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                   Southside Forensic Olympiad
                    February 25 and 26th, 2011
The Triumvirate would like to extend their personal invitation to scholars and their
gladiators to attend the 2011 Southside Forensic Olympiad.

 We are an ACTAA State Tournament of Champions qualifying tournament - coaches
must follow ACTAA TOC qualifying guidelines to determine who may enter. We can
offer only ONE SLATE PER SCHOOL due to lack of space in the Royal Palace.
Gladiators may enter 2 events for each of Patterns A and B but may not enter both
draw events (Extemp. and Improv.). Gladiators who triple enter, and their scholars,
will be fed to the lions! Debaters may enter IE's as the schedule allows, but rounds
will be not be held for debaters who break - they may have to make a choice.

JUDGING: Each delegation must bring a minimum of judges (extras are always
welcome, too): IE/Group judges: Schools will need to bring 1 judge per slate (full or
not). Schools will also need to bring 1 debate judge per 2 debate teams. Extra judges are
appreciated. We promise to feed all of you well!!!

It is best to EMAIL YOUR ENTRIES to Amy Pumphrey at If entries are clearly typed, a second option would
be to fax to 479 648-8204. I will notify you by email that your entry has been received.
You may mail payments early, pay at Registration, or bring a copy of your purchase
order. Please follow up on late payments. Cash or checks will be accepted. Please make
all checks payable to SHS Drama.

DROPS: SFO cannot refund any drops after the entry deadline, but please notify us of
any drops AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Debate drops after February 23 will result in a $10
Nuisance Fee.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Please use the SFO Food Court. There are no
restaurants close to Southside, and we are working hard to provide a variety of foods and
snacks for gladiators at reasonable prices. Please, NO BUSES ON CAMPUS BEFORE

              Cassidy Black and Jonathan Dawkins, Student Directors
                      Amy Pumphrey, Tournament Director
            Southside High School, 4100 Gary Street, Fort Smith, AR 72903
            Auditorium Phone 479 646-1179 Southside Fax 479 648-8204
                      Amy Pumphrey’s Cell Phone 479-567-1533
          Southside Forensic Olympiad 2011
            Tentative Schedule of Events
Friday, February 25
      3:30 - 4:30 Registration
      4:30 - 6:15 Round I - Debate, Reader's Theatre
      6:15 - 8:00 Round II - Debate, Words and Music
      8:00 - 9:45 Round III - Debate, RT and WM Finals

Saturday, February 26
      7:30        Extemp Draw / Late Registration
      8:00        Round IV - Pattern A Prelim's
                         Extemp, Prose, HI/DI, Duet, Mime
      8:30        Debate Quarters (if necessary)
      9:00        Draw for Improv.
      9:30        Round V - Pattern B Prelim's
                        Improv, Solo, Poetry, Storytelling, Original
      10:30       Extemp Draw
      11:00       Round VI – Pattern A Semis
                            - Finals for Extemp.
      11:30       Debate Semi’s
      12:00       Draw for Improv.
      12:30       Round VII – Pattern B Semis
                             - Improv. Finals
      1:00        Debate Finals
      2:00        Round VIIIA – Pattern A Finals
      3:00        Round VIIIB – Pattern B Finals

               4:30 or ASAP             Awards Assembly

Area Hotels (Most are "near" Southside and have late-night food nearby)
      -All are area code "479"

Holiday Inn Express      452-7500     Homewood Suites          452-7100
Residence Inn            478-8300     Aspen Hotel              452-9000
Hampton Inn                  452-2000          Baymont Inn               484-5770
                    Southside Forensics Olympiad
                             Entry Form
                     Due by February 18th, 2011

School Name:                            Coach’s Name: ______________________
School Phone Number:                    Coach Cell #: ________________________
Coach E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________

Oratory:                             Prose:                     HI/DI:
1.                                   1.                         1.
2.                                   2.                         2.
3.                                   3.                         3.

Poetry:                              Mime:                      Duet Acting:
1.                                   1.                         1.
2.                                   2.                         2.
3.                                   3.                         3.

Extemp:                              Solo Acting:               Improv Duet:
1.                                   1.                         1.
2.                                   2.                         2.
(2 Entries Only)                     3.                         (2 Entries Only)

Storytelling:                        Readers Theatre:           Words & Music:
1.                                   1.                         1.

1.                                             Novice/Champ
2.                                             Novice/Champ
3.                                             Novice/Champ
4.                                             Novice/Champ

Judges: Circle Event(s) and Day(s) available
1. ______________________________ IE’s         Debate Novice Champ   Friday/Saturday
2. ______________________________ IE’s         Debate Novice Champ   Friday/Saturday
3. ______________________________ IE’s         Debate Novice Champ   Friday/Saturday
4. ______________________________ IE’s         Debate Novice Champ   Friday/Saturday
5. ______________________________ IE’s         Debate Novice Champ   Friday/Saturday
6. ______________________________ IE’s Debate Novice Champ Friday/Saturday

Fee Schedule

____ Individual Events @ $10 =       $______
____ Debate teams       @ $20 =      $______
____ Readers Theatre @ $20 =         $______
____ Words and Music @ $20 =         $______
                      TOTAL DUE      $______
                      TOTAL PAID     $______

For our records, will you please let us know which local hotel you are staying at and how
many rooms you book? Thank you!!

Team: _________________________

Hotel Name: ____________________

# of Rooms: ____________________