and to make
sure you do get a spot.
All queries regarding the Somerset College Smalls can still be directed to: Jackie Hunter, Cell 082 464 0684 or email:
Kind regards
Melissa Rademan
Vice Chair - Prep PA
082 719 8761

         Sports Fixtures Times:
         We are still awaiting confirmation on some of the Boys Tennis, Girls Tennis and Cricket leagues fixtures.

Week 2    Wed    19
          Thur   20                                 Grade 8 Mizpah Camp
                                                    Cricket - 3rd XI vs Paarl Boys High               Home
                                                    Cricket - u 15 B & u 14 B vs Paarl Boys High      Paarl Boys
          Fri    21                                 Grade 8 Mizpah Camp
                                                    Water Polo - Girls u 16 A & u 19 A vs Camps Bay   TBC
          Sat    22                                 Grade 8 Mizpah Camp
                         08:30 for 09:00 to 12:00   PR Training Workshop                              Boonzaier Hall
                                                    Cricket - 1st & 2nd XI vs Paarl Boys High         Paarl Boys
                                                    Cricket - u 15 A & u 14 A vs Paarl Boys High      Home
          Sun    23                                 Grade 8 Mizpah Camp
Week 1    Mon    24
          Tue    25
          Wed    26               07:30 to 08:45    Summer Sports Captains Workshop                   Pavilion
          Thur   27                        19:00    Trek 2010 Report Back Evening                     Boonzaier Centre
          Fri    28                                 Cricket vs Pinelands                              Pinelands
                                                    Pinelands Contacts (Summer)
                                                    Water Polo - Boys & Girls vs Herzlia              Herzlia
                                                    IEB Headmasters' Conference                       Somerset College
                                                    IEB Xhosa User Group Conference                   Somerset College
          Sat    29                                 IEB Accounting User Group Conference              Somerset College
                                                    IEB Life Sciences User Group Conference           Somerset College
                                                    IEB Maths Lit User Group Conference               Somerset College
                                                    Rowing - SACS Regatta                             TBC
                                                    Cricket - 1st XI & u 14 A vs Pinelands            Pinelands
                                                    Cricket - 2nd XI & u 15 A vs Pinelands            Home
                                                    Pinelands Contacts (Summer)
          Sun    30
                       Summer Sport Programme 1st Term 2011
     Sports offered    Monday             Tuesday            Wednesday          Thursday           Friday        Saturday
     per session
     15H00 – 16H00
     Tennis            Snr Girls Team     Social Tennis      Snr Boys Team      Social Tennis
                       Tennis                                Tennis

     Swimming          Girls & Boys

     Water Polo                           W/P Girls u14      W/P Girls u16 &    W/P Boys u14 &
                                          & Boys u19         u19                u15

     Squash            Jnr & Snr Girls    Jnr Boys           Jnr & Snr Girls    Snr Boys Squash
                       Squash             Squash             Squash

     Fitness                              Fitness                               Fitness

     Girls’ Soccer                        Girls Soccer                          Girls Soccer

     Indoor Hockey     Jnr Girls Indoor   Jnr Boys           Snr Boys Indoor    Snr Girls Indoor
                       Hockey             Indoor Hockey      Hockey             Hockey
     15H00 – 17H00
     Cricket           Cricket u14        Cricket Seniors    Cricket u14        Cricket Seniors

                       Cricket u15                           Cricket u15

     * Rowing          Boys: Open         Boys: u14, u15,    Boys: Open         Boys: u14, u15,
     (14H50 - 18H30)                      u16                                   u16
                       Girls: u14, u15,                      Girls: u14, u15,
                       Open               Girls: u 16        Open               Girls: u 16

     Optional Ergo     Boys: u14, u15,    Girls: u14, u15,   Boys: u14, u15,    Girls: u14, u15,
     Training          u16                u16                u16                u16
                       Girls: Open        Boys: Open         Girls: Open        Boys: Open
     16H00 – 17H00
     Tennis            Snr Boys Team      Jnr Boys Team      Snr Girls Team     Jnr Girls Team
                       Tennis             Tennis             Tennis             Tennis

     Swimming                                                Girls & Boys

     Water Polo                           W/P Boys u14                          W/P Girls u14 &
                                          & u15                                 Boys u19

     Squash            Snr Boys Indoor    Snr Boys           Jnr Girls Indoor   Jnr Boys Squash
                       Hockey             Squash             Hockey

     Indoor Hockey                        Snr Girls                             Jnr Boys Indoor
                                          Indoor Hockey                         Hockey
     17H00 – 18H00
     Tennis            Jnr Girls Team                                           Jnr Boys Team
                       Tennis                                                   Tennis

     Water Polo        W/P Girls u16 &
     MATCH DAYS        League Golf                                              Swimming:          Tennis: All   Cricket: 1 XI,
                                                                                Galas              Teams         2 XI,
                                                                                                                 u15A, u14A
                                                                                                   Water Polo:
                                                                                                   All Teams     Rowing:
                                                 Sports Report
We wish the Senior Captains of Summer Sports a most successful season:
CRICKET:                     Oliver Nel (Captain)
                             Luc Degenaar (Vice-Captain)
ROWING:          BOYS        Ryan Venter (Captain)
                             Alex Green (Vice-Captain)
                 GIRLS       Paula Phelp (Captain)
                             Lara Kingwill (Vice-Captain)
TENNIS:          BOYS        Philip Laurie
                 GIRLS       Kerry Engelbrecht
WATER POLO:      BOYS        Ryan Venter (Captain)
                             Damian de Speville (Vice-Captain)
                 GIRLS       Teagan van der Wath (Captain)
                             Jordan Spiller (Vice-Captain)
SWIMMING:        BOYS        Jo Gebers
                 GIRLS       Emke Bornman
GOLF:                        Nic Battle

Next Wednesday morning 26 January from 07:30 – 08:45, Dr Andrew Lewis, Educational & Sports Psychologist from
Stellenbosch, is going to be running a Captain’s workshop before school, compulsory for captains and vice-captains of all
                                            nd    st
summer sport teams (whether u14B, 16A, 2 or 1 team, etc) of sports on offer at the College.

First blood in this year’s Inter-House Competition was drawn by Avontuur at the Grade 8 Gala on Friday afternoon.
                                                           nd                                                     rd
Maybe we can expect big things from Avontuur this year. 2 place as well as the Spirit Award went to Helderberg, 3
place to Cloetenberg and Vredelus were placed 4 .
The next Inter-House event on the calendar is the Relays & Tug-O-War, followed by the Indoor Hockey and also the Gala.

Jade Batchelor and Cassandra Smith played for the u14A Boland team that competed in the SA Schools Water Polo
Tournament in December where the team came 7 out of 12 teams.

A number of our hockey players represented various Boland Indoor Hockey Teams in the December holidays and it
proved to be a very good Nationals for Boland and our players overall. In 2009 Boland won 2 medals, in 2010 they won 6
medals (1 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze).
The teams that won medals in which players from Somerset College were represented were as follows:
u15 Girls: Foxes - Gold (1st)
Olivia Bevan, Savannah Burns, Kaira Day, Megan Engelbrecht, Carly Rose, Hayley Walker and Nicole Wilmans. Warren
Bevan, deputy head at the Prep School was the coach of this team, so congratulations to him too!
u15 Boys: Foxes - Silver (2nd)
Matt Carruthers, Garth Turner, Adam Venter and Tim Welsh
Overall Franchise standings:
1st - Cape Town, 2nd – Boland, 3rd – Gauteng, 4th – KZN, 5th - Eastern Cape, 6th - Eastern Gauteng

Alex Forrester was selected as part of the Junior WP Showing Team, who competed at the SA National Champs in PE in
Alex won the SA Junior Team Working Hunter Championship, plus her WP Showing Team Won the SA Junior Team
Showing Championships overall!
She also competed as an individual in the SA Junior Eventing Champs, where she came 5 .
Over and above that, she competed in the SA Junior 1.1m Showjumping Classes, and came First in the 1.1m A2 class.
Congratulations on all of these fine achievements Alex!

Last weekend Amy Harris participated in the first WP Skiing tournament of the year.
She improved her personal best by 5 buoys, achieving 2.5 buoys at a speed of 55 kilometres per hour. This places her in
the no.1 position in SA! Keep it up Amy!
On Wednesday the 12 of January the First Cricket Team departed for Graaff-Reinet to participate in Union High Annual
Cricket Festival. The first game was against Grey PE in a declaration game. We won the toss and elected to bat.
Unfortunately after 20 overs we had slumped to 42 for 7. We recovered well, however, with Ricky Klopper and Oli Nel
taking the score to 111 before losing the next wicket; Ricky Klopper scoring an invaluable 15 runs off 78 balls. Niccolo
Lami and Oli then put on another 50 runs together to finish on 164 all out. Top run scorer was Oli Nel with 84. Grey then
came out to bat with a defensive mindset and only managed 37 runs after 25 overs before rain stopped play and the
match was abandoned; a moral victory for College. However, it must be said, the commitment in the field and the
encouragement of fellow team mates was outstanding.
Due to flooded fields our 2 game was cancelled. On Saturday we played our final game against Despatch. We were
fortunate enough to play on a nearby game farm called Asante Sana. With a quickish outfield and a fairly flat track
Despatch put us into bat and we responded by posting a score of 209 for 5 in our 45 overs. Luc Degenaar top scored with
a brilliant 103 not out and was well supported by James Churchman who scored 31. Thanks to a great bowling
performance, Despatch were soon all out for 80. John Roelofse and Niccolo Lami managed to contain the runs while Nic
Battle and Oli Nel took 3 and 4 wickets respectively; Somerset College winning by 130 runs.
Overall it was a very successful tour and on behalf of the cricket team I would like to thank Dr. Nuttall for giving us the
opportunity to participate in the Festival and to Dr. Kitshoff and Kyle Irish for accompanying us and for their full-hearted
support. They gave us valuable pointers and were key in guiding us to an unbeaten tour. Lastly I would like to thank the
team for the way they conducted themselves on and off the field and their enthusiasm towards each match. They gave it
their all.
                                                                                                             Oli Nel (Capt.)

Cricketer of the week – Luc Degenaar: in recognition of his very well-constructed innings of 103 not out against Despatch
High School on Saturday at the Union High Festival.


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